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Mr. JabbaJohnL
07-17-2004, 05:29 PM
Along with the other Bespin OTC figures, I picked up Lobot today at a toy store/warehouse. This version is much better than the old disco man figure. He comes with a run-of-the-mill base, a comlink (it looks like Lando's), and a datapad with a cool picture of Cloud City on it. For some reason, there's a hole in the datapad, and I don't know why - is it for the comlink? The package doesn't say. He is articulated at the head, shoulder, elbow (like Jedi Luke), wrists, waist, and legs. His elbow articulation allows him to have his arms at his sides or bent upwards. The sculpting is really good, the arm ruffles are cool. The face is good, but not perfect. His earphone thing comes off, but it doesn't reveal his ears. It leaves a huge hole in the back of his head, and he doesn't even have ears! I think they did this so the earpiece thing could be see-through and the head wouldn't, though it's weird.

Overall, I give it an A.

07-19-2004, 08:05 PM
This is ag damn good improvement. This is a great figure. I love the picture on the data pad. Its little things like that, that can make a figure that much better.


07-29-2004, 09:22 PM
Code-force-7. The most recent Lobot design before this OTC figure was released six years ago and had a lot of collectors upset, due mainly to his action-pose limbs and mug's face. OTC Lobot is very different from that original figure and in almost every way superior.

Packaging: 3.5/5
I'm still getting used to the OTC packaging, but generally I like what we're getting. With Lobot's packaging, they didn't use any annoying twisties or clear-bands, and everything is well-shown in the bubble. I complained before about the thinner cardstock, so that's not a surprise here, what does bother me though is the mini-diorama-style image behind the figure, it's a vague, light-pink design that takes a lot of concentration to figure out it's a Special-Edition Cloud City hallway. Plus, I still don't like the back of the card's design.

Sculpt-Design: 4/5
This Lobot is not as action-oriented as the POTF2 figure, and as such this new Lobot has a smaller torso and relaxed, at-ease limbs. The headsculpt is not as large as the previous fellow's, this one being narrower and more accurate; the cybernetic head implant is also a separate piece, and at least on mine it's even removable - leaving a large hole in the back of the head, but still very neat.

The clothes have a good sculpt if not outstanding, they have some pattern and texture work, and look more realistic than the POTF2 counterpart. Lobot's left hand is sculpted in almost a pointing finger pose, but can still hold accessories. The sleeves still don't look quite right, but it is probably difficult to capture something so free-flowing. The pants at the hips have that curved shape that comes with close leg articulation, but it's forgivable.

Articulation: 5/5
Lobot has 10 points of articulation: neck, waist, shoulders, diagonal elbows, wrists, and hips. Nice to see Hasbro consistantly stepping up the number of joints on non-main-character figures. The arms have all the fun articulation, with the wrists and diagonal-cut elbows, I really like this because the arms start at about a 90-degree bend but can be straightened out - unlike a few other recent figures with diagonal-cut elbows - this articulation isn't flashy but goes a long way to giving the figure some character, important for a lowkey fellow such as Lobot. The only thing that doesn't work out nicely is the shape of the sleeves when you rotate the elbows, the flow gets somewhat lost even though it seems like Hasbro tried to line things up, this is pretty minor though. Only joint I can think of worth adding would be a universal-jointed neck.

Pose: 5/5
Lobot stands upright, both in the film and this figure. His legs are very close together and his arms are close to his body, but neither in an unnatural fashion. Not much is required from Lobot's pose potential really, so this is an easy one. The figure can easily stand without needing help from a stand.

Paint-Deco: 3/5
This is the lone area where I think the POTF2 figure may have a small advantage. The new OTC Lobot's facial features - eyes and eyebrows -are painted too thick and very dark, whereas the character had light eyebrows and blue eyes, this discrepency detracts from the figure's authenticity. There's also some slop around the figure's collar and belt, though the belt details themselves are not as bad. The figure's cybernetic implant in his head is cast in clear plastic and painted metallic blue, the various panels on the piece remain clear and look oddly dark and see-through, this isn't a failure exactly but an odd choice.

The other area where the paint really doesn't work is the color of the costume, Hasbro chose a light blue color for the vest and pants, but in the film it looks gray, so the substitution of blue is a tad jarring; and then the pants are also slightly darker than the vest.

Accessories: 5/5
This figure comes with the same generic base-stand we've been getting for a while, I can't say that I mind since they interlock and don't jack up the price. Lobot also comes with a comlink and a data pad, both of which are in the figure's hands in the bubble. The comlink is like the one Lando uses to inform the city of the impending Empire takeover, it's about as long as Lobot's forearm and painted white with silver details.

The data pad is a small, white laptop-type computer with a keyboard and transparent screen with lines sculpted on the back, the keyboard has been painted silver and the screen has a purple digitized-type graphic of Cloud City and some clouds plus some large round pattern in the upper right - my screen was painted slightly to the left but not horribly. The bottom right has what could be a silver trackball sculpted in while the left has a hole, this hole is for the comlink. What else would Lobot come with really? Maybe some extra stormtrooper blasters, but that's all I can think of.

Overall: A-
This Lobot is a very worthy updated figure, the only things holding him back from being the perfect Lobot I'd say are some paint issues. This is a fairly important supporting character from ESB and I'm glad Hasbro has finally done him some justice; he may not be as exciting as a Luke or Han figure but Lobot is one of those characters which enriches the Star Wars universe while remaining subtle in the background, and this figure captures that.