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05-11-2004, 03:09 PM
I remember my mom would order most of my stuff out of the Sears catalogue and I would eagerly await the arrival of my ships and playsets from the UPS man. Because of her doing this I was able to get all the star wars playsets and vehicles that were exclusively for sears, like the talking troop transport, bespin playset and the creature cantina.

My mom also made a deal with me that if I read 10 books, she'd buy me a star wars figure or two which was a win-win situation...I got to read all kinds of cool books, like the "choose your own adventure" series and I got star wars figures for it too hehe.

I also remember the first figures I got were a stormtrooper and threepio from K-mart, I even remember going to get them and picking them out. And then I got darth vader and the x-wing before I had luke and so I used to put Vader in the x-wing and pretend he had stolen it from the rebels.

The Death Star was by far my fav playset and I remember for the longest time I couldn't find my han solo figure who was my absolute favorite and I got really mad and threw a stormtrooper against the wall (I think I had a lil' temper back then or something :nerv: ) and then one day I got the deathstar down, put it together to play and found han solo stuck in the elevator...I was so thrilled, I thought I'd lost him forever and when you're a kid, you don't realize there's an abundance of these things. As far as I was concerned, that was the only han solo in the world.

I also used to make han and leia kiss alot, even before ESB came out lol

Man, I could go on forever, but I'll stop and let everyone else speak up!

Let's hear some stories of old!!


05-11-2004, 04:24 PM
I used to pretend that the Emperor had captured Chewbacca and set him loose on a planet (that was the entire inside of my house). He then sent the six Empire bounty hunters and Greedo after Chewie. Whoever got him got a reward. The Emperor watched the whole thing on video screens. Of course, the bounty hunters would fight each other, Chewie would kill a bunch of them. Sometimes Chewie would go after the Emperor or someone would show up to save Chewie. Kind of like the Running Man, wasn't it?

05-11-2004, 04:54 PM
Oh man, great thread Deoxy.

I have many memories. Getting a good report card and then going to Sukon's(local toy store in NYC) to pick out a Star Wars figure. I remember bringing them to second grade show and terll also. All the kids were like "OOOOH" "AAAAAHHH"!

The hardest figure(even back then we had chase figures) was 2-1B to find. It took me and my brother a few months to find him. I remember Iwas with my dad and we stopped in Sukon's on a saturday morning, on the way to somewhere else. I got 2-1B, Darth Vaders collectors case and the Wampa. The guy gave my Dad 2-1B for free because he bought all the other stuff too. Sweet deal.

I will post more memories in a bit. Like I said there are many.

05-11-2004, 06:23 PM
I have just a few big ones. Let's see.....I remember getting the talking troop transport for my birthday and playing with it on my Mom's bed...I must have been about 4 or 5 (born in '74). I do remember seeing my sister wrapping an FX7 and telling me it was for her friend sister. I also remember going down to Woolworth's and getting a Yoda...one of my sisters friends had picked one out earlier and brought it to our house. I looked at it and went down there to get one. I remember that it was in a glass case, along with the other figures, and they had to open it up to get them. I also remember, bad memory, my step-mother asking to "borrow" my yoda so she could have something small to concentrate on will she was delivering my little half sister. Of course, she then tried to keep it....

Finally, I remember going to the Galleria in Houston, TX and they got up on the top shelf to open a new box of figures..I ended up getting a Royal Guard, Squid Head, Ree Yees, Bib Fortuna, and the Ewoks.

Also, Snowtrooper from the back wall of Venture.

I use to make mountains out of blankets for battles, also, making footprint bases after the battle of hoth.

05-11-2004, 09:19 PM
I also remember going down to Woolworth's and getting a Yoda...one of my sisters friends had picked one out earlier and brought it to our house. I looked at it and went down there to get one. I remember that it was in a glass case, along with the other figures, and they had to open it up to get them.

I remember Woolworths having them locked up. I hated it because I could never see what was behind the first two. Good for them going out of business. They deserved it for that.

05-11-2004, 09:42 PM
The first thing I remember getting that was Star Wars was the novel. That was Christmas of 1976. Sometime after that, I have this recollection of walking into Kmart (Toledo, Ohio) on Reynolds Road and seeing a display of figures right inside the door. I begged Mom to get me one. I remember her pointing to R2 and saying "Oh this one is cute" and there's where it all began.

I don't remember at all how or when I got the rest of my figures, but they're there. :D

I did get the Falcon (and still have it in the original box) but not many other ships and playsets. I remember wanting the AT AT REALLY bad but it was so big and expensive, it just wasn't going to happen. So one of my favorite things to do was to reenact the movie shot by shot using the trading cards as my storyboards. The Hoth battle was accomplished by using the clothes baskets and turning them upside down and using them as AT AT's.

Hmm, but before all that, I just remembered, it seems that before I even knew there were ships available, I made my own out of cardboard. I made an X-Wing, a TIE Fighter, and a Falcon. I remember the Falcon having the cockpit thing on both sides because I thought that they were the gun turrets or something.

Ah, to be young again...

05-11-2004, 10:42 PM
I remember going down to Kresge's with my allowance and buying my SW fig's there. Picking out for myself Slave 1, and a couple of the mini rigs. At Sears I remember seeing the Micro sets and thinking they were so cool, but I didn't have the money to get them; I focused on the toys that were all the same scale. At home, I commandeered a corner of the living room and a couple of end tables. The tables acted as landing pads for the Falcon and such. I pretty much played SW on my own, and didn't trash my toys. My sister is the one that ended up breaking the ramp on the Falcon by knocking it over.

Lastly, I remember being in middle school and no one else playing with SW so I decided to put them in the attic.

05-11-2004, 10:53 PM
I too wanted the AT-AT but my parents couldnt justify spending that much money on it. Bummer.

Me and my brother would play in our room. We used the underneath of the dresser and under the bed as bases. We had plenty of ships, Falcon,TIe FIghter and a few others. We would also use shoes as ships. The laces would be riopes for the rescued personnel to climb aboard.

I had one Micro Machine set and it was the Ion Cannon. That went in front of the dresser as the entrance tothe rebel base, along with the Imperial Attack Base and Hoth Playset.

I had alot more playsets than vehicles for some reason. Had Tatooine, Hoth, Imperial Attack Base, Creature Cantina, and Jabbas Playset. My friend would come over with his Death Star,Dagobah, and Ewok Village so we had plenty of scenes to recreate.

How I miss the good old days of being a kid. Get home from school and play SW until it was bedtime.

Darth Mina
05-12-2004, 05:02 AM
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: The memories my mom always wanted me to get Barbies since Star Wars was for boy but i didn't care after a while and a lot of begging my mom got me Yoda from ESB and from that day foward I would get a figure every two weeks I had the whole LILILEDY (south of the border) the out of the blue she decided to give all my figures to oune of my cousins :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: even to this day I still remind my mom of that bad choice.

05-12-2004, 07:30 AM
Did ya ever get them back? What did he/she do with them Mina?

05-12-2004, 12:13 PM
Hmm, but before all that, I just remembered, it seems that before I even knew there were ships available, I made my own out of cardboard. I made an X-Wing, a TIE Fighter, and a Falcon. I remember the Falcon having the cockpit thing on both sides because I thought that they were the gun turrets or something.
I made cardboard ships and playsets all the time. As wells ones out of Legos (or more precisely Duplos) and wood. For some odd reason I never had many SW ships as a kid, so I made a lot of my own. I'm not sure if I have any old pictures or not, but I'll look.

