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04-05-2004, 10:44 AM
I was just looking at my Princess Leia figure and decided to comment on this.

Best figures of each character:

Princess Leia (Senator) - The Leia Collection white dress one outdoes them all in my opinion. The ALL-CLOTH looks great. Too bad she wasn't really articulated (maybe at the waist and elbows - then she'd have been perfect!)

Princess Leia Ceremony - The Leia Collection wins again. The hard sculpt on this figure came out just awful!

Princess Leia Hoth - the original carded version is about all we have to choose from. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they got Leia's smaller size down right by using the Bespin Escape body in the TRU 4-pack, right?

Princess Leia Bespin - the new one looks to be really good. The Leia Collection one will do for my collection though. It's a pretty good figure!

Princess Leia Bespin Escape - a great figure. Fine the way it is. POTJ was a superior collection.

Princess Leia Recovery Room - Gotcha! They really need to make this figure of her from the end of ESB.

Princess Leia Boussh Disguise - a great figure. Really only articulation improvements would help it. For an early figure, she holds her own in the modern collection.

Princess Leia Slave - I like the all-plastic version. Certainly the cloth one was useful for lying down by Jabba scenes, but she wasn't really articulated to do that well (though the sailbarge cannon was a great accessory that helped make up for that). Now all they need is to make the sailbarge! But the plastic figure is one of the all-time best, and a classic memory for the modern collection.

Princess Leia General - this figure really needs to be redone. They had to have that wide-hip lower torso molded for the speederbike figure, but it really looks awful on a regular sculpt. And was she really a "general?" Why? She was a Princess and a Senator, so that would make her outrank a general anyway. I think Hasbro just got carried away with promoting her action figure.

Princess Leia Endor Poncho - this figure should be redone with the softgoods and a clip-over belt with working holster and blaster. A removeable helmet and the correct hairstyle (different from ESB) should complete Princess Leia. It's still sad that the 1983 figure was better. But this "ultimate ROTJ Leia" figure could replace the general and Endor figures (from the coin and speederbike sets).

Princess Leia Ewok Princess - the plastic one came out better than the Leia Collection one. Aside from being too tall, it's a good figure and I can't falt it. I like the fact that they finally made this Leia figure and her hair was down. A good sculpt.

Princess Leia Dark Empire - the EU needs more attention - mostly characters that are new but crucial to the comics and books, but the core characters could be redone. Leia as Chief of State and as a SELCOR relief worker would be two of the best candidates, but Leia as a Jedi Apprentice from Dark Empire actually turned out to be better than many of her mainstream movie figures, and I was glad they made this version of the Princess.

Anyway, if you guys want to comment on Leia figures, go for it. We'll talk about another character when the thread starts to die.

04-05-2004, 04:12 PM
Far and away, the best Leia figure is Bespin Escape from POTJ. It's the best likeness for outfit and face, plus it's an action Leia. Leia as Boushh has the best costume, even for a figure that's 8 years old, but the face is not good.

I think you're wrong about Bespin Escape Leia being in that TRU 4pack, when I looked at 'em, they had regular single-carded Leia or the version that was in the Mynock Hunt pack, I don't remember as they're almost identical figures.

The only Leia figs I want from here on in are high-quality updates on the following: Leia Boushh, Leia Endor General, and most especially, a decent Leia ANH because that figure has NEVER had an accurate face or decent articulation.

Mr. JabbaJohnL
04-05-2004, 04:19 PM
I had a thread a lot like this in the Saga section a year or two ago, just so you know.

Anyway, as far as Leia, the new vintage one looks pretty good to me, but it has a bad face that looks like a baby doll. I don't have any of the Leia collection figures, so the only good ANH version of her to me so far is the All-New Likeness (the one that keeps being recarded).

For ESB, I like the Bespin Escape version; it's one of the few that's in scale.

For ROTJ, I like the Jabba's Slave version (I don't have the deluxe), it's pretty well done.

04-05-2004, 05:47 PM
For best Leia, it looks like the upcomming Bespin version will take the cake for me. However for the time being I would have to with Bespin Escape Leia and Deluxe Jabba's Sail Barge Leia. I think both of those were nailed down pretty tight and I can't imagine improving on them at all. I would like to give an honorable mention to Leia Bouschh who I think was pretty darn good considering when she came out.

The only Leias I think still need to be made are an update to Leia Bousch and an Endor Leia with removable cloth poncho and helmet.

Darth Trymybestus
04-05-2004, 06:12 PM
Don't collect Leia figures.

But love the idea of the thread Tycho. I certainly have some views on Darth Vader so I look forward to discussing Vader and other characters. :)

04-05-2004, 06:28 PM
I think it's safe to assume we're going to hear a lot of similar comments about Princess Leia figures.

Most people should agree that "the ultimate" Princess Leia Endor Gear is the figure most desired for a complete update.

Others wanting to chime in on whether they'd like a Princess Leia (end of ESB) Recovery Room figure or those with very divergent views should add their comments in.

Now we'll talk about.......Han Solo.

Han Solo - "Original Flavor" - the best Han in this regards was the Cantina CommTech Han, recently recarded. However, I think the S.A. Vintage Carded Han will blow even that figure away. In any case, Han did not need an update, but it was nice they improved him even further for this new card style change.

Han Solo Stormtrooper Disguise - I'm a sucker for the Original Fruit Loops mail-away. Its lack of a blaster didn't go over well, but the pose was cool. Obviously a super-articulated Han Trooper figure would go a long ways now. The last Han Stormtrooper was released in 1997 in the Cinema Scene 3-pack. It's ok by me if they update this figure, but I won't be buying one even though they're sure to make it better. But this Han won't pegwarm!

Han Solo Death Star Escape - We really only got 1 figure of Han made this way. I think the solution to improving the figure would be to take the Vintage Carded SA Han and change the belt or add one. It's really just barely a new figure, but about 2 years down the road if they need to have another Han on the pegs for the newbies, an update here would be OK by me - but again, I'm not a taker.

Han Solo Ceremony - never been done, but does it need to be? Why not hang one of Dodonna's medals on the SA Han and be done with it? Do we really need that shirt collar buttoned up? I'd say do it if they re-use the body mold and come up with a Lando from the end of ESB when he finds a change of clothes on the Falcon (obviously Han's best dress shirt - not that he owned many). This figure need not be made for a long time if I had my way - at least not if other "black vest Han figures" are being made - so make the Lando first.

Han Solo Hoth Gear - the Saga figure was the ultimate. The legs were wide-stanced again, but the figure, the accessories, the detail, all work. Nice job! I didn't need a new Han Hoth for my scenes, but Hasbro made this one so good I bought it and a belly-slit TaunTaun set just to do that scene.

Han Solo Bespin Gear - the POTJ figure improved on a pretty good POTF2 figure. As opposed to doing a black vest Han, if an update is needed, here would be a better place to go than back-to-back-in-black.

Han Solo Torture Chamber - this figure has never been done, but given Hasbro's capacity to make figures screaming (see Mace Arena Battle), a nice Deluxe Set with the torture chair could be a pretty different and cool piece. You could display Vader, some troopers, Lando, Lobot, and Boba Fett around it.

