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El Chuxter
06-16-2004, 02:44 PM
Here's your chance to get creative! :D

There have been three Infinities series so far, which are basically mini-series similar to Marvel's old "What If. . . ?" series (which is one they ought to resurrect again!). The premise is one event in the SW saga doesn't happen the way it goes down in the films, and what results from the different moment.

Infinities: A New Hope was based on the premise that Luke missed his shot into the Death Star, which destroyed Yavin. Leia was taken prisoner, though, and became a Dark Side Adept of sorts!

Infinities: The Empire Strikes back started with Luke dying of exposure on Hoth, but not before Han heard him muttering about the Dagobah system and decided to check out for himself why it was so important.

Infinities: Return of the Jedi (by far the weakest of the bunch so far) dealt with Leia not rescuing Han Solo on Tatooine and having to take him from Boba Fett on Endor. Oh, and Vader became a good guy, 99% less Ewoks, yadda yadda who cares? :)

I doubt it's any stretch of the imagination that we can expect at least three more based on the Prequel Trilogy.

However, there are many events that could have gone down differently, so I wouldn't be surprised to see more Infinities based on the films (and maybe even the EU at some point).

So in this thread, pick one or more of the films (or, heck, if you want, a major EU story), tell what event you'd start out with happening differently, and what some of the repercussions could be. (I'm not looking for full-on scripts, just a quick glimpse.)

My picks:

A New Hope: What if Luke didn't run after R2-D2, and he was killed by the Stormtroopers? C-3PO would be confiscated, for one thing, but whether that'd be important I'm not sure (since he knew nothing, he'd probably be scrapped). Obi-Wan meets Han and Chewie and journeys to the Death Star, but doesn't allow himself to be killed since he believes himself to be the last of the Jedi. After rescuing the Princess, he and Yoda train her to be the "new hope," and she must deal with her growing love for Han while training under two masters of the old "no kissing" sort. ;)

Not sure what I'd do with Empire Strikes Back, so moving along. . . .

Return of the Jedi: In the final showdown, Luke Skywalker turns to the Dark Side and slays Palpatine! Vader becomes the new Emperor, with Luke (given some cool "Darth" name) as his apprentice. Meanwhile, Mara Jade has received a vision and a last command from Palpatine (only in this reality he's not lying about how he died!) and finds herself teaming with the remnants of the Alliance, including acting as a sort of Force trainer for Leia.

The Phantom Menace: Easy. Darth Maul kills Qui-Gon, takes Obi-Wan out pretty quickly, and escapes from Naboo. The Council has already decided to train Anakin at this point, but both his potential Masters are dead. So who takes on Anakin? Given the boy's flying skills, ace Jedi pilot Saesee Tiin is chosen by the Council. Given Anakin having a more experienced Master (and both Maul and Dooku still on the loose!), things proceed quite differently.

Bel-Cam Jos
06-16-2004, 05:06 PM
Can't come up with an ESB story? Easy! The space slug, which has Force powers, eats the Falcon, killing all aboard. Then, it slays Fett and Vader to become the strongest one (Jedi) there is.

What? Really? This wasn't Star Wars: Inanities? My bad.

A New Hope
Han gets tied up with Jabba and Greedo, and he isn't able to make it to Chalman's Cantina on time. Ben and Luke can't find any spacer willing to take them on, so they steal a ship. They actually make it to Alderaan and are killed when the Death Star stops by. However, the droids don't suffer Ben's and Luke's fate and make it onto the Death Star. The droids self-destruct the battle station, eliminating the last Jedi (Vader and Leia), changing the face of the galactic war for the more bizarre.

Empire Strikes Back
Luke's X-Wing is damaged on Hoth, and he has to hitch a ride with Han and Leia. He convinces them to drop him off on Dagobah, but this brings the Imperials to the hidden swamp world. Yoda is eliminated, so Luke learns the ways of the Jedi from a Sith Holocron on Yavin 4. He finds a way to defeat Vader through anger.

Return of the Jedi
Han is killed (man, I am obsessed with death, aren't I? :eek: ) by Fett, and this turns Luke closer to the Dark Side. He wipes out all of Jabba's court, even Lando (who looks like a guard). Leia must help bring Luke back, so she convices him to take her to Dagobah, but with Luke's anger as a guide, Palaptine and Vader meet them there. Yoda dies trying to fight off Palpatine and Vader, but Luke kills the Emperor and all three of the "Skywalkers" reunite, to lead the galaxy to peace.

Phantom Menace
On the Trade Fed ship, (surprise! ) Obi-Wan is killed by the droidekas, and Qui-Gon is furious. He still ends up on Tatooine the way he does in the film, but he is going to train Anakin right then and there. Maul confronts both, and ( :cry: ) defeats Qui-Gon, but Anakin gives into the Dark Side as a child, killing Maul, and becomes a rouge Sith youth.

