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04-02-2004, 09:44 AM
Ok, this was another of my fav Bounty Hunters as a kid, but unlike the POTF2 Dengar, I always thought Hasbro did a good job on the POTF2 Bossk and after the new Saga one, I still do.

SCULPT: While the new Bossk seems almost all new, the body is very similar in design to the POTF2 one - specifically, upon close inspection, it appears to me that the head, arms, and legs are new and the upper torso is reused from the POTF2 one - there is no discernable difference in the upper torso portion of the new Bossk and the old POTF2 one. You can see this is the way the new legs make the torso portion look a bit blocky where the two connect. Taking this one step further, this is not a modified BoShek torso - that is clearly different from both the POTF2 and Saga Bossk versions, especially in the neck and back portions of the sculpt. I'll be curious what others think when they find this. However, there is more of a noticeable difference in the head sculpt, which I do like quite a bit on this new one. Standing the two version together, this one is not quite as tall given that new Bossk needs to be posed with his feet apart quite a bit to stand easily. To be honest, this seems more like a variant off the POTF2 one than an all new figure - they are just too similar in appearance, and after seeing separate straps for the new X-wing pilot, not having these on Bossk is a disappointment.

PAINT: this is much more impressive than the new sculpt, just because when comparing old Bossk and new, you can actually see a difference that is much more pronounced. This is the one aspect to the fig that makes the purchase justifiable to me - the yellow is more detailed, the blacks are more pronounced but the decals look a bit more faded, but they are there. The skin tone on the new Bossk is about the same, but the toes were unpainted this time around, but the hands looks similiar - the eyes on this version are painted a little different, which I do like.

ARTICULATION: Bossk has articulation at the neck, waist, legs, feet, shoulders, elbows and upper arms. For a fig with a lot of articulation, there is not a whole lot to do with it. The left hand is useless in trying to hold the gun, and he HAS to hold it...the right will hold this with great effort. The legs really can be placed in one pose if you want Bossk to stand normally - the arms really have limited movement, but you can have them out or toward the body more. Like the new Dengar, the articulation is well hidden and cannot be seen.

ACCESSORIES: this is a real sore point for me - Bossk has one: (those craptastic stands will never be counted in my reviews), his gun. The gun itselk looks great and in scale - something else I was looking forward to over the POTF2 one, however, unlike that version, the straps on this are below the gun, and not the shoulder strap it should have, so you cannot pose his gun as seen in the movie - Bossk has to hold it, or have it haging over his shoulder, but he cannot hold it and have it resting on the top of his arm. This is very disappointing to me as a Bossk fan - while not the biggest deal, this doesn't help push my review into the 'A' sculpt level. If Hasbro shrunk the old gun down that came with the POTF2 version, I'd still prefer that one due to the strap placement.

ISSUES: well, the articulation is really not THAT helpful, the gun cannot be posed like in the movie and the Bossk fig does have problems standing or holding his gun with ease. The standing issue on my Bossk may be due to the slightly loose nature of the leg and feet artciulation, so, this may not be the same for all Bossk figs - many of you may not have any standing issues at all, so I will not really judge this beyond my personal fig.

Overall: Well, I give the new Bossk a 'B' - I still give the POTF2 Bossk a 'B' so in my opinion, this Bossk sports a sharper paint job and slightly sharper head, but the pose issues, the gun inaccuracy and the general useless nature of the extra artculation makes this more of a upgraded POTF2 version as opposed to a Super Spiffy new version like we have seen with recent SAGA sculpt efforts, like the awsome Dengar or Tie Pilot. That being said, I do like this new version, and he will replace my POTF2 Bossk, but I would have like separate straps and a better ability to pose this version more - those two issues along with a corrected gun strap would have made this the ultimate Bossk, as it stands, this is quite nice - if you are new to collecting, or can justify $5 to have a slighted upgraded Bossk with minor issues, do not even hesitate to buy this new Saga version.

04-02-2004, 02:38 PM
Man, how about an Ozzel review too. This wave sounds real nice.

04-02-2004, 06:51 PM
Sorry, I bought just the one Ozzel to keep in my carded collection, so no review. I will only review what I open, but I'll look forward to someone else's review on that one.

04-04-2004, 03:22 PM
Good review Amanamatt.

I too loved the POTF2 version of Bossk and he was actually one of my favorites from that line. I didn't really see the need to do an update but the Saga version does have some minor improvements. The paint job, rifle, and his expression (open mouth) are a few of these areas. Strangely his facial scales seem more pronounced than the POTF2 version but less so in the arms and legs. I agree the upper torso is not the same as Bo Shek's. The neck and chests are very different.

Overall I'd rather have seen a Saga update of 4-Lom than Bossk but nonetheless he's still a great figure. Grade B+

04-04-2004, 05:40 PM
I do agree that they really did not need to remake this figure, but this Bossk is an improvement. His head and arm scales are much improved and his outfit is a little more detailed. I don't think the changes are too much of a big deal, but I agree with Hellboy when he say's he would rather see a 4-LOM remake than a Bossk.

04-05-2004, 08:07 PM
How disappointing to read your reviews.
All I wanted was a Bossk that could be posed as he stood in ESB looming over piett. They already had most of the detail work perfected. All they had to do was make a simple pose: straight legs, feet close together, straight R arm, bent L arm, gun to hang from L shoulder.
That seems much less difficult than making all those useless points of articulation!

04-05-2004, 09:40 PM
Well Turumbar!!!

When you see this wave you will see the Dengar! When that happens you will be happy with a thousand such Bossk's because the Dengar is the best fig made this year!

04-11-2004, 07:11 PM
Well, I like the new Bossk, cleaner, sharper more articulation, but I gotta say the improvements really didn't warrent a whole new figure. I have to agree with Amanamatt on the review. :Pirate:

Mr. JabbaJohnL
04-20-2004, 05:01 PM
I got this figure on Sunday, I think. I like it a lot, and while it's not a vast improvement over the old one, it's still an improvement.

On the issue of the rifle. In the film (you can see this in the pic on page 38 of the Action Figure Archive), Bossk's rifle's straps are actually on the bottom, like on the new figure, and not on the top. If you bend it to be like in the film, it works, although mine broke and now holds much better after a small bit of super glue.

04-20-2004, 10:35 PM
Thanks, I had finally figured out this was the case - I was able to take a hairdryer and bend the straps up - luckily mine did not break, and gotta say that this looks cool. Once I did this and was able to rest the gun over Bossk's shoulder, I am pretty happy with it. I finally got the fig in a pose that looks cool and enables mine to stand.