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06-28-2004, 04:42 PM
Well, for those who might be interested, www.supershadow.com is posting what they claim to be the Ep3 plotline.

Their layout of the Ep2 plotline, one year before the film was released, was about 80% accurate, so this might be worth the time to check out.

I've read it and it sounds pretty good; but there's a lot of stuff that I doubt will make it into the film even if this is the real plotline. For instance, Anakin going through the temple and slaughtering the Jedi Younglings. Yeah, that's really going to get a PG rating. :rolleyes:

Anyways, just a heads up for anyone who is interested. :cool:

06-28-2004, 08:15 PM
While dying, his eyes eject from their sockets?!!! :rolleyes:

06-28-2004, 08:39 PM
I've read something fairly similar to this (although it was a screenplay, and was really long) way back when AOTC first came out.

06-29-2004, 11:59 AM
While dying, his eyes eject from their sockets?!!! :rolleyes:
Other than this, it sounds pretty good. This is just all the spoilers compressed together with some weird new ones. If this turns out to be the real movie, it'll be good, but it could end up seeming rushed.

06-29-2004, 01:59 PM
I'm glad this plotline makes mention of Threepio's memory wipe and I hope that it is included in the film. Just a simple line like, "Make sure you wipe that droid's memory!" would be enough to clear up the issue.

Then people can stop whining about it. :D

plo koon 200
06-29-2004, 02:25 PM
For those, like me, who have followed the spoiler should know what the plot is. I pratically know the sequence of events in the film. All I need is the script. Anyways, Supershadow says a lot of untrue stuff. They are the least reliable spoiler site, sorry.

06-29-2004, 02:33 PM
They are the least reliable spoiler site, sorry.

No need to apologize, I wasn't endorsing the site, just bringing it to the attention of anyone who might be interested.

Their Ep2 plotline was fairly accurate when it came out more than a year before the film. That's where I first heard about Anakin slaughtering the Tuskens and the true nature of the Clonetroopers.

In any case, it doesn't matter. If there is a more reliable spoiler site, maybe you could post a link, I'd like to check it out.

06-29-2004, 06:10 PM
Yeah, I read it, most of this stuff is things we knew about or heard about it through the rumor mill. So it's nothing new to me, I read something like this months ago so I guess anybody could have put the puzzle together & came up with this. :D

master jedi
07-02-2004, 01:43 AM
supershadow.com is complete crap. The guy who runs that site doesn't know any more that we do. If he knew Lucas and/or was even posting anything of signifigance Lucas would have shut that site down long ago. Don't believe anything on that site or anything that guy says. The guy obviously wants attention.

plo koon 200
07-03-2004, 12:09 AM
In any case, it doesn't matter. If there is a more reliable spoiler site, maybe you could post a link, I'd like to check it out.
Episode-X.com, T-Bone's from Star Warz.com, and I belive JediDefender.com. You will need to look around since the shooting has finished and no new info has really finished up. I also belive that TFN has amassed a complete spoiler from A-Z outline but you will have to look for that as well.

07-04-2004, 05:42 PM
I remember back before TPM came out, I read on stuporshadow.com that "Boba Fett removes his helmet revealing that he is really a beutiful blonde woman." It was a load of crap. (Thank God) Anything that fool has on his site that is true, he stole from somewhere else. Thanks though bigb, I'm gonna read it anyway just for a laugh.

07-04-2004, 05:58 PM
Nothing but stuff we've already heard strung together by speculation. Nice try supershadow.

Kyle Katarn
07-06-2004, 05:23 PM
I've entered to Super Shadow, it's kinda cool but I don't believe too much what he says. He also has the Plot of Episode 7, 8 and 9.

07-28-2004, 09:51 AM
That would be interesting if true. I would like it if C3P0's memory was erased, but not R2's.

That would flow along with the thought that R2 has known all along who Ben Kenobi was, and who Luke Skywalker was, etc.

07-28-2004, 03:41 PM
I remember plenty of times when people asked him if "revenge of the sith" was the episode 3 title and he told them they weren't even close.