Playset wise I built mostly Death Stars. Hoth playsets I was indifferent towards because Montana has snow for up to 6 months, I could built a real snow fort for my toys. And I had the Endor and Jabba playset from ROTJ. I'm a bit too young for SW so I never knew that there was a Death Star playset till about 10 years ago. All my Death Stars were based on the first one.

I was nuts with Legos. I built anything and everything out of them. The AT-AT, Slave 1, X-wings, Y-wings, TIE Fighters, etc. But I only had enough bricks to build one item at a time, so a lot of times I build two or three ships in one day. I couldn’t build the B-wing (cockpit has to rotate), the shuttle (wings), Scout Walker (won’t balance right) or the Falcon (any number of reasons).

Because I couldn’t make a Falcon out of Legos, I make mine out of wood. What I ended out calling the Millennium Falcon didn’t look any thing like the “real” Falcon. It was pretty square, the “cockpit” was dead center and sat three figure a cross, the gunner station was on the side, but it had the all important (to me) boarding ramp. All it was was a few pieces of wood that I glued together with a couple of nails for guns and control stick with a small piece of attached with a screw for the ramp. At the time thought it was the coolest. But I’m should sure you guys would get a good laugh out it if I had a picture (I’m 90% sure I don’t).

Darth Mina
05-12-2004, 12:43 PM
Did ya ever get them back? What did he/she do with them Mina?
The bastard :mad: keep them and now has a nice vintage collection. he still has about 70 figures, plus my X-wing, Y-wing A-wing from the droids and the Iperial shuttle he does not plant to give them back :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Bel-Cam Jos
05-12-2004, 10:34 PM
I remember...

... writing my initials on the feet of all my figures (unless I seldom played with them, like POTF Anakin or Rancor Keeper)

... using R5-D4 as a cannon (before the POTF2 one)

... submerging my figures in mud and bark chips, a la the trash compactor

... trying to open the cards carefully to not rip the photo on the front (rarely worked)

... having to introduce "Han Skywalker" and "Luke Solo" to the SW universe so we all could play with our own figures

... replacing Wicket three times 'cause he was so small and easy to lose

... getting most of the Mini Rigs when my friends' parents got them AT-ATs, Ewok Villages, and electronic vehicles

... buying a Millenium Falcon from a college student so he could buy a (gasp! :eek: Commodore 64 computer)

... having simple, kid fun and imagination

06-15-2004, 12:28 PM
I remember that R2 was my first figure. However I don't remember getting it as I was 4 when ANH came out.

I remember that I was hit by a car when I was 7 and my parents brought some Star Wars toys they were saving for Xmas to the Hospital room to try and make me feel better. they bought the Twin Pod Could car and the Snowspeeder. There might have been some figures with them but I don't remember, i was pretty drugged up at the time.

I remember going to Kmart with my Dad and he bought me the Twin Pod Cloud Car Pilot because I 'needed' it.

I remember begging Santa for the Millenium Falcon in the late 70's. I got it and I thought it was heaven.

However the best story happened several years later than the above:
I was about 12/13 in 1985 and was finally making some money cutting lawns and stuff but still was in love with Star Wars toys. I went to the local Mall with my Sister, mom, and grandma. I saw they had POTF and ROTJ figures. The ROTJ figures were $1.29 each and the POTF were $4.99 each. I was really into the whole Sarlacc sequence at the time so I had to get Barada. Also picked up the Jabba playset and some figures like a few Weequays, Niktos, and Klaatus. Yes, I bought multiples. I incidentally left all the other POTF figures there like Luke Stormtrooper & Amanaman.
Went home and thought it was a great day But, we went to a newly opened TRU in my area the following weekend and they had loads and loads of ROTJ figures for 99 cents each. I could have bought more I thought! I also saw once and once only the boxed, in store, Skiff and Ewok Battle Wagon.

06-17-2004, 02:55 AM
I like this thread, it makes me happy.

I remember playing star wars on the playground right after the comic book started and my friend Aaron would play Jax the gun slinging rabbit, which was a relief because that was the only time I could play Han Solo. And I remember my neighbor found a luke xwing pilot figure in the grass and somehow, because I was a little but when I was small, I finaggled him out of it. I remember being confused because his visor was black but it looked like hair and we were saying "Luke had blond hair" maybe this is his friend Bigg's and we know about Bigg's because we had the star wars story book and he's in there so we got all excited until we realized it was the visor to the helmet lol

06-17-2004, 08:44 AM
I made cardboard ships and playsets all the time. As wells ones out of Legos (or more precisely Duplos) and wood. .

Yes, the Legos! I remember trying to build Star Wars ships out of these a lot but not having tons of success. The X-Wing was tough because I couldn't get the wings to open and have it still look like an X-Wing. The Falcon was alright, but those curves made it hard to do.

Aside from that, I don't know if this applies, but my best friend and I always played Star Wars in his tree out front. We pretended like it was the Falcon. Somehow he always got to be Han and I had to growl a lot. Those were the days...

Bel-Cam Jos
06-17-2004, 10:11 AM
I made cardboard ships and playsets all the time. As wells ones out of Legos (or more precisely Duplos) and wood. For some odd reason I never had many SW ships as a kid, so I made a lot of my own. I'm not sure if I have any old pictures or not, but I'll look.

Because I couldn’t make a Falcon out of Legos, I make mine out of wood. What I ended out calling the Millennium Falcon didn’t look any thing like the “real” Falcon. It was pretty square, the “cockpit” was dead center and sat three figure a cross, the gunner station was on the side, but it had the all important (to me) boarding ramp. All it was was a few pieces of wood that I glued together with a couple of nails for guns and control stick with a small piece of attached with a screw for the ramp. At the time thought it was the coolest. But I’m should sure you guys would get a good laugh out it if I had a picture (I’m 90% sure I don’t).
Check reorder boxes made great landspeeders (just cut a hole on top for the seats, and fold that back to make the windshield).

I made an Ewok village, which did not stand up to the test of time very well. Lego sets, for me, were made for Lego figures, not Kenner ones. We made virtually every scene in Lego form. My favorites:
Carbon Freezing Chamber
Trash Compactor
Jabba's Palace

Sadly, no photos exist of these. I do have some pics of ships I made, somewhere in the piles and albums of photos.

El Chuxter
06-17-2004, 11:58 AM
I remember getting the original Tauntaun, then getting ticked off when I found out they'd replaced it with the split belly version. So to make mine "battle-damaged," I spray-painted his belly (and part of the X-Wing, and most of the porch) red. I was very rarely in as much trouble as I was that day.

My brother had to get some figures too, or he'd be jealous, and I remember the major differences between two figures of the same character back in those days. Our two Dengars couldn't have been more different.

I remember using ET as Jabba for the longest time, and he always had to kiss Hoth Leia. She always was forced to dance and sing a cover of a Hall & Oates song that went "Jabba, your kiss it on my list." Once he (though I have no idea why) decided to eat her feet so she couldn't walk for the rest of that play session.

I went through three Vaders because their heads kept falling off.

Speaking of heads, I remember the construction at the time allowed almost any ESB figure to disguise himself as almost any other by performing a simple head swap. Luke in AT-AT Commander Disguise and Bossk in Luke Disguise were my favorites.

My dad worked at Sears, and their policies concerning returns and opened items were different, so he was able to bring home all sorts of cool stuff without the box. That's how I got blue Snaggletooth but never the Creature Cantina.

Certain GIJoes made great "Stormtrooper Commanders," and certain SW figures stood in for Joes I didn't have. I think at least a few times, Blowtorch was "Luke Skywalker in Spacesuit."

I played Hoth in the snow once, and misplaced my Ugnaught. I found him a few months later. His briefcase and apron were long gone, though.

