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04-27-2004, 04:30 PM
Hey everyone. I just had a couple questions about toys r us and star wars stuff they are selling. so here they are

1. there are now 4 new screen scenes to order on TRU.com. But is scene 1 that was a TRU exlcusive it said, now no longer exclusive. It dosnt say exclusive on it anymore

2. you can pre order jabbas palace 4 pack, due out in may.
Is this the 4 pack with the 3 skiff guards and han like can be seen on other sites, or is it something else

3. In september the TRU exclusive 4 pack Endor Ambush comes out.
has anyone heard whats in this set.

just some questions I wanted to ask.

You can now pre order all 4 screen scenes and the 2 4 packs on TRU.com just incase anyone didnt know

Scenes 1 and 2 come out in July
Scenes 3 and 4 in October
Jabbas palace 4 pack May
Endor Ambush 4 pack in September

I will check you all later

04-27-2004, 05:58 PM
1 - The first two Saga Jedi Council Screen Scenes (that are available now) aren't TRU exclusives, many people have reported finding them on sale at KB Toys for abour $7. Hasbro will be releasing 4 new Jedi Council Screne Scenes this summer / fall -

- Plo Koon / Eeth Koth / Obi-Wan (Episode 1)
- Seassee Tiin / Adi Galia / Anakin (Episode 1)
- Yoda / Ki Adi Mundi / Qui-Gon Jinn (Episode 1)
- Shaak Ti / Coleman Trebor / Stass Alie (Episode 2)

2 - Good question, but I'm not sure if its the "Skirmish At Carkoon" pack or not. I doubt it, as I remember seeing something on rebelscum.com about a Jabba's Palace 4-pack that will include a Gamorrean Guard figure. They also had something on there about a Naboo 4-pack.

3 - The only thing I've heard about this set is that its mostly rehashed figures, POTF2 Endor Han, Wicket & Logray, a Speeder Bike, and a Scout Trooper