View Full Version : X-wing at Entertainment Earth?

03-28-2004, 02:14 PM
I hadn't seem this before and didn't see a thread of it, so thought you all might like to see it. Sorry if it is well known info.


Jangu Fett
03-28-2004, 03:22 PM
That was a exclusive set offered up in Toyfare magazine. It's a standard AF X-Wing, painted to look like, what Lukes fighter looked like after landing on Degobah. It was about $15 and had Luke in the orange flight suit and a R2 figure. Pretty cool but nothing really special. when it was originally released Toyfaresaid it came with a Degobah Luke AF figure. I thought that meant he was wearing his Jedi training outfit, but, no. Just the Orange suit?

good shot jansen
03-28-2004, 07:03 PM
thanx turbwars for thinking of us microfanatics! :)

that set was issued i think back in 98. at the time of it's inital release, it was a tad bit difficult to find. the old starwars insider, had it listed in their jawas trader pages. that's actually where i picked mine up. i think it was 18.00 or so.

apparently a ton of speculators scooped em up as well, hoping that their price would sore due to possible rare-ness. cause over the past 5 years, these things have flooded the aftermarket market. at 1st they were selling fairly briskly at around 25 dollars or so. but after it became apparent, that there was a ton of these to be had, the price plummeted.

the 22 samolians ee is offering em at, can probably be beaten by 10 dollars or so, by keeping an eye out for one on ebay.

i really dig the swamp paint scheme utlized, it's a nice variation. in fact i love all the variations that galoob made available for the x-wing. i know a lot of folks think differently, but i gotta say, when all my variation x-wings are lined up, it really does look like a true rebel squadron fleet, what with all the differnt paint schemes, and numbers on the ships.