Bel-Cam Jos
06-17-2004, 12:11 PM
I went through three Vaders because their heads kept falling off.
He must've been the inspiration for the Night at the Roxbury SNL sketches.

Speaking of heads, I remember the construction at the time allowed almost any ESB figure to disguise himself as almost any other by performing a simple head swap. Luke in AT-AT Commander Disguise and Bossk in Luke Disguise were my favorites.
My faves:
Luke as Bespin Security Guard
Han in General Outfit
Luke in Biker Scout Disguise
Han in Star Destroyer Commander Disguise

I played Hoth in the snow once, and misplaced my Ugnaught. I found him a few months later. His briefcase and apron were long gone, though.
I lost X-Wing Luke in the sandbox. Got another one, found the first one a year later. Wah lah! Now I had a Dack.

06-17-2004, 12:39 PM
I've looked through my parent's photo albums and sadly they have very few pictures of me playing with my Star Wars toys. Most of those its hard to tell what's going on or don't show I was hoping for. But it makes sense when you consider that MOTU and Transformers were vying for my parent's toy dollars (with G.I. Joes to be added after '85 and the real heavy hitter Lego in '88).

This is one of the few photos (http://photos.sirstevesguide.com/showphoto.php?photo=5426&password=fdeb7d8fb3ab68be9de663995f213dc4&sort=1&cat=500&page=1) that my parents have the clearly shows me with a SW figure. Sorry for the flash but I can't scan the photo because it's behind glass.

The story behind this photo is my grandparents came for a visit and brought my sister and me each a toy. I got the Royal Guard, visible in my right hand fresh off the card (I don't' remember or care what my sister got). We were playing in the basement when my grandpa said he wanted a photo. After we pulled up and got set he told me to put my arm around my sister. The next series of events happened quickly. I put my arm around her neck, my grandpa snap the photo, and my sister let out out of her glass shattering scams.

06-17-2004, 12:47 PM
Certain GIJoes made great "Stormtrooper Commanders," and certain SW figures stood in for Joes I didn't have. I think at least a few times, Blowtorch was "Luke Skywalker in Spacesuit."
In the late 80's when I was real in to G.I. Joes I use SW figures as stand-ins for Joes (or Cobras) I didn't have. A few examples are my stormtrooper became Cobra stormtrooper and General Madine was General Madine but in commend of the Joes (or any group that needed a general).

06-17-2004, 01:20 PM
El Chuxter, your previous post was classic! I'm reading through it, laughing my a** off, getting visuals of you as a kid doing all this stuff and I don't even know what you looked like as a kid lol Kids are amazing, and look what we've become, just big giant versions, although with less an imagination for playtime :(

About the legos, I remember on May 18, 1980, I was up in the mountains with my parents and neighbors, we were cutting trees for wood (you can do that up in Washington with permits) and all of a sudden it started raining ash and there was all this panic going on with the adults and being shoved into the truck and the truck barrelling down a dirt road at lightspeed and then it was all dark all of a sudden...Mount St. Helens...but this is actually going somewhere's....anyway, when we finally got home (I found out when I was older that we were only about 50 miles away from the mountain when it exploded) it was dark in the middle of the afternoon and I couldn't go outside and play so I was playing with my legos and I built the most awesome ship/all terrain vehicle for my star wars figures all by myself without directions and I played and played with it for hours...swooshing it at the cats and running over big huge rocks (actually they were piled up blankets) and totally forgetting about the catastrophe outside until it cleared up and we could go outside and check out the moonscape of a view. And I saw it and thought it would be a new planet for my figs, but alas I was not allowed to play in it :(


06-17-2004, 01:28 PM
DAMn girl. The VOlacano erupts and you play with toys. Awesome story.

06-17-2004, 04:39 PM
I remember laughing at my friend for getting an empty box for Christmas, that empty box came with a certificate for Star Wars toys that weren't even out yet. Now I cry when I think about him getting the Early Bird set.

I remember hating my stupid Jawa because his cape was vinyl and it tore off easy. :eek:

I remember playing for hours with my Star Wars figures, Luke getting stuck in quicksand Yoda saving his butt. Building my own stuff with the "Droid Builder" set, that R2-D2 was sooo cool.

I remeber shaking like a leaf when I tore open my new Death Star playset on Christmas morning.

I remember my mom coming home with some new Star Wars toy, the way she would smile when I got all excited and tore it open.

I remember when I didn't care about which new figure was coming out, all that mattered was the fun of playing with the toys.

I remeber seeing the Dagobah X-Wing at Target (or was it K-Mart) and thinking...man that looks ugly. :D

I remember finding Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) at the store and standing there admiring it in the package for what seemed like hours, hoping against hope that my mom would buy it for me. I went home a happy camper. ;)

I remember wanting a Han Solo in Carbonite more than any other Star Wars figure. I asked my parents every time they went out shoping if they could find him for me. I remeber the day they came home with one.

El Chuxter
06-17-2004, 04:43 PM
I remeber seeing the Dagobah X-Wing at Target (or was it K-Mart) and thinking...man that looks ugly. :D

That reminds me. . . remember how some stores would actually display toys open on an endcap so you could see what they really looked like? I remember being all pysched up for the Dagobah playset, then seeing one on display at a store called Richway (which became Ames, and later Target in the Charlotte, NC, area). My thoughts: "What a piece of junk!"

06-17-2004, 05:15 PM
that reminds me as well...

the slave one and dagobah playset came out at the same time and I REALLY wanted that slave one and I gathered all my 2 dollar bills together that I'd been saving and my mom and dad took me to the toystore in the mall and they were sold out, but they had the dagobah playset and although I was disappointed, I thought I'd like the playset too so I'll get that now and ask for slave one for my birthday and my parents said "no" that I couldn't get it. And I couldn't understand why I could buy one thing but not the other and I got sorta upset, upset enough so that they told me there was a dagobah playset already waiting for me at home for my birthday

lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol


06-17-2004, 10:09 PM
Dagobah was one of those playsets I wanted more than anything. Of the playsets I pined over that one the most. It was also the cause of one of my biggest temper tantrum.

My grandma had taken me with her to go shopping at a mall and as we were leaving we passed through the toy section of a store. This store had a hugh shelf filled with Star Wars toys. The whole top shelf was filled with Dagobah playsets. I stopped and starred until my grandma said we had to go. Well that started me kicking and screaming for her to buy me one. She picked me and carried me to the car still kicking and screaming.

Years later Dagobah was the first piece I would buy as a collector. I paid three times what its worth, but the true price of an item is what your willing to pay for it.

06-17-2004, 10:44 PM
I rememebr throwing tantrums over the AT-AT. I wanted one somuch, but my parents could never justify paying that much for"a toy". Well needless to say when thew POTF2 one came out,I didnt buy it either because of the price. I did buy it when it clearanced down to 30 dollars though. SAd thing is now I am a MOC/MIB collector and havent played with it.

I always wanted the Ewok village. Never got one until last night. I am so F'in happy about it too. I have been buying vintage figures from endorforawhile online and now Ican actually set upa diorama of some sorts. I do need to find another Ewok Glider to gowith it though. I willpost pics once I get it set up. It willbe my first attempt at setting one of these things up. Hoth is my next mission. GOnna have to go back to ebay in a couple of months when I save upsome money. Sure it seems like I am babbling, but be happy you actually dont have to hear my mouth at this point. So if any one is going to sell vintage hoth, LMK and I will splurge on it.

06-28-2004, 02:57 PM
So many.

My first Star Wars Christmas...Santa brought the death star Space station and it had ALL of the figures except for Han Solo. I remember going to Sol's toystore in the following weeks and getting Han).