Han Solo Carbonite - no figure to date really does this concept justice. The vintage had a really cool take in how you could see your figure inside the carbonite block! Newer sculpts came out to just have clip-in Han figures for the modern collection. The head sculpt on the unfreezing one is kind of cool, but here's what I propose: a Deluxe Han with 9 pieces (plus) - the figure with 2 heads you can change - pre-freezing, and wet hair post unfrozen! Next, the carbonite back block - with the impressions left by the unfrozen Han in it (like the Jabba's Palace one), a see-through holder (like the vintage one that lets you see your figure) which clips over the back to hold your figure inside, and finally, a top-cover mold which is solid and displays the authentic carbonite block Boba Fett transported to Jabba the Hutt. The Han figure would be super-articulated with interchangeable hands so that he can grip a blaster or punch a Weequay, or instead, have his figures out in panic as he's fitted perfectly into the carbonite block, posed exactly like the outer mold! His arm-binders, a force-pike, and a Jabba-thug blaster should also be included with the accessories. So there is One Han body, Two Han Heads, 4 Han arms, a blaster, force-pike, arm binders, and 3 pieces to a carbonite coffin all included. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE THE ULTIMATE HAN CARBONITE and I'd be all over it if it was done!

Han Endor Gear - a cloth duster that's well-sewn and easily removeable put over a good articulated Han with the brown pants (and reissue the same figure with blue pants-gold stripes for those who'd argue it was the other color) would basically do it. The Saga figure was way too preposed and the action feature didn't help it (though the detonators should continue as an accessory, as might an Ewok cooking skewer, plus Han's signature blaster). The AT-ST Helmet with goggles and commlink might also help, as it's debatable that Han donned the full uniform anyway.

Han AT-ST Driver - doesn't need to be redone. I'll pass on the Saga figure because I didn't want to do this scene, and don't think Han wore the uniform. I'm glad it's out there for the kids and those with imagination - or additionally, for those who want to army-build and need AT-ST Drivers (who with the goggles on, are unrecognizeable anyway).

Han Expanded Universe - there are several interesting candidates, but none that would warrant great sales. First would be the New Jedi Order Han, where post-Chewie's death, Han donned all black (including a leather-like jacket, and dark charcoal shirt - cover of "Heroe's Trial." A Young Han Solo figure, with shorter hair, and an "Indy-style" brown leather jacket from "The Paradise Snare" would be a cool figure, but probably not a wide-seller. Maybe slightly better, would be a short-haired, young Han Solo (age 22-23) in an Imperial Officer Uniform, complete with cap. Finally, an orange environmental suit Han, from the Spice Mines of Kessel to the Ecological Disaster During the Duro Invasion scenes, could be a bright and interesting take on Han Solo for some extra adventures (courtesy of "Jedi Search" and "Balance Point.") The key question is "should Han Solo figures continue?" and "at what point is the next black vest more than enough?"

Really good potential Hans include:

Bespin Torture
Carbonite Ultra-Deluxe
Ultimate Endor

Is this enough or would EU Hans be OK?

04-05-2004, 06:52 PM
For now, I think they need to chill on the Han's unless it is a brand new one. A Han on torture rack would be sweet. So far to date my favorite Han is probably the mail away stormy version. Ihave always wanted that one and we finally got it. Yeah the lackof a blaster sucked, but hey, we cant have our cake and eat it too.

Funny thing, I got it off of Ebay about 8 months ago(real good deal on 3 mail aways and 2 carded figs, like 18 including shipping) I thought they shorted me a blaster or it got lost. But it turns out they never packed one in. Its OK Ihave plenty of Stormtrooper guns frommy vintage collection.

04-05-2004, 11:48 PM
Trymybestus wanted to discuss Darth Vader figures, so I figure "let's have at it!"

Can Vader really be done any more? I'll try and figure that out while I type. Meanwhile, does the character always sell? Yes. For the history of the character, Vader's never pegwarmed.

So how about diverse Vader's from his specific scenes? It works less for me, save for several.

Vader - basic. I think the Flashback Vader was a great sculpt and could hold his lightsaber with two hands and pretty much gave me what I wanted in a Darth Vader figure (the first '95 figure's cape was sort of preposed, though the same figure with the SOTE 2-pack's cloak looked better). A clip-on lightsaber hilt would always be nice though. I never got the Masters of the Dark Side Vader. Didn't need another of either character, so I didn't seek it out. Maybe somebody can tell me if the HOF Vader is the same one, and if it's cloth or solid on the cloaks. Perhaps then the HOF Vader is the best basic Vader. I'll leave that up to you.

Vader TIE Pilot - I think the Complete Galaxy Vader with cloth cloaks probably makes the ideal TIE Pilot. I never bought that set, but also noticed I can barely see my Vader in his TIE fighter, so it made little sense to buy a large set I don't need, just to get that figure. However, a cloth cloak figure is definitely the way to play with vehicles. If the HOF Vader fits (and is cloth) then perhaps he's still the way to go. Anyone put the HOF in his TIE?

Vader Meditation Chamber - the Complete Galaxy sets up the best version of this so far, with the outer helmet being removeable, showing the scarred back of Anakin's head. I think the figure would be fine being re-released in a better "ultra" meditation chamber set up. Perhaps with a large bust-size sculpt of the Emperor's Hologram!

Darth Vader Dagobah! - What an awesome figure. A good candidate for a re-release, they could've painted Luke's face more carefully in most cases that I've seen, and perhaps tanned him a bit more instead of made him ghostly white. He was not paled compared to Mark Hamill in the movie. But in general, this figure is awesome! What a milestone in figure technology.

Darth Vader Bespin Blast - the unreleased Vader that blocks Han's blaster shots with a blaster deflection prop. I suppose it's ok as long as Vader never pegwarms. I don't need this one specifically, though I am making that scene and might swap out the Vader I already have to be replaced by this one if it looks that good. It's nothing I'd get really excited about though.

Darth Vader Bespin Duel - other than a weather monitoring station prop and a preposed cloak, the outstretched hand could have been done on for a Vader using the Force, or reaching out to his son. It's a good figure and a cool way to re-release the Vader character, so I won't knock it. I bought this saga figure and saved it in hopes I'd have use for it amongst my Episode 3 toys. There doesn't appear to be any shoulder wound, nor was there really any that visible in the movie. Can anyone tell if Luke's saber even made a mark?

Darth Vader Removeable Helmet - the latest thrown room duel figure pretty much sucked. The POTF2 figure remains one of the best figures in the whole collection, let alone just amongst Vaders. A two-piece face mask and outer helmet set would be about th only way to improve this figure, beyond painting the frayed wires on the removeable hand. Perhaps a cloth-cloaked one for his lying down death scene might work, but that's about all you could do. However, like the 300th Fett, this would make an awesome ultimate Vader figure! I'd buy.

Darth Vader Funeral Pyre - hmmm. Best done as a Screen Scene with a not-too poseable Vader, fake fire like in the Mace Windu Unleashed set, the wood pile, and a Death Star II Luke Jedi figure, definitely SA with lightsaber hilt to clip on. No reason to skimp on Luke, since the Vader would really be nothing more than a prop. But I'd really like this set as it symbolizes the end of an era, the end of an epic, more than any other scene in the OT. Bring this one on!

