View Full Version : Looks like Pablo Jill, Sen. Yarua, and Sly Moore will be in this blackback collection

05-22-2004, 10:53 PM
The Swarmi report came out on the other website and said that at the end of the year we'll get:

Jedi Knight Pablo Jill - ..........................................I'll take 2 or 3
Palpatine's Aide Sly Moore - ..................................I'll take 5 or more
Wookiee Senator Yarua (Kashyyyk) - ....................I'll take 2 or 3

Plus 13 more figures - and I wonder who they will be???

Sneak Peak Episode 3 figures will include:

Armored Wookiee Warrior
a new character dubbed "a helpful alien"
an Astromech - rumored an R2-unit (geeeze I hope it will be a green one like R2-A6!)
General Grevious - .............................I'll want a handful of his figure for sure!

So do the 13 include these 4?

That would leave 9 more.

Will the 9 more be classic or prequel???

Will they do tie-in figures to revitalize interest in the prequel characters again? Like the Flashback figure wave did?

1. Anakin - maybe a version with his cloak on in the Darth Vader style (finally)
2. Obi-Wan - maybe an E2 version with his cloak on, too!
3. Padme - we only have a dozen or more outfits they could do for her :rolleyes:
4. Jango Fett - maybe his apartment, out of armor figure-finally
5. Palpatine - his red cloak from his "grand army of the Republic" speech
6. Captain Typho - regular duty uniform
7. Clone out of armor - from "they are totally obedient, responding to any order"

Now unfortunately, some of the lead characters we are likely to see will not be that different from other versions we have of them already, but they'll undoubtably have to be offered:

Dooku - the main baddy that's around in the flesh, of course. Unfortunatley, that'll mean a new action feature or something, unless they just do a plain, normal, superior sculpt, similar to the 3-pack

Mace Windu - again, how different can you make another Mace figure? A recard of the Sneak-Preview Episode One figure, or something similar, cloak on, no action feature, no extreme pose, would probably sell.

More of Padme would surely work, as her other outfits need to be done.

Sure there are a lot of other prequel figures that need to be done, but I just doubt we'd see obscure characters as they gear up for the E3 line. But you never know, we did get Bo Shek right before the E3 stuff debuted. So you can always hope.

Now if the next 13 figures will be classic, I pointed out in another thread that nearly every main character or absolutely necessary figure to recreate the classic trilogy is available except for:

Death Star Trooper
Han Solo Hoth
Leia Hoth
Han Solo Bespin
AT-AT Driver
GENERAL VEERS - we basically have confirmation that he'll be one of them
Leia Boussh
Leia Endor
Luke Endor
Emperor Palpatine
Han Stormtrooper
Luke Stormtrooper
Han Carbonite
Rebel Fleet Trooper
Imperial Officer
Grand Moff Tarkin

And this is nearly 20 figures.

Well, it's anybody's guess.

05-22-2004, 11:01 PM
Well at least they will be made. I hope they come back to the prequels for the other 9. It would be overkill on the OT characters if they did anymore. I would like tosee about 5 secondary characters in that batch and main characters.

PAdme would be a good choice and so would Anakin. Obi Wan would be nice too. As for the other I wouldnt mind a nuetral posed Dooku.But what we want and what we get are two totally different things with Hasbro.

05-24-2004, 07:55 AM
What happened to Yarna. She was rumored. Come on Hasbro!