I remember I got so much starwars stuff at one point my father set up a big table in my room for it all.

I also reember digging at a candle in the living room with C-3po's hand, it was in the perfect shape for digging not to mention the plastic was harder than on other figs.

I also remember taking the vacuum bag out on the front porch and cutting it open because my mother sucked up Bossh's helmet.

But most of all I remember my final star wars Christmas 1985, which was probably the greatest. Service Merchandise had all of the 1985 toys in it EXCEPT the imperial sniper and Yak face. That year my parents ordered everything. The Skiff, droids and ewoks, amanaman and all of his friends. In retrospect what a winfall. I may have never picked up collecting again in 1995 if I hadn't gotten the last charge of 1985...now that I think about it, was that a good thing or a bad thing?

06-28-2004, 07:49 PM
Well I just got an Ewok village today, so new memories will begin. Hehehehehe

06-29-2004, 03:13 PM
My first toy was C-3PO on what I am sure was a twelve back for my 3rd birthday in 1978.

07-11-2004, 12:15 AM
I loved playing with my Death Star Playset. I must have logged over 80 hours playing with that playset. :D

07-11-2004, 07:59 AM
Only 80? or is that in a week?

08-01-2004, 03:18 AM
Great thread! This is what collecting is all about!

I was 8 when the toys hit Fargo, North Dakota and I vividly remember going to Ben Franklin and being upset that they only had Princess Leia's left. Actually, I genuinely REALLY wanted the Rebellious Senator, but here my mother had said I could get two. And now I couldn't! Fortunately, she promised me that we would keep checking back.

It seems that I only had the one figure for weeks and weeks, but in reality I bet the Princess was on her own for only a matter or days. I remember she was basically locked up in a cell a lot. Also, I had saved the bubble and used that as a freaky prison . . . or an oddly futuristic bed. Leia also always had her trusty blaster hidden in her cape. . . And that long, menacing yet girly weapon is still my favorite. I so, so wish that the Neo-Vintage came with an updated version of this. (The figure's only flaw in my opinion.) Anyway, Leia eventually would coolly blast her way out of her cell and spent a lot of time hiding in the houseplants. Especially this one really cool cactus. In my world, the Princess always made it to Tatooine.

Upon our next visit to Ben Franklin, everybody was on the pegs. Mom held fast. One more --- only. Next week, perhaps another. The obvious choice was Artoo. I mean with him, Leia could hide the plans and that was such a cool scene. Besides, Artoo was by far the coolest character in the film! (An opinion, I have yet to change, I might add.) Plus Mom thought Artoo was "cute." So that settled that. (Funny, I just noticed that somebody else's mom in this thread thought the same thing. And so I imagine that moms everywhere in 1978 were securely united in the knowledge that R2 was cute! Similarly, my Mom once surprised me with R5-D4 out of the blue for the same reason.) Anyway, I must have had Leia jam the plans into Artoo a thousand times over the coming weeks. I recall thinking that Artoo's clicking head was the coolest thing ever. Even if he looked a bit odd with that misshapen head. He didn't measure up against the pictures in my Star Wars Storybook. . .

Like every other kid in the universe, I was determined to collect all twelve. Which at the time seemed a herculian task, what with only getting one every two weeks or so. I don't remember who I picked up next. But eventually, I came home from school one day and Mom looked mad. She claimed she had a headache, was in no mood for me, and I was to go straight to my room. I wanted a snack, but she was adament. "Go. Now!" There, I found laid out neatly in a fan on my bed --- the motherload! Chewbacca! Ben (Obi-wan) Kenobi! And at long last, C3-PO! My collection was complete. Mom had gone out to the new Target store and there was a sale or something.

Looking back, I smile as I envision my poor mother in the aisles at Target trying to remember exactly which three I didn't have. "I kept thinking I was was going to buy one you already had. . ." See, my mom was NOT a Star Wars fan. She just hates Science Fiction. But she was a HUGE proponent of the toys. She thought they were well made. And a great deal at $1.98 a piece. Also, as she later told me a few years ago. . . "They kept you entertained for hours on end. It was amazing. Nothing else had ever so held your interest."

Of course, it wasn't long before I had the old vinyl carry case. Mom always taught me to take care of my toys! (I have GOT to pick up one of these off ebay to put my loose neo-vintage figures in!!!) It sure is fun to see those vintage cards again and to once again, collect all twelve! :D

08-01-2004, 09:03 AM
Funny stuff, mark, thanks for sharing. I played in the houseplants a lot too, along with putting my figures in plastic cups full of water and using the refrigerator freezer as my carbon freezing chamber.

Bel-Cam Jos
08-01-2004, 09:39 AM
Time for a sub-thread within this thread (if you so choose). What areas where you played became your versions of the films' locales? For me...

Hoth - my back yard had a raised planter, and the diatamacious (sp?) earth from our pool (it was a white powdery cleanser that needed someplace to be dumped after use) around the small stones made a great Hoth. Probably wasn't too healthy for us, but did we care? :ermm: And sandboxes subbed for the Battle of Hoth, too, as you could crash a snowspeeder into the sand and have an AT-AT slowly move towards it. My electronic sounds died quickly with all that crashing.

Tatooine - Easy; any sandbox. But, for some reason we often had underground tunnels and caverns. Lost several figures in tragic cave-ins. :(

Trash compactor - Flood the planter filled with bark and wah-la! Led to the famous phrase for me friends "dirty water! dirty water!" :confused:

Dagobah - Flood the grass (we loved water! ) and the mud below was perfect. Also lost a few figs in this way. :frus:

Cloud City - Really just needed a table where characters could hang precariously from the bottom, and boards dangling off the edges.

08-01-2004, 10:26 AM
my bright yellow beanbag was tatooine and I could make all kinds of crevices and mountains in it too. Until my cat peed on it and i had to throw it away :(

our sunken living room and the couches within were bespin, we also had a fancy Mexican style lamp with red glass so it cast red all over everything.

my carpet (yellow, orange and brown shag) was also tatooin, I mean come on, you can't beat that ;)

Hoth, that's an easy on for winter...OUTSIDE and never lost a figure. Inside, well I had all the playsets so I just put them up on my bed or on floor.

Hours and HOURS were spent playing with the deathstar spacestation and of course I loved the trash compactor. I'd take it out of the deathstar and make my own scenes with just the compactor part by itself. Twisting the handle, squishing han, luke and leia out of the door. :D

The dirt in our garden also made an awesome tatooine, doing much the same as Mark2d2...building bridges and caves and turning on the hose for special effects. I did lose a jawa once, whom my Mom found one day while weeding. I still have him too, and I can pick him apart from the others 'cause he's got dirt in some areas that just never came out :)

08-01-2004, 01:27 PM
MORE MEMORIES: I never had a REAL Death Star.

Instead, my Dad bought the top pieces from of an old pingpong table at a garage sale and built legs for them in this small room off our basement. I had tons of nice, smooth, plain wood blocks. These were subsidized with all this odd scrap lumber that was left from the construction of our house. I would build these awesomely huge space stations. One half would always be all nice, with the good blocks. . . while the other would be made out of cruder pieces -- this would be the industrial area. Strangely (or not so strangely, now that I know I am gay ;) ) Leia always had a vast apartment -- complete with plants stolen from my sister's Barbie dream house. Modeled after Cloud City, Leia's suite always had several rooms with glamorous smooth wood columns. (The twelve best blocks.) Luke, Han and Chewie all bunked together, meanwhile the droids shared in Leia's luxury. If the compound was imperial, then Vader had the primo pad.

