View Full Version : Star Wars Super Collectors Wish Book Second Edition

02-29-2004, 08:38 PM
Well, someone mentioned this tome on another site (cough... POTF2.com ...cough) and I thought it might make a good topic for discussion.

More specifically, what would your ideal guide be like. I have seen "Star Wars Super Collectors Wish Book Second Edition" a couple of times, but passed it up.

It's great if you want to see a catalog of just about everything Star Wars...cards, books, dishes, clocks, household appliances, and oh yeah...toys. hehehe

Unfortunatly, the book has soooooo much stuff that the pics are more like thumbnail images and I just didn't care for that type of layout.

I have several figure collecting books and they all have large pics. I would like to see, an updated [B]series[B] of collecting books geared exclusively towards the toys.

Star Wars Action Figures 1978-1985 Volume 1
Star Wars Toys (Ships, Vehicles, Dolls, Etc) 1978-1985 Volume 2
Star Wars Action Figures 1995-2000 Volume 3
Star Wars Toys (Ships, Vehicles, Dolls, Etc) 1995-2000 Volume 4
Star Wars Action Figures 2000-2005 Volume 5
Star Wars Toys (Ships, Vehicles, Dolls, Etc) 2000-2005 Volume 6

Each Star Wars Action Figure book would cover each figure with major variations, card changes, bubble changes and figure/paint changes. It would also cover all Non-US release card variations (Canadian, European, Italian, etc).

The same would apply for ships, vehicles, 12 inch, etc. major packaging variations, Non-US packaging, etc.

I would end the 95-00 book with the EP1/POTF CommTech lines and pick up the 00-05 with the POTJ line.

So has anyone else considered what they would want in their SW action figure guide?

As a US and Non-US carded collector, I would like to find a comprehensive list with photos of all Non-US cards!