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04-29-2004, 07:20 PM
Another review of 2 figures at once, which makes some sense since these 2 are in the same wave, were up for the same position as Fans' Choice #5, and come from the same movie. It's hard to believe that it's been over a year since Antilles won over Dodonna by only 9 votes, but because of the close call, Hasbro did 'em both and here they are... perhaps they are fated to be together forever. Today, we look at "Tantive IV Invasion" Captain Antilles and "Battle of Yavin" General Jan Dodonna.

Packaging: 3.5/5 (both)
More of the same, except Antilles' movie title on the left margin says "Fans' Choice #5" instead of "A New Hope". The figures are not tied to the trays, a recent trend I'm glad to see continuing. Antilles has his gun clear-banded to his hand and it's warped the gun a little; Dodonna has a funny arm pose and his accessories are taped into slots on the tray. Antilles' bubble has a big "Fans' Choice Figure #5" triangular sticker on the upper left corner which curves with the bubble.

Antilles' tray insert has a misspell on both sides, "helment", which likely will never be corrected. The movie photo on the insert is the same as the cardback, a shot of Antilles being choked by Vader - I would have preferred seeing the actor's face on 1 of the photos. Dodonna gets 2 different movie photos, but neither are of him in the outfit that the figure is actually wearing; his insert makes no mention of the included blaster. The prototype photos and bios are woefully minimal, one of Antilles' prototype shots shows him with his arms held all meek and mousy in front of him, while one of Dodonna's prototype images gives him a "hip hop grandpa" arm maneuver or something; neither card shows the true extent of these figures' abilities, Dodonna's arm-folding or Antilles' neck-stretching.

Sculpting: 3.5/5 (both)
Captain Antilles is fairly tall, almost as tall as Bespin Vader, and that's before you stretch his neck 3 millimeters (which may not sound like much, but it would be if he were a real guy) . The headsculpt really bothers me both in and out of the helmet, the face is quite generic and nearly featureless, a little wide, a weird uneven bowl hairstyle on top, and the mouth is slightly open -- it almost looks like a little kid. His left eye is smaller than his right, maybe this is for an eye-popping choked look but it comes off just uneven; both eyes have a slight upward look to them. The head is on a ball-joint, and from the side and back it looks incomplete, like he's been decapitated and then stuck on a pike.

Antilles' outfit is nothing to write home about, it's serviceable but hardly amazing work with some wrinkles and vague textures, but no great details on the body or separate jacket 'vest'; the boots seem to have more work put into them than anything else. My favorite piece of work is the working holster, it isn't too wide or separate, just looks like a basic leather holster; the separate vest is sculpted to accommodate the gun in the holster.

Dodonna's headsculpt isn't as generic as Antilles', but it's not terribly reminiscent of its actor either. The face is too round and squat, Dodonna's face was leaner, taller and the hair line was higher, the hair wasn't sticking out as far and the beard was longer -- these are all features you can see on the movie photos on the card, they just don't match with this figure which seems POTF2 or at best Ep 1 quality.

The outfit is again a nothing-special design, simple textures, separate jacket 'vest' piece - this time a long coat that stops at his boots - oh, and both figures have very wrinkled arms. Dodonna has no holster, and his body is shorter and narrower, so it's probably closer to scale. Dodonna can use the jacket and arms from Antilles to give his alternate look from ANH, but that jacket's rank insignia is the wrong color and the coat's a little wide on the good general. Antilles cannot wear Dodonna's arms however, and that jacket is too narrow for the doomed captain.

Pose: 3/5 (both)
Captain Antilles is a pretty limited guy, his eyeline is always a little upwards, his legs are very stiff and his arms are permanently bent well past 90 degrees. His arms could hold a Vader figure's arm like in the film, but even with the extending neck I haven't found the right Vader to make this happen. Antilles' right hand is in a trigger-pulling pose, and his left is a nigh-useless wide open cup for holding a Vader figure's arm or his own throat, but not an accessory. He's kinda leaning forward, probably to suggest a standing choke pose. He's got 1 or 2 acceptable standing poses but the arms kill most of the rest; at least he can stand on his own.