Scattered about the station were landing areas for my REAL ships. The MILLENIUM FALCON, X-WING and the SNOWSPEEDER were often grouped near one another. But the primo docking bay, always higher and much, much better contructed than the others was where the TIE FIGHTER was kept. Many a rebel stole this to escape. Leia was a great pilot. (Meaning I was like two decades ahead of Lucus in the women's lib aspect of the universe.) R5-D4 was also often sent out on deadly missions piloting the precious TIE FIGHTER which of course always broke down -- wings flying off --stranding him until he could fix the ship.

The LANDSPEEDER found new life on a track (neatly laid out bits of 2 by 4s) that ran from one end of the table to the other. This was a now a mounted transport tram -- an idea that was of course totally lifted from the Black Hole which seemed to air on HBO daily back then. As was the adventure of finding the "seemingly abandoned space station" which my figures frequently stumbled upon while cruising the vast basement in the Falcon.

I even had TRACTOR BEAM ( a towering three foot redwood deck support that Dad put a base on the bottom for support and a crude ledge around the top to hold Ben or whoever had to save the day). Access to this crucial device was strictly limited, you had to commandeer the ESCAPE POD and pilot your way up to it.

And of course there was a DETENTION BLOCK. Often filled with the four Cantina Aliens and a very confused Tusken Raider. Rescue from it always involved the TRASH COMPACTOR which was simply a shoebox with the lid cut in half so it could crush figures from BOTH sides. (Much, much cooler than my cousins REAL Death Star that I still covet to this day.) The trash was an odd mix of random junk. Straws and un-used q-tips of all things joined old jax (sp?) and pieces of cut up cleaning sponges. There was no door to this trash compactor. The doomed figures only hope was that the rope (knotted piece of rope) would be thrown from the bridge. Yes, there was always a bridge on which Vader and my entire squadron of two Stormtroopers would stand above and watch. But the coolest thing -- as always -- was the garbage chute. After blasting away the wall (removing the block, very, very high tech) a slide of about twenty four inches sent figures into the horror that awaited below.

This very same slide technique was sometimes used to send unsuspecting toys into the den of a hideous beast. The dreaded DEWBACK. Sometimes, they could made friends with the creature and ride it right through the walls of its holding pen. Othertimes, well, the green lizard had to eat. :dead:

Eventually, I'd tire of the Star Destoyer, Death Star, Lost City or whatever I was calling it that particular day and so it would be destroyed in a massive attack --- figures scambling away to safety in whatever vehicle they could find -- and then completely rebuilt. Newer, better and always different.

:D lol :p

08-01-2004, 08:55 PM
Under my dresser(hgad legs on it) was the Hoth rebel base.

Under my bed was the Death STar hangar bay.

Outside was just another place. Whether it was Tatooine or whatver. I had alot of the playsets, so I used those.

Mark, your stories wanna make me choke up. :D

08-01-2004, 10:41 PM

Mark, your stories wanna make me choke up. :D


Please, I beg for more of these. I read every word as if I were reading a well written novel!! Feel free to have memories anytime (and post them here of course)!


08-14-2004, 12:23 AM
When I was around ten or so I became friends with Kenny who lived down the block. Being that we lived on Hoth (Fargo, North Dakota) there was a great abundance of time to be indoors and play with our toys. Like me, and damn near every kid in America, Kenny loved Star Wars. Unlike me, Kenny's dad was the store manager at Sears. (Gee, I bet you all see where this is going.)

Anyway, Kenny had scads more cool stuff than I did. And I was far from neglected. But Kenny had lots and lots of multiple figures. I mean, the brat even had SIX Stormtroopers. Hrrrruphh, I only had a measly two. So there we were in this sea of vintage Star Wars figures, when I saw one I didn't recognize.

. . . A Blue Snaggletooth.

"What's this? I've never seen this before. It's not on the back of any cards."

"It's from dad's store. He came with the other creeps."

"Wow. He's really cool. I like his moonboots."

"We have three," he said, smiling smugly.

Three? Three?! Would this multiple toy insanity never end. I was so, so jealous. But I played it cool: "Neat. I have to ask my mom to buy me one."

"You can't. They don't make him anymore."

This was 1981 -- if my memory serves correctly -- and I was bummed. Seriously bummed. I really wanted this figure. Actually, the fact that it was now impossible probably had a little to do with that. Even so, the guy was cool. And I loved Cantina creeps. . .(Plus, I was psychic and instantly knew he'd be worth a lot of money someday on ebay. . . Not.)

And so I hatched a plan. Kenny had one brother. And so even if a figure went missing, they'd still each have one. . .


Yes, I admit it. Later that night, as Kenny slept blissfully on the shag carpeted basement floor, I. . . Mark2d2. . . STOLE a Blue Snaggletooth and stashed him away in my odd sleeping bag's bag that had a bottom that made into a pillow.

And I totally got away with it, too. Yep. I played with the cool New Blue for hours and hours that week. And worried terribly that Mom would find me out. She didn't. Even though she walked in and caught me redhanded several times, she never once noticed that I was holding a toy that I simply shouldn't have had. (At that point I did have like well over fifty in my personal Star Wars universe.) Kenny never said a thing. Not even a peep. Yet somehow, guilt was beginning to set in. For I had done a terrible thing. Terrible! Luke Skywalker or even Han Solo would simply NOT do this. The guilt weighed on me, but I fought it. I fought it all the way.

Two weeks later, Kenny invited me over again to spend the night. His parents were renting this new fangled gadget that played movies right there on the tv screen. And so, as I packed, even though I didn't want to, I slipped in the Blue Snaggletooth. And in the dead of night, even though I didn't want to, I put him back.

Years passed. And truthfully, Blue made his secret journey back and forth between the houses quite a bit. And nobody ever, ever found me out. In fact, I' have never even dared to speak of this scandelous affair. . . until now. But when Kenny and his family finally moved all the way clear across town a few years later, they took that beloved figure with them. Oh, it was heartwrentching watching that big ol' truck pull away. And I never saw him again. Blue was gone at long last.

I ran into Kenny years later and I asked him what had become of his Star Wars collection and he, well, he didn't even know. :eek:

The Horror. . . The Horror. . .

Yesirree! I am one frigging idiot ! ! ! Who says crime doesn't pay? Apparently in this case, neither does honesty. I could have saved that beloved guy from oblivion, but no. No! My stupid conscience just had to get in the way.


08-14-2004, 01:24 AM
I gotta ask...do you have Blue now? ;)

08-14-2004, 01:30 AM
No, I sure don't. It's a huge hole in my collection and in my heart. :cry:

That's why I'm actually excited about the upcoming K-Mart exclusive.
Hey, a modern Blue is better than none.

Some day though, mark my word, I will possess a vintage Blue once more.

08-14-2004, 07:37 AM
Mark, nice story. I would of kept Blue though. Especially when I found out Kenny was moving. I cant believe he lost it. :(

08-14-2004, 09:56 AM
Wait... wasn't Kenny supposed to die at some point in this story?! ;)

One of my friends also had the Blue Snaggletooth when I was a kid. He brought it to school but always kept a vice-like grip on one leg when showing it around. I'd also seen pictures in the mini-catalogs of Ol' Blue so I knew he existed back then.

08-14-2004, 11:03 AM
Although my family did not work at Sears, I owe my entire vintage collection to my Mom because she LOVED shopping at Sears and so I've got all the Sears specials like the creature cantina with blue, the talking troop transport, the cloud city playset that came with lobot, han, dengar and an ugnaught (I think this one came out later but with different figures) and a bunch of four packs that came in plain white boxes and the figs were in kenner baggies.

Plus my Mom always sent away for anything and everything Kenner offered on the backs of the figures! I remember going up to the counter and picking up all the star wars stuff she ordered for me or sometimes the UPS driver would drop stuff off at the house if we couldn't make to Sears.