In short, Vader could come back to the racks as:

Meditation Chamber Ultra
Bespin Blast
Removeable Helmet Utimate Edition
Funeral Pyre

Darth Trymybestus
04-06-2004, 04:18 AM
Darth Vader - I think Hasbro will continue to churn out figures of him because he's just so popular and iconic.

I am still waiting for a definitive Darth Vader.

HOF Darth Vader: The Hall of Fame Vader is the Masters of the Dark Side one with soft goods cloak. It's a damn good figure. It's got an accurate helmet sculpt but the paint job on mine is a little off on the helmet. Dang little white specks of paint. When the cloak is wrapped around him, it looks surprisingly good. It's not bulky like the Obi-Wan Starfighter figure. I'm just not a big fan of soft goods though because they will fray over time. Mine already has.
I think you need, need, need, NEED to get this one Tycho. Seriously, it's one of the best Vaders yet. I could imagine this Vader holding back a Leia figure standing next to Tarkin as he orders Alderaan to be destroyed. And we know you love to create dioramas.

Darth Vader TIE Pilot: Never saw the Vader TIE Pilot but that is a damn good idea for a figure which I honestly never thought of before. I certainly think a Vader TIE Pilot figure should be carded. It'd be Vader and it'd also be something new.

Darth Vader Dagobah: LOVE this figure. When I got it, I remember being so excited because it was the most accurate Vader yet. It's kinda cool that it's kinda transparent ish but also, the sculpt is so damn good that I'd love it to be repainted normally. I mean, they did repaint the Darth Vader Emperors Wrath figure for some Multi-pack? I gotta agree though, this figure is awesome and should be re-released for those that never got it.

Darth Vader Bespin Duel: This is my favorite Darth Vader yet. For me, it's the best Vader sculpt that Hasbro has ever made. Just look at the figure, look at the detail on the helmet. Look at the detail on his chest. He's just an awesome figure. I'm not one that plays with them so the action feature doesn't bother me too much. He's kinda pre-posed but not too much. The cape blowing is a little silly but then again, his cape was blowing like crazy in that scene.
The helmet is kinda hard to explain. If you compare this figure with the Vader from the Cinema Scene you'll see what I mean. Look at the back of the helmet at the bottom. On the Bespin Duel figure, it's more accurate because just the helmet piece looks to be separate from the back of the neck whereas on older Vaders, it was just one piece which always bugged me for some reason.
The new OTC Vader looks like it may, just may eclipse Bespin Duel Vader but Bespin Duel will always be my favorite because of the lack of soft goods.

Darth Vader Throne Room Duel: For me, this figure was a HUGE let down. After seeing the beautiful scupt on Bespin Duel, I felt like soon, Hasbro would give us the definitive Return of the Jedi Vader. Hasbro took a major step back. Just compare Throne Room duel with Bespin Duel. Look at the helmet on Throne Room Duel. It's not nearly as Detailed as Bespin Duel. I think this figure did have the potential to be the best Vader yet. If only they could have kept the detail up to the standard of Bespin Duel, it probably would have been the best Vader yet.

Darth Vader Funeral Pyre: That'd be a damn good idea. Would Hasbro really make it or would it be seen as too Morbid? I believe Hasbro should make it for the collectors. Make it an exclusive. (but one that's possible to get).

What about a Prequel Darth Vader? Removeable helmet version revealing Hayden Christensen? I guess we'll have to see Episode III to see if Vaders costume has changed at all. I hope it hasn't but I won't be surprised to see a few minor changes.

And the next character is? :)

Silent Chazz
04-06-2004, 12:22 PM
I hope the next Character is Luke. :)

04-06-2004, 12:27 PM
Hey, don't leave Han in the dust!! In acse we don't come back to him I justw ant to add my two cents. I think we have four perfect Han figures for the first 2 movies: Flight to Alderaan, Death Star Escape, Hoth Rescue and Bespin Capture. I can't pick one that stands out because I think Hasbro hit the mark on all of them.

The problem is that ROTJ seems to have lost out, which sucks cuz it's my favorite movie. Han Endor Raid wasn't bad but stuck in an awkward action pose. (Also I don't rememebr him chucking a chage at anyone. He sort of placed it.) I agree we need some kind of Ultra Han Carbonite and I'm still waiting very patiently for a Han Endor with removable cloth trench coat.

Hans to be made:
-Ultra Han Solo in Carbonite w/ wall section to hang carbonite, somewhat transparent carbonite block (maybe with some sort of mechanism to make it light up red or have light shine through to simulate defrosting) and blaster.
-Han Solo in Endor gear with super articulation, removable trench coat and blaster pistol.

Ok...as for Vader. I'm also still waiting for the definitive version. The previous two (Bespin and Throne Room) sucked thanks to AA. Arrrgghhh. My favorite is the POTF removable helmet. Aside from him I think the best are the Commtech Vader and of course the Masters of the Darkside Vader. Honorable mention to Emperor's Wrath for a cool concept IMO.

From the looks of things the new "Vintage" Vader will kick butt. So, the only thing I really would like to see is an updated Throne Room Vader with super articulation, removable hand, two-piece helmet, cloth goods and lightsaber.

04-06-2004, 02:11 PM
I actually forgot about Emperor's Wrath Darth Vader! What a figure! Wow! That's got to be one of my Top 20 or Top 30 figures, because the concept was so cool and it was a perfect way to do a new take on Vader.

We'll move on to Luke next, but we have to let others catch up.

So far, the comments have signaled that it's time for:

Ultimate Princess Leia in Endor Gear (what about Recovery Room???)
(and possibly another ANH Senator Organa figure, though I'd balk on it)

Ultra Han Solo Bespin Torture
Ultra Han Solo Carbonite
Ultimate Han Solo Endor Gear

Ultimate Darth Vader Emperor's Throne Room (removeable helmet, etc)
Funeral Pyre Darth Vader (ROTJ)

Any more comments from somebody new?

El Chuxter
04-06-2004, 02:31 PM
Best Leia: Hmm. I think there are a lot of really good ones, but I can't think of a truly great one. Probably the POTF2 "new likeness" Leia or the Ceremonial Leia Collection Leia would be my fave.

Han: A toss-up between POTJ Bespin Han and Commtech Cantina Han (who's been redone way too many times by now). They're about equal quality figures, two of the best in all the lines so far.

(Special mention go to the best "In Disguise as Han Solo" figures: 12" Fox Mulder in Han Solo Disguise and Lyle Lovett in Disguise as Jabba's Prisoner Han figures.)

Vader: Still the POTF2 Removable Helmet Vader, though the Emperor's Wrath and Dagobah Vader are both super-dee-duper.

Who's next?

B'Omarr Monkey
04-06-2004, 10:41 PM
I'm only selecting from the ones that are out. The OTC vintage figures remain to be seen yet.

Leia: Bespin Escape Leia, though I liked all the Leia Collection versions except the Ewok village figure.

