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05-17-2004, 09:19 PM
Almost every Luke, Han, Leia, Chewbacca and somewhat recognizeable classic "B character" has been re-offered by Hasbro in this OTC appreciation year.

I think we'll yet see these figures re-offered again:

Death Star Trooper - available limited in 1998, in Accessory Packs in 2002. Still in demand most likely - since he's an army builder. Could be reposed, or paint deco'd in a grey uniform.

Han Solo Hoth Gear - the blue and brown coat Saga 2003 figure will be back again. A superior figure, it never pegwarmed, it's a main character, and most of the other Han Solo figures are available, plus Hoth has been recently promoted in a lot of ways. Thus I bet Saga Han Hoth will be back OTC style.

4-LOM - almost all the other Bounty Hunters are available again, and 4-LOM last graced shelves in 1997. Bounty Hunters are popular in general, so I bet the already pretty decent 4-LOM figure will be re-issued as it is.

Zuckuss - last seen in limited amounts in 1998, a re-release with no update of this very decent Zuckuss bounty hunter figure would not surprise me in the slightest.

AT-AT Driver - already rumored, this Imperial specialist is always popular and was never available on the pegs in the normal sense. A 1998 Fan Club Exclusive since retailers cancelled orders of his shipping case in anticipation of Episode One cases, the only other way to get the AT-AT Driver was with the AT-AT vehicle, also available back in 1998, and sort of made an opportunity on clearance in 1999/2000. I'd expect the figure will be just a re-release, or they'll use the current TIE Pilot with the added articulation to update him (if they bother).

AT-AT Commander - only available with the AT-AT vehicle, a General Veers figure is rumored, so this figure will hopefully be updated and given a lot of cool features.

Princess Leia Boussh Disguise - last available in 1997, she's long overdue. A great early figure, I'd guess she'll just be a re-release, but there's no telling. Another Jabba's Palace TRU 5-pack might include this Leia with other older Jabba figures like Tessek, Ree-Yees, Pote Snitkin, and so forth. I'm not sure an updated Leia Boussh is warrented. A re-release is though - at the very least.

Han Solo Endor - a coated one wearing his camaouflage duster hasn't seen release since 1997. A cloth cloaked one is in order, perhaps updated with brown pants and lots of articulation.

Princess Leia Endor Gear - this figure is in bad need of a decent upgrade. I'd expect to see it, if not in 2004, than by 2006 or some anniversary date either for SW, or ROTJ. The cloth poncho, working holster, new lower torso mold, removeable helmet, etc. would all be expected of a decent Leia

Emperor Palpatine - the last figure released that came out in the 2003 Saga line was pretty fan-hated, from what I could gather. I'm biased of course. A super articulated Palpatine with a cloth cloak, poseable lightning that can "get" Darth Vader Emperor's Warth while carrying him, might just do the trick. Palpatine is surprisingly a main character from ROTJ not represented by anything in the OTC collection. I bet he'll be in a late release for 2004 not yet announced. Maybe Comic Con or September/October Pre-Toy Fair will reveal him. This figure could be released as Darth Sidious though. We'll eventually see Palpatine or learn what Hasbro's been waiting for.

Ree-Yees - a main recognizeable character from Jabba's Palace and a star in the vintage line as well as a 1998 hard-to-find, many more got Ree-Yees, released with the '98 carded Death Star Trooper, as a Fan Club Order, so I think he might do well hitting the stores as a regular line figure. Grans were recognizeable playing many roles in the prequels too, so it's possible Ree-Yees would be turned down for Senator Allein Teem, or Ask-Aak, Asks-Moe, or the Podracer Mohawnic. Any of the latter would be a welcome change actually, and help Hasbro catch up on their prequel senators and podracers.

Tessek - a POTJ masterpiece, the 2001 figure was never a pegwarmer, and many consider him a fine piece. Tessek is also one of the other staple Jabba characters that are really recognizeable. I'd gamble he'll be a straight re-release. However, Senator Tiikes (in red and a Separatist) should be well appreciated as a change for fans of Quarren characters. With repainting, we might just see both (hopefully).

Admiral Ackbar - once a pegwarmer in 1997, he's not been availble at retail since. He'll be back. Probably a re-release. They can't really improve on his decent previous mold.

Luke Stormtrooper - a classic version of Luke. It'd make sense that they re-offer this figure. Possibly in late 2004.

Han Stormtrooper - a supposed promise made to fans that Han would remain specially packaged - as the Fruit Loops mail-away or the 3-pack figure, would logically be renigged on. Why? New fans collecting for the first time will want a main character in a key costume. I could see a SA Han Trooper done as part of another wave of OTC vintage style figures, so as they keep the promise (since he's not in the regular line) and they make more money off selling him. The original Fruit Loops one is between $10 and $30 on e-Bay the last I heard, so Hasbro could get away with an OTC vintage edition.

Han Carbonite - this figure begs for an Ultra Version. Last available in 1999 as part of the Jabba's Palace diorama, a predecessor dates back to 1996. Han is in bad need of an update here, as well as a version that is still frozen and hangs on Jabba's wall. Han Carb could be an exciting updated figure if Hasbro does it right.

