View Full Version : Decipher cards: Help!

02-23-2004, 09:41 AM
I am currently trying to finish my set of Decipher cards. I am in need of a complete set of the following:

Tatooine (A.I.'s only)

Also, can someone explain the Reflections sets and what the different things are in the later sets (premium, foil, etc.) I understand the Rare,Uncommon, Common, but I feel off the bandwagon on the later ones. Thanks.

Eternal Padawan
02-26-2004, 11:04 AM
A fellow Decipher Fan! I dropped the card set when Lucas Licensing ruthlessly dropped Decipher for their SW Insider Cronies at WOTC ( who in turn dropped the SWI after they had the card license they wanted...dirtbags.)

Do you have older sets or doubles of rare cards from the older sets? I'd hook you up with what I have left from the newer ones, If you had what I was looking for.

PM me and I'll give you a list of what I need/want and what I have for doubles of the later sets.

Reflections were new sets, that had rereleases of older cards mixed in with them. I think most of the relections sets only had 30 or 40 NEW cards ( as opposed to 180 in older classic sets) along with older cards that maybe had modified game text on them or some were two older cards merged into a new card ( I guess making it a new card if you were a completist collector.) but mostly they were just common cards from the previous sets. Reflections II had the new cards and then a bunch of Cloud City and Jabba's palace cards tossed into the packs. Reflections III had new cards and a bunch of Endor and DSII cards with them. And so forth. They also had Japanese cards tossed in every once in awhile.

As far as the foil cards go, they were just rereleases of regular cards from previous sets used as chase cards in later sets. There's a finite number of them ( meanin not EVERY card was rereleased as a foil card) but they were like one to every 10 packs or something, and they also had a common, uncommon, rare system. So a common card was in every 10 packs or whatever, and a rare foil card was in 1 out of every 50 packs. So getting a complete set would be next to impossible.

1/10, 1/50. i don't remember the exact breakdown, but I instantly realized the headache of chasing down EVERY foil card wasn't worth the chase.