View Full Version : OTC TIE FIghter-more of a good thing!

Darth Alex
06-24-2004, 12:21 PM
I picked up the TIE at the Williamsport, PA TRU this morning and I think it's a good buy. The new logo on the starfield packaging looks great and for $19.99 it's nice to get the re-sculpted TIE from the KB exclusive (no battery hatch).
While I open everything and admit that the KB Saga TIE looked great in the DS trench, this is really solid for an all-purpose OTC vehicle that could be used for any of the 3 films.
The clear 'window' is pretty sturdy and looks like it'll hold up to minor bumps. The packaging itself is pretty strong, too. The way the solar panels are positioned, it's clear that the packaging has been made as small as possible, but the back panel photos of dogfights with X-wings are a little covered up.
As far as packing, the TIE is very secure so a sealed display will hold up.
The only thing the TIE comes with is a set of directions (!) on how to disengage and put in the 'solar panels' and a OTC catalog.
If you haven't seen the catalog, there are no major suprises; has a good checklist (lists Hoth Vader) and is proof that Hasbro is taking this OTC launch seriously.
If you need more TIEs or don't have one, it's a good buy. For all the openers out there if you pick up a TIE Fighter Pilot figure, your saving $5 overall than if you would've bought the KB Saga exclusive. Interesting...
Overall, it'd be nice to see a Battle Damaged version and the lights/sounds would have been cool to put back in. While rumors persist that we may see a larger TIE like the Red Leader X-wing, I'll just sum up by saying that it's nice to see this on the shelf again. As my second TIE, I'll gladly set it up by the soon to drop Vader TIE.
Overall Grade: 8/10. Nice re-issue of a great vehicle. Happy hunting!

06-26-2004, 02:38 AM
Right on! Glad I skipped the KB version -- looking forward to this.

Darth Alex
06-27-2004, 12:41 PM
BTW-I admit there are only three improvements I could actually see Hasbro doing to this toy and they are minor for the most part.
First, sounds and lights could be included, but Hasbro isn't really going that route these days, so fine. Second, I would include a clear stand that could display the TIE. I really don't remember how the TIE Pilots got in the cockpit in the OT, but a stand would look cool to display the TIE. Finally, if they do make a bigger TIE to go along with the larger X-wing, I'd buy it.
Again, though, just having this on my TV looks great.
Eventually it would be cool to see a version of this with battle damaged wings!