View Full Version : Death of the Action Fleet?

Jangu Fett
03-27-2004, 09:18 PM
Sorry to drop this bomb on everyone, but? And sorry I've been gone for so long. Anyway with Hasbro doing this new STAR WARS miniature game, I think it is safe to say WE WILL NEVER IS THE ACTION FLEET AGAIN. And no, I not talking that junk Hasbro released with AOTC. That was not AF. AF had figures, and ACTION features. And with the new STAR WARS film looking as good as it does, I'm really bummed about this.

With HAsbro releasing this mini game I doubt they'll do another line with figures roughly the same size. I hope the force I'm wrong. However the Way Hasbro been treating the AF. I'm not all that upset, I'd rather see them go then Hasbro destroy them.

All though, there is a small silver lining to these storm clouds. Rumors are going around that in 2005, Hasbro will be releasing a STARSHIP BATTLE miniature game. Meaning MICRO MACHINES. And yes it is supposed to be a STAR WARS ship battle game. And I think there is some truth to this, because, not long ago. On this forum it was stated the Hasbro Micro Machines department has been asigned to work with the gaming department? Lets all hope that this rumor come true, And that Hasbro WILL NOT let the true ACTION FLEET die out.

03-28-2004, 03:19 AM
Now I'm a sad man. If you find out that the AF lins is dead let us know please.

Hasbro ig throwing away a gold mine. But that's their way of doing things when most of the collectors prefer action figures...