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06-28-2004, 04:57 AM
J'Quille (Jabba's Sail Barge) reviewed.

To me, the most memorable thing about seeing "Return of the Jedi" for the first time, was finding yourself looking at all of the new character faces, each more bizarre than the next. Jabba's palace was full of alien eye-candy lurking in every shadow. Much of it you'd miss if you blinked or stared too long at any one detail -- but that's what made the movie fun. One of the most odd and at the same time wonderful alien mugs has finally been cast in plastic. The Whiphid, J'Quille -- "Tooth Face" to some, is now ready to lurk in the shadows of your toy shelf.
How's the packaging? Coming carded on the now very familiar (soon to be extinct) Saga "gold" card, with "Return of the Jedi" printed down the left edge, J'Quille sits on one side of the bubble, with the stand and blaster rifle on the other. No big surprises, no big thrills -- same old card, and so I tore mine open...

How's the figure look? Given that this character, like so many others, is only on screen for an instant, you really need to dig around a bit for photos to compare to the toy. There aren't many, but it's obvious from what I've seen and how they compare, that Hasbro's managed to capture the -- guy in a furry suit with a big rubber mask -- thing pretty well. I'd say that the overall sculpt is good, but not great. The most important part, the head and the face, are -- in classic Hasbro tradition, more of a vague approximation of how the character really looks. The detailing is not perfect, as the face is a bit too flat (if that's possible) and the shape of the skull is a little off. Part of the problem also, is that the paint seems wrong on the face and head. Maybe it's the wrong color, maybe it's just too dark and for sure it's a little too sloppy. From what I've seen, J'Quille's hair is really more gray and not the brown that's used here -- used all over the figure for that matter. The body is sculpted well... it's a simple idea. A furry suit with long sloth like claws, a belt and some pouches. The fur detail is nice I think. I even noticed a little detailing under the arm pits, on the flat part that you'll probably never see if the arms are down. Here I'd say that the paint, as simple as it is, works well and is appropriate.

In general, as much as I'd like the face to have better detail, I like what we got from the sculpt. Good, but not perfect. The paint is sloppy on the face, and should have been much better, but it doesn't ruin the figure for me.

How does the figure feel? This one's a great sturdy toy. No loose or questionably designed parts to wobble or fall apart here. My figure is heavy and chunky -- a good solid thing. Not so good, and not so solid is the weapon that comes packed with J'Quille. I think we're becoming (sadly) used to the kind of soft, bendy plastic that Hasbro's been using for the accessories for a while now. In this case, because of the blaster rifle's design -- a long cylinder of a barrel at the end of a ribbon thin body with a round disk on top and a basic buttstock -- the soft plastic is even more annoying. The rifle is a bad design for this figure really, the idea of those big claw fingers working that little trigger is kind of silly.

Only the weapon gets a big claw-finger down, otherwise, I'd say that this is a good quality toy. That brings us to...

What about play value? J'Quille comes with some basic articulation -- neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist and hips. I didn't expect much more here, though I was thinking that ball jointed shoulders would have been nice. The pose is also very basic, with just a little offset positioning to the legs and feet. It's good though, J'Quille stands very well -- no need for the included plastic stand at all. (Another one to toss in the drawer.) My only real gripe with J'Quille and it's "fun" value, again has to do with the included weapon. There's not much that you can do with it, it only barely fits in the hands and they can't hold onto the barrel either. (I'm tempted to switch it out for one of those Stormtrooper rifles.)

So, what's the most memorable thing about this J'Quille figure? Well, it looks great settled in among all of the other bizarre looking alien figures on my shelf. We've been really lucky to get as many Jabba's palace creatures as we've gotten. On the whole, I'm happy to have this figure. It's not perfect, but it has character -- and with a face like that, how could it not?

06-29-2004, 02:21 PM
My brother has this figure, and I must say, I am a little disappointed with how he turned out. The sloppy paint on his face is what I really dislike. Hasbro did a much better job on Tanus Spijek.

It's a shame, because I really wanted J'Quille. Now, I'll just wait until I can find one without such a crappy paint job, if ever, to buy one.

06-30-2004, 02:17 AM
Yeah, I agree, Tanus has a much better paint job.

The only problem with waiting to find a good J'Quille, is that they've been sort of hard to find. (But all good things come to those that wait.)