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06-22-2004, 04:55 PM
Now that we know what the first 50 OTC figures will be (38 basics and 12 vintage), one wonders how much of this stuff looks appealing to collectors. Around 80% of the basic figures will be older figures repackaged, but the new OTC packaging scheme seems to appeal to current collectors quite a bit which may help push those repacks, and new paint jobs on a few of those older figures won't hurt either. There's also revisits of several vehicles including the Millennium Falcon with a few new upgrades and the classic X-wing sans electronics (celebrating the tooling's 27th year), as well as news of the OTC Sandcrawler exclusive to Diamond distributing (aka comic & specialty shops).

So how much of the OTC line will you be taking home with you over the next few months?

06-22-2004, 05:11 PM
It's nice to be the first one to vote in a poll, it means that 100% of those polled agree with you.

I will buy the four new Dagaboh figures, the clean Biker Scout (I only found one before), the three new Bespin figures, probably the new Bespin Luke if it can hold the saber with both hands and is less beat up than the last Bespin Luke, AT-ST Han, Madine, and General Lando (haven't found the last three on Sage carding). I will probably buy a scanning crew technician or two even though I got it before. For the Vintage Line I will buy the Ben so he can sit down in the cantina or sandspeeder, the Stormtrooper if he can hold his gun with both hands, the Vader since he can choke Antilles, the Lando if he has a less extreme pose than before, the C-3P0 if his knees are articulated, the Yoda for the snake, and too early to tell on R2, Boba, and Chewie.

I WILL order the sandcrawler.

I will pass on everything else. This means I am buying about a third of everything offered. This is a remarkably low percentage compared to my usual buying habits. However, I have little objection to this wave of figures. I think it is great for people who haven't bought these figures before.
For instance, Bib Fortuna probably hasn't been available in stores for at least five years.

I also think the packaging is really great and is a real plus for a lot of people

I do think the Hall of Fame waves were a real mistake given that the OTC was about to come out.

[KOC] Darklighter
06-22-2004, 09:05 PM
Only new stuff!

Its time to make a stand and show Hasbro we dont want the same old figures in diferent cards!

06-22-2004, 09:07 PM
Right now I only plan on getting the Dagobah Luke, Yoda, R2, and Obi Wan. That may change if I see them sitting at a store though. lol

06-22-2004, 09:10 PM
I put most. I want everything, but dont have many places to shop at besides Wal-MArts and they do not carry vehicles or playsets.

B'Omarr Monkey
06-22-2004, 09:29 PM
I agree with Droid about the HOF figures being released too close to the OTC figures since there are so many repeats between the lines. I also am not sure why we need three OTC Vaders + the VOTC one.

I'm an opener, and while the cards do look nice, I won't be buying any to remain carded. My plan is to buy all of the new figures including a second Dagobah Luke so that I can display one upside down and one carrying Yoda in teh backback. I will also buy a clean Scout Trooper since I only ever found the dirty one, the spruced up Bespin Luke, X-Wing Pilot Luke if, he does not have the buck teeth (I've seen pictures both ways) and possibly IG-88 when I see him. In the pictures he appears to have been given some significant detail work with paint.

I may also buy a few for my kids such as the Gamorrean Guard, Scout Trooper, and a couple others.

I will buy the entire 3/4" VOTC line. I'm skipping the 12" line entirely.

I will buy the Sandcrawler, the Millennium Falcon, and will consider the X-Wing and TIE Fighter on a case by case basis, and as my budget allows I already have these, so unless there is a a noticible difference in the paint schemes, I will most likely pass, though my kids might end up with them.

06-22-2004, 09:31 PM
I am buying almost NOTHING!

1 Dagobah Luke
1 Dagobah Obi-Wan
1 Dagobah Yoda
2 Dagobah R2-D2
8 Bespin Cloud Car Pilots

That about sums it up.

Plus the Sandcrawler.

I will probably buy vintage OTC Yoda to open - maybe several, as they're bound to be superior to Episode 3 figures of him. The same might be said of Vader if the uniform is not going to be different. But here's what I really think.