Han: Commtech Han, easily. I think this might be the best likeness of any of the characters. It really looks like him.

Darth Vader: I have to say, and I'm not sure which one this is off-hand, since all of mine are loose, but the one articulated to pose with his fists on his hips, is my favorite, even though he can't hold a lightsaber. I also like the HOF Vader, and still have a soft spot for the original Vader w/removable helmet.

04-07-2004, 04:01 AM
Who's next?

Well, we've had a request for Luke.

Luke Tatooine - you know, I still really like the Purchase of the Droids Luke. I think the SA Vintage Carded Luke looks really promising though. It should combine good elements of the articulation in the the Flashback and CommTech Lukes, with nice softgoods that fit correctly.

Luke Stormtrooper Disguise - the original carded one was a great figure! (POTF2) There were several others with wet hair from the Monopoly Game (which I don't own) and the Trash Compactor Screen Scenes (which I didn't open). But I think the basic all-purpose action Luke Trooper is the original carded one, though the 3-pack one didn't diverge too much from the carded figure, and is almost equally as good, though more pre-posed.

Luke Stormtrooper Belt - the Gunner Station Luke was a pretty good figure. Better than the 25th Anniversary 2-pack one which while it looks awesome and more like Mark Hamill, it's very scene-specific posed.

Luke X-wing Pilot - the POTJ one was very scrawny and buck-toothed. I never liked it (or bought it). I'd take a re-do right here.

Luke Ceremony - Between the choices of the POTF2 and the Leia Collection one, I'd have to go with the POTF2 one, but they didn't quite pull this figure off THAT nicely. For a later re-do, this wouldn't hurt. It was last released in very late 1997 with the Leia Collection one being very early '98.

Luke Hoth - I like the original POTF2. It's very versatile and does look like Luke. The latest Saga one with the poseable scarf and Wampa wounds is sweet in how it interacts with the Ultra Wampa, but you can only use the figure "post attack." This is still a really tough call, but I think the POTF2 one is my favorite.

Luke Snowspeeder Pilot - well, we only have 1 version to choose from. Re-doing Luke from Rogue Squadron would be alright in my book (with removeable helmet etc) but why not bother with Hobbie and Janson first? Luke Snowspeeder Pilot was last available in 2002 with the Snowspeeder re-release and the first figure of Dak.

Luke Bespin - you really have to separate these figures from before-and-after the duel. I love the original POTF2 figure with the first ever removeable hand in the modern collection! It looks like Luke and still rocks. Maybe re-doing the figure with a holster and a lightsaber hilt that attaches and detaches would work.

Luke Bespin Defeat - this is the Saga figure that came with the weather vane accessory. What a great job! I didn't need this figure for a diorama (I already bought the 4 or so Luke Bespins I was using for scenes back in '98) but I really admired this figure and thought it was nicely done with cool play features and great details - especially the medical splint for Luke's wounded arm! It'd be hard to top this figure for the Bespin Defeat!

Luke Recovery Room - how many of you would like to see this figure finally done??? (ME!)

Luke Coruscant Guard - a SOTE figure, it's really Expanded Universe, but it was nicely done. A blaster and holster (or double ones like Jango Fett's) would have made this figure even better, as well as including Luke's green lightsaber, and detachable (and concealable?) hilt. For an EU figure, this one turned out very sweet, and could be readily used for generic army building as well.

Luke Jedi Knight - the latest figure is still somewhat lacking. I think I'd just have liked a slightly larger figure. He feels too small. Also, I haven't yet seen one with good paint application. While the SA is great, I actually like the POTF2 one better. If you combined elements of both figures, I think you'd get Luke Jedi right. I definitely like the softgoods cloak though, but I always liked the plastic one in this case, too. I could handle another Luke Jedi figure. It hasn't been done as much as Tatooine!

Luke Endor - this figure seriously needs to be made with a soft-goods removeable poncho, removeable helmet, holster that holds a removeable gun, lightsaber and hilt that attaches - bacially an ultimate edition. I think it's Hasbro's top Luke in priority (aside from Recovery Room that has never been done).

Luke Throne Room Duel - so far the best one has been the Final Jedi Duel Cinema Scene one. An SA one would rock. The latest action-feature cave man that the Saga collection put out sucked beyond belief. This could be much improved upon.

Luke Expanded Universe - A Jedi Master Luke would be worth Hasbro's while. Besides Luke's SOTE figure, another EU figure, his Dark Empire figure, also saw production. This figure was very well received and had a nice head sculpt, but suffered from super-skinny arms. Other than that, it was a cool figure proving that Luke's not yet done, don't have to be from the movies in order to sell. However, I don't feel there is really any more dynamic Luke Skywalker figures to be made from the EU, other than an older looking Jedi one. One exception could be made for a Luke and Mara Wedding Two-Pack, which would basically show Luke in some sort of "galaxy version" of a tuxedo. That's not really high on my priority lists, as there are better ways to release new figures of Mara Jade as well.

So what do you guys think about Luke?

04-07-2004, 06:30 AM
I like the new Hoth one. The stormtrooper disguise is sweet as well. Didnt care for the X-wing POTJ version. Hopefully the OTC one will be better.

04-07-2004, 08:32 AM
favourite han is the death star escape version.

favourite leia is the one with the bottom part of her dress made out of cloth - stood on a figure stand she bends over and goes really nicely with the holo R2D2.

favourite darth vader is the one with the cloth cape and interrogation droid.

favourite luke is probably a tie between the flashback version and the bespin battle version (i love the way he clings on to the weathervane thingy).

if ever there was a character that needed revisiting to make better early versions though its chewie:

the original potf version doesn't have enough detail, is too bulky and not furry enough.

the shadows of the empire version i have never seen in shops but from the photo it looks similar the the above version. with added bits of armour.

both the hoth and jabba's prisoner versions are far too small.

djearik champion is good but very pre-posed, although i have never tried to remove him from the seat to see how he looks standing up. love the little holographic creatures on the board though.

the hoth hanger chewie is much better, although i have never been able to make mine hold his goggles over his eyes. size wise this is much better.

25th anniversary chewie i love - the pose, a nice detailed crossbow. at least by this time they were starting to get the fur looking good.

mynock hunt chewie is good but i wish you could remove his mask. i love the mynock and his suction pad - he spends most of his time chewing on my falcon's power cables, although occasionally i find him lying on the shelf, so chewies aim must be ok! didn't like the ridiculous crossbow that came with this one however. damned action features. i replaced mine with a spare ordinary version.

best chewie for me is the bespin escape version. good fur, nice height, good neutral pose and rather good articulation which is fairly well hidden. also the added bonus of the dismembered C3P0 with light-up eyes - now that's what i call an action feature! i did find that this one won't stand up without a figure stand, being a little back-heavy if wearing 3P0's bits. i have mine stood next to the bespin escape leia which really accentuates the size difference between the two of them.

i am sure i have forgotten one or two chewies from the above list but i can't remember which ones - brain's gone dead :stupid:

04-07-2004, 09:34 AM
Princess Leia - Bespin Escape POTJ

Han Solo - Bespin Escape POTJ

Darth Vader - Dagohba POTJ

Luke Skywalker Jabba's Palace - 2004 Saga

Great idea for a thread!! :)

04-07-2004, 11:36 AM
Personally, I'll go with the Commtech versions of Han, Leia (ANH), Luke Tatooine (though I really like the Flashback version as well) and Darth Vader (though the POTF2 w removable helmet is likely a better figure overall).