Attack of the Clones
Shmi doesn't die (hooray! no death! ), so Anakin doesn't go nuts on the Tuskens. He takes her to Coruscant, where the Council forbids him from keeping his ties to his family. He finally tells them to stick it, and he decides to learn the ways of the Force on his own. Dooku convinces him to join the Confederacy as his deputy. Anakin and Padme never marry.

Sorry for the long descriptions.

06-16-2004, 05:44 PM
The Phantom Menace

I don't have all the details whipped up yet, but essentially Obi Wan Kenobi discovers a young brash freighter pilot named Anakin Skywalker who seems to have potential for the Jedi thing. It is he who chooses to train the boy because he figures that he can do it at least as well as his own master, a green gnome named Yoda. Because of political ideology differences, Anakin finds himself siding with a Senator who is gaining power in the Republic. This guy, Palpatine, sees the potential help he can get from this kid, Anakin, and convinces him to join his own effort to "fix" the rickety old corrupt Republic. Believing the cause to be just, the well healed Anakin Skywalker turns on his training and betrays the trust of the Jedi. Before he leaves his own home to take on the Republic forces, he leaves his longtime love behind but not before one last love making session. His journey takes him to a direct confrontation with his master, Obi Wan, where he winds up nearly mortally wounded. Believing his former apprentice dead, Obi Wan sadly takes Anakin's lightsaber as a memento to give to Anakin's sad love. When Obi Wan arrives at Mrs. Skywalker's home, he is shocked to discover that she is pregnant. With a new Empire taking shape in the galaxy above, the two of them stare wistfully into the stars. Roll credits.

I know that all seems really far fetched, but wouldn't it be cool if the story played out that way?

El Chuxter
06-16-2004, 06:16 PM
Please don't take this personally, stillakid, but that's just stupid. Where would you come up with something like that? It's as ridiculous as saying "What if Greedo never shot at Han Solo?" or "What if the Max Rebo Band only had three members?" Simply ridiculous.


06-16-2004, 07:02 PM
Please don't take this personally, stillakid, but that's just stupid. Where would you come up with something like that? It's as ridiculous as saying "What if Greedo never shot at Han Solo?" or "What if the Max Rebo Band only had three members?" Simply ridiculous.


I know, it was dumb. I don't know where I ever could have come up with such ridiculous nonsense. :ermm:

06-16-2004, 11:09 PM
I've thought about my TPM Infinities for a long time.
I have worked on it on occasion for fun.
This is a brief summary.
Many details are still needed, but it would probably take at least 6 issues to tell (as they all shoud have - 4 is just too short),

The Phantom Menace -

Qui-Gon survives the impaling by Maul.
After being healed, the council still will not let him train Anakin, so he leaves the order and takes Anakin with him to parts unknown.
Obi-Wan is iven a new master to finish his training, but still feels abandoned.

10 years later, as the Republic crumbles during the Clone Wars, Qui-Gon and Anakin, no longer the fearful and angry and now trained as a Jedi by Qui-Gon, re-emerge from their seclusion. They are soon discovered by the Jedi and brought back to Coruscant, where they learn Obi-Wan has disappeared during a recon mission. Qui-Gon and Anakin feel the need to find and help Obi-Wan and go to his last known location. Where they do find Obi-wan...as Dooku's new apprentice.
A massive battle ensues as Obi-Wan fights Anakin and Qui-Gon fights Dooku. Anakin kills Obi-Wan and Dooku kills Qui-Gon. Anakin and Dooku fight. Anakin triumphs over Dooku and Sidious emerges, trying to tempt Anakin to the dark side. When he fails, Sidious begins to destroy Anakin with Force lightning. Yoda, Mace, and dozens of other Jedi show up, save Anakin and destroy (and reveal) Sidious.

Padme, Artoo, and Threepio are in here somewhere (maybe briefly?)...
I haven't decided if Anakin can be saved or not...
Sidious is revealed as Jar Jar Binks...(no, not really) :)

Sidiously Darth
06-17-2004, 04:10 AM
I'm jumping ahead with an Ep. III infinities.

Basically, Palpatine's words of wisdom and darkside abilities have manipulated Anakin into siding with his vision of a new "republic".

At some point, Palpatine is confronted by several members of the Council. His control of the dark side slips just for a second revealing the visage of a narled and evil man. Palpatine uses Force lightning to subdue the council members and pays little attention to Anakin's reaction to his momentary transformation.

We cut to a close up of Palpatine whose face changes back & forth with the flashes and sparks of lightning. Then there's the sound of a snap-hiss, Palpatine's eyes widen as he realizes his mistake and Anakin jams his saber into the back of the Sith's head. Plus, we have a shot of a saber point coming out of Palpy's forehead.

I'm not going to elaborate any more.

06-17-2004, 09:46 AM
I'm not going to elaborate any more.

Good idea. You don't want George :beard: to steal this.


