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Bel-Cam Jos
08-19-2001, 06:44 PM
The most recent "I don't even..." thread from the old Fourms. I have it in a Word document if any of us want a copy.

End of line.

08-20-2001, 02:27 AM
Where did the thread go that was in this section????????????????????

Bel-Cam Jos
08-20-2001, 11:15 AM
GNT, at the bottom where it says something like "Show Posts" and you can choose from a pull-down menu of "Last 5 Days," "Last 10 Days," "Last 20 Days," etc. This is a little annoying, but not a problem.

08-21-2001, 02:15 AM
I have mine on "last 30 Days" and its still not showing up?

Messa thin the JT or the SS deleted it cause I can't find it!

08-21-2001, 03:47 AM
Hey, I tried to steer the conversation towards a REAL discussion about the cards, but nobody in there would have any part of that. SirSteve says threads are supposed to be about discussion, and not about post-padding, so I had to delete it. There's already like a dozen nonsense threads in the MISC section which are on the verge of being closed or deleted, the one here just happened to be in a non-MISC section.

If you would like to complain about my actions or explain how those types of threads SHOULD be allowed on the site, please e-mail SirSteve or at least post them in the Comments/Suggestions section.

As this too is not a thread about the topic above, I'm going to quote SirSteve when I say
Thread Closed