View Full Version : ...what gives with the 2004 shipments?

03-29-2004, 11:20 AM
:frus: The e-tailers swear they all received confirmation from your distribution centres in regards to new shipments, yet I have not been able to get anything from them in about 2 months because they claim they are waiting for you. Are you re-thinking the case assortments? Are you holding things up because of the OTC Collection bowing in a month or so? What's going on? I've missed out on a good deal of product because of your reported cancellations of orders and whatnot.

04-14-2004, 03:04 PM
I agree. Hasbro has been wierd lately with their shipment. I still have yet to find the Tatoonie Wave and already the wave and Executor waves are hitting the shelves. I'm still looking for Rappertunie, Holo Luke, R2, R1-G1, etc.
It's getting to the point that stores are only carrying figures that are a year old or repacks.
HASBRO if you're listening, which you are mostly likely not, the time has come to open a virtual store of your own.

04-14-2004, 09:26 PM
I had found everything up to the SD wave and even that was Sporatic(sp?). Hasbro, you need to get shipments to stores more prompt and swiftly.

Darth Alex
04-16-2004, 10:34 AM
I can add to this thread by saying that even through a source like Diamond Comics Distribution, which supplies the US comics shops, you still cannot get cases of figures ordered on time or even get them at all.
I used to think that every year Hasbro would either short-ship & under-produce a figure to drive up the collectible demand or would drop the ball based on feedback of sluggish sales at retail.
But...2004 is an entirely different time. For the most part and with the exception of KB toys being THE markdown source for older SW Saga toys, there is no glut on shelves. There should be no lag time now. And....the demand for the product is here.right.now.period.
Where praytell are we supposed to buy figures, Hasbro?
Are we to believe that every time and Etailer gets a shipment in before the stores, we should pay $19.99 since we CAN'T get what we want in the amounts we want at retail?
All this nonsense started in 1998. The 9 EU figures were the very first time I couldn't find particular single-carded figures at retail. Then there was the HoloR2 in 1999. Now, I can live with going to to back market once, twice a year to get a figure. I don't care for it, but unless it is a crucial diorama army builder, I don't mind.
Now, with the SA Clonetrooper being a COMPLETE failure of Hasbro, waisting advertising posters, fan good will, and potential revenue for no apparant reason, well, I'd really like to know just what is going on. Why build armies when there are no figures to build them with? Why make dioramas when I know now that from 2004-on I am just not going to be able to rely on the current market to bear the pieces I need for my collection? Why fight the fact that the RIAA and the MPAA, while flawed(and who isn't), have a much better handle on product distribution, item circulation, real-time follow-up and quick response to consmuer feed back over the toy industry any given Tuesday and any given Friday?
It was a sad day yesterday when I looked at Toyfare and realized that companies like Wizard don't see that while toys are no longer just a child's plaything they are not the high-priced uber-investments they are made out to be. Toys are for fun, toys are for collecting, trading, customizing, and YES, holding for future value. I don't deny that. But how does one even measure 2004 in the scheme of the SW canon? Every hard-to-find figure can't simply bear a ridiculous price in the future on the back market just because Hasbro didn't make enough, can it?
BTW-does anyone give a toss anymore about which cards they really get? I ask this since I open everything up I buy. There are so many re-issues now, I seriously doubt anyone has the financial resources or time to buy every carded variant.
What ever happened to the motto of Hasbro: "this year, everyone that wants a particular figure will be able to find one". The model for this year's motto(apologies, EC) seems to be "Thank you for your interest, but after we've made our money with the double-price OTC-VS line and the Episode 3 madness, we'll give this a rest because we can't deal with all the passionate fan interest!"
I can see it now-2006, Hasbro cancells SW, declares this year to be the great non-Chrisitan Bale Batman variant wars vs. Mr Potato head ninja resculpt.

Darth Alex
04-19-2004, 03:44 PM
I called Hasbro's Customer service line again today and asked 'em point blank what's going on? Stores order the cases, orders don't get filled, orders get cancelled. I really feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone with the hobby.
At this point all Hasbro can do is take down suggestions and file 'em with the proper people. What's the point of having a customer service person? They should just have a automated system with the few lame retorts given out.
Based on the fact that 2004 is the worst year ever for distribution, I'm now gonna re-assess whether or not I continue. Cuz...ya know, there will always be a "bad" time to get out...there will always be something cool on the horizon to keep us on the hampster wheel.
I'm probably gonna pass on ordering cases of the OTC-VS. Right now, if I get more re-scupts, great. I don't expect to find the Madine wave or the Ewok and right now I have my doubts about the Bespin and Dagobah waves, too.

The way I see it, one of two things are gonna happen.

1) Hasbro realizes how bad the situation is and reissues Ephant, the SA clone, and gets StarWarsShop.com along with retailers to stock what we want to buy. They've got to have some incentive to get customers back on the good foot.

2) Hasbro floats the dry river along until the OTC VS/Basic both show up with the first waves WAY over the top in quantituy. Then the subsiquent waves get clogged and we're in a state until EP3 starts the over-mass-produces cycle again.

I'm guessing #2. Hasbro doesn't seem to acknowledge anything but subtle changes in re-sculpts. Never a change in their shipping and manufacturing cycles...the Bespin Luke and Hoth Han Saga both had no-brainer improvements that may have come from listening to the fans....but non-existent stock, well, no solution for that!

And BTW-what happened to the Target figure/glasses exclusives? Target in State College and Wilkes-Barre, PA don't have 'em and the toy depts have no idea what I'm talking about...