07-09-2004, 02:37 PM

okay, what if R5's motivator didn't go bad until the jawas had left... meaning, luke never goes after R2 and never meets ben. maybe biggs buys R2 and finds ben, they go to the cantina and meet han. they go to alderaan, (or what's left of it...) save the princess from the death star, and ben starts to train her, having not given himself over during the duel with vader. after another season, luke is accepted to the imperial academy, and enters the pilot program.

vader senses his force potential during a raid on a rebel outpost, and luke is granted the TIE advanced X-2. vader also starts to secretly train luke in the ways of the dark side. they overthrow the emperor, vader ascends the throne, and luke becomes his right hand. the death star is only damaged during the attack at yavin, by red leader's surface-impact proton torpedoes, and luke mops up the rest of the rebels in the X-2, except for wedge (he HAS to survive!) and han, who comes to the rescue, and takes out luke's wingmen, who cause him to loose control. the partially successful mission is cause for celebration back at the base, where han, wedge, AND CHEWIE get medals.


now with the SSD executor the imperials decimate the rebel forces at hoth, led by lord skywalker. while searching through the rubble, he comes across han, leia and ben, trying to escape. he feels a strange disturbance in the force. a familiarity to leia that shouldn't exist. they escape to bespin, and luke and vader are there waiting. han is taken by boba fett, and vader and ben and luke and leia duel. both duels get separated through the twists and turns of the carbon freeze chamber. vader cuts ben down, (don't know if he should disappear or not...) and moves on to find where luke and leia have gone. meanwhile, lando and chewie overthrow the imperials, with the help of lobot, and try to save han.

luke and leia duel, leia'a hatred for luke making him powerful. he taunts her, now knowing the truth she does not. "give in to your hate. it makes us strong. it's in the blood. join us. we can all rule the galaxy together!"

"i'll never join you!" leia loses her hand, as well as anakin's lightsaber. then here comes the double whammy... "leia, i am your brother..." just as vader enters the scene... "and he is our father."

"that's impossible!" cries leia.

"search your feelings, you know it's true."

she drops, down the cloud city tubes, and lands on an antenna hanging below the floating city. luckily, she has a commlink in her pocket, and she calls for help, reaching lando and chewie who have just gotten to the falcon. she hears ben's voice telling her to go to dagobah. but first they get her a new robot hand. then, lando, chewie and leia go to meet yoda, where she will finish her training.


lando, posing as a bounty hunter, brings chewie before jabba the hutt on tatooine. when his ruse fails, leia arrives, and takes the whole place appart, jedi style. in the melee, she is struck on the mechanical hand, singing the fake skin. she picks jabba up with the force, and throws him into the rancor pit, kills boba fett, and frees lando, han, and chewie.

they meet up with the rest of the rebellion, which has just gotten word of where the nearly repaired death star is located. above a forrest moon, in the endor system. a rebel commando attachment is sent down to the surface, including han, chewie, and leia, while a strike team is assembled to destroy the death star once and for all, as soon as the ground sheild generator is disabled.

leia surrenders herself at the imperial outpost, fearing that she endangered the mission, and knowing that either her brother or father would come to get her. luke disembarks at the landing platform, and converses with leia, about the power of the dark side, and the strength of emperor vader. she is taken to the throne room aboard the death star. she refuses to fight, trying desperately to find the good in both her father and brother. she throws her lightsaber away, unwilling to fight. vader lifts up his saber, and strikes downward, meeting another red blade - luke has ignited his saber, blocking the blow. vader blasts him with force lighting, while leia calls up her saber igniting the blue blade. vader fires another bolt of lightning her way, but she catches it, absorbing it, and fires it back toward him, knocking him down. wheezing, he floats back up, and calls his saber, smashing down upon hers. luke rushes an advance, and slashes at his leg, then upward, severing an arm below the elbow. vader grabs his saber hilt in mid-air with the force, bringing it back to his one hand, quickly enough to block another blow from both twins, knocking them backward with the force.

"none of this matters. we're all going to die. the shield around this battle station will be destroyed, and the rebel fleet will blow this all to hell!" exclaims leia.

"i will still have the satisfaction of destroying the two of you traitors first!" bellows vader, as he charges toward them. leia blocks his strike, luke ducks and plunges his saber through vader's back, debilitating vader's chestplate breathing aparatus. vader slumps to the deck, wheezing more than before. leia, exhausted, hugs luke and says "thanks."

"thank you, leia. you have no idea the torture i was in, under the power of the dark side. you saved me." just then, an explosion rocks the entire station. "it would seem you 'pathetic' rebellion did it."

then, a voice from below... "my... children... my personal... shuttle is in... the hangar... below. go, now... save yourselves." leia bends down to take the mask off, to see their father. "i will try... to contain the blast here, until you... can get free..." drawing on every fiber of his body, anakin skywalker calls upon the force to contain the blast. luke and leia race down the stairs to the personal shuttle of lord vader, and blast out of the hangar bay. with his last breath, vader whispers, "thank you... my children..." and the death star explodes above the trees of endor.

and then the ewoks sing "yub yub."

the end.