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04-23-2004, 10:05 PM
How long has it been since we last saw these 2 guys as figures? Ok, only a year for Bossk since the TRU 4pack, but that was the old sculpt and a limited paint job; it's been 7 years since the last new Bossk & Dengar figures. While the POTF2 Dengar left me cold with his simplified face sculpt and oddball neck/torso situation, POTF2 Bossk has been near the top of my list since the day I got him. Late last year, Hasbro previewed images of the Saga updates to those classic bounty hunters and yet here they are already on shelves. Once again, I find myself reviewing 2 figures at once...

Packaging: 3.5/5 (both)
Same ol', same ol'. You still have to rip it or cut it open, still the same Saga v2 graphics, still has the movie title on the side. The figures are once again not tied to the trays, a recent trend I hope continues on, and though both have their weapons clear-banded to their hands nothing was warped this time around.

Bossk gets 2 movies photos while Dengar has only 1, but Dengar's 2 prototype poses on the cardback are more effective than Bossk's both in filling the space and giving a better look at the figure's pose possibilities. Neither bubble tray pose does much for me, but they're not bad.

Sculpting: 4/5 (Bossk); 4.5/5 (Dengar)
Bossk is a strange one, his organic sculpting is sharper than the POTF2 version, but the outfit is a different story. In fact, the figure's torso and crotch aren't new at all, they're from the old POTF2 molds! It was good work then, but the smaller details seem a bit "soft" compared to recent Saga figures. Bossk has new outfit limbs that match up, but also give the figure an overall slimmer, more accurate appearance. The overall outfit is adequate, but hardly great work.

Bossk's organics are all new and are pretty sharp sculpting. The head is slimmer and has more accurate features such as the eyes and ears. The one thing I dislike about the head is the open mouth and big fat tongue inside, it's hard to get used to, not to mention a little Kermit-esque. His forearms and lower legs look very good, but his right hand has trouble holding the accessory and his rounded heels give him difficulty standing. I also don't care for the weird poses on the limbs (outfit and organics), but more on that later.

Dengar is an amazing update of the character, lots of crisp sculpting everywhere you look and all well-integrated; he feels accurate, authentic, and cool. The chest armor seems a little big to me, or perhaps the tech stuff in the front is a little small, but either way it's not much of an issue. The figure is large but you can tell that's mostly outfit, this is an improvement from the creepy fat guy from the POTF2 line. Even the figure's back has a lot of intricate work that looks outstanding

Dengar's least-effective work is his head sculpt. The wraps are good but could maybe use a texture or something. The face really looks like someone with a strong expression and lots of sculpted detail, but I don't think it represents the actor whose photo is on the card - even though the POTF2 version is an inferior sculpt, in some ways that looks more like the guy. Here, the cheeks, jaw, eyes and nose just look like somebody else, and it doesn't help that his head is permanently tilted down.

Pose: 3/5 (Bossk) ; 4.5/5 (Dengar)
Bossk should have a lot of pose potential, he has enough articulation to really come alive, but somehow he ends up limited. In prototype photos, Bossk really looked slick, neutral yet not static; but the bend to his ankles, the odd leg pose, and the strange arm design limits the actual figure to awkward poses that don't fit his scene or much else. Every time I try something different, I come away feeling frustrated.

Meanwhile, despite his floor-gazing head tilt, Dengar has a great neutral pose that conveys attitude and readiness for action - turn his head to either side and he becomes even more of a gnarly bad mutha. He also has enough articulation to give him more action-oriented poses, making his posing quite versatile. You'd think his permanently-bent right elbow would hurt many poses, but that's generally not the case thanks to smart articulation. Dengar's legs are closer together than the POTF2 version, for a better stance.

Paint: 4/5 (Bossk) ; 4.5/5 (Dengar)
Bossk's paint is good, but hardly stunning. His outfit's color is lighter yellow than the POTF2 version's, this is good work, more accurate, but seems to need a subtle paint wash to bring it down a little and give it some life. He has some black details around the vest and arm holes that the previous does not which further the accuracy. The shoulder emblems are reversed from the POTF2 figure, I don't really know which is correct though. The silver wires running down his torso are painted white on his legs, so they don't really meet up well.

If you had reptilian skin, you'd probably look like this figure. The color works well with the organic sculpting, giving it a multi-dimensioned look especially on the limbs, less so on the head. The eyes are good, but I've seen several that were badly messed up so double-check this before buying. The teeth are all painted white - though I haven't seen one yet with great work here; the claws are all unpainted but use their texture to stand out.

For an outfit that seems so plain, Dengar has a very effective and detailed paint job. the cloth parts are off-white while the armor is a brown color that looks very realistic thanks to an ultrafine metallic sheen that is uniform on every part - the ability to match a color between so many different sections is rare for SW figures, it works great here. The chest tech details have a subtle silver application to accent and weather them, it's far from perfectly-applied yet it is effective. The back of the figure has great paint to match the neat sculpting, they didn't have to paint that vest part white but they did and then added gray to the straps on it. The belt also has some good paint details.