Thanks MOM :D

P.S. Mark, the was the best story yet ;)

08-14-2004, 11:13 AM
mark2d2's story reminds two stories of my own.
First one (not truly a SW story but it fits in): Somebody (I have no clue who) brought a Cobra Commander figure to school one day and left it. So after a few days of it just sitting there, no one had played with or made any claim to it, I put it in my coat pocket to take home with me.
Reason: I thought it was a SW figure. I had never seen a G.I. Joe before and Cobra Commander has a bit of a sci-fi look to him. So I assumed it was just a new SW figure.
Well the day after I took it home my mom saw me playing with it. Well she's very eagle eyed and asked where I got the toy from. I told the truth and had to bring it back the next day. The day after that it was gone again. So I'm sure somebody did the same thing as me and didn't get caught. :rolleyes:

Second Story: I was at a neighborhood Fourth of July party one year, in the basement of a neighs house watching some other kids play Duck Hunter. For some reason I was always the kid who never got to play, so I was sitting off to the side in the back by one of the toy chests.
Sitting close by was a Jedi Luke figure. Well I got to thinking "These guys are all jerks to me. Why don't I steal their SW toys to get back at them." In my mind it was the prefect crime. They had 3/4 or more of the neighborhood passing through their house. If I wasn't caught in the act, they'd never be able to pin it on me.
I started rummaging through the toy chest, looking for the accessories. I was able to find the cloak, but no lightsaber or gun. In the middle of my search the older brother walked by and told me the hinges on the lid weren't good and I should be careful. Then he asked what I was doing. I gave my cover about not being allowed to play the Nintendo by his little brother, Josh and was looking for some other toys to play with. Josh and his friends were told to make room for me or else.
So in the end I got to play Duck Hunter, but walked away without a Jedi Luke. :ermm:

08-15-2004, 08:22 AM
I used to build huts and stuff out of sticks for yoda and the jawas to live in (for some reason they lived in the same place, 'cos they were small) and out front there was a huge oak tree with a giant exposed root system, I used this as dagobah

I used one of those "magic snake" puzzle things to make different ships... I never had a dewback, so I use this little rubber turtle with a plastic shell as my "beast"

Indoors, LEGO was used to make whatever "sets" we needed

I used to turn Admiral Ackbar's head around and call him "fleckmar", he was a smuggler ;)

And the eternal conundrum of what to do with snaggletooth and hammerhead... when I was young you could only see the film in theatres, and for the life of us we weren't sure whether they were good guys or bad guys, so they often switched roles....

Mark2D2, your stories are downright hilarious, thanks for taking the time to post them, I would post more details but it sounds like you had pretty much the same "vintage experience" as me( I love the "confused tusken" business, that guy always got to pad out crowd scenes for us, too).... excepting the Blue snaggletooth part.... well, and leia, my sister owned her and I didn't care about her as a character except to swing on 12" Lukes grappling hook (not meant to be a crude sounding as it is, somehow)

AND I only had one flippin' Stormtrooper, the "hardest working man in the empire" :beard:

Bel-Cam Jos
08-15-2004, 09:57 AM
I don't know about you, but the thought of having multiples of figures wasn't seriously considered for me and my friends. The only way you got more than one of a figure was
a) you lost it, got it replaced, then found it later
b) you traded another figure for it
c) you found another one someplace
d) you stole it :eek:

I used to think it would be cool to have bunches of Stormtroopers, or squadrons of Rebel Soldiers (Hoth), but since our parents were the buyers, I guess they figured (pun always intended) we didn't need duplicates. Yet even when I could afford to obuy them myself, I always bought only one, not even going back and picking up more "army" figures. Is that odd?

I also remember indirectly hoping for a Kamino-type world, because bathtubs and swimming pools made for some fun SW pretend scenarios. My Boba Fett lost most of his color (almost looked like the prototype one), Luke had a bad case of male pattern baldness, and of course, Walrus Man was the main enemy, being in his element. You could fill up 2-1B's stomach if you removed the breathing tube cord (why did a droid need to breathe? :confused: ), and the Land of the Jawas escape pod made a great diving bell.

08-16-2004, 11:56 AM
I used to combine all my action figures into one and one of the coolest scenes to me was the Battle at Sarlacc. I didn't have a Skiff so I used a plastic-wooden bridge that I strung across my bed and dresser. Then I would simulate the push into Sarlacc. Of course the Rebels would save Luke in a sudden attack. (I never really recreated many scenes from the movies for some reason). Then it would be all the good guys and Imperial figures against the wretched hive of scum and villiany that was the Hutt Horde which was made up of all the creatures from Star Wars (Including Chewie & Ackbar), Fisher Price adventure people, Univeral studio creature figures, Buck Rogers, Black hole, Micronauts, D&D, etc. I would do this scene many times.

I also used to enact a "Last Stand" for the rebels using my bed sheets. I would bunch up the sheets simulating a mountain with trenches and have them dig in. Then wave after wave of the Hutt Horde would attack. Then there would a final climactic scene in which Luke would battle Bib Fortuna or the cool-looking bad knight from D&D. This was a regular pastime of mine on saturday mornings during the winter months.

Finally, although I didn't normally mix GiJoe with Star Wars I did use the Death Star as the Cobra base and use the Stormtroopers as BATS. I did have 14 Stomtroopers as a kid because one year I got like 6 of those JC Penney figure 4 packs with I think came with a Vader, tusken raider, and 2 Stormtroopers each. I also would get Stormtroopers here and there.

Memories Rule ....

08-16-2004, 09:06 PM
My sister and I weren't allowed to have a sand box (if you have cats you'll know why). But who needs a sand box when you have whole hill side to dig up. I had a hole in the back "yard" at my parents house. It was never very deep, foot and half at the most, because of how rocky the ground was (is). But I used that hole for everything. Place to make mud, source of big rocks, and most important to this discussion an outdoor playset.

I'd use the hole for Sarlacc pit a lot with popsicle sticks for the plank. It didn't take much to knock the popsicle sticks down, so it was perfect. I'd always end the battle with Chewie picking up and throwing the bad guys in the hole so they could be buried. I buried a lot of toys.

The other thing I'd do a lot was play a "king of the hill" game. I build a rock fortress for my figures, the Imperials usually got the fortress, and then have the other group try to come up the hill and attack the fort. The cache was the other side could knock rocks down and try and hit them. The really amazing thing is none of my figures were every damaged do this. Friends were, but that's a different story.

08-17-2004, 10:32 PM
Excellent stories Vader121, LuciferSam! This is one of my fav threads to read! I read every sentence everyone writes compared to some of the threads were if i did, I'd be like 80 years old from it taking so long ;) But this thread, I REALLY dig everyone's memories/stories!

Thanks for sharing everyone, keep up the great posts! :D

Bel-Cam Jos
08-18-2004, 01:10 PM
I have some photo memories (sadly, most of these pictures either no longer exist or they're missing; also, since I don't have a scanner, those that are around can't be shared with you all :( ) related to SW.

Old school in my garage:
Setting up a scene of Cloud City, we wanted my mom to take a picture like it was a movie still. However, she proceeded to take shots of us setting it up (I guess parents want to remember their kids, not their movies :rolleyes: ). I recall way too short shorts :eek: and deer-in-the-headlights stares into the camera. Priceless.

Blurry on the couch:
I was given a camera as a gift, but apparently did not yet have the gift of a photographic eye. I had a few blurry shots of the carbon freezing chamber, Hoth battle, and Luke and Vader fighting. Oh well.

