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mylow thehutt
12-12-2001, 02:38 PM

Hi you all know me as mylow thehutt I'm new.I got pretty much of this down but i still don't know how to get the littel picture in the coner of my forms.You know the ones above your screen name,I learn this and I'll be all set;)

12-13-2001, 06:21 AM
Welcome to the forums :)

Just go to "F.A.Q" for details about the image thing,you can change it in your "User cp" box at the top of the screen :)

jedi master sal
12-13-2001, 08:46 AM
Mylow, i understand your new so let me first welcome you. next (this will come in time) try to post only info pertaining to the forum in question. again, no problem as your new. enjoy the site. it has much to offer.

Emperor Howdy
12-13-2001, 09:20 AM
......but mind you, if it happens again.....:evil: Bwaahaaahaa!!:evil:

:eek: :eek: :eek:

:Pirate: "Arrgh, ye shant rest 'til we 'ave FX-7 'n me hand!"

Rollo Tomassi
12-13-2001, 11:07 AM
...and just so this thread doesn't get shut down, I'm going to pretend "new guy" refers to the new POTJ action figure that just got released! Which one should we talk about?

Eeth Koth
Rebel Fleet Trooper
BoShek (by the way is his first name Bo and his last name Shek, or is it like BoShek Johnson or Doug BoShek or what?)
Teebo (and why is he solo while the last ewoks came in a two pack?)

These are all "new guys" so feel free to rejoice of complain about any and all of them!

This thread has been brought back on track by Rollo T. Thread Realignment Inc. If you have any problems reading this thread please call 1-800- RTX-800. RTX is and Rollo Tomassi and SSG

12-13-2001, 12:15 PM
Why is Teebo solo as opposed to the other 2-pack?

What is the mystery behind Jimmy G. BoShek's name?

Why can't anyone find the FX-7 wave?

So many questions.......:crazed: :crazed: :crazed:

Anyway, welcome to the forums.

BTW, what's the word on the Imperial officer variant? I heard there was more than 1 head for these guys?

I don't know...

master jedi
12-13-2001, 02:31 PM
Welcome, mylow. Here, take a gift basket of duct tape.

mylow thehutt
12-13-2001, 03:00 PM
:D Thanx.um lets talk about teebo and bo-shek cool anit they,thanx agine for the help.

Sith Worm
12-13-2001, 03:09 PM
Good save Rollo! I can't wait for Zutton not to excited about stuck in fighting stance Eath, haven't seen Teebo or Fleet trooper. And is imperial supposed to be imperial officer? Does Steve have any pictures of Teebo or Fleet trooper?

mylow thehutt
12-13-2001, 03:11 PM
:D Yes he's does

Rollo Tomassi
12-13-2001, 03:29 PM
The official Sw site has brand new pics of Teebo. Cool. But alone. No other Ewoks in the picture. Darnit.

Well, I meant the Imperial janitor, but I guess, yeah, officer is Ok .;) :D

Zutton is a big headed Holiday Special freak.

Multi headed Imperials? or variants with different heads... i don't think hasbro'll put out figures with two extra disembodied heads in the package...that's creepy.

Sith Worm
12-13-2001, 06:00 PM
Rollo I take it you don't like the Zutton head. I think he looks cool even if he is straight from the holiday special. What you have to understand is that most little people (no offense to little people) is that their heads are just larger than what looks natural I have met Kenny Baker many times and if you look at him the same is true. So actually the Zutton fig is dead on! thanks for the info Mylow jabba glob and Rollo can't wait for the Imerial Janitor!...

mylow thehutt
12-13-2001, 07:08 PM
;) teebo comes solo because he's a big boy,as far as ewoks go.

Rollo Tomassi
12-13-2001, 07:23 PM
Not big enough to justify him not coming with Romba or Chief Chirpa in my opinion...

mylow thehutt
12-13-2001, 07:24 PM
:) true true

12-14-2001, 08:20 AM
I never got a basket of duct tape.Why doesn't anybody give duct tape?Hey!I can use the tape its as important as super glue.

Anyway,Welcome and enjoy.