I loved that run, and think it's the highlight of POTF2. Definitely a preview of the quality we saw in POTJ.

Chewie - Saga Bespin Escape. Unbelievable.

R2 - Saga Coruscant Sentry with the soundchip. I just love the volume of the sound that comes out of that little thing.

3PO is tough, I like the Flashback version, as well as the shiny MMCoin version with the silver lower leg. Very nice as well.

As far as costume variations go for main characters, there seem to be less to choose from. POTJ X-Wing Luke is the only good one, Jabba's Palace Luke is the only "modern" looking Jedi Luke that isn't a one-pose wonder, POTJ Bespin Han is the only Bespin Han that matched the new figures, as is Leia Collection Bespin Leia.

Hoth Leia is tougher, but you have to go with the carded one. The pants on the 4 pack version are wrong altogether. Endor Luke, Han and Leia all badly need to be redone.

04-07-2004, 01:27 PM
i thinkthe best figs out now are the new animated figs

04-07-2004, 01:32 PM
*Han Solo: Commtech
*Leia: Boushh(sp?)
*Chewie: Bespin Escape
*Vader: Removable Helmet
*Luke: Throne Room Duel (I just really like this figure)
*Lando: Bespin Escape
*Boba Fett: 300th figure (Pit of Carkoon is a close second)
*Stormtrooper: Commtech

04-07-2004, 02:03 PM
Well, we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Let's cut off adding new characters and catch up a bit.

The thread is more commentary than purposeful, but it can have some structure in that while one version of one character (CommTech Cantina Han Solo for example) might be the best version of the character, it is no substitute for Hoth Han because that's a different figure.

So we can sort of decide what figures for each version are really well-done, and which ones need to be redone.

Bringing that back to what's been covered (with the new additions too I guess), we have:


Yavin Ceremony - Leia Collection
Bespin Gown - both OTC and Leia Collection are widely appreciated
Bespin Escape - POTJ figure is well liked
Boussh Disguise - while ripe for re-release, the original still wins praise
Jabba's Slave - both the POTF2 and the deluxe wins praise
Ewok Celebration - the carded figure (POTF2) seems to be favored here


Imperial Senator - some are still not satisfied, others like "new likeness, or L.C."
Hoth - didn't hear too much commentary here, except she was too tall
Rebel Officer - "see below"
Endor Gear - an Ultimate Leia Endor would cover the officer figure as well with the right accessories being removeable


Orginal Flavor - the Cantina (CommTech) one is a total favorite
Stormtrooper - the mail-away wins kudos
Death Star Escape - the POTJ is well liked
Hoth - the Saga figure!
Bespin Escape (POTJ)


Yavin Ceremony - NEVER BEEN DONE!!!
Bespin Torture - NEVER BEEN DONE!!!
Carbonite - really could use an "ultimate version"
Endor - a cloth duster would do (with s.a.)


Basic Vader - many favorites out there. MOTDS / HOF probably wins
TIE Pilot - the CommTech one or the Complete Galaxy version work - cloth cape
Dagobah - the POTJ figure rocks!
Bespin Duel - the Saga's done well
Throne Room Duel - the POTF2 Removeable Helmet Vader sets the bar!
Emperor's Wrath - what a figure!!!


There really isn't any....Bespin Blast Deflect Vader? Re-releasing the HOF would be good.

A more articulated Removeable Helmet (Throne Room Duel) Vader wouldn't hurt.

We're still discussing Luke (in all his versions) right now.

Mr. JabbaJohnL
04-07-2004, 04:19 PM
For Tatooine Luke, I like both the floppy hat one and the T-16 model one, but they needed to be combined somehow. The new one looks pretty good, but the hair is all wrong.

The only real X-wing Pilot Luke that isn't from Hoth or stuck in the ship is the POTJ one, which I like. The teeth are kind of odd, and I don't like the hand poses, but it's pretty good.

For ESB, I like the new Hoth Luke. It's nice of them to add things to connect to other figures (in this case, the Wampa's cave). Although he has scars, it's still really good (even though those goggles should've just been left out).

The new Jabba's Palace Luke is the best Jedi version IMO. Luke's not very big, so the POTF2 1996 version is way too large. The pack-in one (Complete Galaxy, Skiff, Rancor) isn't very good, either, but it's okay. I really like the new one, it has a good sculpt, nice articulation, good pose, and great accessories (the cloak is someitmes brown and sometimes black in different lights, just like in the film!). I'd like a Death Star II/Endor figure this good someday.

B'Omarr Monkey
04-07-2004, 10:18 PM
My biggest gripe with all of the Lukes is that none of them has really captured Mark Hamill's likeness. Especially all of the versions of the Tatooine outfit though the one that came with the T-16 was probably my favorite of these. I liked the figure and accesories that came with the flashback figure, but thought the headsculpt was the worst one of all.

I like all of the Hoth Luke's except for the first carded one. I thought the one that came with the Beast pack Wampa was really nice because of the feature where you could flip up the wrap on his hat so he could be upside down.

Except for the likeness issue, I liked both Bespin Lukes.

I don't have the Jabba's Palace Luke, so I can't really comment, though I do think the Holographic Luke is pretty nice.

My favorite Luke is actually the Dark Empire Luke. I think out of all the versions of Luke, this one actually captured his likeness really well.

His likeness in the dagobah Darth Vader wasn't too bad either.

04-08-2004, 10:14 AM
Luke....well Luke is my favorite character so I'm going to be extra critical here.

Unlike Han Solo, I think the line is seriously lacking in its offerings for Luke Skywalker. IMO there are three "prefect" Luke's.

Luke Bacta Chamber - How many people actually thought this would be made?! It was a very welcomed surprise. Luke is sculpted perfectly and the chamber is perfectly to scale. Just one more reason why non-movie years kick butt for toy offerigs.

Luke Skywalker Bespin Duel - What's not to love about this figure? Magnet hand, arm bacta accessory, weather vane he can hang from, super articulation. Well, I can think of one thing that I don't like...BATTLE DAMAGE! I can't stand it when figures have battle damage. I had to use my imagination when I was a kid so why can't kids do that now?? So, at any rate, this figure is perfect for post Vader battle but that's about it.

Luke Skywalker Hoth - Again, a perfect figure with great accessories and an awesome sculpt, BUT...battle damage! So this figure is perfect, but only for post Wampa attack.

As for all the otehr Luke's and there were many, I'd have to say Flashback Luke comes close. A nice sculpt and articulation. Head wasn't perfect but close. Way too many Tatooine Luke's and the freeze frame and commtech lukes are somewhat forgetable except for the fact we got two great accessories, anmely the blast helmet and skyhopper model. (Why they coudln't just include eveyrthing with one Luke I just won't know. As for the new vinatge Luke, he looks good but why does he need a cloth shirt?? Why not a cloth poncho? Oh well.