Yoda gets all the chicks:
All of my friends had sisters (eww! Cooties! :p ), and they weren't as into SW as we were. But Yoda was different. I was the first to get him, so all the girls wanted to play with him, mainly on their horses or with Strawberry Shortcake. Yoda as a stand-in for Ken? "You will be. You will be." So, they'd pose for pictures with Yoda included.

Sigh... :)

08-19-2004, 11:24 PM
I used to set up huge battles, mostly simulating the Battle of Hoth. I set up the Rebel Base on a table, using big styrofoam packing pieces from something that must have come in a HUGE box to construct the base. I set up the various heroes and rebel soldiers along the edge of the base pieces, then had the attacking Imperial troops advancing across the floor toward the base. I even had an Imperial Walker made out of Legos, the importance of which will be illustrated below.

The important detail in these battles was the way I simulated blaster fire between the opposing forces - rubber bands, the big thick ones. I'd take aim from the vicinity of one of the figures, and aim for an adversary. A direct hit could be quite dramatic, with figures flying backward, guns bouncing across the floor. The Lego Walker was fun, because if it took a direct hit to one of the front knees, it would often lose a leg and topple to the ground in satisfying fashion (it was way too small - about 9" tall or so - but had great play value :) ).

I can't tell you how many times I re-fought that battle, but I know I went through a lot of rubber bands. As they got older, they'd get weak and would barely knock a figure over, let alone take him out in the dramatic fashion I was hoping for.

Fortunately, all of this was done on a carpeted floor, so my figures are still in great shape to this day :)

08-20-2004, 01:03 AM
I've been debating do this since this thread started, but tonight I have made up my mind. As I've said before I used to build a lot of vehicles out of Legos (Duplos to be more accurate). One of my favorites was the AT-AT. So I present to you my Duplo version of the AT-AT.

This a current rebuild. I've been unable to any good photos of me playing with my SW toys or stuff I built for them. The body is right. It big enough to hold 10 figures (snugly) just the catalog said the real one does. The head can hold one figure, but might not be right. I'd normally build a cockpit around a figure, but I just didn't feel like digging out my Stormtrooper tonight so it will have to do.

Depending what people responds is I might post a picture of my Slave 1 or more AT-AT photos.

08-20-2004, 07:45 AM
Man, talk about Atari The Empire Strikes Back flashbacks!

08-20-2004, 09:37 AM
I was thinking the same thing Rocketboy. Very nice job LusiferSam

08-20-2004, 09:39 AM
One thing I remember was taking my Hoth figures outside in the snow. I remember playing with them out there and when I brought them inside the snowtroopers were shiny and new looking. The snow cleaned them off and made them brand new. So then I did this with the rest of my figures too. :D :beard:

08-20-2004, 10:12 AM
Lucifer Sam.....AWESOME!

I think that was a great idea to build that to go with your stories...when I saw it, it made me laugh...remembering all the crazy, cool, imaginative things kids do!

Thanks for sharing that! :D

08-20-2004, 12:37 PM
Man, talk about Atari The Empire Strikes Back flashbacks!

We wore out more than a few joysticks with that one! lol

08-20-2004, 12:38 PM
Now you've done it Lucifersam! I also would make ships out of Legos and use them in battles. I used to take the big green rectangle pieces that were used mostly for building houses on and then fashion a seat where the figure could sit and put a ton of guns on it along with a huge engine...

Onto another story that just popped into my head...
Me and a friend would take our figures into his pool and create a underwater Star Wars battle. We'd do this for hours in the summer. However we'd always lose a few figures along the way. Somehow disappearing in the depths of his 4ft pool. We'd find them later stuck inside the pool filter and then we'd all have to take about 10 mins of his mom yelling at us. We did this like a dozen times and I am suprised that his mom never stopped us from doing it again. One figure which always was in there was IG88. Not sure why but it always found his way in there.

08-21-2004, 12:24 AM
Good I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. It's one of things as a kid I all thought was cool, but as an adult have questioned. Again I built with Duplos because it's easier (and faster) to build on the scale of 3 3/4" than with regular Lego bricks. My Lego AT-AT probable looks the most like its Kenner counterpart, but Slave 1 isn't too far behind. Speaking of which I'll try and post a picture of my Slave 1 tomorrow. But those would be the ones. The rest of the vehicles I would built in that time frame don't look like much and are all very similar.

Bel-Cam Jos
08-22-2004, 09:13 AM
I, too, used to build SW sets from LEGO blocks, but while all of my friends and I were extremely creative, I was the only anal retentive one that required colors to be the same. Glad to see not everyone was as obsessive as I, LS! Great! I might be able to scan some photos as work, so perhaps some of those will come into existence in cyperspace soon.

08-22-2004, 12:08 PM
Wow! These stories are great.

My 1st star Wars Christmas landed me the Tie Fighter and the Death Star playset. I thought they were cool but I did not understand why there were no figures. so after a few minutes of wanting to kick Santa's ***, my mom said look santa hid something under the tree. I have this great polaroid photo of me under the tree pulling out 12 back figures I was able to get them all because my dad was the manager for Big K (wal-mart).

There is also a great photo from that day of My dad helping me put the death star together. There I sitin my Pajamas with feet next to my Dad who looked like one of the Beetles in a wife beater shirt LOL!

Some of my other great memories are of My 5th Birthday. One set of my Grandparents got me the 12" C-3P0. The other set got me the 14" Vader and My Mom and Dad got me the 12" Luke. Soon after I was able to find the 12" Boba Fett at Circus World Toys. Well, I thought that the string in his backpack was to swing him around with needless to say, it was the cause of the bottom of his left leg to break off when he hit the wall. My Dad Super Glued it with something that had to sit for 3 days LOL! Needless to say, the leg is still glued with the same stuff and is stronger than ever (that glue is probably outlawed by now )

Another great memory was when we went back to my birth town of Gastonia, Nc in 1981. We were at the Mall department store and I saw all these wierd new figures like Yoda and a few new playsets. Well I got a few still not understanding things. then as we walked through the mall, The theater was showing Empire. There were ppl dressed up like Vader, Fett and Stormtrooper who were there to greet movie goers. Vader scared me to death. I still remember the film burning during the scene where yoda was lifting the X-Wing.

The only "chase" figure I rember was the Jedi Luke figure. It took me forever to find it so I took enamel paint and painted my bespin luke which turned him into a nice sticky fly trap.

Geez! I have tons more but I will shut up now :)

08-23-2004, 10:10 AM
I am not old enough to have memories of getting new MOC figures or toys but I still have a few good memories.

- Going over to my Grandmas and getting a ROTJ case FULL of figures that she found at a garage sale. That was one of the greatest memories, I was so happy.

- Going to the local flea market and finding a MOC Rebel Commando and a MOC Jawa (the one with the junky plastic cape) and my mom was not willing to pay $8 for these. Cripes.

- For one of my birthdays I got the Vader case full of figues and it had a snaggletooth figure (a figure that was very high on my must have list). But then there was another snaggletooth that was much bigger and was blue. Weird.

- My friend wanting to trade his entire TMNT trading card collection for my strange snaggletooth. Ha ha, yeah right.

- Making Luke whip around R2D2 and using him as a cannon and blasting rocks at the army of Stormtroopers and Tie Pilots.

Thats about all, Im sure I can think of more.


