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04-19-2004, 04:32 PM
I know Bel-Cam jos had a thread in a similar vein but its already gone to 4 or 5 pages and I figured anything I said at that point wouldn't garner attention (or at least thats how it is over on Spawn.com).

Bel-Cam jos said he had to cut back because of new work commitments. As I've just finished my college course I too am in a period of transition. I doubt I'll be making any permanent career choices at this time, more likely I'll take a simple job that every teenager is going for, like bar work or something, I really have no goal loftier than that (part of the problem actually). To start with I may not even work full time. Since I haven't worked in about 2 years whatever I end up doing will still be more money than I'm getting right now but I just feel as though, at 21 going on 22, I should be using my money to advance other aspects of my life. I go out (though many a weekend my addiction prevented this) but I'm not outgoing if you catch my drift. I consider myself socially stunted (though I do have friends) and find it difficult to talk to loose acquaintances and unfamiliar people unless I'm drunk. I don't have a girlfriend wouldn't you have guessed but this is mainly for total lack of trying because I'm told I'm good looking (not just by my mother). And of all years (2004 is great for Star Wars toys) I've become kind of disillusioned with the whole thing. Theres no way I could continue buying them consistently if I did get a girlfriend. And over the past week I've been thinking that I don't particularly want to anyway despite the cool lineup this year.

Here's the problem I have with Star Wars toys: New stuff is pretty much continuous throughtout each year and each figure sets me back 12 Euros and 50 cents. Hasbro has the license till 2018 and at the very least the Star wars line will continue for about 5 years after Episode III (they'll find some way to renew interest) when I will be in my late twenties. As long as I'm buying these things I can't envision doing the things I should be doing that everyone else has been doing since their early teens because they weren't occupied by toys. In fact I could trace my situation back to the first decade of my life - I was always big into action figures while my friends preferred to be outside playing football etc. And at the age I am now I think its getting absurd and I should take advantage of my present disillusionment and situation change and stop before I'm killed in an accident and my only legacy is things that I've bought.

Y'know what the trigger was? I missed General Rieekan!!! A figure I've been waiting for for years and years. I was going into Dublin twice a week (my college was nearby) for about a month and a half after the basic Hoth wave came in, each time expecting that the deluxe wave would be there and being let down each time. Then I got three weeks off from college (when it just wasn't convenient to go into town and risk it being a complete waste of time like the previous few weeks) and stayed away from town. Well guess when the deluxe wave hit the store? Yeah sometime during that 3 week period funny that huh? I know this because there was about 20 escape pods warming the pegs the week I got back to college. Rieekan naturally had sold out. Typical. And this sort of thing can only get worse now that I'm finished college and cannot reasonably go into Dublin every week. I will inevitably miss loads of great figures and I think I'd rather just not get any at all to be honest. My collection is blighted enough already by so many missed-figures, particularly most of the commanding officer types, the great POTJ imperial troop figures, a lot of cantina patrons(POTF and POTJ), jabbas palace aliens (POTF, amanaman etc)...no problem getting rehashed core characters though! Yeah I've a fine collection of Chewbaccas built up. trouble is you can't assemble a good diorama with 8 chewbaccas, ever tried? You can't do it.

I don't think star wars toys, in their small scale, are particularly impressive as stand-alone pieces. They work best in dioramas. I cannot achieve good dioramas because I keep missing the best figures and because I can't army build. So I truly think I will stop buying star wars and make do with the OT trilogy on DVD. I will however continue to buy McFarlane's Alien and Predator and Movie Maniacs figures because A) Movie maniacs only comes out once a year and they will only make a certain amount of alien and predator figures before dropping the license B) they only make about 6 figures in a given line C) there are predictable release dates for which I can save up money D) They aren't much more expensive than star wars figures in Ireland E) I stand a far better chance of acquiring all the figures I want and the quantities I want F) they look better than star wars toys as stand-alone pieces and they also work brilliantly in dioramas. Cutting out Star wars would drastically reduce my toy buying and I think this can only be positive.