POTJ Luke Pilot was a huge dissapointment. We need a decent sculpted Luke Pilot with a removable helmet. In fact I would prefer two...one regular and one hoth.

I don't have the Jabba's Palace lUke yet but judging from the Luke hologram, he looks pretty decent.

I can't forget, IMO the worst Star Wars figure in the entire line...Luke Throne Room!! I'll never forget the excitement when I saw teh link and the utter disspaointment when I saw the figure. Silly Hasbro.

Ok, so afetr a ver long winded post here are the Luke's that I feel still need to be amde/updated:

-Luke Pilot w/helemt and blaster
-Luke Pilot (Hoth) with SA, helemt, lightsaber and grappling hook thingy
-Luke Stormtrooper (resculpt)
-Luke Ceremony resculpt
-Luke Hoth (no Battle Damage!!), w/ SA, binoculars, lightsaber
-Luke Bespin w/ SA, blastera nd lightsaber (no Battle Damage)
-Luke Endor w/ cloth poncho, helemt and lightsaber
-Luke Final Jedi Duel w/ SA, lighstaber and binders

Basicly I want a redo of every Luke except Tatooine, Bacta and Jabba's Palace.

El Chuxter
04-08-2004, 12:10 PM
Flashback Luke. If only the others could be on that level of quality, I'd be a happy collector. :beard:

04-08-2004, 12:52 PM
We're still going to go on about Luke Skywalker here for a bit. There seems to be a lot of opinions regarding what ought to be remade amongst the Luke's. Meanwhile, I can't believe I forgot the Luke Bacta set. What a great deluxe figure! Likely the best (or in the top 5) of all the Deluxe they've ever done!

04-08-2004, 04:31 PM
It would be nice if they made a luke pilot like the Dutch Vander (Gold Leader) they just released. It would be nice to do this to all the pilots.

B'Omarr Monkey
04-08-2004, 10:50 PM
I also seemed to forget Bacta Luke. This was one of my favorites as well. Thanks for the reminder JM.

04-10-2004, 03:26 PM
anyone here selling a Leia in hoth suit???? from 1995 I belive

B'Omarr Monkey
04-17-2004, 08:16 PM
What happened? I thought this was a good thread.

04-18-2004, 08:16 PM
I really enjoyed this thread too. Let's keep it going!

How's about we do Chewbacca next? Yes? Good.

It took Hasbro a long time, but they've finally gotten Chewie right. I think most will agree that, ahnds down Cloud City Chewie is the ebst version of the figure, and IMO, one of the best Star Wars figures to date. Wonderful articulation, a superb sculpt and a really cool accessory (best of yet...no cheesy AA gimmicks)

Mynock Hunt Chewie wasn't bad but it really bothered me that he couldn't remove his mask but I can live with that.

Mechanic Chewie isn't the greatest figure when compared with the above two but he'll do.

That takes care of Empire Strikes Back at least.

Hasbro has managed to make a number of different Chewies for diffeent scenes and I think they are all useful (aside from Hoth Chewie). However I think the sculpting of the above two Chewies makes all the rest obsolete. I would still like to see:

-Chewbacca from ANH - w/ bandoleer and bowcaster
-Chewbacca in Chains - current sculpt with articulation, especially in arms w/ removable chain. He doesn't even need a bowcaster.
-Chewbacca from ROTJ - basicly the same idea as ANH but an updated head to match his appearence in the movie (looks like we'll be getting hime in the vintage line)

B'Omarr Monkey
04-18-2004, 09:34 PM
I agree about Cloud City Chewie, but I think Mechanic Chewie is still my favorite, maybe because I've always been fond of that scene in TESB where Chewie's working on top of the MF.

I also think that Boussh's Bounty Chewbacca is underrated. Other than the non removable chain, I think that one most accurately captures his fur texture and color, and does a good job with his head hair.

I'm hoping we'll get a nice ANH Chewie one of these days, and both of Hasbro's attempts at doing a Hoth Chewie really missed the mark as far as I'm concerned. He really should have been painted with that white skull-like pattern on his face like what old golden retrievers get.

04-19-2004, 07:06 AM
i did actually run through the various chewbaccas earlier in this thread but i was obviously a bit previous, so here it is again:

the original potf version doesn't have enough detail, is too bulky and not furry enough.

the shadows of the empire version i have never seen in shops but from the photo it looks similar the the above version. with added bits of armour.

both the hoth and jabba's prisoner versions are far too small.

djearik champion is good but very pre-posed, although i have never tried to remove him from the seat to see how he looks standing up. love the little holographic creatures on the board though.

the hoth hanger chewie is much better, although i have never been able to make mine hold his goggles over his eyes. size wise this is much better.

25th anniversary chewie i love - the pose, a nice detailed crossbow. at least by this time they were starting to get the fur looking good.

mynock hunt chewie is good but i wish you could remove his mask. i love the mynock and his suction pad - he spends most of his time chewing on my falcon's power cables, although occasionally i find him lying on the shelf, so chewies aim must be ok! didn't like the ridiculous crossbow that came with this one however. damned action features. i replaced mine with a spare ordinary version.

best chewie for me is the bespin escape version. good fur, nice height, good neutral pose and rather good articulation which is fairly well hidden. also the added bonus of the dismembered C3P0 with light-up eyes - now that's what i call an action feature! i did find that this one won't stand up without a figure stand, being a little back-heavy if wearing 3P0's bits. i have mine stood next to the bespin escape leia which really accentuates the size difference between the two of them.

i am sure i have forgotten one or two chewies from the above list but i can't remember which ones - brain's gone dead

04-19-2004, 09:51 AM
Chewie has had somegreat figures. Ido not own most of themas moving and not showing up in certain places caused this. I like Dejarik Champ andBespin Escape Chewie. Ididnt get Mynock, Mechanic and another one. The POTF2 one sucked.

04-19-2004, 02:34 PM
Way to keep it going! (I went out of town to visit some friends)

I like Echo Base Mechanic Chewbacca the best.

I do agree that Boussh's Bounty Chewie has great fur detail, but wouldve benefitted from some more height.

I never bought the Bespin Escape Chewie because I have some extra older Chewies I haven't used for scenes yet, (maybe 1-2) and figured the prequels wouldn't have me buying Wookiees for my scenes (uh... right).

I've added Chewie to the Galactic Senate scenes I'm doing (1 for each Chancellor), figuring he could have been part of Kashyyyk's delegation, as it looks like it's him up there in the balcony when Valorum gets taken out.

But I also think I've had an extra Mechanic Chewie I'm saving just in case, too. So I haven't needed a Chewie figure in quite a while.

Side note: Chewbacca was my first favorite Star Wars character when I was a little kid!

Meanwhile, for my Bespin scene, I use a '95 Chewie with the '98 disassembled Threepio on his back in the net bag. I can pose him so he looks over Chewie's shoulder like he did in the movie, and I like it because that 3PO is a real figure that can be made to stand up as the full-deal besides being stuffed in the bag.

Hmmmm. Maybe we should talk about C-3PO figures next (when we're done with Chewbacca).

