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07-05-2004, 06:42 PM
(7/5/04) Poughkeepsie -

TRU - had the OTC Vaders TIE Fighter (this store has been good with keeping the newer vehicles in stock this year, but as for figures, NOT A SINGLE NEW FIGURE YET!!!!! Other than the Ultra Jabba and his Denizens sets, this TRU hasnt seen a new-er figure since the beginning of 2004. And I'm talking about the Jabba's Palace wave, STILL havent seen that wave at retail). They also had an OTC X-Wing up in that "secret area" (the panel that flips open where they put the extra stuff). Other than that, a good supply of cruddy 2002 Saga figures, some old POTJ figures (I think the POTJ line was the only one I had good luck finding a few years back), and the Jedi Warriors/Skirmish....4-packs.

K-Mart (South Hills Mall) - Nothing new. They went backwards actually. This is the place where I found just one hidden Saga Bossk figure and since then they've gone backwards as far as figures goes. They put out a case of the Hoth wave a few weeks back and its still sitting comfortably on the shelves here.

Wal*Mart - Had the OTC Luke Lightsaber. This too is amazing because this place hasnt seen anything relatively new since January. I actually picked the lightsaber up to look at the packaging and stuff, then I put it down, returned five minutes later, and it was gone. Other than that, they had a good numer of Unleashed Obi-Wans, and one Hoth Han figure. This kind of led me to ask myself "did they get the OTC stuff in?", because there wasnt a single SW figure on the pegs besides the Han figure, so who knows. Then again, this Wal*Mart and never having figures is an all too common thing. I'm honestly considering getting the OTC figures online (I ended up having to do this with the new Saga figures this year, minus the Endor wave which I dont even have still because I'm waiting to see if I can get them in the OTC wave, and the OTC figures amazingly arent too expensive online.) But I'm also considering making my figure run a few times within the next two weeks and seeing if anything new shows up. If not, then its online I shall go :ermm:

07-08-2004, 11:18 AM
7/8/2004 - Poughkeepsie

TRU had TONS of Vader TIE's....I'd say a stack of them about 4 feet tall. They also had the OTC TIE's and X-Wings, and I picked a TIE up to replace the crummy POTF2 one with the battery thing in the back.

K-Mart (South Hills) - Walked into the toy aisle and saw the same Throne Room Duel Lukes and Hoth Hans that were there on monday but then I looked up to the right and there were the VOTC figures. Passed on em, dont really interest me, but I was glad to see that my local K-Mart is as up to date as most others seem to be.

Wal*Mart - I called them yesterday and the lady said that their toy aisle was cleared out because they were making room for the OTC stuff, but nothing as of today. A bunch of OTC lightsabers were put out but thats about it. Hopefully within the next few days they'll get that shipment in.

07-10-2004, 11:22 AM
7/9/04 - Poughkeepsie

Called the local Wal*Mart around 9ish and asked if they got the OTC stuff in, and the girl who runs the toy dept told me they did, so needless to say, the excitement built and I hurried on out. However, I arrived at Wal*Mart, got to the toy aisle, and NOTHING. So I went to the nearby Layaway dept. and asked the guy there if the girl who runs the toy dept. was in, and he asked me what I was looking for, so I told him I had called and I was told they had got the OTC stuff in and it was on the pegs. So he went and got the girl who runs the toy dept., and apparently she didnt believe him that the pegs had been cleared out that fast. Once she got to the toy aisle the Star Wars stuff is in, her jaw dropped and she said "Oh my god, I stocked that stuff last night and its gone already?". Then she told me that the stuff hadnt been sold yet, so someone was walking around that store with an entire cart full of OTC figures. This, coupled with the fact that I know theres someone/possibly more than one person in my area, who not only likes to cut figures from their packages (I found a deluxe Clone Wars Destroyer Droid at K-Mart only the rolled up droid had been cut out and stolen, and also I found the Red Leader figure cut out of the box and stolen at TRU a few months back), but also likes to go to Wal*Mart and buy every single figure they put out. I'm not saying its the same person and I'm not saying the person who bought all the figures is going to sell them on eBay and make a profit, but seriously, who the hell needs ALL the figures? I'm just going by what the girl who runs the toy dept. told me, and she told me that ten minutes before I called some other guy called, and putting one and one together makes two, therefore my best guess is that the guy who called before me bought up all the figures before I got there. Therefore, this'll be the last time I post anything I find. If theres anyone from my area who is an honest collector and not a theif and a scumbag who reads this stuff, then sorry, my reports arent going to be posted anymore because the thought that any scumbag or theif could profit from the information I post here sickens me. And if you happen to be the person who cut those figures out of the packages or the guy who horded all the OTC figures for himself, then screw you. If you bought them all for friends or whatever, then still, thats ridiculous. Let you buddies do their own findings. Its one thing to help people but its another to hord everything as if you're the only person who collects this stuff around here. Maybe what the girl who runs the toy dept. told me was incorrect, but she knew what she was talking about and it makes sense, but then again maybe I'm mistaken, but honestly I dont really care. All I know is I'm sick of not finding anything and the thought that a theif or a scumbag is stealing/hording figures all for himself disgusts me. Thats not collecting and anyone who does such a thing should get a life....better yet, get a job!!! So there you go, the last store report I'll post on here, or anywhere actually. Any info I get frmo now on is staying with me. Sad to see that part of the hobby has been overrun by greeding scumbags but I guess thats the part where reality smacks you in the face.