PROBABLY NOT Luke has some appeal because of the concept, but if the shirt is too big, it's not executed very well.

PROBABLY NOT Han - does look sweet.

NO THANK YOU TO Leia - not much improvement or difference from the Leia Collection, which minus the articulation, actually is better in my opinion thus far.

NOT GOING TO GET Obi-Wan - the cloak looks beyond unreasonably large. I doubt I'd buy this one.

MIGHT GET Vader - possibly.

NOT GOING TO GET C-3PO - possibly, but I don't need a great 3PO. Cheaper ones are better. How much more beyond removeable limbs could they do with him. I'm not a carded collector.

MIGHT GET Chewbacca - possibly. If I could hold him for Episode 3 use.

NOT GOING TO GET Lando - looks good. What the POTJ should have been. The only improvement is more articulation, otherwise it's the same figure. I don't think I'll need another Bespin version of him. So: No.

NOT GOING TO GET Boba Fett - hmmm. Could be cool. Don't really need it though. I have an extra 300th edition and unless I develop a need to radically pose him - nope.

PROBABLY NOT R2D2 - depending upon what he does, this remains to be seen if I'll be buying him. Doubt it though. There will be many more R2's for $5, why spend $10?

NOT GOING TO GET Stormtrooper - I have armies of the 1995 figure. I deliberately didn't go for the CommTech so I could stay consistent. With 15 or so still carded '95's, I have no need to add to my 100+ legion.

DEFINITELY WILL GET Yoda - like I said. I'll probably be buying this one. It's been long overdue that we get a great figure of him.

As to the regular line: I'm happy for you guys who started the hobby late or could never find everything you wanted the first time.

I won't be in your way.

06-22-2004, 10:21 PM
I voted most. I will get all the carded figures and 12", but will not get all the ships.

06-22-2004, 11:12 PM
I plan on buying everything! Because, as I have said before, I am insane. I don't even collect the 12 inch line and I plan to buy the 12 inch OTC stuff.

06-22-2004, 11:51 PM
I plan on buying 2 of each VOTC figures, 2 Dagobah Lukes and CC Pilots, one of each of the other new figs, and any repacks of figures that I either missed out on originally, or that I think look great in the new OTC package. (Stormtrooper) :crazed:
BTW Tycho, love the big lists you always post lol

06-23-2004, 12:09 AM
I'll be getting virtually nothing. I pretty much stopped getting Hasbro's stuff last year. Some of the newer OTC figures have peaked my interest, but not enough to start me buying again. None of the vehicles do anything for me either.

06-23-2004, 01:07 AM
omg.. Are these things really ten bucks?? :confused: If they are then im definitly only geting what appeals to me.. nothing else. I dont know about the sandcrawler looks kinda weird to me.:crazed: I do want the scout trooper and the cloud car pilot and some other things but I have to wait and see them.

06-23-2004, 01:07 AM
Here is my detailed plan. I will but one of everything to keep in the packaging, to include the role play lightsabers, these will be the first (and only) ones I ever buy. ;) I will buy extra openers of any new figures, to include old figures with new paint jobs or old figures that have been re-tooled. :D

I started my OTC collection late last week with the DV TIE Fighter and I must say it looks pretty spiffy! :D

06-23-2004, 05:04 AM
I voted "Just worthy repaints & new figures," but it'll probably end up being more than this.

I'll try and buy at least one of each VOTC figure. I haven't decided if I'll open or not, or buy doubles, etc. I doubt that I'll buy two of each though. It's gonna depend on what these things look like once they hit the pegs. They need to be great for me to toss down $10 for each one.

From the OTC bunch, there's probably 7 or 8 that I'm sure I'll buy to open. Of those, I may buy doubles of some new figures to keep carded.

From the same OTC list of 38, there's also probably another 6 or 7 recarded figures that I may buy. Depends how badly I want, say... a few more Gam Guards, Scout Troopers or Tusken Raiders.

For vehicles, it depends when I see them. I know that I'll buy one X-wing and one Tie fighter to keep boxed. I may buy Vader's fighter for the same reason, and I'm not sure about the Falcon or the Sandcrawler.