[I still want some duct tape.]:D

Rollo Tomassi
12-16-2001, 01:37 AM
First, let me say I've got a case of the new figs coming on Monday. But I walked into Electronics Boutique and hanging on the peg was an Imperial janitor...er...Officer. I grabbed the nearest EB sales guy (which, in a store that small, isn't that difficult. Note to EB: ROOM TO MANEUVER in your stores Okay?) and asked if they had any more of that wave in the back. He showed me a Ketwol (awwww...how cute. Get with the program, buddy.) I asked about the wave I was referring to by showing him the four figures on the back of the jani..Officer. He said yeah, We got those in the back. Then there was this long awkward pause and I wasn't sure if he understood I was interested in PURCHASING said figures. But then he went in the back and got the other three. Since I have a case coming I decided to only pick up the Rebel and the Imperial (although, I must say, FX-7 is the sweetest figure to come out of the Hasbro pipeline since Mechanic Chewie. it's THAT awesome...) since I figured you always need multiples of Rebels and Imperials. The best part, though, was the price. $5.99!! Each!! that's cheaper than Target, Wal-Mart, TRU, KB...Everybody. All of their older figures were still an ungodly $8.99, but this new wave is the cheapest anywhere (not counting the Old Bens and Farmer QuiGons suffocating the pegs at Kay bee for $2.99) I was happy as a clam and got them home and popped 'em both open. I must say these two's faces are kinda generic (nowhere near as bad as the CloudCity guy that came with the Freeze chamber) and their poses are kind of limited (The Imperial can basically cross his arms in FRONT of his chest or BEHIND his chest. Whoo hoo! thanks hasbro...) But all in all these are some pretty sweet figgies! Nows all I need is freak headed Zutton and caffienated Eeth Koth...:D

Rollo Tomassi
12-17-2001, 08:20 AM
Okay, first off, whatever genius moderator didn't read past the first two posts needs to do so now and them move this back to the toy section...

Second. I just got Fx-7 and this guy rocks! Every one of his little arms comes out and every one has a joint (not that kind...) Standing next to bacta Luke and 21-B now makes me desire a 21-B resculpt, and believe me, 21-B is the LAST guy I would want resculpted...

Zutton is still a big headed Holiday Special freak.

Rollo Tomassi
12-18-2001, 08:50 AM
If you buy two deluxe Amanamans (oh. as opposed to the "regular" Amanaman??:rolleyes: ) you can use the skeletons to recreate the scene where Beru and Owen bite it...but then you've got two Amanamans walking around...and THREE Salacious Crumbs.:mad:

IT'S A FLOCK OF KOWAKIAN MONKEY LIZARDS!!!:eek: AHHHHH! RUN!!!!:crazed: :crazed: :crazed: :crazed:

12-18-2001, 10:16 AM
Why would you have 3?!?!

Did one of your deluxe Amanamans come with twins?

12-18-2001, 10:35 AM
I imagine the thrid comes from the Oola and Salacious Crumb two pack. But, I could be wrong.

12-18-2001, 06:36 PM
I too passed on FX-7 so I could have two Imperial Officers to pilot my Shuttle. I keep trying to convince myself to buy the RFT but one look at his face and I have to put him back on the peg. I think the vintage figures had better faces!

I'll eventually buy FX-7, but I just don't have anything for him to do right now so I'll wait until I can find the Luke Bacta. Actually finding ANY of the Deluxe sets at retail at all would be pretty nice.:frus:

Rollo Tomassi
12-18-2001, 07:26 PM
If you compare the RFT to the original POTF2 Rebels, you'll want one. I plan an opening three or four and using the three old ones I opened as "the dead guys" lying on the floor. His face doesn't look bad, just generic. If they had made him look TOO unique, it would have ruined his use as an army builder. Good idea with the Imperial shuttle pilots... But will they fit?

I'm not too impressed with the Black Dress Decoy. it's nicely sculpted and all, but what do you do one you've opened it? it just kind of stands there with the other Amidala figures. Boring.

12-18-2001, 09:35 PM
The Imperial Officers should fit in the Shuttle with room to spare. I had a vintage Imperial Commander in my Shuttle but soon realized that, unlike most of the other vintage vehicles, the cockpit is very roomy. This makes the figures wobble around inside quite a bit, I'm hoping these POTJ Officers will be a little more stable. In fact the POTJ Officers aren't any bigger than the vintage ones, they just have a wider stance.

I'm pretty much convinced that we will see this figure again, with a new face, as a pack-in for the Imperial Shuttle.

I'm heading over to Wal-Mart yet again tonight and I'm thinking about getting the RFT, if he's still around. You're right, Rollo, he is a HUGE improvement over the POTF2 version. I just really liked the prototype face; but such is life.

12-18-2001, 09:40 PM
but then you've got two Amanamans walking around...and THREE Salacious Crumbs.

And if the rumours prove correct and Hasbro are indeed planning a new ROTJ Jabba with salacious crumb pack-in........ :rolleyes:

I plan on getting as many Imperial officers as I can. I've got thre RFT's coming and I'll just use them as sentries round the hangar diorama I'm building. Just background bozos. My POTF2 RFT's are going in the garbage pile...:zzz: