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Silent Chazz
05-18-2004, 12:07 AM
Hi. I don't know if this has been discussed but I've seen a lot of people not wanting to buy much in the upcoming OTC line. What I haven't seen are those people who are planning to buy some of these OTC figures.

I'm going to start off by listing all the OTC Figures by number that I plan on buying (IF my area in the OK Panhande or Amarillo, TX gets most of the OTC line if at all) and reasons why I want to buy that figure.

1)Luke Skywalker (Dagobah)
New figure. I plan on buying 3 of this figure. 1 to keep carded on my wall, 1 to open and pose doing the handstand, and 1 to open and pose carrying Yoda in the backpack.
2)Yoda (Dagobah)
New Figure. I plan on buying 3 of this figure. 1 to keep carded on my wall, 1 to open and pose on his base, and one to open and pose inside Luke's Backpack.
3)Spirit Obi-Wan (Dagobah)
New Figure. I plan on buying 2 of this figure. 1 to keep carded on my wall, 1 to open and display on his base.
4)R2-D2 (Dagobah)
New Figure. I plan on buying 2 of this figure. 1 to keep carded on my wall, 1 to open and display on his base.
5)Luke Skywalker (X-wing Pilot)
Old Figure: POTJ. I plan on buying 2 of this figure. 1 to keep carded on my wall, 1 to open and display in the OTC X-wing. I never found this figure the first time around in POTJ.
6)Luke Skywalker (ROTJ)
Fairly New Figure: 2004 Saga. I never found this figure in stores locally so I bought one online from somone here at SSG to have open. I plan on buying 1 of the OTC repacks of this figure to keep carded on my wall.
7)Han Solo (ANH)
Old Figure: POTFII Commtech. I plan on buying 1 figure to keep carded on my wall.
8)Chewbacca (ESB)
Old Figure: POTJ. I plan on buying 2 of this figure because I never found him the first time around in POTJ or in Saga HOF. 1 to keep carded on my wall, and 1 to open.
11)Scout Trooper (ROTJ)
Old Figure: POTJ. I have no clue how many I will buy but it will be a few because this is a good Army Builder.
16)Stormtrooper (ANH)
Old Figure: POTFII Commtech. I have no clue how many I will buy but it will be a few because this is a good Army Builder.
17)Wicket (ROTJ)
Old Figure: POTFII. I plan on buying 2, one to keep carded on my wall, and 1 to open and display. I never found him the first time around.
18)Princess Leia (Bespin)
New Figure. I plan on buying 2 of this figure, 1 to keep carded on my wall, and 1 to open and display.
21)TIE Pilot (ANH)
Semi-New Figure? IF this is the Saga TIE Pilot then I plan on buying a 1 to open and put in the OTC TIE Fighter.
24)Jawas (ANH)
Old Figure: POTFII. I plan on buying a few of this pack as army builders to open.
26)Luke Skywalker (Bespin)
Old Figure: Saga. I already own 2 of this figure, 1 carded on my wall and 1 opened and displayed. I will ONLY be buying 2 more of this figure (for both reasons I already bought him the first time) IF this is a Clean version, as a "Before the Duel" kind of deal.
28)Bossk (ESB)
Semi-New Figure: Saga 2004. The Star Destroyer Wave didnt hit my area so I plan on buying 2, 1 to keep carded on my wall and 1 to open and display.
29)Darth Vader (Hoth)
Semi-New Figure? This looks like its the TRU 4-Pack Vader. IF it has Snow deco and anything else new, I plan on buying 2, 1 to keep carded on my wall and 1 to open and display.
30)Gamorrean Guard (ROTJ)
Old Figure: POTFII. I plan on buying a few of this figure to open and display in a Jabba's Palace Diorama I'm STARTING to make.
31)Bib Fortuna (ROTJ)
Old Figure: POTFII. I plan on buying 1 of this figure to open and display in a Jabba's Palace Diorama I'm STARTING to make. I never got this figure the first time around.
32)Lando Calrissian (Jabba's Palace)
Semi-New Figure: Saga 2004. The Tatooine Wave didnt hit my area so I plan on buying 2, 1 to keep carded on my wall and 1 to open and display.
33)Princess Leia (Jabba's Palace)
Old Figure: POTJ: I never got this figure the first time around so I plan on buying 2, 1 to keep carded on my wall, 1 to open and display in my WIP Jabba's Palace diorama.
35)Han Solo (AT-ST Pilot)
Semi-New Figure: Saga 2004. The Endor Wave didnt hit my area so I plan on buying 2, 1 to keep carded on my wall and 1 to open and display.
36)General Madine (ROTJ)
Semi-New Figure: Saga 2004. The Endor Wave didnt hit my area so I plan on buying 2, 1 to keep carded on my wall and 1 to open and display.
37)General Lando Calrissian (ROTJ)
Semi-New Figure: Saga 2004. The Endor Wave didnt hit my area so I plan on buying 2, 1 to keep carded on my wall and 1 to open and display.

Feel free to post what OTC figures you plan on buying and why.

Ouch. I didn't realize this would be one LONG post.

05-18-2004, 07:53 AM
Well I will only be buying the new figures:

1. Luke Dagobah
2. Yoda Dagobah
3. Obi-Wan Spirit
4. R2-D2 Dagobah
5. Leia Bespin
6. Cloud Car Pilot

05-18-2004, 08:39 AM
I will be buying two of every new figure one to open and one to keep carded. I plan on getting one of each of the recards. However if I reach my breaking point I then I will just buy one of the new figures and sell all of my carded figures

05-18-2004, 09:38 AM
I know I'll be buying one each of the new figures (Dagobah and Bespin waves) but I won't know about the repacks until I see carded samples. I see myself buying a few of those if the figures look amazing on the card.

05-18-2004, 11:02 AM
I will buy them all for my MOMC collection, plus doubles to open of all the new figures.

Because I am insane and there is no help for me. That's right, I said there is no help for me. I even went back and bought those lousy SAGA figures that I hate so much! I swore I wouldn't, but I did! Because there is no help for me, even now I am on the sacered quest to find the black stand HOF figures (just 3 left)! :crazed: :Pirate:

05-18-2004, 11:21 AM
i'll only be getting the bespin/dagobah waves, and some of the "vintage" style figs, notably Obi Wan and Han Solo. should save some money this year, i don't mind seeing some of the reissues for kids/new collectors.

05-18-2004, 11:29 AM
I plan on getting:

1)Luke Skywalker (Dagobah)
2)Yoda (Dagobah)
3)Spirit Obi-Wan (Dagobah)
4)R2-D2 (Dagobah)

Those 4 will be going in my ESB diorama (I have shelves all around my room of every movie with certain scenes remade with figures). If I dont find General Madine and the General Lando figures soon, I'll prolly just wait for them to be re-released later on this year. I also plan on picking up another TIE Pilot figure, the one I have I got off eBay for $5, but sadly he now is in my POTF2 TIE Fighter, so you really cant see him, and I love(d) this figure, great sculpt and everything....I'll also pick up some Scout Troopers, since I only got one clean one, and they were so hard to find the first time around, but hopefully this time around these figures wont be as hard to find as they once were / ALL the figures released were and are this year. I'll also prolly pick up the Cloud Car Pilot figure, not to use in a diorama or open but just to have probably, he's looking like a pretty awesome figure too.

05-18-2004, 12:36 PM
I think doing the handstand scene would be unique and fun. I have the 12" of Yoda riding in Luke's backpack, so I don't see the need to repeat the scene on 2 different size scales.

So I'll buy

1 Luke Dagobah
1 Yoda Dagobah
1 R2 Dagobah
1 Ben Obi-Wan Dagobah

8 Cloud Car pilots: 2 will "walk around my Cloud City diorama," 6 will pilot 3 Cloud Cars that either Hasbro will make, or I'll buy the vintage ones easily available and hang them around my Millennium Falcon.

I'm really not going for anything else from the 3 3/4" collection and this thread is not about Galaxy Heroes or Unleashed.

I'm glad to see that Hasbro was not to be faulted in their marketing research, and they are providing figures that newer collectors never got - like Bib Fortuna which Silent Chazz never got before.

Not all of us 'have everything.' I just hope that this idea doesn't create a lot of new pegwarmers. I guess they'll have to watch the quantity they release.

Silent Chazz
05-18-2004, 12:44 PM
ALL the figures released were and are this year.

Well, the Hoth Wave that started the 2004 Saga waves was pretty easy to find all over the place. It was just from Tatooine to Endor Waves that were very very hard to find. I STILL havent found them.

05-18-2004, 12:51 PM
Maybe I've just been out of touch too long, but I am now officially confused as to what the difference is between the OTC collection, the Hall of Fame collection and the neo-Vintage collection.

As to what I am going to buy, I'll get most of what I've seen announced for the neo-vintage line, assuming of course they are all new sculpts. They are going to all-new sculpts right? :confused:

As for what I assume to be the OTC line, I'll definitely pick up some of the rereleases of newer figures like the TIE Pilot and Bossk (since I need about three more TIE Pilots and I have yet to find the new Bossk). If I see some of the non-rereleases on the shelves then I'll consider getting them.

So...... what exactly is the Hall of Fame line? :confused: :confused:

05-18-2004, 12:56 PM
Hall of Fame = recards on current BLUE saga packaging.

Some of the same Hall of Famers will be released as OTC on the diorama style cardbacks...

Hall of Fame Leia = OTC Leia (all new likeness '98 for example).

The vintage-carded Leia OTC will be an all new sculpt with cloth dress on a vintage Leia cardback from '77.

Hall of Fame will include Anakin Skywalker AOTC Hanger Duel and Darth Maul - figures needed as staples to the prequel line, but OTC, while having some figures like the Han Solo Cantina-CommTech also appearing on the Hall of Fame blue saga cards, will just recard the same figure twice during the same sales season. Good luck getting Han off the pegs (maybe).

05-18-2004, 01:04 PM
Well, the Hoth Wave that started the 2004 Saga waves was pretty easy to find all over the place. It was just from Tatooine to Endor Waves that were very very hard to find. I STILL havent found them.I havent found any new figures either, except for Bossk, I managed to snag the only Bossk figure a local K-Mart had a week or so ago, other than that there were no other new(er) figures to be found, just one lonely Bossk laying behind some Marvel figure or something like that. The only new figures from this year that I've got have been from either eBay or some other online store, other than that I havent found a single new figure in stores.

jedi master sal
05-18-2004, 01:45 PM
Okay, the OTC is the line to coincide with the DVD's of the OT.

HOF (Hall of Fame) are Saga carded figures that came 1 each per case (12 figs in all, with clear and black stand variations) Those were not numbered and did not say HOF anywhere on the card, but were referenced like that but hasbro and collectors alike.

The neo-vintage to which you refer are widely known as VOTC (or Vintage Original Trilogy Collection) These are different from the OTC in style of card and figure. The price point will be almost double the OTC figs, from rumors heard around the net. The style of card is reminiscent of Kenner. In fact the Kenner logo is used for the card. Also the bubble will be to the side instead of the massive centered bubble on the regular OTC cards.

You can visit www.cloudcity.com (one of our sponsors) to view the different figs from both the VOTC and OTC lines.

Now as to OTC I'm buying. I'll buy 1 of eaxh one to keep carded. The new ones I'll buy at least another to open, with exception to the cloud car pilot which I hope to find 5 total (1 carded 4 open for the hopeful cloud car ship). Some of the figs I may army build, like the stormtrooper, scouttrooper, jawas. Some I'm going to customize like Madine, Lando (if I don't find more as saga figs that is). Only one I'm curious about is the Scanning crew trooper. He is the old "buff" mold. I'm surprised they didn't update this one. They could very well have used the new Han AT-ST driver and just changed the hands and head on it to look more representative of the current figures. Still I'll get one carded and probably buy another 4 or so or more. Who knows if I will even be able to find them.


Silent Chazz
05-18-2004, 02:22 PM
Well, change that Maybe get the Bespin Luke to a definately get it. I just saw on a post in the forum at RS that someone posted a larger picture of the Bespin Luke and definately he has a clean look to him and possibly a new Head. So, Im definately getting two of this figure now. HOPEFULLY they'll yank that button off his butt and not give him an action feature.

B'Omarr Monkey
05-18-2004, 10:45 PM
Like Chazz I will be buying 2 of the Dagobah Luke to display in the alternate poses. I may or may not get 2 Yodas, but will definitely get one. I will get 2-3 cloud car pilots. 1 to stand, 2 to pilot a cloud-car if we ever get a new one. My vintage one is fully staffed.

One of each of the following for certain:

Spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi (Dagobah)
R2-D2 (Dagobah)
Leia (Bespin Gown)

Depending on what Bespin Luke and Hoth Vader look like, I may get one of each of those as well.

I may also pick up another scout trooper and stormtrooper.

For my kids, I'll buy the stormtrooper, scout trooper, Bossk, Jawas, and Gamorrean Guard.

If I don't find Madine by then, I'll pick him up as well.

05-19-2004, 08:16 AM
Add Bespin Luke to my list as well. He is a nice cleaned up version, so technically a "new" figure.

05-19-2004, 04:15 PM
Interesting idea for a thread. I haven't been that active in the OTC forum because I'm just not really thrilled by much of it, but this works for me.

Luke Dagobah - Definitely 1 for handstand, if I like him, then another for regular.
Yoda - Definitely 1, possibly more if I like him (and/or if I like Luke Dagobah, which probably is a gimme ;)).
Spirit Obi-Wan - yeah, I'll get 1, but that's all I'll need. Glad to have a replacement for Hoth.
R2 Dagobah - Probably, but he's just a repaint of the Power FX version, which I already have several of, so it'll depend on how good he looks in person and what his soundchip does.
Luke Pilot - I have 2, but one was "modified" in the hair and I like this face better, so I'll get one.
Luke Jabba's Palace - no, I have 2 of these already, so unless there's something incredible I haven't noticed about this repack, it won't be neccessary.
Han CTC - Lordy no! I have 2 or 3 of these loose, and another 2 or 3 carded from a case I never was able to clear out, and that's the original, this figure has been recarded several times since and I don't need more.
Chewie ESB - No, I have the POTJ original in a prominent spot in my collection using the accessories that figure came with, and I have half a dozen of those stupid '95 bowcasters around here, so this is an easy pass.
* ANH Leia - HOF Leia, it looks like. Unless they do a big update to the face paint, no thanks, the HOF wasn't a very good update to the "ALL NEW LIKENESS" original version's paint.
* Vader ROTJ - Unless I hear that they did a major upgrade to the throwing arm & cape, absolutely not.
Scout Trooper - nah, I have 3 clean and 1 dirty of the POTJ original, I never liked the waif-thin body or crazy limb pose, so I am done with this figure.
* R2-D2 - Probably not, the image looks like the same exact photo as the HOF cardback, which is the Bar2-D2 figure sans accessories (and with the pin in the foot missing) all of which leads me to believe this will be the HOF figure which is NOT bar2 but in fact POTJ Naboo Escape wheeled R2 (whom I just reviewed yesterday and gave a low grade to).
* C-3PO - Another HOF recard. My MMC version's chrome is cracking, so if I don't find the Saga HOF fig, I'll get 1 of these.
* Boba Fett - Only if they change the missile to be not-ugly.
* ANH Obi-Wan - Nope, just a retread of the POTJ version. I'll take the Vintage version for an update to that, thank you.
CTC Stormtrooper - 2 or 3, I have like 25 of the original now, but they all have just the stupid long rifle (damn you Hasbro!) and temp-change damage mark, so I could use the modern blaster and no screwy paint on the chest.
Wicket - NO WAY! I have 3 of these already, 1 from the Leia collection and 2 regulars, that's enough for me.
Leia Bespin - just 1, I never really loved this look, but the Leia collection version is kinda weak.
* Cloud Car Pilot - 3 of these, 2 to pilot my Cloud Car and 1 to walk around.
* Lobot - 1 at least, 1 or 2 more if I like what I see.
TIE Pilot - maybe 1, I already have 1 but could use a second, so if I don't find the Saga one first...
* Greedo - Not unless there's a super-major-amazing updgrade, I have 3 CTC versions already, and I only wanted 1.
* Tusken Raider - Probably 2 or 3, depends on which version it is, I'll take 1 more of the headless Saga version, 2 more of the POTJ sniper version, no more of any other version.
Jawa - got plenty of these, 3 or 4 of the original, 2 or 3 of the CTC, the Ronto pack-in, maybe even yet another, so no thanks.
* Snowtrooper - HELL NO! I didn't even want the one I ended up buying.
Luke Bespin - I own 2 of these, one hanging on the wall and another I got on clearance for whatever, but if Hasbro makes a better paint job, I'll cave and get 1 more.
* IG-88 - Perhaps, depends on the mood I'm in when I find it and how good this revisit is.
Bossk - Unless they do a better job with the outfit paint or fix the limb issues, I'll stick with the one I just got.
Vader Hoth - Depends on how it looks in person, I've got a million Vaders around here but if it's the black version of the Dagobah figure, I'll probably get one.
Gamorrean Guard - Depends on the paint, but possibly 1 more since I only have 3.
Bib Fortuna - Depends on paint, but not likely since I already have the original.
Lando Skiff - Maybe 1 to display with the helmet off, but not any sort of priority.
Leia Slave - If they do a better job with the face paint, MOST definitely, otherwise it's a weak "maybe".
* Darth Vader - Um, which one is this? I dunno, but being that it's the 3rd Vader in the OTC line (not counting the Vintage line, then it's the 4th!!!) and probably just another revisit, not damn likely.
Han AT-ST - sure, I hope I find the Saga version first, but either way, having 2 can't be bad - one as Han and one as a real pilot.
General Madine - not likely unless I don't find the Saga version.
General Lando - Ditto.

* - not on first post's listing

So for me, that's a total of:
Get - 11
Maybe - 8
Pass - 18

05-19-2004, 04:42 PM
I'll be buying one of everything for my MOMC collection and doubles of the new sculpts for my loose collection.

The only repacked figure I'll be buying to open will be the Biker Scout so I can finally army build with the clean version. :D

05-22-2004, 11:37 AM
I will be buying new figures and Army Builders. The rest I will have to wait and see in person.

05-22-2004, 02:33 PM
Don't know yet. The majority of what I have seen so far, is 90% repeats. which hasbro has gotten sloppy with lately. Don't get me wrong I have been apart of the "one of every figure" till now. But the otc so far is full of repeats. even on vehicles.I think I will buy, but come on hasbro all of otc should be new. I know i am getting the new figures for sure though. Only because I am part of the club. And I want something to hand off to my kids.

B'Omarr Monkey
05-22-2004, 11:07 PM
I may be modifying my purchase list to include X-Wing Pilot Luke, as it appears that his buck teeth have gone away in the pics, and if the Bespin Luke is significantly different from previous versions, I'll probably snag one of him as well.

Mr. JabbaJohnL
05-26-2004, 04:29 PM
I plan on getting:
#1 Luke Skywalker (The Empire Strikes Back)
#2 Yoda (The Empire Strikes Back)
#3 Spirit Obi-Wan (The Empire Strikes Back)
#4 R2-D2 (The Empire Strikes Back)
#11 Scout Trooper (Return of the Jedi) - Good army builder
#16 Stormtrooper (A New Hope) - Good army builder
#17 Wicket (Return of the Jedi) - Good for new custom Ewoks
#18 Princess Leia (The Empire Strikes Back)
#19 Cloud Car Pilot (The Empire Strikes Back)
#20 Lobot (The Empire Strikes Back)
#23 Tusken Raider (A New Hope) - Good for ANH and TPM and AOTC scenes
#24 Jawas (A New Hope) - I need more
#25 Snowtrooper (The Empire Strikes Back) - If he comes w/o the large gun
#27 IG-88 (The Empire Strikes Back) - Make custom Clone Wars IG droids
#29 Darth Vader (The Empire Strikes Back) - Maybe, I need more pics
#30 Gamorrean Guard (Return of the Jedi) - Only have one
#35 Han Solo (Return of the Jedi) - Only if I don't see the Endor wave in Saga
#36 General Madine (Return of the Jedi) - Same as #35
#37 Lando Calrissian (Return of the Jedi) - Same as #35
#38 Imperial Trooper (A New Hope) - Don't have this carry case, might get two

05-27-2004, 04:28 AM
Every time I see pics of how cool these look carded I start to freak out and get all nervous because I know I'm gonna be tempted to buy them all. Some of them for the second, third, forth -- or whatever -- time. My choices also have a lot to do with figures that I know my son will want.
1) Luke Skywalker (Dagobah) - I'll buy two of these at the very least. One to keep carded for sure and one to open. Chances are good that I'll probably buy more, as the kid'll want this also, so maybe three in all.
2) Yoda (Dagobah) - Probably two.
3) Spirit Obi-Wan (Dagobah) - I'll have to see this one in person.
4) R2-D2 (Dagobah) - Two of these. One carded and one loose. Probably the kid'll want this one also.
5) Luke Skywalker (X-wing Pilot) - My son has asked for this figure in the past, so he'll be really happy to get it now.
6) Luke Skywalker (ROTJ) - Maybe one to keep carded.
7) Han Solo (ANH) - No.
8) Chewbacca (ESB) - Probably not.
9) ANH Leia - Have it, don't need another.
10) Vader ROTJ - No way. Hate this figure.
11) Scout Trooper (ROTJ) - One more, maybe two if the kid wants one.
12) R2-D2 - No, I have enough of this one.
13) C-3PO - Just bought the HOF version (2x) and don't need another.
14) Boba Fett - No, I have enough of this one.
15) ANH Obi-Wan - I doubt it.
16) Stormtrooper - Oh yeah. Who knows... at least three, maybe more.
17) Wicket - I gave my old one to the kid, so I'll at least grab one to keep carded for myself now.
18) Princess Leia (Bespin) - Probably just one to open. If it's very nice, then another to keep carded.
19) Cloud Car Pilot - One (maybe two) to open, and one to keep carded.
20) Lobot - One to open and one to keep carded for sure.
21) TIE Pilot (ANH) - I've got a few of these now, pretty sure I don't want more.
22) Greedo - Have it, don't need another. But, hmmm, I don't think the kid has one... he may want it.
23) Tusken Raider - Maybe one more?
24) Jawas (ANH) - I just scored a mess of POTF2 ones for cheap, so I don't need more.
25) Snowtrooper - Nope. None.
26) Luke Skywalker (Bespin) - I doubt it.
27) IG-88 - I'll get one to keep carded this time. Probably one for the kid also.
28) Bossk (ESB) - Have it.
29) Darth Vader (Hoth) - I'll have to see it, so that's a maybe for at least one to open.
30) Gamorrean Guard (ROTJ) - I'll buy another to open and maybe one to keep carded. The kid might want one or two also.
31) Bib Fortuna (ROTJ) - Have it, don't need another.
32) Lando Calrissian (Jabba's Palace) - Have it, don't need another.
33) Princess Leia (Jabba's Palace) - Have it, don't need another.
34) Darth Vader - ?
35) Han Solo (AT-ST Pilot) - Have it, don't need another... I'm not even sure I needed the first one.
36) General Madine (ROTJ) - I may buy one of these to keep carded now.
37) General Lando Calrissian (ROTJ) - Have it, don't need another.
Oh yeah, almost forgot...
38) Imperial Trooper - I doubt that I'll buy this. We should have gotten a new version as the old one is super lame.

05-30-2004, 03:15 PM
I am thinking about going full out on this line. That is to say I may buy 1 of everything to keep MOMC/MIMB. I usually don't do that. I usually just buy the figs to keep MOMC and open all the ships.

Here is my reasoning.

1. Most of this stuff is re-released merchandise anyway, so why open them.

2. The money I save from buying extras to open should more than cover a couple of ships.

3. This is the best pacaking I have seen in a long time.

4. It would be cool to have 1 full set with everything in it's original packaging. Something I have not been able to do with any other line (POTJ is close though).

So there you have it.

I posted this in another thread then realized it would probably apply better here. :D

05-30-2004, 04:55 PM
The more I see of this line, the more I want of this line. The card backs are the biggest reason I will be buying most of the repacks.

05-30-2004, 05:14 PM
I already replied to this topic, but the more I see of these figures, the more I'm thinking of buying.

Heres my updated list:

1)Luke Skywalker (Dagobah) x1
2)Yoda (Dagobah) x1
3)Spirit Obi-Wan (Dagobah) x1
4)R2-D2 (Dagobah) x1
6)Luke Skywalker (ROTJ) x3 (if I dont find the Saga version first)
If I dont find the Saga version of this figure by the time this one comes out, I'll pick up three of these, 1 for my Jabbas Palace diorama, one for my Rancor diorama (the articulated knees make him good for crouching much like the scene in the movie), and 1 for my Skiff Battle scene
11)Scout Trooper (ROTJ) x2
I've got one clean one already, along with the dirty one and the Saga Access. set one, but I'll need one or two more for the scene where the Scout Troopers chase after Paploo when he gets on the speeder bike.
18)Princess Leia (Bespin) x1
21)TIE Pilot (ANH) x3 (if I dont find 2 of the Saga versions first, the other to keep carded)
I won a Saga TIE Pilot off eBay back around Easter time, and when I got it I fell in love. The POTF2 version was good, but this one was perfect. When I put my "A New Hope" diorama up on one of my walls, being the perfectionist I am I felt I NEEDED to put this figure in the TIE fighter, only problem is now you cant see him in all his perfection :ermm: . I also want to buy one for my Interceptor and one for my TIE Bomber (theres that perfectionist part of me again, even though I wont be able to see the figures inside), and I want one to keep carded (I've never bought a figure and purposely kept it carded due to its great looks, I was going to get another Saga TIE Pilot and open him and display him on my bookshelf but since the OTC packaging is amazing I'm thinking of buying the OTC TIE pilot and keeping him carded to display.
26)Luke Skywalker (Bespin) x1
I really didnt mind the POTF2 version of this figure. But the Saga version allowed Luke to hold the lightsaber with two hands, and this figure would look great battling the Dagobah Vader figure instead of the POTF2 one.
33)Princess Leia (Jabba's Palace) x1
Since this ones going to be the POTJ version, she'll go better with my Jabba's Palace diorama than the POTF2 one due to her soft-goods bikini thing.
35)Han Solo (AT-ST Pilot) x1 (if I dont find the Saga version first)
I just want him to use as an AT-ST driver figure.
36)General Madine (ROTJ) x1 (if I dont find the Saga version first)
37)General Lando Calrissian x1 (ROTJ)(if I dont find the Saga version first)

- I'm also gonna pick up 2 Cloud Car pilots, in hopes of Hasbro releasing the Cloud Car sometime or another, and a Lobot since hes a vast improvement over the POTF2 one.
- I also might buy an OTC C-3PO if I dont find a Saga one first, due to the talk of the Millenium Minted one molting and whatnot, mine has yet to do so but just in case I'm thinking of picking up a newer version of him. I also might pick up two of the Boba Fetts, one for my Carbon Freeze chamber diorame and one to keep packaged, he's looking great too.

05-30-2004, 05:17 PM
You guys suit yourself. I do really like the cardbacks for both the V-OTC and the recard in the OTC.

But with nearly 40 figures being offered, mostly recards, I'm buying like only 5!

(actually 8) Cloud Car Pilots
Luke Dagobah
R2 Dagobah
Yoda Dagobah
Obi-Wan Dagobah

That's it.

I've been exploring in my "Scene by Scene: Favorite Characters Not Yet Made" thread in the Saga section, what stuff I'd have liked to have made this year.

It will cover all prequel and classic stuff and let people vote on what they'd want. It's my last hope to leave anything interesting left to hope for in this hobby, beyond a glut of Episode 3 stuff.

05-30-2004, 05:43 PM
Just doubles of the new figures for me. I might army build on the Cloud Car pilots if I see more than two.

I don't buy re-carded/re-packaged figures, but the vintage style cards may be hard to resist. It will be nice to see this package artwork on store shelves again.

05-30-2004, 06:08 PM
(actually 8) Cloud Car Pilots
Luke Dagobah
R2 Dagobah
Yoda Dagobah
Obi-Wan Dagobah

So that's 4 Cloud Car Pilots? Or 8 Cloud Car Pilots? Are they all gonna be openers?

05-30-2004, 06:35 PM
8 Cloud Car pilots.

I plan on getting 3 Cloud Cars to hang around my Millennium Falcon (I'll buy the vintage vehicles if I have to, but will hold out until 2007 to see if Hasbro improves upon this craft before I turn to e-Bay)

Anyway, the other 2 are just for randoms to walk around my Cloud City display.

I'll have to double check and see if I can even fit them.

But yeah, I only buy what I expect to open - there just may not be a need to open more than 2 of them until I get some cloud cars.

But it's sad. I'm hardly buying as many figures as I usually do.

1 Luke Hoth
2 R3PO
2 Hoth Rebel
2 Luke Jedi
4 R1-G4
1 Bar2-Dee-Two
0 Lando
0 Luke Holo
2 Rappertune
0 TIE Pilot
1 Gold Leader
1 Antilles
2 Dodonna
0 Bossk
1 Dengar
2 Ozzel
0 Lando
0 Han
1 Madine

*Whipids - I have 4, want 5-6 more.
*Eloms - I have 2, got 2 coming from friends, want 5 more

So I'm really hoping the 2 Jabba Aliens ship some more.

06-09-2004, 05:22 PM
2. Yoda- I'm getting this one to make a Pic custom. That's all.
11. Scout Trooper-Missed this the forst time around, I might get another for army building.
14. Boba Fett-Missed the Carkoon Fett. I need it for my Jabba's Palace Diorama.
16. Stormtrooper-Army Building
17. Wicket-Missed First time around.
18. Leia-New Figure
19. Cloud Car Pilot-New Figure
20. Lobot-Missed first time around
21. TIE Pilot-Someone's gotta drive my new TIE Fighter
23. Tusken-Customizing purposes
24. Jawas-Who's gonna drive my Sandcrawler?
25. Snowtrooper-Missed First time around
30. Gam. Guard x8-Army Building, so I can have my own troop of Gams for Jabba's Palace.
31. Bib-For my Boc Custom
33. Leia-If I dont get the cup
35-37. Han, Madine and Lando-If I dont find in clearance bin at Target
38. Imperial Scanning Crew-I might buy a few, namely for the Cargo Block that's seen so many frickin times in Jedi Knight.

01. Falcon-Definate Buy, missed first time
03. TIE Fighter-Army Building
04. Sandcrawler-New!

40. AT-AT Driver
41. Astromech
42. Bannis Keeg
43. Bom Vimdim
45. Gotal
46. Hem Dazon
47. Imperial Gunner
50. Ree Yees
51. Zuckuss
52. Vader 500th Edition

??. Rebo Band

??. Rancor
??. Bantha

??. Cloud Car