From the 12" line, I only want Bobba. Maybe a Stormtrooper (but I doubt it.)

On top of that, there will be a few things that I'll buy for my son and then hold 'til his B-day or X-mas. I'll probably buy him either a Falcon or a Sandcrawler. (He'd love both!) He's wanted Vader's fighter, and he will also really want a 12" Bobba Fett.

06-23-2004, 08:09 AM
I will buy

2 of all VOTC (one to open)

2 of all new OTC (one to open, maybe three cloud car pilots)

1 of all recarded figures. A few exception I may buy two of. I don't know if I will want an opened Bespin Luke since he has been changed or a Hoth Vader.

I am buying the falcon, sandcrawler, and possibly the Vader TIE. But unless the paint job is different then I have no need for the X-wing or Tie. I open all my vehicles.

2 of all exclusive figures like battlefront scout trooper. Unless the online shop is a recarded Emporer then only one.

No lightsabers.

Wookie Boy
06-23-2004, 09:03 AM
Although I am quite numb to the repackaging and ever so slight re-sculpts that Hasbro has been doing for about 5 years now, I finally have had enough. These figures aren't any better than their previous plastic incarnations. There aren't enough new figures for me to even consider buying anything from the line. If I start to buy 1 from the line, I end up up buying the entire line. I will instead look to complete my vintage figures collection. It will be money and time better spent. I doubt I will even buy any Episode 3 figures next year. Putting crap inside cool packaging doesn't change the fact that it is crap. "You can't polish a turd."

"If you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed. I can. I've got the time." -Tommy Boy

06-23-2004, 09:21 AM
Tycho, I looked at your list of what you are planning to buy. Are you passing on the Madine wave or did you already find it?

Lazer Brain
06-23-2004, 11:47 AM
i voted Just worthy repaints & new figures:
for the most part i am just looking for new figures or good rescultps, i might get one of each to keep closed, but might not , i passed on most of the HOF recards.

06-23-2004, 12:35 PM
Tycho, I looked at your list of what you are planning to buy. Are you passing on the Madine wave or did you already find it?

I found:

General Madine - bought him and added him to my Rebel briefing room scene.

Lando General - I left him on the rack. I already have a Lando General. Got him in 1998 when a lot of other people did.

Han Solo AT-ST Driver - I also left him on the rack. Besides there being no proof Han ever wore the uniform beyond the helmet you saw in the Imperial's point of view, I bought all the AT-ST Drivers I needed in February 1997. Wouldn't buy a regular one, much less Han, even if I could.

3 figures - and they show up here every so often when I go hunting. I bought 1 Madine and I leave the rest alone.

(I would like a 12" Lando General though)

What's funny to watch is that some people will get frustrated with the inevitable event of Hasbro reaching the bottom of the barrel on the 5 movies out there, and they'll quit collecting and sell everything they own.

I am very happy with the collection I have, and also the chance to barely spend ANY money on anything more. Here and there, I'll be happy to add to the scenes I've built, the occasional figure or 2. But I don't need "the act of shopping" to sustain my appreciation for the toys I already own.

In the Saga forum, myself and many of the people posting here went through the 5 movies scene-by-scene and voted on lists of all the figures possible - right down to everything imaginable. The thread is still very active and we're selecting finalists now.

We found there to be 211 figures ultimately left that are marketably viable - and only half that amount is really desired by anyone (plus or minus 10 more cantina aliens).

At 50 figures per year, the hobby as it relates to the 5 movies out there, could only produce new sculpts for 4 years. Based on demand for many of these more obscure characters, it's more realistically 2 years.

Add Episode 3, with an additional 2 more years of figures, AND WE ARE ALL DONE IN 4-6 YEARS (with figures from six (6) movies).

Go to the Saga forum and check the last 5 or so pages in the thread to read our most-demanded-for-production list I'll give to Hasbro on behalf of all of us.

To me it is a natural progression for the "death of the hobby" and I'm not going to act surprised or cry because every year (save for E3 toys) I'll be buying less and less toys. What's the use in complaining? And if you're like me, and you've liked what you've bought like the AT-AT I got in 1998, there's no use quitting collecting or selling off all my toys. Enjoy what you have and appreciate how you accumulated it.

