View Full Version : Been playing way to much swg Please help OTC???

The real Luke
05-30-2004, 11:50 AM
I have been playing this game for 2 months and completely fell behind in my collecting. I was hoping you guys could help me with a few questions. Like where are you guys finding the new vintage line? Are they not in stores? I really want to get all these so any help in this matter would be nice. Also is there a chacklist? And is "OTC" the vintage line? LOL sorry I am way out of the loop and I am just trying to get in on these before they are gone (or way to overpriced on ebay) Thanks in advance for the help :))

Reefer Shark
05-30-2004, 12:05 PM
What's swg?

Fear not Luke, the OTC and VOTC lines haven't hit retail yet. The only places they seem to be available yet is ebay, and a few online stores (at outrageous prices).

OTC - regular $5 figures in the new packaging.

VOTC - the super-articulated $10 figures in vintage replica packaging. These come with extra clamshells to protect the card. There will be 12 of these = 4 for each OT flick.

There are plenty of checklists here in the forums, and there may be some in the SSG collector database (I'm not sure, haven't checked yet). You'll have to search those out bud.

Hope this helps!

Mr. JabbaJohnL
05-30-2004, 12:07 PM
Well, there have already been many, man threads about this topic, but I'll help you out anyway. starwars.hasbro.com has all the information you need on the OTC and VOTC lines, as well as a checklist. Go to Republic News and go from there.