View Full Version : Looking to trade for Comic-Con exclusives

07-04-2004, 01:45 PM
I need some help getting a few of the exclusives from this years Comic-Con in San Diego. I've made a list of items I have available for trade but if there isn't anything that interests you I'd be willing to pay for the exclusives as well. If someone is going and doesn't mind picking up a few extras it would be greatly appreciated, thanks. :)


2x-Neca's: Quentin Tarantino (Crazy 88) Kill Bill figure -1 MOC
1x-Hasbro's: Silver Sandtrooper -MOC


Star Wars
4x-Tanus Spijek
2x-TIE Fighter Pilot -Saga
2x-Stormtrooper -Saga:HOF
1x-Silver Boba Fett
1x-Silver R2-D2

Other Lines
2x-Wonder Woman -10 inch Justice League
2x-Darkseid (grey/white variant) -Justice League
2x-Darkseid (dark grey version) -Justice League
1x-Mr. Freeze (open mouth variant) -Batman
1x-Mecha Hulk -Hulk