I'll be here for another 4-6 years. It's just impossible for me to have as many items I'll be interested in. The re-releases will be great for all the new collectors (like kids or DVD enthusiasts that haven't gotten back into SW because they've been waiting for a digital release - with the figures on display near the DVD's - if stores display properly - we may have a lot of new people joining us from many ages - who just never knew they could've replaced their Darth Vader figure dating back to 1995 - but just now they did).

I'd say welcome them and don't discourage them as this place can go negative with great speed. Instead, let them rave about "The cool Han Solo in his black vest," and roll your eyes, but do it quietly, remembering back to 1995 or whenever you got into the hobby, and the enjoyment you had.

So for me:

1 Dagobah Luke to pose in a one-handed head stand
1 Yoda Dagobah to stand on his feet (couldn't do this scene before these figures)
1 Obi-Wan spirit to watch them
2 R2-D2's - one to watch this, and the other to replace a different R2 that's in a Dagobah scene but way too clean. (I'm sure I'll need the old droid to witness Anakin and Padme's wedding).

8 Cloud Car Pilots - 2 to walk around my Cloud City, and 6 to crew 3 cloud cars I hope to hang around my Cloud City Millennium Falcon.

That will be it. $65 during a release most of you will spend $190 or more on completing. That's $125 I could put towards my savings for those large $200 display cases that I like to put my 6 feet displays in. Of course custom ones made to fit the Republic Gunship's wingspan might cost up to $500. So I can still "spend my money on Star Wars" - just differently.

Besides, the Sandcrawler is $60 anyway.

06-23-2004, 01:33 PM
That's $125 I could put towards my savings for those large $200 display cases that I like to put my 6 feet displays in. Of course custom ones made to fit the Republic Gunship's wingspan might cost up to $500. So I can still "spend my money on Star Wars" - just differently.

Do you have a picture of the cases you use. I've been getting Jumbo storage units from Millspride. They are cheaply made and cost $130, but they are big (had to put in the gunships diagonally and take out one of the front guns but it fit ;) ) and they have doors which is a must since it is my garage and the dog stays in there during bad storms.

06-23-2004, 02:48 PM
Just the new figures, and Bespin Luke.

06-23-2004, 02:54 PM
I voted for most, only because I'm not going to be getting the vehicles, lightsabers, etc....just all of the figs and a vehicle here and there.


06-23-2004, 03:08 PM
I'm going to be selective. I will get the new figures and might have to purchase the original ANH figures, just for old time's sake. Just looking at the packaging brings back good childhood memories.

06-23-2004, 03:14 PM
Dindae, I don't STORE my collection.

I set up battles in display cases. (See picture attached - Endor)

These are 6 feet long, about 4.5 feet high, and 18 inches wide (deep).

Many comic book stores or jewelry stores buy these cases (that ordinarily have shelves in them) to display merchandize.

I am not interested in "displaying" my toys. I'm interested in recreating the battles in large, but nevertheless confined and enclosed-protected areas. Sort of like a model railroad, as I use the same landscaping techniques whenever possible.

However, my displays must be cat-proof, and also since I want to do so many of them, and theme my rooms off so many different Star Wars worlds, they can't be humongous either.

But the Republic Gunships require almost 33 inches (with some leeway) versus the 18 inches I have for width in these cases. I require the ship to be displayed flying level so my figures don't fall out, and with all weapons on board and looking as authentic as Hasbro made it possible. Plus, my Clone Wars Battle of Geonosis requires the room for 2 of them, one in back of and off-center (not firing into) the other one. So a custom width to be determined will be required of my case I use to display this one.