Luke Endor - removeable poncho, removeable helmet, lightsaber that hangs on the utility belt - probably no gun in holster (while the Kenner figure had this, Luke as a Jedi didn't use a gun so far as I remember the movie accurately). But Luke begs for an update and they could do a nice job on a new version of Luke in this style.

That's about it. But most of the major character you absolutely, essentially need to play Star Wars, are going to be available this year.

In fact, the original vintage line of 102 figures made by Kenner covered almost every major character we needed in one form or another, and Hasbro has 36 of the most well-known either shipping or getting ready to.

Of those modern figures that were never-made-before, Grand Moff Tarkin, perhaps in an updated version, is the most likely we'd see again. Last available in 1997, an updated version would be more likely than a re-released one.

B'Omarr Monkey
05-17-2004, 09:26 PM
A very nice list, Tycho.

I'm going to agree with you all the way. I wouldn't be surprised if we also saw the Tantive IV rebel, an Imperial officer of some sort, and perhaps even Hoth and Endor rebels.

If we do, it would be nice to have yet another head sculpt on each of these.

05-17-2004, 09:36 PM
Well Veers has been confirmed already Tycho. He is on the checklists I posted. ALl the other figures should and could be re-released. If they go and do Han/Stormy outfit, I hope they include a blaster this time. Also if thats the going rate for han on Ebay I got a really good deal, paying 18 bucks(including shipping) for him, B'Omarr Monk, Spirit ben, and 2 orange carded figures. All MOC or MIB in sealed packaging.

05-18-2004, 07:54 AM
Well if they are re-releasing them all I wont be buying any.

05-18-2004, 08:34 AM
I really think that they are reaching the point of overdoing it. Do they really think they are going to get that many new fans. I understand the idea of having a wide selection but do we really need the whole line out at one time? Only the most hardcore of fans would be able to keep up with this prduction rate and if they were that hardcore then they would already have been collecting.

05-18-2004, 10:57 AM
Well, if Hasbro is gonna give us Luke and Han in Stormtrooper disguise they better give them to us with CT Stormtrooper bodies and new sculpted helmets!

I would love to see Han Stormtrooper get the carded treatment! It's long over due!

05-18-2004, 11:47 AM
I really think that they are reaching the point of overdoing it. Do they really think they are going to get that many new fans. I understand the idea of having a wide selection but do we really need the whole line out at one time? Only the most hardcore of fans would be able to keep up with this prduction rate and if they were that hardcore then they would already have been collecting.

What's amazing is that they can get almost the whole line out in about 40 figures (maybe 50).

Then if you think about it, in the vintage years, the whole line was 102 figures (counting Jabba, Salacious, the Rebo Band, and blue Snaggletoothe) and you could seriously recreate the entire trilogy without want for almost any figure you really, desperately had to have provided (exceptions being the biggies like Vader Removeable Helmet, Slave Leia, Tarkin and so forth. However, if you were "pretending" you could use regular stormtroopers as sandtroopers, and the Imperial Officer as Piett, etc. etc.)

Episode One had notable main-character Shmi Skywalker and main-stay armybuilder Gungan Warrior obviously missing from their movie-year line up. Episode Two did a much better job of providing every main character immediately up front.

Now I don't know who Hasbro thinks they are going "to get" with this massive re-release, but demographically speaking, there should be more new kids who are growing up now in the under 10 category who started their fandom with TPM and AOTC who will now be seeing the OT for their very first time (if parents never replaced a VCR in light of DVD, etc.) than there are of any of us (adults who were around for the early years and now collect little plastic toys even though we're all approaching 30).

Hasbro tried to do this tastefully:

The new regular OTC cardbacks are very cool with diorama like settings to display each recarded character in (take Han Solo Cantina CommTech who is now posed on a card in front of the Falcon). If you are a completist, you'll get a prettier carded package than anything you've had before.

The figures selected for re-release are the best of the lot - Take Han Solo Cantina CommTech and CommTech Stormtrooper, Leia New Likeness, etc. for example. If you don't want to be a completist, you don't have to buy "not-new figures."

The new Vintage-carded OTC figures are the ultimate in articulation and accessories that we've always dreamed of. If you are into opening them, they'll be a treat and you can replace your older figures with them if that's your thing. Or keep a super-set loose, outside of your dioramas, with figures more fun to play with anyway. If you collect carded, these will be the ultimate carded figures, especially if you were always nostalgic for the vintage cards. If you collect vintage, these won't devalue your collection, because Hasbro noted a lot of fan pressure to not just reuse the 80's generic molds to recreate the vintage line as it'd appear loose. The recent Insider said that Hasbro was petitioned by the fans not to do this, and they actually listened (well, it's a propoganda magazine anyway, so what do you expect them to say?) If you are not going to complete the vintage-card OTC collection, because you already have these characters (this is me - I'm buying almost nothing but Cloud Car Pilots when they come out) you don't have to get anything - and if you're smart, instead of buying another toy line, you'll save a thousand dollars or more up for the big buy at midnite madness 2005, when all the Episode 3 stuff hits stores.