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06-17-2004, 01:38 PM
I searched for a thread on these little guys but didnt see one. For those interested this seems to be the lineup for series 8.

Series 8 2-paks:
Mr. Fantastic/Human Torch
Brown Wolverine/Cut-Face Thing
Sue Storm/Big-Chest Thing

Here's my take:

1. Mr. Fantastic / Human Torch - Sounds good to me, at leats we are getting 2 new figures.

2. Brown Wolverine / Cut Face Thing - I will probably pass - No need for another Wolverine or Thing (Especially since I already plan to get another with the Super Skrull)

3. Sue Storm / Big Chest Thing - What the hell is big chest Thing. WHy couldn't it be She-Hulk in FF gear. I think this will be the chase set with invisible and visible Sue but it would have been cool to have a double chase set with FF She-Hulk and Purple clothed She-Hulk as well.

Here's hoping for Thor in series 9. Way too many Things.

El Chuxter
06-17-2004, 01:42 PM
Cut-Face Thing? Is that as in the story from about ten years or so ago where Wolverine sliced a big chunk of Thing's face off in one of those stupid "hero vs hero" stories, then immediately apologized?

That piece of crap story was so incredibly bad, it was one of the things that led to my abandoning funnybooks altogether for several years.

So if Big-Chest Thing is from the intervening years (or even recent, as I haven't gotten back into FF), I can't help ya there. :)

06-18-2004, 07:43 AM
I want a Punisher!
I know there is a comiccon exclusive this year, but I want one in the stores!

06-18-2004, 09:04 AM
I want a Punisher!
I know there is a comiccon exclusive this year, but I want one in the stores!

They will eventually release it in stores don't worry.

As for cut face thing, Yeah i think thats the storyline.

06-18-2004, 09:21 PM
All those Minimates sound good to me. I really want a brown Wolverine since I missed the yellow one.

06-19-2004, 06:54 PM
We got what must have been wave 1 up here at our Canadian WalMart stores. They didn't go over very well, and were clearanced out a few months ago. I waited too long, and missed out on the sets I wanted. Could anyone post a link or a list of what's been made so far? I'd like to try and find one of those Silver Surfer (exclusive?) figures that made it to the back of the packages but not into my store.

General Grievous
06-25-2004, 11:35 AM
Yes the upcoming waves sound good but too many Things. There is also a Marvel Minimate 10 pack with exclusives heres whats been made so far I'll update every once in awhile I hear new things

Wave 1 OUT:
Daredevil and Kingpin
Yellow Daredevil and Elektra
Bruce Banner and Hulk
Chase: Black Clothes Elektra

Wave 2 OUT:
Spiderman and Carnage
Battle Damaged Spiderman and Venom
Peter Parker/Spiderman and Classic Green Goblin
Chase/Exclusive: Spiderman in Black spider-suit
Rhino-TRU 5pack
Venom with Tongue- Canadian Walmart exclusive

Wave 3 OUT:
Cyclops and Jean Gray
Wolverine and Sabertooth
Logan and Storm
Chase: No Visor Cyclops

Wave 4 OUT:
Battle Damaged Daredevil and Bullseye
Masked Spiderman (lower head visible) and Gwen Stacy
Unmasked Spiderman and Doctor Octopus
Chase: Unmasked Daredevil

Wave 5 OUT:
Captain America and Absorbing Man
Thing and Doctor Doom
Civilian Logan and Juggernaut
Chase: Unmasked Doctor Doom

New X-Men Wolverine and New X-Men Jean Grey
Gamma Ray Hulk and The Leader
Ghost Rider and Iron Man
Chase: Stealth Iron Man

Chameleon and Ultimate Spider-Man
Grey Hulk and Rhino
Silver Surfer and Spider-Man 2099
CHASE: Chameleon (as J. Jonah Jameson)

Mr. Fantastic and Human Torch
Brown Wolverine and Cut-Face Thing
Sue Storm and Big Chest Thing

Others: X-men Boxset: Cyclops, Storm, Colossus, Wolverine, Nightcrwler, Thunderbird