Meanwhile, here is my Battle of Endor:

2 1983 vintage Ewok Villages
4 1995 POTF2 AT-ST Scoutwalkers
1 1984 Ewok Glider
1 1984 Ewok Catapult
4 1996 Speederbikes with Bikerscouts
4 1998 Endor Rebel Soldiers
1 2002 Goatee Endor Rebel
1 2002 clean-shaven Endor Rebel
8 1995 POTF2 Stormtroopers
2 1998 Death Star Troopers
1 2001 POTJ Imperial Officer
1 1997 ATST Driver
1 1995 POTF2 Chewbacca - in "Rebel" scoutwalker
1 1998 Leia Collection, Ewok Princess Leia
1 1996 POTF2 Han Solo Carbonite - unfrozen (the black vest made too much contrast)
1 1996 POTF2 Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight
1 1998 set of POTF2 Jedi Spirits including Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Yoda
1 1995 POTF2 C-3PO (in 1983 Ewok throne chair)
1 1983 complete Chief Chirpa
1 1983 complete Logray
1 1983 complete Wicket
1 1983 complete Teebo
1 1984 complete Paploo
1 1984 complete Lumat
1 1984 complete Warok
1 1984 complete Romba
1 1998 POTF2 Wicket
1 1998 POTF2 Logray
1 1998 Complete Galaxy Ewok from Endor
1 2001 POTJ Teebo
1 2004 Ewok from Ultra Edition Glider
1 extra 1983 Chief Chirpa - hood changed
1 extra 1983 Logray - hood changed
2 extra 1983 Teebos - hoods changed
2 extra 1983 Paploos - hoods changed
1 extra 1984 Lumat - hood changed
1 extra 1984 Warok - hood changed
2 extra 1998 POTF2 Wickets - hoods changed
1 extra 1998 POTF2 Logray - hood changed
1 extra 2001 POTJ Teebo -hood changed

For 25 Ewoks Total (I'd like 7 more - all new ones made from Hasbro)


16 Imperials
25 Ewoks
6 Rebel soldiers
Chewie is also in the fight

So, for a believeable victory, the Rebels with their furry allies, outnumber the Imperials 2-1.

An accurate representation of the Battle of Endor - scaled down and collaged together (as Han and Leia share a romantic moment with some uncertainty about their future, and Luke is visited by the Ghosts of his Jedi predecessors, while Threepio holds court with his Ewok admirerers.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the larger image, so you'll have to believe me...it's all in here.

But to stay on topic with the OTC -there's nothing I'm going to update, and except for new Ewoks, nothing I'd add to this (or most of my dioramas) I've already built as you see here.

06-23-2004, 03:23 PM
Very nice, Tycho.

