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jedi master sal
06-08-2004, 02:26 PM
I got this idea from another forumite.
This is a thread for your PRAISES (and praises only) of Star Wars toys manufactured by Hasbro. Please no name calling of Hasbro in this thread and no complaints. This is strictly to be a thank you, so they know what we really have liked collecting over the last 9 years of modern collecting.

I'll start.

First, let me say thanks for making alot of obscure characters. They've really helped to fill in the background spots of some of the most famous scenes of the movies, like the cantina on Tatooine for instance.

Thanks for keeping the figures relatively affordable. (EPI figures notwithstanding)

Thanks for the recent improvements to your sculpts and especially articulation. Most notably the super articulated Clone trooper. Though it was in short supply, many collectors will agree that this is by far one of the best ever figures of all Star Wars figures and certainly the best variation of a clone trooper. Which we often refer to as the "definitive" version.

Thanks for the animated figures. Nice touch, and we hope you'll make at least another wave or two for the next and final season of the animated series (due out Spring 2005)

Thanks that over time you've heard our "collective" call for specific figures. For instance as a few examples:
Imperial Dignitary (and not just one but two of them)
General Madine-this was long needed and you've come through

and so on.

We can only hope that you'll continue to make some of the other ones we've been asking for. I would venture to say most notably a new sculpt of R5-D4.

Thanks for the amount of different figures you've produced and marketed, especially over the last 12 months. It's been hard to keep up at times, but it makes us that much more diligent in finding your product.

Thanks for alot of new 12 inch "Large" size action figures. Many of which were nerver made in the vintage line.

MUCH thanks for the Unleashed line. This is one of my favorite lines ever. great detail, sculpt, paint, and the great new character specific packaging.

Thanks for sticking with the line after so long and we look forward to many more years of toys.

There's more I could say, but I want other fellow collectors to have an opportunity, to voice their respective thanks.

"jedi master sal"

B'Omarr Monkey
06-09-2004, 12:37 AM
Great idea, Sal.

After my rant about all the complaining that goes on in this forum (see "Where are all the SA clone troopers?" thread), I'm glad to see there's a place where we can express all the great stuff Hasbro has done.

While I don't collect the 12" line, or the unleashed line, I second everything you've said about the 3 3/4" line, especially about Hasbro releasing so many secondary and even more obscure characters. It's this aspect of the line that really keeps me involved with collecting SW figures. Over the years, I've been very pleased to have seen produced, long shot obscure characters that I hoped would be made, but never expected to be made. I've had to readjust my top ten want list several times, because characters that were on it, keep getting made. The hope and expectation that the rest will be realized in plastic in the, hopefully, not too distant future is one of the things that makes this hobby so satisfying and exciting for me.

Thank you, Hasbro.

06-09-2004, 01:18 AM
Thank you Hasbro for making all these figures we wanted for years(Ozzel,J'Quille, Tanus, Rappertunie, etc). Hopefully you wont stop there.ALso thank you for the great new card backs. I feel like a kid again. Now if you could re-open all the TSS stores where I bought my vintage figures, you would get my vote forpresident.

06-10-2004, 03:50 PM
I'd like to thank you, Hasbro, for the resculpts of the main characters. I know this has been a bone of contention for many collectors out there; but how many of us remember the vintage days, when Kenner would re-release ad naseum the same dated 1977 sculpts for major characters like Vader, Chewie, Artoo, Threepio and the Stormtrooper? While the sculpts of ROTJ and POTF figures had improved by leaps and bounds, we never got a single improvement on many core characters.

I'm glad you have rectified this situation, Hasbro. While you might have gone overboard a couple of times with Han and Luke, it still beats the alternative.

Thanks! :cool:

Bobby Fett
06-10-2004, 10:52 PM
Thanks for keeping the production lines open during the potentially dry spells between movies.

Thanks for trying new ideas, even if some of them didn't become popular.