Exclusives: Silver Surfer- 2003 Tower Exclusive
-Peter Parker and Mary Jane- 2003 Summer Conventions Exclusive
-Ultimate Spiderman and Grey Hulk- 2003 Summer Conventions exclusive NOTE: Grey Hulk was in a TRU 5 pack
-Magneto and Professor X- 2004 AFX exclusive
-Power Man and Iron Fist - 2004 Toyfare exclusive
-Classic Iron Man and Silver Centurion - 2004 AFX exclusive
-Clobberin' Time Thing and Super Skrull - 2004 Tower Records exclusive
-Brown Costume Wolverine and Mariko - 2004 Summer Conventions exclusive
-Battle Damaged Captain America and the Punisher - 2004 Summer Conventions exclusive

LOTR Minimates:
Sauron- 2004 Tower Exclusive OUT

06-25-2004, 02:06 PM
Isn't there also a Spidey box set?

General Grievous
06-25-2004, 02:43 PM
Isn't there also a Spidey box set?
Yes, theirs a spidey, an ultimate x-men, and a hulk/daredevil sets. But since the sets are made up of already exsisting minis I didn't mention them. Oh yeah and hteir is also a brand new 10 pack set with exclusive Mr.Fantastic and an exclusive Ultimate Green Goblin

06-26-2004, 05:39 PM
I think I will be passing on the 10 figure box set, will be getting Mr. Fantastic in Wave 8, and dont care about the Ultimate Universe.

07-15-2004, 06:50 AM
Series 9

Blade and Punisher
New X-Men Cyclops and White Queen
"Patch" Wolverine and Lady Death Stryke

07-18-2004, 10:53 PM
At TRU, they are selling them in 4-packs and they mix the waves up. They had Spider-Man/Carnage & Thing/Dr. Doom; Battle Damaged Daredevil/Bullseye & Civilian Logan/Juggernaut; & Captain America/Absorbing Man & Unmasked Spidey & Dock Ock. I picked up the Spider-Man/Carnage & Thing/Dr. Doom set as these are the first I've bought of these figures.

Reefer Shark
07-19-2004, 12:20 AM
I wonder if it's gonna be the movie Blade, or the comic book version. I'm betting it'll be the movie version.

07-19-2004, 10:33 AM
I think they said they dont have the rights to the movie characters, i think it will be the comic version.

It woul dbe cool to get movie versions of Daredevil, Punisher, and Blade.

12-28-2004, 04:17 PM
Well there is a Santa Spider-Man minimate out. I picked up mine. It was given to vendors who deal with Diamond as a X-mas gift. I got mine with a buy it now on ebay for 9.99. Its the same Spider-Man with little Santa hat. The feet are a little different color and have C3 holes.

01-11-2005, 09:17 AM
Series 8 of the Marvel Minimates are supposed to ship this week for the west coast, next week for the east coast.

01-22-2005, 04:14 PM
These are pretty cool, but I'm sick of the same characters being made over and over again. Where's New X-Men Beast, Ultimate X-Men Beast, Iceman, Colossus, etc? :p


Jar Jar Binks

01-22-2005, 10:35 PM
How about a regular beast. No more ultimates or New X-men stuff. I can't wait for Blade on Wednesday.

04-10-2009, 04:35 PM
I bought my first Minimates this week.

In the mail today I got the Back to the Future 3 four-figure set from Entertainment Earth. It's got Marty as "Clint Eastwood," Doc Brown, "Mad Dog" Tannen, and Detention Marty (from the first movie). So all but the last Marty figure is in western costume. I'd much rather have 1885 Clara Clayton than the 1985 Detention Marty.

I also ordered the 4-figure packs based on the Clint Eastwood / Sergio Leone westerns A Fistful of Dollars and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. There's also a pack from For a Few Dollars More but I can't find one online. If anyone has a store nearby with the For a Few Dollars More pack and would be willing to pick one up for me, I'd appreciate it!

Apparently these western packs came out last year, but I'd never heard of them until recently.