Darth Alex
06-23-2004, 03:36 PM
This is a very interesting list of responses. Tycho, you had a particularly good point about the resculpts and the fact that they help keep the hobby afloat.
I picked most. Despite the recent loss of one job(layoff) and really tight finances, I will be buying a pretty nice assortment of the VOTC and the OTC.
However, with this particular line, my buying habits are now changed forever due to the VOTC.
I'm coming up on the 7 year anniversary of getting into toy collecting. Around July 1st of 1997 I began to get out of collecting vinyl records and upon killing time in the Dickson City, PA TRU found a POTF2 green carded Boba. And it's been a interesting ride since then. I'm sure you can all relate, the phases one goes through in this hobby: one to open, one to keep sealed, army building, displaying new stuff, getting disgusted and selling off some of the collection, and so on...
When I first bought the Hulk Luke or the Monkey Faced Leia, I was just happy to be getting SW figures again. Granted, on sight alone, some of the 1995-1997 were actually better looking during the Kenner days! But after seeing how much stuff would some to pass and how many resculpts would come out, I quickly kept nothing carded, stuck to only 3 3/4" figures (my favorites!), and frequently sold off figures that had lousy sculpts.
Walmart has a layaway for me of one each of the HOF wave. Because of how great the VOTC sculpts are, I'm not going to keep that whole assortment. Nor will I buy every OTC figure. I admit, this is THE best packaging I've seen and if I had the money I would actually buy a whole set and display them in package. IF I had mucho dinero.
The VOTC is great and while not everyone is diggin it, I'm buying one each of the 12 figures.
Here's where the problem starts. Paying double over what the figures normally cost on the shelves is really gonna cut into what I spend on the hobby. Plus with all of the OTC line I already have, I'm pretty much just buying things like Bespin Luke for the cool resculpt or the Hoth Vader(Yes, I will cave in).
Hasbro has cut it's own throat deep on this one, though. After the SA Clonetrooper was so hard to find, I finally decided to stop army building.
Ya know, there used to be a time I would buy one of everything 3 3/4" related just to have for my "collection". Then a little time called the last half of 1999 and the beginning of 2000 came to pass. Does anyone remember how that time was? I know you do. Pure frustration for completists like me. The 2nd wave of Ep1 accessory sets, the Eopie/Qui pack, the Jabba, the supposed pit droid cinema scene that became a search for 6 foreign carded variant pit droids. That broke me from being a completist.
And yes, money and space are big factors. I'd love to have a room where I set up shelving and tables, hang vehicles, and have a massive SW "shrine". Not gonna happen, not soon unless I hit the powerball.
Anyway, the SAGA line has seen some bizarre stuff. The wrong colored Battle Droid released first for Geonosis displays. Granted the "tan" droid is great for a Ep1 diorama, but when I wanted to buy all the "red" droid I could, I lost interest AND couldn't find the quantities I wanted. Hasbro's distribution has been lousy since January of 2003. Yes, we will probably find what we want to the rest of the year and for the start of Ep3's line, but I'm really not looking forward to the late fall of 2005!
So, I will buy most. A Falcon, a Tie, the other "exclusive ships" provided they actually get released. A Sandcrawler. Since I sold the Slave 1 a while ago, I'll buy this one. Even if it's an exact replica of the Ep2 ship, which would be dumb-for ESB accuracy, you need to be able to put the carbonite block in the ship. Still, the photos I've seen look great so I'll pick one up.
But I would funnel more money into this hobby if it wasn't so expensive getting the army builders I want and if it wasn't so frustrating. The VOTC stormtrooper will probably be the dream army builder I've always wanted. The OTC version should have a blaster, not that huge cannon-gun. But I'm not spening $10-a-pop on the VOTC solider to build a massive army.
I hope the OTC line is readily available and I REALLY hope that the VOTC line doesn't follow the typical route-1st wave, too much available, 2nd wave, late and hard to find, 3rd wave, LATE and not easy to find if at all.
If the rumors are true and we get a nice helping of R5D4, more OTC figures that are currently not known, Ep3 Preview figures, and even some more Ep1-Ep2 figures besides the Jedi Council scenes, then we'll have a great time for a while.
So, all in all, it's most for me. Although, I need another small X-wing like I need a disease....

06-23-2004, 03:45 PM
I voted for worthy repaints and new figures.

From the VOTC line I already have Han and I also plan to buy:
Boba Fett

Leia, Luke, Ben, Lando and Yoda are all on my "maybe" list.

Most likely, though, I will probably order cases of the VOTC line and split the cost with my brother. So it's a good chance I'll eventually end up with all of them.

From the OTC line, at this point I only want:
TIE Pilot - to keep carded
Bossk - to keep carded
Stormtrooper - to keep carded

My "maybe" list includes Dagobah Luke, Yoda and R2-D2. At this point, I have no plans to buy Bespin Leia, Lobot or the Cloud Car Pilot.

I'll probably just get Boba Fett from the 12" line and the Millenium Falcon from the vehicles offered.

Other than that, I'm good. :cool:

06-23-2004, 07:11 PM
Enough with the lists already.:nerv:

06-23-2004, 09:20 PM
Enough with the lists already.:nerv:

Reasons to collect Star Wars:

1) You're trying to induce your wife to grant you a divorce
2) They still make figures that they never made before
3) They look so real
4) You could have sworn that with Hayden's wooden acting, he really did have a button in his back
5) You're going to keep every variation mint and some day sell them and get a used-car
6) You need something to keep you company- what with your mom locking you in your basement and all...
7) $5 for Princess Leia is the only way you can ever get a girl
8) You'd like to create a diorama of every major war and are desperately losing a battle to disorganization
9) You need to fill up all those plastic storage bins you invested in
10) If you used your garage to park your car, well how boring would that get?
11) You're saving this stuff for your kids (but you don't even have a wife yet)
12) Your foodstamps work at Super-Wal-Marts because they are also grocery stores
13) If you keep up with the other nerds and geeks, you have something to talk about with your imaginary friends you meet online
14) One day they are actually going to make Yarna dal Gargon
15) If you quit now, 5 or so people at Hasbro might become unemployed
16) You could go on and on....

