View Full Version : Findings in Cleveland/Akron OH.

Jedi Drew
12-13-2001, 05:17 PM
Well, first the bad news:
K-Mart Solon-Nothing
TRU N. Randell-Luke Bacta+DM
Super K Warrnsville-Simi Wave
Target Bedford-Simi Wave
K-Mart Garfield Hts.-Simi Wave
Now for the good news: My wife found at Wal-Mart (Fairlawn/Akron) today the Imperial Officer and Rebel Trooper-no sign of Zutton, FX-7,Eeth Koth and Royal Decoy. I ordered these last week from Toy Maniacs so they should be here soon (9.99 each). Today in the mail I received my POTJ Amanaman+Leia from Yestertoys-they were 11.00 each+shipping. Also at Wal-Mart in Fairlawn she picked up the new Luke W/Yoda 12"-they had about 6 left she said. Well, good hunting........


12-27-2001, 03:41 PM
Spotted about 5 Luke on Speeder bikes!

Kmart in Garfield Heights has TONNES of Bacta Tanks and Strip Mauls!