07-28-2004, 05:55 PM
I don't like several elements.

1) Anakin has little motivation to go over to the Dark Side. They hit a nerve when his Mom dies and he takes revenge on the Tusken Raiders.

I would have Palpatine reveal to him (in his office, when Mace comes to confront him) that Dooku was Anakin's father. This might or might not be true, but if Anakin believes the Jedi let him kill his own father without even telling him, that would seriously motivate him to hate the Jedi in the extreme! First his mom, then his dad...(and later his wife and child if he believes the baby is dead).

Just deciding that he's mad at Mace and the Jedi for not recognizing how wonderful he is doesn't supply a motive for murder.

They could still do this in dialogue recorded during pick-up shooting which will involve these characters.

2) When Anakin "kills" Padme, it should be like he Force tosses her in a "shut-up" gesture, but she's accidently impaled (in some way that would harm her, but not her babies). This would be severe violence, but could survive a PG-13 rating, and Qui-Gon was shown being impaled by a lightsaber anyway. Padme could be impaled by something she lands against.

3) Vader needs some motivation to not be completely loyal to Palpatine and turn on him later. It can tie in with why they didn't change Luke Skywalker's name to Clark Kent or something: Vader makes a deal with the Emperor, that no one will touch his son so long as Vader serves his master. "I give you my life for that of my son's" basically. When he tells Luke in ROTJ that he must obey his master, it is because he believes that's the only thing protecting Luke. But when Palpatine strikes down Luke with lightning in ROTJ, he breaks the bargain and Vader punishes him permanently for it!

4) That we miss HOW Palpatine was captured by the Separatists, and how come they got so close to Coruscant because it's not in the movie sucks. He could get captured at the beginning of the film, and then ANakin and Obi-Wan go off on their mission to rescue him. To so blatantly rely on the Expanded Universe and Clone Wars cartoon is true marketing evil. ROTJ did that a little, since you didn't see how Lando got into Jabba's Palace or where Chewie went when they did that - and how come Lando just didn't unfreeze Han right then instead of risking Leia...but nor did we see Fett deliver the frozen Solo to Jabba either. But I think the Chancellor of the Republic's capture by Separatists is of greater importance to see in the movie.

These are the first 4 (and hopefully only 4) faults that come to my mind when I see it.

I'd still also like new Clone Templates to be introduced, like one that is the origin of Han Solo (perhaps when Denn Solo fled the Corellian system, his baby son grew up to become a new mercenary type like Jango Fett, and then got a job as a new Clone progenerator. When the young Clones were tapped under extreme war conditions, a "solo" clone's training headset implants malfunctioned, and the 11 year old Clone (with some pretty good training) made a moral decision (to not kill Jedi or someone else) and started showing Han's reluctant value system and penchant for doing the right thing. This boy could get lost amongst the battle, and little Solo would wind up with Garris Shrike in the Expanded Universe (Paradise Snare, HS Trilogy). The name Han Solo would not be used, but we'd just see a cameo of Harrison Ford being stuck with a needle or something, indicating he's the source for another kind of new Clone, and we get the indirect implication, that the young 11 year old with his 5 seconds of fame will grow up to be a famous Corellian Rebel and thus the mystery of Han Solo is resolved.

Takes less than a minute of the movie to do.

This is a fairy tale, so "too many coincidences in a big galaxy" are just fine. It's not real people.

Anyway, I'm done for now. I give the plot as we've heard it a "6" compared to what it could have been. It will have more action than AOTC so it sounds better - and it has more point to it than TPM, but it misses where it could have scored.

My ideas could make it into a 10!

07-29-2004, 04:59 AM
If the whole Palpy capture thing is true, we know that it's supereasy for Palps to get "captured" by the seperatists because HE'S CONTROLING BOTH SIDES. I think it will make sense once it's unequivocably revealed in ROTS that Palpy IS Sidious.

NO FALCON IN ROTS! Please no. No "Solos" either.