06-24-2004, 03:36 PM
I agree with Droid about the HOF figures being released too close to the OTC figures since there are so many repeats between the lines. Hasbro originally said that the OTC line was a last-minute thing to tie in with the CT DVD set, so HOF wasn't planned to be followed by OTC.

For me, I plan on getting new figs and worthy repaints, but definitely NOT the whole line. I've been on the fence about the Vintage figures as well, they don't look all that great to me yet and the price is not so nice, so I don't want to commit to them until I see them up close.

B'Omarr Monkey
06-24-2004, 07:55 PM
To continue with what Tycho and Darth Alex have said, I Started collecting Sw stuff with the earlybird way back when, and stopped right before the final wave of the vintage line. I know, kick me now. I started trying to fill in blanks spots in my collection in the late 80s, and it was still affordable to do it, but I was doing it in a very piecemeal fashion. There was no ebay back then so it was consignment stores, conventions and flea markets. It was also easy to keep up with the new stuff, since there was so little of it. You could buy the Sw bendies, shampoo, books, stationery sets, etc. But a few yeras later, I not only dropped the 12" line because of the impossible to find exclusives (mainly, for me, the Cantina band) and the hard to find non-exclusives. The fact that the sculpts got worse and worse never tempted me back. I dropped getting stationery supplies, micro machines, and the action fleet as well as any weird stuff like koosh balls shaped like Sebulba, and concentrated on the 3 3/4" line. With that line, I used to buy 3 of each, one to open, one to keep carded, and one to keep for trading or to give to my kids, but when the Mon Mothma line initially came out, it was barely possible to find one of each figure, let alone three. Then when the holgraphic Darth Sidious wave came out, I gave up on buying more than one for good. I wasn't going to pay $50 so that I could have 3 of the same figure.

I'm still sticking with the 3 3/4" line, but will not be terribly upset when it is over and done with. In a way I'm looking forward to that day. I'm enjoying the line, and excited about future possibilities, but I won't miss the empty pegs that greet me more often than not in the stores, or the elusive exclusives. I will keep my collection, and hopefully figure out the best way to display it all. I may even go about buying some other SW stuff that I've passed on for the last ten years or so, such asthe vintage Princess Leia Beauty Kit. Heck, I may even complete my vintage figure collection. If I don't have to worry about shelling out $50 every month or so on new figures, I could conceivably buy one vintage figure for $100.

I collect this stuff because I truly enjoy it, and the line ending will not take that away from me. If the line ends without giving me Wioslea or Mose, I'll be disappointed, but there are afew people out there who make amazing customs, and I'll probably commission one.

06-25-2004, 05:11 PM
I'll pick up the new figures for certain, and the repinted ones if they look worth my money. The new packaging is cool, but a dozen or so examples of it will be enough, especially considering how many times some of those figures have been recarded already.

I'll grab the sandcrawler (at least one new figure with it), but the rest of the ships without figures just do nothing for me. I've seen the X-Wing and the TIE fighter and aren't impressed at all with them.

My frustration lies in the fact that certain figures never hit shelves in certain areas, then others make their way around five or six times. Distribution has always been a problem with Hasbro, and I'm no longer going to "encourage" them by buying repacks... just the new stuff.

06-26-2004, 01:48 PM
I put down that I will buy everything. I unfortunately try to be a completist and with a little help (thanks captainsolo1138) I do a pretty good job and besides I like the new packaging and I don't mind having more then one Luke or Ben of the same sculpt. Also with most of the new vehicles coming in window boxes it makes for a better looking collection when you have it displayed. I will definitely enjoy having all 50 of these figures.

marty fett
06-26-2004, 02:40 PM
i will only be getting the new stuff (Dagobah and Bespin) and the scanning trooper as i have everything else and all 12 VOTC.
i gave up on 12'' years ago,but the new boba fett looks tempting.
Time to start saving for Episode III.