General Dodonna has a fairly neutral pose, his only hindrances are his bent arms and his oddball hands. His elbows are articulated so you can adjust the angles giving different bends, but they can never be straightened which limits poses, though the bends aren't too extreme. The right hand has an odd pointing gesture while the left is totally open, virtually no way to hold most accessories. The strange arm and hand poses are to give the figure a folded-arms pose, but this doesn't come off entirely right. The figure takes a little work to get standing without help, but it is possible.

Paint: 3.5/5 (Antilles); 3/5 (Dodonna)
The good captain has a well-painted outfit, even and neat but like the sculpting, nothing spectacular or complicated. The color seems slightly less orange than the movie, but that could be due to lighting issues. The hair is also acceptable work, it stays within its boundaries. But then there's the face which only has paint on the eyes and eyebrows yet manages to mess both up some, with big, uneven eyebrows and one eye bigger than the other - this goes beyond the sculpting anomaly. Even though the helmet is an accessory, I'm mentioning here that its paint is sloppy at the black and the chin strap (seems like no Tantive IV trooper fig ever has had a reasonably painted helmet) -- inspect the helmet and facial features before buying.

General Dodonna also has a simple outfit, but here the paint isn't as neat. Lines between the shirt and pants, the belt, the boots, even the shirt cuffs and jacket collar are all sloppy and inconsistent, not horribly but just enough to be noticeable. Like Antilles, the colors here aren't quite as orange as movie photos. The fleshtoned plastic on the head and hands is a little too shiny, or maybe the general is just an oily guy. The head has white paint for the hair and facial hair, both of which are given some sort of weathering paint effect to give them life, but again we find more inconsistency and with human hair like this, slop can really hurt the look so try to be picky here.

Articulation: 3.5/5 (both)
"Dear Captain Antilles, why can you not straighten your arms? You have diagonal-cut elbows so it should have been very easy to do, but alas, it is not to be." The elbows have good range for what they are but unnecessarily sacrifice other poses to get there, this one annoys me more than anything else on this figure. The short-lived captain has a ball-jointed head, vertical-lift neck, shoulders, diagonal-cut elbows, wrists, and hips -- 10 points, not including the second neck rotatation and the "feeling bold?" squared off waist, also seen with case-mates Dodonna and the TIE Pilot. Unlike those 2 guys though, Antilles' waist doesn't require as much excessive force to rotate and doesn't feel as loose afterwards, but I still don't get why the waist is limited at all. The ball-jointed head comes off a little too easily, especially when removing the helmet, but works for the choked pose. The hips are well-integrated with the waist, better work than usual while still completely functional.

General Dodonna sports a standard neck, standard shoulders, diagonal-cut elbows, wrists, and hips... and once again, a squared-off waist that really isn't supposed to turn at all. Unlike Antillles' waist which starts at the belt, Dodonna's starts midway down his pants so it doesn't even look natural if you force it to turn (and you will need to really force this one, the risks are great here). General Jan's elbows also prohibit arm-straightening, and while there's a very specific purpose to the articulation - the arm folding - the elbows have less purposeful range in other poses.

Accessories: 3.5/5 (Antilles); 1.5/5 (Dodonna)
Both figures come with the corrected stands, each of which were a real beast to get out of their bubble trays. Is this a true accessory? Only you can decide that for yourself I suppose.

The Rebel corvette captain comes with his helmet and a standard-issue rebel blaster. The helmet, as I mentioned before, has serious paint problems, and I just noticed that the white interior is picking up paint from the figure's hair - I don't know if that's going to continue or not; it also has a 'soft' sculpt. The helmet has a communications box on the side with an antenna that sticks up, but the bubble tray and possibly wet paint caused the antenna to get bent against the helmet. The chin-strap often takes the head off the neck when removing the hat, but looks cool on the figure despite yet another paint problem. The gun has nice detail and is cast in a slightly metallic black, which looks better than the gloss black used in Gold Leader's gun, but this version has no paint at all; it does however fit in the figure's right hand around the trigger finger, and also in the holster. I wish he had a specialized stand to hold him up in the air a half inch or so, that would have been awesome.