I don't think we need more Chewie figures. Re-releasing the Mechanic and Bespin Escape Chewies should suffice, but I can see where his facial fur in ANH was combed differently, and a correct-size one might be nice for many of you who'd want this.

B'Omarr Monkey
04-21-2004, 10:35 PM
I wouldn't mind a Chewie in his Lifeday robes. ;)

All kidding aside, Chewie's family would be welcome by me. We got Zutton. He's a Star Wars Holiday Special character, so why not?

04-22-2004, 03:26 PM
I really, really like Mynock hunt Chewie the best because he's extremely detailed all the way down to his wavy hair hanging off his arms and legs...now if only that oxygen mask came off!!

Second in line is mechanic chewie

Third is bespin escape chewie.

04-23-2004, 05:12 AM
I really, really like Mynock hunt Chewie the best because he's extremely detailed all the way down to his wavy hair hanging off his arms and legs...now if only that oxygen mask came off!!

that's my only problem with this figure and its why i prefer the bespin escape one. you are right about the wavy fur - great detail. i really love that mynock, even though he keeps coming unstuck!

04-23-2004, 02:20 PM
Chewie seems to be largely satisfied, save for an ANH redo for height, articulation and realistic fur, pretty much.

Let's talk about C-3PO

I guess this subject might as well cover a lot of C-3PO's in a lot of movies...

C-3PO "Naked" - due to the paint deco, this was one of the best early figures from TPM. I don't think they could improve on this. I also believe this figure could hold things in his hands.

C-3PO "from junk" - I loved the play feature here, where you could add coverings to him. For an early mass-produced E2 figure, this figure was great! The box accessory was a nice added value. Again, 3-PO can hold stuff.

C-3PO "Droid Factory" - the E2 Deluxe came out awesome with a working play feature that actually connected well to other characters' accessories and accessories from playsets. As C-3PO, and the whole or mismatched BattleDroid, this figure came out great. There's no room for improvement in my opinion.

C-3PO "Standard" - the Millennium Minted Coin figure, probably what's being re-released for the Hall of Fame Assortment, is one of the best C-3PO figures! However, while the paint deco was great, and the sliver leg a plus, I don't think 3PO can hold anything.

C-3PO "Escape Pod" - the recent Ultra figure looks good, it was the Escape Pod that was too small (should've fit 4 figures, just for play value and proximity to scale). So due to the Pod, I didn't buy the figure, so I don't personally know how well he turned out.

C-3PO Tusken Ambush - the Flashback 3PO with the removeable arm came out pretty good and held that "used" Star Wars look.

C-3PO Removeable Limbs - probably my favorite C-3PO, with the net bag, and even a removeable head this time, the 1998 figure is really my favorite C-3PO.

C-3PO Jabba Slime - not ever done before, this could be a removeable eye C-3PO with green goop added to his face from Jabba's slime. The "Salacious Crumb Damage" could be a pop-out eye with a holding plug, and a VERY small push out piece in the back of his head that operates this feature. The eye would not come entirely out, but it didn't in the movie.

C-3PO Ewok God - bending knees and an Ewok Litter for small furry things to carry him, this 3PO could also be done.

Overall there are room for 2 or maybe 3 releases for C-3PO that are new and not ever released, pretty much from ROTJ.

I do like the Removeable Limbs from ESB the best, followed by the "Build A Protocal Droid" from AOTC.

Not much new they could do with C-3PO that could really be exciting. The Escape Pod should be remade to seat up to 4 though, and perhaps released separately as a vehicle, maybe not with a figure, or with a new Rebel Trooper.

B'Omarr Monkey
04-23-2004, 07:41 PM
Easily my favorite is the Millennium Minted Coin version. I also liked the one that came with the Purchase of the Droids, though I've seen some that had too much eye gunk painted in.

I was not such a fan of the snap on armor C-3PO, and would have prefered a standard 3PO figure with non-gilded coverings. I did really enjoy the droid factory set. The "naked" one is nice, but one leg seems shorter than the other, and he has a problem standing.

C-3PO was one of my favorite characters from the OT, surprisingly wasted in the PT, especially considering that GL claimed the droids were supposed to be the cental characters and we were watching these galaxy changing events through their eyes.

I feel no need to see a slimed C-3PO figure, since even the most incompetant person could do this with a dab of paint. I would like to see an ultra figure of 3PO with his ewok throne, and even a SA 3PO with bending elbows, wrists, etc. Maybe even die-cast.

04-23-2004, 09:19 PM
I gotta go with 3PO removeable limbs. I love the looks of the figure. I also like the 95 version of 3PO. He is so dang shiny.

I agree that those twop versions are needed. Jabbas slime and pop out eye are high on my list. Ewok GOd is another. I like the way you described him Tycho.

04-24-2004, 08:14 AM
I was thinking that we didn't need any new 3PO's, but I never thought about a Jabba slime or an Ewok God one. I think they'd both make great figs, especially, Ewok God since we don't have any 3PO with jointed knees.

Aside from those two I think we're all set. I think Hasbro has always done a pretty good job with 3PO's. My favorite is the removeable limbs.....but I do have a special place in my heart for the snap on plating one. I thought he was one of the best AOTC figures of 2002.

04-24-2004, 10:25 AM
POTF2 C-3PO - great figure, basic too, and yeah, nice and shiny

POTF2 "Flashback" C-3PO - another great figure, I personally loved the dirt and stuff he had on him, good figure

POTF2 "Purchase of the Droids" C-3PO - same as the "Flashback", good detail, good figure in my opinion

POTF2 "Removable Limbs" C-3PO - I like how you can snap him together, doesnt go as well on Chewbacca's back as the C-3PO that comes with the Saga Chewie, but hes still a good figure

POTF2 "Millenium Minted" C-3PO - my thoughts on this one are about the same as the regular POTF2 C-3PO, he just had a silver leg

Episode 1 C-3PO - looked good, he did have problems standing on his own, but otherwise he was a good figure

Saga "AOTC" C-3PO - I'm sorry, this figure just looked downright horrible, I mean what was the need for snap-on plates? Just take a standard protocol droid figure mold and remove the torso plating area and there you have it, an Episode 2 C-3PO, there wasnt any need to put his armor on him, plus it didnt look very movie-like, he looked more like a chew toy for a dog.....I'm still demanding a new Episode 2 C-3PO thats better than the Saga one

I'm still contemplating on getting the Deluxe AOTC C-3PO, just for my Arena Battle Diorama with all the Jedi battling the droids, that 3PO didnt turn out too horrible, but still, I really think Hasbro needs to just release a good Episode 2 C-3PO without all the snap-on plates, and the color of his arm and some other area's on him were too bright, I mean a red tint on his one arm would be fine, but not a whole maroon colored arm, or a green leg or whatever it was

04-24-2004, 11:31 AM
I like the POTF Removeable Limbs Threepio the best because he wasn't too shiny, (ever spell a word correctly but it just looks so wrong? Shiny is just such a word!) he has that used look about him like he did in the movies. I like the Millenium minted coin one but there he's just way too shiny for me! The only time Threepio ever looked that new was at the end of ANH.

04-24-2004, 03:30 PM
We really have consensus on C-3PO.