The head is another matter though. Where the prototype had a light brown overspray on a section and a dark grey spray on another lending shading, detail, and texture, the actual figure has those sprays just kinda sneezed into place without care which doesn't look much like anything except "Rrrrarrgh! Dengar too close to fire!" The face flesh is painted into the head wraps and stayed a bit too far inside its lines, but this is barely noticeable; the scarring on the right cheek is paint that is unfortunately too thick and far too dark. However, the mouth and eye paint is very well applied even when the mouth and left eye seem like supremely difficult applications.

Articulation: 3.5/5 (Bossk); 5/5 (Dengar)
Bossk has 12 points of articulation: neck, shoulders, diagonal cut elbows, rotating forearms, waist, hips, and rotating lower legs. I don't find the lower legs terribly useful, but they have their purposes, and the rotating forearms also work pretty nicely for what they are -- but neither do enough to overcome the pose limitations. The diagonal elbows should bring a lot to the party but while the left one bends across well and sorta lets you straighten the arm, the right one has limited reasonable bend range and when straightened looks like Bossk's elbow dislocated and swelled up. At least the articulation is well hidden, but I wish it were also more useful.

Dengar has 8 or 10 points depending on how you count universal joints, here's what the big man is sporting: neck, universal shoulders, cut right mid-bicep, diagonal cut left forearm, rotating left wrist, waist, and hips. You'd think with less articulation than Bossk, Dengar would be less good ("less good"?), but that's not the case at all because Dengar's articulation is quite smart and intuitive, and nicely hidden as well. The uni-jointed shoulders go a long way with this figure, but the rest of the arm articulation really works in concert with those shoulders to give a great range of motion - fantastic design. It's funny how similar Bossk's and Dengar's articulation are in theory, yet how much more effective Dengar's is.

Accessories: 3.5/5 (Bossk); 5/5 (Dengar)
Both figures come with the new generic SW figure stand and now that Hasbro has fixed the interconnection problems plaguing the first few waves of these, they're nice little extras. My Dengar's is still having a little trouble interlocking, the datestamp on the card is earlier than Bossk's so I'm guessing this was an earlier version of the fix that wasn't as effective (the "1M"/"2M" stamp is also missing here). Each POTF2 figure had an extra gun that these Saga figs lack, but neither is greatly missed.

Besides the stand, Bossk comes with only 1 accessory this time around, his blaster rifle. This is a more accurate sculpt than the POTF2 version, not amazingly detailed but nice; however, the strap is hanging down instead of folding back up to fit around the shoulder and since the plastic is pretty rigid, the strap becomes more decorative than useful. Unfortunately, without the strap in play Bossk has trouble holding the rifle as his hand doesn't grip it well, occasionally it'll work out but your mileage will improve if you wedge it against the arm or between the arm and torso.

Dengar has 2 accessories, an Imperial rifle and his backpack, both are just terrific pieces. Even though the rifle is thin, it's not super-rubbery, and mine came out of the bubble tray almost completely straight - a rarity for many SW accessories lately; the gun even has a trigger guard which perfectly fits the figure's extended trigger finger. The weapon has a good looking sculpt that is almost overshadowed by its incredible paint job, this sucker is heavily-weathered gunmetal silver with a brown stock - I wish all SW accessories were this well painted. The backpack is well-detailed too, it pegs into the figure's back and really looks like it belongs there; even though it's more brown, it's a darker shade and has a few painted details so it doesn't get lost.

Overall Grade: B (Bossk); A (Dengar)
I never in a million years thought I'd like a Dengar figure over a Bossk figure, but there's no comparison really. Depending on your needs, Saga Bossk will probably dethrone the POTF2 version, but this figure is far from perfect and sometimes even downright annoying with its odd pose and uncooperative articulation. Dengar, on the other hand, is a pretty awesome figure with cool accessories, dynamite articulation, and I'd even call him a "must have" despite a few minor shortcomings.

05-06-2004, 11:22 AM
You can improve Bossk's rifle holding ability by swapping the arms at the elbow joint. After the switch, Bossk holds the rifle in his left hand in a much more natural pose. The butt of the gun comes up flush against his shoulder and bicep and his right hand can grip easily under the barrel. Since his hands are tridactyl and symetrical, they don't really have a right or left orientation, so the switch from right to left is not very noticable. Also, the gun handle fits in his hand better when switched to the left side (it's upside down from the old position if you think about it) which is another plus.

05-07-2004, 02:51 PM
Anyone know which way the backpack goes when you attach it to Dengar? I assume that rolled up duffel bag thingy goes toward the top, yes?

05-07-2004, 10:16 PM
Hmm, that's an interesting idea Sean. My gut reaction was hesitation in taking the organic forearms off the costumed elbow pieces because I fear breakage here, but maybe it'd be OK. I guess it'd be easier to try it if I had an extra one or they were plentiful at the stores. ;) Got a pic of this? How does the figure's leaning look with the gun on the other side?

angellus, there are 2 reasons I believe the roll goes on top: 1) the "bottom" of the pack in this configuration is rounded out, I believe to allow the waist and hips to move; and 2) if it was the other way around, you would have been able to see it above his shoulders in the film.

05-10-2004, 08:22 AM
angellus, there are 2 reasons I believe the roll goes on top: 1) the "bottom" of the pack in this configuration is rounded out, I believe to allow the waist and hips to move; and 2) if it was the other way around, you would have been able to see it above his shoulders in the film.

Thanks. That's what I figured.