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07-08-2004, 12:20 PM
Just arrived to my door. This figure is awesome. The agint app is really nice. It is staying MOC, (even if I was an opener). It looks to have wrist, shoulder, elbow, and head articulation.Cant tell about waist or knees. Whgat really would of been cool about this figure is if they made him to where he can sit on the log with Luke from ROTJ.

Overall I give this figure a B

07-10-2004, 12:13 PM
I found this wave at Wal-Mart yesterday, much to my surprise. This figure is really nice, It looks like he has a soft blue glow around him, similar to the Holo Luke, but better. The figure waist-down is the same as the POTJ Ben, but it works. He can be put into about the same pose as the original deodorant stick Obi-Wan, but the sculpting and detail is far superior. He has a lightsaber, for some reason, but you can just cast it aside and the figure still rocks.

However, there is a couple of drawbacks to these figures. Obi-Wan, Yoda, and R2-D2 all have the same base, which looks great but feels rubbery. There is a log on it with some bark missing, but unfortunately the well-hidden connectors don't allow for the logs to be connected. There are plenty of configurations for them, though.

Another drawback is the character's description paragraph. They all sound like they were written by and for four-year-olds! "R2-D2 is a brave droid that has helped the Rebel heroes many times." Thanks for that Hasbro, now I feel stupid. :stupid:

On these new OTC cards, the character's name is on a sticker on the bubble, similar to the old 1998-1999 figures. The bubble is an odd new shape, it curves inward at the top. The little insert is the same shape as the 2002 Saga figures, not the more recent ones where the side bars are connected to the bottom. On all figures except R2-D2, the background looks to be taken from a large photo, and each of them got a different part, some of them overlap each other too.

Anyway, I'll give this figure an A-.

07-19-2004, 03:52 PM
As much as I wasn't wowed by the holo Luke, I like how they handled this one. That crazy pearlescent effect is really cool.

There's some new photos in the Database for those that haven't found him yet...