08-23-2004, 11:08 PM
So many Star Wars memories…
I remember getting my first figure from my dad for Hanukkah in ’78. It was Darth Vader. I absolutely loved it! A couple days later he gave me C-3PO. I used to play with them and my Fisher Price Adventure People together constantly.
The next time I got a figure was a really cool memory. My mom took me to a small shop that had a fully stocked display of all 12 figures and told me I could spend a whole $5 bill. She also had a $1 coupon so I actually had $6 to spend. They only cost $1 each! After much thought, I decided to get the Landspeeder and Luke rather than 6 figures. I wish I could go back to that time and pick out minty 12 backs…
Christmas ’79 was a huge score. I got the Creature Cantina, Darth Vader TIE Fighter and 10 figures! I didn’t think I would get the figures ‘cause I was caught peeking at them in my mom’s closet. She said she was going to give them to other children and I believed her. What a relief!
The first time I saw Boba Fett it was instantly my favorite figure. I didn’t even know who he was ‘cause I didn’t see the mail away offer or Christmas special. That was so cool finding a new mystery figure!
I can still picture looking way up to the top shelf at KB Toys at the huge Death Star Playset. It was $40 and there was no way I would ever get it. One day, a neighbor friend had a garage sale and had a fairly complete Death Star Playset! When I asked the price, he told me $1! I went there with another friend and he wanted it too. We both ran home as fast as possible to get the money. He lived at the end of the block and I was only ½ block away so I was able to get it. I played with it so much that eventually it couldn’t even stand on its own!
I had my mom order 3 Bossks so I could trade away the extras. I could never find a Stormtrooper and had two friends who each had two of ‘em. When my Bossks came in the mail, I traded one to each of them for a Stormie each so I finally had an army of two! I would always get multiples of mail away figures.
One memorable trip to Sears stays with me. There was an entire end cap display of the Cantina Adventure Set. I wanted one of the blue Snaggletooths so bad! My mom wouldn’t buy it for me ‘cause I already had the Creature Cantina and 4 cantina figures. A year or so later I became friends with a neighbor kid who had the elusive blue Snag I wanted so badly. He traded me straight across for my red one! I was so psyched!
By the time I turned 12 in ’84 my interest in Star Wars was starting to fade. I was becoming a BMX fanatic. Luckily, my mom still liked Star Wars and urged me to pick out some more for my 13th birthday. I got the Max Rebo Band, Y-Wing and B-Wing in one fell swoop! (gotta love a good sale)
Stupid me when the POTF figures came out my mom said she would get them for me, but I told her not to. She really wanted me to have a complete collection.
The one time I had the courage to look in the toy isle (I was too cool for toys) I saw Amanaman and though it looked totally stupid. “That’s not a Star Wars figure!” I also thought the coins were a cheesy gimmick. Too bad there wasn’t a Luke Stormtrooper or Imperial Gunner in sight. I had always wished they would make those figures. I didn’t find out about those figures until 1996!
Today the mail brought the final figure for my loose collection! I finally have Sise Fromm!!

09-01-2004, 12:21 AM
I know I promised to post this over a week ago, but I got busy and just hadn't found the time until now. So here's my Duplo version of Slave 1. The cockpit can hold two figures (normally I'd have IG-88 working with Boba Fett). A good sized cargo area to transport bounty in. The yellow in the front is part of a Duplo wagon, but I'd put Han in there and say it was my Han in Carbonite. My Han didn't really fit, but I was working with what I had.

The second photo is of a TIE Fighter design. This was one of things I rarely made (and had semi forgotten about) because it was hard to come up with one I liked. This would be a late stage version ('88 or '89) and one of the last things I'd build with Duplos. '88 is when I got into Legos big time and by '90 Duplos and SW was mostly forgotten.

09-01-2004, 09:26 AM
This thread rules!

Some more memories...
-going to Kmart with my Dad and him buying me the Twin Pod Could Car Pilot becuase I didn't have it yet. It was on an ESB card. I remember the toy aisle being right in the middle of the store and it wasn't very big at all. The Star Wars figures were at the far end of the aisle next to the new GiJOe figures, Universal Studio figures, and those little medal army guys (name I forget).

-going to Hills and almost drooling at the cool displays they would put up on end caps and stuff. They had a cool Hoth scene set up with mini rigs, At At, hoth playset, and a bunch of figures in there. the last time I saw an end cap done like that was in KC with POTF2 several years back. I live in Buffalo.

-the best/worst memory (depending how you look at it) is when I went to the local mall and spent all my lawn-cutting money on clearanced Jabba playset, ROTJ figures for $1.29 (Weequays, Klaatus, & Niktos) and a POTF figure for $4.99 (Barada). I thought it was great. It was until when I went to the newly opened TRU where they had mountains of the same ROTJ figures for 99 cents each. DOH! By this time I was broke so all I could do was look. I also did see the Skiff and Ewok Battle Wagon there but don't recall seeing any POTF figures.

09-01-2004, 10:36 AM
Lucifer Sam....Lucifer Sam....

I LOVE your duplos!! Thanks so much for posting those. The pics put a huge smile on my face...see :D

09-01-2004, 01:44 PM
I wasn't fortunate enough to have a deathstar play set so I used to use one of these (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=30&item=5917491879&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW). It was fantastic for recreating the capture of the falcon and arrival of the Emporer.
My first figure was Luke in pilot gear followed by Darth Vader. The plastic cape lasted about a week(about the same amount of time as the flimsy lightsabre end), but it was ok as my Grandmother made me a cloth one.

About the only ships I didn't have, were the Tie fighters and the Imperial Shuttle. I had vitually all the figures too. When I was about 15, my Dad sold them all to a neighbour for £15 because I hadn't touched them since I was about 11 years old. I was so angry and still get really ****ed off whenever I think about it.

Darkness Shroud
09-01-2004, 03:40 PM
I had the Palitoy cardboard deathstar. My grandad destroyed it right in front of me. It's worth a damn fortune now.:( :) I have great memories of the playset and my gramps.:) he'd take on the role of the empire for hours and then make the best bacon sandwiches ever!:)

And the smell of a freshly opened figure is great too. And an action man box can never be bettered of the fresh plastic smell.

Oh the best memories have to be watching your mom emptying the vacuum cleaner just to find the weapons you lost.:)

09-02-2004, 12:06 AM
Again I'm glad you guys have enjoyed them. I really wish I still had my wooden Falcon and/or pictures of it. Or pictures of my cardboard creations.

But on to other memories. Growing up we had one local toy store. It was in the local mall and my parents could never bring to the mall without a stop by that store (mostly for window shopping). For the longest time it seemed like they only had a few SW toys. I remember always being disappointed to see only two pegs for SW figures mainly because I thought the two figures I could see were the only two they had in stock. Then after ROTJ came out the place seem to exploded with SW stuff.

On one Saturday I met a friend there. Our moms started to talk and they lost track of us. We pretty much ran nuts around this store. We then found a display of "Force" Lightsabers and started going at each other with them. About that time my mom came and took me, she wasn't very happy with my behavior.

09-02-2004, 10:27 AM
I wasn't fortunate enough to have a deathstar play set so I used to use one of these (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=30&item=5917491879&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW). It was fantastic for recreating the capture of the falcon and arrival of the Emporer. .

Cool. My brother had a Starbird. In fact, it's sitting in my parent's garage RIGHT NOW! collecting dust. That was a cool ship. :cool:

09-03-2004, 08:37 AM
I also had and still have the Starbird. Also had the cardboard base. had it until my cousins came over and destroyed it while I was in the hospital. Do have all the pieces from it though still.

09-03-2004, 10:19 AM
I also had and still have the Starbird. Also had the cardboard base. had it until my cousins came over and destroyed it while I was in the hospital. Do have all the pieces from it though still.

That inspires a great image:

Bummer that Vader121 is in the hospital.

Yeah, what do you want to do?

I know! Let's stomp on his Starbird playset!

Cool! Let's go!