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12-13-2001, 11:53 AM
I did a search on CDNOW for all music titles with "STAR WARS" in them... this is the page that came up.

Bmx Bandits Star Wars

Neil And His Cosmic Orch Star Wars

Bruno Bertone Orchestra Plays The Music Of Star Wars

Chicago Electronic Revue Synthesized Star Wars

Countdown Orchestra Themes From Star Wars

Alec Empire Generation Star Wars

Richard 'Groove' Holmes Star Wars/Close Encounters

P Janossich Star Wars Imperial Force

Erich Kunzel Star Tracks/Star Wars/Superman

London Symphony Orch Star Wars - Main Title

Star Wars-Tribute To The Music

Dennis McCarthy Star Wars: Deep Space Nine

Meco Star Wars & Other Galactic Funk

Neil And His Cosmic Orch Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back The X-Files, Babylon 5, Star Wars

Read-Along Star Wars-Phantom Menace

Star Boys Star Wars Theme - Star Boys

Star Galaxy Orchestra Star Wars & Sci-Fi Themes

Star Wars (Soundtrack)

Phantom Menace (Soundtrack)-Blisterpack

Return Of The Jedi-Soundtrack

Star Wars Box Star Wars Box (Ltd Ed) (Jpn) / O.S.T. (Enhanced)

Star Wars Collection Ost

Star Wars Episode 1/John Williams Ost

Star Wars- Phantom Menace Ultim Score

Star Wars Themes / Various Star Wars Themes / Various

Starflight Orchestra Space Trax - Themes From Star Wars

Trotter Trio Sketches On Star Wars

Various Artists- Star Wars & Other Science F

Various Artists (So) Sounds Of Star Wars

Various Artists (St) Star Wars & Other Science Fiction Themes

J Williams Star Wars Theme (Club Mix) - J Williams
Star Wars Theme (Radio Mix) - J Williams

J. Williams Star Wars Trilogy-Anthology

John Williams Conducts Music From Star Wars

John Williams & Pops Star Wars Trilogy

Yo Da Man Star Wars Main Theme-Millennium Mix

Richard Hayman / Pso Star Wars

Bruno Bertone Orchestra Vol. 1-Music Of The Star Wars

Holst/Williams/Strauss Planets/Star Wars/Also Sprach

Star Wars-Sound Of Hollywood Star Wars-Sound Of Hollywood

J. Williams Star Wars-Return Of The Jedi

(Funny thing... did you know that STAR WARS also had a "Deep Space Nine"? :rolleyes: )

12-13-2001, 12:57 PM
Does anyone own a copy of "The Electric Moog Orchestra" Music from STAR WARS LP? I picked this up at a convenience store back in the summer of 1977 and it has all Moog synth versions of some of the most memorable STAR WARS selections.

It's kinda nifty... very interesting to hear these played on such antiquated aynth equipment.

12-13-2001, 10:36 PM
Every Sci-Fi franchise has a "Deep Space 9"!

Alien 5: Deep Space 9
Deep Battlestar 9
Blade Runner 2: Skin Job 9
2009: Deep Space
Quantum Leap Space 9
Babylon 5: Deep Space Franchise