07-10-2004, 09:41 PM
Dude that sucks. I hope you can find them quick. They are really nice figs.

07-10-2004, 09:58 PM
Dude that sucks. I hope you can find them quick. They are really nice figs.
Thanks, and yeah, it definitely sucks, but I'm not gonna let it get me down. And damn right they're nice figures :D. I myself am as diehard a loose figure collector as there is, but even I am amazed and stunned at how beautiful and perfect these figures look packaged. To me, this is how they should've always been, and even though theyre mostly rehashes, none of them are bad rehashes really. If I do decide to buy a set to keep carded (for the nostalgic value), I'll buy them online.

07-16-2004, 02:42 PM
Found nothing at all today. Well, I found a VOTC "Han" at a KMart today, only (I presume the same scumbag who cut out the rolled up Destroyer Droid from the package) took the VOTC Han out of the box, put in a POTF2 Han, and taped it back up. (I really hope the kid who does this crap reads this stuff, then again, if he/she cant afford a ten dollar figure I doubt he/she can actually afford a computer). Seriously, if you're that desperate that you cant make $11 bucks to pay for a toy.....get a job you pathetic wannabe. C'mon, I'm a college kid who works as a cashier and doesnt make all too much a week yet I still have money for gas and food and almost anything else I want or need. Granted I am still living with my parents, I can still make money and manage what I do have. Hell I just ordered about $150 bucks worth of figures off OMGCNFO (yeah I caved in being sick and tired of not finding anything new), and I still have money in my pocket, enough to gas my car up again and to buy a couple of figures (if I could find them at retail). Its called money management, learn it. Even my little brother, whos 10, has more than $10 in his pocket everytime he goes somewhere, and thats just from allowance. So if a 10 year old kid can save his money, I think anyone else whos older could too. Plus, the chances of someone older than ten having a job or being able to get one are a lot better than a ten years old chances. If you're old enough to drive yourself to a KMart you should have $10 in your pocket to buy a figure.....It doesnt get any more pathetic than needing to steal a figure, even if it is a $10 figure that ought to be alot less.......its sickening to think that there are scumbags out there who probably would proudly call themselves "fans" of Star Wars yet they can afford to drive to a store but they cant honestly buy something or afford a $10 item. If you need to steal an action figure, you're not a fan, you're not a collector, you're a pathetic pile of crap who needs a job and needs a life. I urge anyone who reads this who might fit into this category to take my advice. Get a job, save your money, learn how to manage it. Its not that hard. :rolleyes:

07-21-2004, 11:36 AM
Found the Jedi Council scenes at TRU today. Damn they blend in well with the older ones :D I almost missed em until I noticed Qui-Gon. There were three sets, I picked up two. Target near me got in the VOTC figures and 12" fig's, and the OTC X-Wing too. Also, just got home and found a nice large box from Cheapfiguresonline sitting in front of my garage. DAMN....I LOVE these OTC figures!!! I still need the Dagobah wave though....which means I'll still be looking for them. But the OTC fig's look better in person than they do online. I almost shed a tear when I opened the box and saw them. Twas a beautiful thing.