I understand Hasbro wants to save a penny here and there, but why does Dodonna get saddled with ANH ceremonial medals regurgitated from the deep recesses of POTF2 thrice over? These things should have been new sculpts really, it's pitiful that we're still seeing anything this poor, they could at least have included the medal from the POTF2 Leia Collection figure which was sculpted nicer and would have added some variety. These 3 medals aren't even well-colored since they're cast in olive drab, but at least the medal part is dipped in gold paint fairly neatly. Oh, and Jan here has the same exact pistol as Cap'n Antilles, not that Pops here can hold it worth a dang. The General should have had one of the display screens from one of the scenes he was in rather than 3 identical old medals, a gun he can't hold, and a generic stand.

Overall Grade: C+ ( Antilles ); C+ ( Dodonna )
Neither of these are terrific figures, their execution is passable but far from the quality we've been seeing lately; both suffer from weak head sculpts and arm designs. Captain Antilles is nearly a background character, so he's somehow a little more forgivable; but General Dodonna has lines and plays an important, albeit brief, role so has more to live up to. I would mildly recommend them, but I sure wouldn't put them near the front of my collection.

04-29-2004, 10:31 PM
Jt, If Dadonna woulkd of come with a tactical screen, it would have been an Ultra just like Rieekan. What I dont understand is why 3 medals. Luke and Han got one each, who is the third for?

04-30-2004, 01:23 AM
Jt, If Dadonna woulkd of come with a tactical screen, it would have been an Ultra just like Rieekan. What I dont understand is why 3 medals. Luke and Han got one each, who is the third for?

04-30-2004, 05:55 AM

Guess we can all dream, if not at least make our own scene where he gets his due. :beard:

05-01-2004, 12:41 AM
Jt, If Dadonna woulkd of come with a tactical screen, it would have been an Ultra just like Rieekan. What I dont understand is why 3 medals. Luke and Han got one each, who is the third for?Well, I think Rieekan is the biggest Deluxe-pricepoint rip-off ever in the history of modern SW, so I'm not exactly swayed by your argument -- I mean, look at how much base stuff you get with Saga Bespin Luke, Bespin Vader, Padme Arena, Obi-Wan Outlanders Club, Elan Sleazbagano, Dannl Faytonni, & Ack-med Beck. Plus, I think they could get away with the small screen showing the DS assault plans without being as large as Rieekan's accessory, or how about the round table that Dodonna and Leia stand around during the final battle of the film? Certainly that wouldn't be much different in size than the Chewie Holochess accessory.

As for the 3rd medal, maybe it's for the guy who planned the whole attack, but he had to present it to himself because Leia was busy flirting with the younger boys at the ceremony. ;)

05-01-2004, 08:27 AM
I completely agree with you about Rieekan. It should have been a basic figure, been saying that since day 1. But Hasbrio figured since we have been wanting one for years, we would pay the extra 5 bucks for him, which most of us did. :beard:

05-03-2004, 05:50 PM
It's too bad that so many folks did pay that extra $5, I was planning on everybody waiting till he went on clearance, teach Hasbro a lesson there about what they did.

05-03-2004, 07:52 PM
With the shortage and distribution problems, I picked mine up ASAp when I saw it. I reverted to getting the Wampa on Ebay at a BIN of 9.99. Cost me 15 with shipping because I wasnt sure if I would ever see them in stores.

05-28-2004, 10:21 AM
I bought a couple extra of each to customize and create the proper Dodonna in the war room. The extra Antilles is a generic Rebel.

The one negative comment I have about Antilles is the ball-joint head. That limits (but not eliminates!) his customizing possibilities. Just more of a challenge.

The molded holster is great!