I expect many prospective readers will have dropped off long before this sentence but thanks to those of you who made it this far. You did well. If anyone wants to voice their thoughts on this (I'm afraid I didn't read anyone elses posts in Bel-Cam jos' thread) then great. If not, then putting this into words may help to finalise my decision...a decision I actually consider to be quite big believe it or not. Naive you say? Perhaps...but y'know...... :zzz:

04-19-2004, 05:05 PM
Dude Rieekan is being released again in a case of Ultras. Click the beard for more info.:beard: (http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=HS84716C)

04-19-2004, 05:22 PM
Do Not Attempt To Deter Me From My Resolve!!!!! :d :d

04-19-2004, 05:27 PM
I wasnt trying, just letting you know some valuable info. I wish you the best of luck with your decision. Dont forget to come back and join in some other discussions.

04-19-2004, 05:54 PM
Oh i'll probably keep sirsteves in my favourites list. It will still be interesting to see what gets made and to see other people's collections. I just must try not to be swayed by it all into continuing my own collection.

04-19-2004, 06:32 PM
First up, kidhuman... "click the beard" is friggin' hilarious.

Devo, you know everything said and done. If it's not fun for you anymore, there's nothing wrong with getting out of collecting. And really, even if you change your mind a decade from now and want to go back and get some of the stuff you missed, it'll still be around. You may pay more, you may pay less (probably less the way Star Wars goes) but it'll be there. There's plenty of other collectors out there keeping the stuff safe for posterity.

Most importantly, congrats and good luck after college!

04-19-2004, 07:30 PM
It's easy to balance chicks with collecting. You just have to find a good girl that doesn't just care about money. You really should go and party, loosen up and get into a little trouble. You are only 22 or so, you have plenty of time to be a responsible adult later. Just don't get into drugs, that would be the end of you.;)

B'Omarr Monkey
04-19-2004, 10:36 PM
I say do what you feel you need to do. You are not the only person who stopped collecting (anything) when the college years/early professional life comes along. I did it, which is why I missed the last wave of vintage figures, which I kick myself for passing over when I found them in a dollar bin at a drug store a few years later, when I still wasn't collecting. It's almost better not to try collecting during that period in your life. Money and time are far and few between, and you have other priorities. You'll only end up depressed and aggravted if you try and keep up with it.

As said elsewhere, the stuff will be there if you want to go back to it later, and once you figure out whta you want to do as a profession, hopefully it will be one that gives you enough money to go and fill in the holes in your collection while you are away from it.

Whatever you decide, best of luck, and my only final advice is don't sell what you have, until you are sure that you are done with it (unless you absolutely have to).

04-20-2004, 03:42 AM
Devo, you just need to go with what feels natural for you. I was a completist for a few years and the thought of missing new figures sickened me. Over time, as I got tired of that style of collecting, I found myself collecting in a much more casual way and I loved it. I loved being free of the Completist's Curse and I honestly enjoyed it much more.
I know what you mean about dioramas and I partly felt the same way. I needed FX-7 so bad to go with my Bacta scene but I honestly can't tell you what other figures came out in the FX-7 wave.
Right now I hardly collect figures anymore but if something catches my eye I will still pick it up.

Personally, I'd like to move to your beautiful country and settle down with a nice Irish lass. "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" . . . indeed. :)

04-20-2004, 07:33 AM
I would have to agree with the other members and say, "follow your heart." I don't feel that there is anything wrong transitioning to your career. I think we have all been there one time or another asking ourselves the same question. Afterall, there may come a time down the road that you decide to start collecting again. Good luck.:classic:

"He's no good to me dead."

04-20-2004, 08:53 AM
*shrugs* I refinanced my house and got a HELOC to have my attic renovated into a master bedroom, TV room, Walk-in closet, computer nook and 1/2 bath and that's not stopped me from collecting. My partner isn't even asking me to give that up. Gee... I'm lucky!! :)