View Full Version : "Black Eyes" 4th Teaser Trailer?

Rollo Tomassi
12-18-2001, 06:38 PM
I was at work today and after the lead projectionist put the LOTR reels together, I saw the header scraps from the trailers on his desk. The words

Version: "BLACK EYES"
Running Time: 2:10

jumped out at me. Is this a variation of one of the three previous trailers or are we getting a fourth trailer? No one has heard anything about this. I guess I'll find out tonight and the rest of you will find out tomorrow. You must admit, it's very intriguing...

12-18-2001, 09:30 PM
Rollo, black eyes was the codename for the forbidden love trailer. Used because Rick McCallum produced a series for TV called blackeyes here in the UK I think. The next trailer isn't supposedly out until April. acording to George himself that is. :)

Rollo Tomassi
12-19-2001, 03:57 AM
So it was. I think its odd to have a codename for a trailer when STAR WARS EPISODE II appears in big black bold letters on same trailer. Not much in the way of subterfuge their.

As an interesting aside, Fellowship of the Ring came to theatres in canisters marked 'Changing Seasons"

12-19-2001, 04:07 AM
At this point in time, I would not care if E2 or E3 or E20,000 never, ever came out. I will never appreciate Star Wars as much as it deserves after seeing FOTR. Peter Jackson has raised the bar so high, that George Lucas has yet to even come close, and I seriously doubt he ever will.

"Changing seasons," I wonder where they got that frome?

kit fristo
12-19-2001, 05:53 PM
no mate no.
the next trailer is in april


12-20-2001, 08:50 AM
Honestly... I have never liked Tolkien and I have no interest in FOTR, so it matters not to me.

Co Jo-Da
12-20-2001, 11:35 AM
Now I saw LotR yesterday and I was blown away by the whole film, it was very well done with all the trimings. But Star Wars is still a different world, the fans maybe one in the same but the love for each series is quiet different. As much as I was blown away by LotR, I am and will always be a STAR WARS fan FIRST...

12-20-2001, 11:42 AM
I read the Hobbit in 5th grade, I didn't become a Star Wars fan until the Special Editions came out. I've always held Star Wars as my favorite movies, but LOTR (and Hobbit) were my favorite books.

And FOTR was such an incredible movie, I've never walked out of a movie feeling like I did when I walked out of FOTR. So, as of now, I'm more into LOTR, then Star Wars. That may change when we get closer to AOTC, but given what is/was E1, and the current state of mind of GL, plus the rest of LOTR in just 2 short years, LOTR's got more going for it then Star Wars at this point, IMO. Plus, I always liked fantasy more than sci-fi.

I'm still a Star Wars fanatic, but I just like LOTR more, that's all.

Also, I didn't see the AOTC trailer with LOTR, I did see trailers for Blade 2 and Austin Powers 3 though.

Co Jo-Da
12-20-2001, 11:51 AM
Up in the GREAT PACIFIC NORTHWEST we got to see these tailers in order:

The Scorpion King
Austin Powers 'Goldmember'
Episode II 'Forbidden'

Than FotR started...

Does anyone know when the 4th and probably final AotC trailer would show up in theaters?

12-20-2001, 11:57 AM
I saw the Ep2 trailer and the Spider-Man trailer, plus a bunch of films that I don't seem to remember. I think Austin Powers 3 was one of them, I don't think I've ever cringed sooo much while laughing soooo little. But that was pretty much my reaction to Austin Powers 2 also.

FOTR totally blew me away. I walked out of the theater speachless and lost in the beauty of Middle Earth. I remember walking out of Ep1 trying to talk myself into loving the movie.

For now AOTC exists only as the halfway mark to The Two Towers in my mind. This may change as the movie draws nearer but for now Star Wars takes a distinct second.

12-20-2001, 11:59 AM
OH yeah, I forgot about the Scorpion King. Could The Rock star in a more blatant Conan:The Barbarian rip-off? This has 'video rental' written all over it.

12-20-2001, 12:17 PM
I'm amazed that Michael Clark Duncan is in the Scorpion King. Fist Planet of the Apes, now this. This guy had potential to be in incredible movies.

I didn't see the Spider-Man trailer either, but I saw it online, and visions of Green Goblin armor are still haunting my nightmares.

Actually too, I think the Rock is going to be the new Conan in the upcoming Conan movie.

Rollo Tomassi
12-22-2001, 10:39 AM
Dude, What did I do to you? What the helly is this Digital prison you keep talking about? Do I know you?

Watiaminnit...are you that creep that stole my name? Did you get canned from Sir Steves? What is your deal?

Co Jo-Da
12-24-2001, 08:02 PM
I love it that thay are making a Conan:The Barbarian out of Scorpion King. My friends and I always watch Conan before we go WakeBroading every summer and it would be cool to have a change of pace every once and awhile.

01-13-2002, 09:17 PM
First of all, let's not have a Conan movie with the Rock in it. Can he act, NO! The Scorpion King movie looks stupid. If there ever were to be another Conan movie it should star Arnold Schwartzenegger as an aged Conan ruling his kingdom. Not that I'm saying that Arnold is good or a better actor than the Rock, did you happen to see Batman and Robin?

01-13-2002, 10:28 PM
Originally posted by Wolfwood319
I didn't see the Spider-Man trailer either, but I saw it online, and visions of Green Goblin armor are still haunting my nightmares.

remember its only a movie ;)

Co Jo-Da
01-14-2002, 11:36 AM
'Forbidden' and 'Breathing' have the same flow to them, aseptically if you watch them back to back. But 'Mystery' doesn't flow with either of them at all. So what I'm suggesting is that 'Mystery' will be expanded in to the forth trailer that is yet to be released, much more action than the others with more plot based (not Love Story) dialogue...