He's been well-done and most new issues might be re-releases, save for an improved and solid AOTC Threepio.

The Ewok God figure is most wanted for something new (bending knees, Ewok Throne).

So, we've discussed:


Let's talk about R2-D2 next.

R2D2 Original was actually one of the best figures in the early line. I thought he was perfect with a retractable 3rd leg. We never got that from Kenner as a kid. The Droid Factory Playset one was a removeable 3rd leg, versus the retracting one the new one had.

R2D2 Tatooine - the sand coated one the F/X figure came out as. Nice beeps and whistles, this feature proved popular enough to try twice (see AOTC figures). But the magnet and play base was nice - with room for Ben and Luke to accompany R2 (that's how I have it set up anyway). The blast effect that R3-T7 came with could have been made then for this R2, for Jawa blast damage. If the figure is ever remade, it'd be a great included accessory.

R2D2 - Leia Hologram - a great figure for rerelease since it proved to be so rare. It's a perfect sculpt. It is smaller than other R2 molds. This may or may not be more accurate. However, the Leia Holo is a nice accessory, and this is the only R2 that I'm aware of that has his restraining bolt on him. (The Jabba one might, but I've never looked at that).

R2D2 Sensorscope - or "Tools" as some call him. Nice too. I like the twist-the-head the scomp comes out feature. The sensor scope is small, but possibly accurate (and the old Kenner one was big - maybe). But the tools you can add is way cool, and by putting them all on and out, you can make R2 "destroyed" like at the shield bunker.

R2D2 Yavin Battle Damage - never been done, but this would be a very scene-specific crispy-critter R2. I myself don't need this figure. Anyone want it made?

R2 Dagobah - this new figure looks great. A truly different deco for R2, it's really swamped-out. This should turn out to be a great figure. It really needs (and I don't know if he'll have) his sensorscope and perhaps his grabbing arm (to fight Yoda over the lamp with). Without the tool accessories, I'm afraid this R2 could fall short. But the paint deco is sure to please.

R2 Arc Welder - just another tool (to fix 3PO in the escape from Cloud City). You could call him R2 Bespin Escape, to go with that "collection." I'm not sure that a truly great R2 couldn't be done - an update to the "tools" one, and they just include more accessories. His "spray painter" from TPM might also be a good inclusion.

R2D2 Bartender - a perfect figure! Just so those of you who haven't opened him know, you can remove and close up all his drink serving apparatus, and R2 looks like a great normal figure of him.

R2 Lightsaber Launcher - ohh did they RUIN this figure! This is my most-wanted R2 redo! They really could improve on this figure now I hope. There's some question to the size of the hilt being swallowable as a kids toy, but let's loose that giant 3rd leg somehow.

R2 Shield Bunker - a really completely popped-open R2 that'd been shot during the Battle of Endor would be a very cool new take on the little droid. Other figures can simulate this, but not with the popped out blue horizontal panneling, etc.

R2 Escape from Naboo - a good figure of the droid after being recovered from running the Trade Federation's blockade, maybe if R2 only had the tool he was using to fix the Royal Starship that came out from his lower body, it might improve this figure. I like the droid though, plus his dome is the duller silver and not so shiny as past R2's were made.

TPM "mistake" flying R2D2 - I actually like this figure. The action feature worked perfectly, and if it only was movie accurate, it'd have been a triumph for Hasbro. A slightly larger R2, I liked this size, accurate or not.

R2 Theed Palace Invasion Strategist - this R2 could be rather plain, but a hologram of the Theed Palace and Padme's planned invasion route could make a nice showpiece for an Episode One heroes diorama. I'd buy this R2.

R2D2 sentry - the AOTC talking one was awesome! Lights and sound. How much better could it get?

R2D2 Mace Windu hologram - since Obi-Wan came with Bail Organa, R2 could have either Mace as a hologram, or Obi-Wan fighting the Destroyer Droid as a hologram (or just a Destroyer Droid). In any case, R2 always sells, never peg-warms, (the stupid flying one proved that), and this could be a very cool update.

Flying R2D2 - groan....This could be redone. Rather than have an action feature, the thrusters on the legs could be sculpted right, and the "exhaust" effects could be added to give a wholey accurate portrayal of R2D2 from this scene.

Arena Battle R2 - R2's suction cup grappler (that pulled 3PO's head off) should come out of the right panel - and not between his legs...pulling 3PO's head there...honestly what were they thinking? But if the flying R2 was redone better, and the thrusters closed up, then adding this feature (the grappler) couldn't hurt, and if you also throw in the Mace or Destroyer Hologram, you have the ultimate AOTC R2D2.

So, for R2, I'd vote for:

New Lightsaber Launcher (ROTJ)
Ultimate AOTC R2D2 (AOTC)
Theed Battle Plans Hologram R2D2 (TPM)
Endor Shield Bunker R2D2 (ROTJ)

I still think the totally-toasty "Darth Vader damage" R2 from the battle of Yavin would make a cool curiousity, but...

04-24-2004, 09:47 PM
I happen to like the Bar2, Leia holo, and AOTC sentry versions the best. I love the beeps and clicks on the AOTC version. I never got the AOTC flying verson for two reasons. One, I never saw it, and two, from the reviews and comments, I dont want it.

There are a few that I would like to see made(remade):
1. Toasty Battle damage Yavin(funny name Tycho :beard: )
2. R2 with added tools.
3. Lightsaber shooting R2
4. Endor R2 with skil-saw cutting action.
5. R2 with welding action(Bespin escape as Tycho put it)

04-24-2004, 10:24 PM
R2D2 sentry hands down the best unit IMO. Others come close but don't cut the mustard IMO.

04-25-2004, 01:47 PM
My fav is F/X Artoo and a close second is [/b]Jabba's Sail Barge Artoo[/b]

other than that, they all start to look the same to me and I can't tell them apart or remember which is which :confused: :crazed:

04-26-2004, 02:53 PM
I think Hasbro's done a great job on R2 from the beginning. My favorites are the commtech R2 because he just makes a great all-around figure. I also love the AOTC Sentry R2. A great sculpt and an action gimmick that not only makes sense but works really well. I love those lights and sounds!

The Naboo R2 is one of my least favorite figures of all time and I'm exactly sure why they came out with him in the first place. Ooooh...a rolling R2... (sarcasm)

R2's I still would love to see are the same everyone else has mentioned:
-ANH battle damaged R2
-ROTJ Endor Bunker
-Lightsaber R2 - I'm sur ethey can do this figure again w/o the bulky leg. All we really need to pop out is the lightsaber hilt.

B'Omarr Monkey
04-26-2004, 03:55 PM
With the exception of a couple (I don't think I need to say which) I've liked most of the R2s offered.

My favorite are probably the FX version, The AOTC Sentry, Commtech, the original one from 1995, and the TPM one with the thrusters.I also liked Bar2-D2.

I was not so fond of the sensor scope one, simply because the tools plug into holes in closed doors. I think any future R2s should have at least one or two tool, or arm features that work along the same principle as the TPM thruster jets, where you rotate the dome, and an interior mechanism slides doors on his cylinder open, and the tools pop out.