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07-06-2004, 03:53 AM
For all you AVP fans out there here's the email I just received from MR regarding the props replicas:

Prepare yourself for the most realistic Alien & Predator
collectibles ever! Two of the most popular science-fiction sagas in history.
No matter whose side you're on, you can't lose with our most
menacing replicas ever. Choose prop replicas from the classic
Predator and Alien movies or start a new collection of lifelike
replicas from the soon-to-be-released movie Alien vs. Predator.
Whether you get one, or get them all, you'll be amazed by the
realism of our finely crafted limited edition prop replicas.
They're so authentic you'll feel the adrenaline rush of fear
the minute you open the box!
Available to Collectors Society members only on July 8

- Alien vs. Predator(TM), Alien Grid Head
From Alien vs. Predator, full-size, exact replica of the
actual Grid Alien's head used in the movie.
Limited Edition, only 1,000 available at $599 each


- Predator 2(TM) Spear
The Predator's deadly spear from Predator 2.
Limited Edition, only 2,500 available at $349 each


- Predator 2(TM) Helmet
The Predator's mask-like helmet from Predator 2 with motion-
activated LED lights that simulate the laser sight effect
seen in the movie.
Limited Edition, only 2,500 available at $299 each


- Aliens(TM) Motion Tracker
Realistic radar display screen with sonar pulse and ping
sound effects that simulate the tracking functions seen in
the 1986 movie Aliens.
Limited Edition, only 2,500 available at $399 each


Bring these terrifying creatures from another world into your

We promise they won't bite.
Your Source for Quality Collectibles,
Master Replic