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Mr. JabbaJohnL
04-11-2004, 12:05 PM
I got this figure today as an Easter present, which was bought at Wal-Mart on Thursday. I was very surprised to see any new figures, let alone from the latest wave and at Wal-Mart, of all places, which hasn't had new figures for months. Since no one reviewed it yet, I thought I would.

The figure's likeness isn't 100% dead-on, but it looks a lot like Ozzel. His mouth is open and showing only his teeth, but he is kind of expressionless unless he's fearing for his life. The sculpt of his body is very nice. On the most recent figures, Hasbro's gotten perfect with pants and other items of clothing, and that shows up here. Ozzel's outfit is much more accurate than those of Grand Moff Tarkin and Captain Piett, and he has a separate skirt instead of those ugly leg-skirt things from figures of old. He has those silver thingies poking out from his shirt, where they should be.

He has articulation in the head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, and legs. He can be posed standing at attention with his hands behind his back, holding his blaster with both hands, or holding his neck as he's being choked. Like most figures, his head is on a ball and can come off or on quite easily. His neck color isn't quite the same as his face, but it's passable.

He comes with a blaster and base. The blaster is the regular ol' Imperial blaster, the correct-scale smaller version that comes with the TIE Pilot. The base is the same as the other Star Wars ones, or at least it seems to be. In figures from the Jabba's Palace, Yavin, and Star Destroyer waves with the base, when connected they don't tilt up like the Tatooine and Hoth wave figures' bases do. I have six figures from these waves next to each other on their connected bases, and it looks nice.

While this figure doesn't really do much, the character in the film doesn't do much either, so it's perfect for what it is. He is miles ahead from old high-ranking Imperial figures, and I recommend it. Grade: A

04-11-2004, 12:15 PM
Just for the simple fact that he can hold his neck, this figure must be found by me. I might even buy two, so I can pose him getting choked.

04-11-2004, 07:20 PM
Ozzel rules! This is hands down the best Imperial Officer ever released! Great sculpt, great likeness...dead on.

A+ :Pirate:

05-13-2004, 09:18 PM
Today's review is yet another choking victim for your Vader figures to pick on, but is this admiral really worth getting?

Let's skip the clumsy & stupid references and get right to the heart of the matter, Admiral Ozzel is one of those figures that's been on some fans' request lists for a while but never really felt like an urgent item. Well, Hasbro's now produced a figure of the admiral, making this the 2nd Force-choked Imperial Officer figure, and the 3rd victim figure overall with the previous - Rebel Captain Antilles - coming only 1 wave prior. Ozzel, if you need reminding, was the one who messed up the Imperial assault on Hoth so bad that Vader killed him over the phone - that's cold.

Packaging: 3.5/5
Standard gold-border Saga packaging, nothing new whatsoever. The bubble shows off the figure pretty well for carded collectors, posed with the figure reaching for his throat. You'll have to annihilate the tray to free the stand, but at least the figure isn't clear-banded or twistie-tied in place. The movie photo is a headshot of the guy, which makes it far too easy to compare it to the figure. The cardback is pretty empty, with short text and 2 rather unfortunate prototype images.

Sculpting: 2.5/5
Admiral Ozzel's body is a bit too trim and in shape for what you'd expect of the character. His outfit has an interesting texture that's more pronounced than what we see in the films, but gives the uniform a good cloth-like look and matches well with the separate "skirt". The pants have a lot of wrinkles but it works here, it looks natural and flows well with the boots; the tunic has a few prop details, the rank pips and encoders look more realistic than previous attempts. Finally, the sculpted hat is not bad work, but isn't as sharp as the rest of the uniform.

Unfortunately, the head sculpt likeness makes or breaks a figure like this, and here it seems to be the latter. Hasbro just didn't bring their A-game here, actor Michael Sheard has a lot of character and texture in his face but most didn't get translated to the figure. The face not only is woefully too simple, but too long, thin and tapered as well - some of which is the fault of the head's ball-jointing. That ball-joint is also a sore spot in profile, the lines around it are just cut off, leaving this figure to look like he's missing the lower rear part of his skull; it also affects the neck, the look is too scrawny. Because of the mustache, the figure doesn't make for a convincing generic officer, but at least the teeth in the slightly-agape mouth are mostly hidden by it.

Pose: 3/5
Ozzel's legs have a straight pose with the right leg out and back a bit, but he can stand free of a base stand with a little work. If only the arms were that easy - you'd think with the ability to give the elbow joints any angle they wanted, they'd make it so the arms could straighten, but sadly not - the right arm is bent around 60 degrees and articulated enough to get it to not look freakish, but the left arm is permanently bent around 100 degrees which makes it bizarre when not holding his throat or behind his back. The right hand is in a gun-holding pose while the left is a wide-open cup.

So what you end up with is 2 pose choices, the scene-specific " aaugh, Vader's choking me " pose, which requires a little effort to properly line up and can look more like he's choking himself; or the much more neutral "at ease" hands clasped behind the back pose.

Paint: 2.5/5
The outfit has a good overall deco, and the few small details are not too shabby except for a small spot of missing paint on a boot and glove. Unfortunately, like the sculpt, the look of this figure comes down to the head and Hasbro really didn't do a very good job here either. An unfortunate recent trend, the ball-jointed neck top is unpainted so you can see the gray plastic underneath from some angles, but that's the least of the troubles. The face seems a bit too pale, while the mustache and eyebrows are painted a reddish brown that lacks the subtlety required - and I've heard several reports of mis-painted mustaches. I think it's the eyes that kill it though, the black upper line and bright whites just destroy the intended look (not to mention they're different sizes) and they're even the wrong color. Finally, the hat is painted a greener shade of gray than the outfit so it doesn't match.

Articulation: 3.5/5
Admiral Ozzel has 10 points of articulation: ball-jointed head, standard shoulders, diagonal-cut elbows, wrists, waist, and hips. Almost every joint above the waist is catering to the choking pose, but as mentioned above it also allows for an at-ease pose - too bad the cardback prototype photos show neither. The hips have limited range due to the skirt piece; the elbow articulation could have been much more exciting if it allowed straight arms but I guess not. The wrists don't work well with the sleeves, they don't match shapes when you turn them so the wrists tend to pop out a little. All in all, it's acceptable but not thrilling.

Accessories: 2/5
What do you give this figure? What did the character interact with in the film? Nothing really, so Hasbro did the only thing they could, they included the generic SW base stand and a modern Imperial blaster. The stand that came with mine has the most defined hexagonal peg I've seen on any of these, and as such it disagrees with the foot holes some. The blaster is fine, I like its design and it can always be given to other figures, though I do think the black plastic is too shiny and could use some metallic color. What else could Ozzel have gotten really? Maybe a second and third blaster to build up the figure armory, or perhaps a baton like the one from General Madine, but none of that is vital.

Overall: C
Lately, the human SW figures' head sculpts have been fairly weak and the Admiral here is sadly no exception. If you can get past the head sculpt and paint issues, this figure might rank a very generous 'B-', but I have a hard time overlooking the poor work here. Just because Ozzel's not an exciting, toyetic, core character doesn't mean this figure should suffer weak design and paint apps. This figure isn't terrible, from some angles I can almost see what they were getting at, but on the whole it comes up short.

05-19-2004, 06:25 PM
I like this figure but I do agree that the head sculpt could've been better. Regardless I still think the likeness is better than average and I'm always happy to get another Imperial Officer so I really wasn't disappointed in this one. While not perfect I was happy with what we got and the articulation is rather nice.
Grade: B+