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07-29-2004, 04:04 PM
I think SuperShadow's plotline is pretty close - enough to get me started on my Midnight Madness shopping list.

I like to purchase everything I need to recreate the movie with toys under sprint-shopping conditions, getting it done with.

Nevertheless, some characters I'll need so heavily, I don't mind waiting for the inevitable RESCULPTS.

But here's a breakdown on how many figures I'll guess I'll need, which can be used also as a reference to how many scenes each character has in the movie:

30 figures of Obi-Wan Kenobi
28 figures of Anakin Skywalker
15 figures of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
12 figures of Senator Padme Amidala
12 figures of Jedi Master Yoda
11 figures of Senator Bail Organa
8 figures of Jedi Master Mace Windu
7 figures of Separatist General Grevious
6 figures of Repubic Commander Wilhuff Tarkin
5 figures of Count Dooku / Darth Tyranus
5 figures of Senator Mon Mothma
4 figures of Darth Sidious
4 figures of Darth Vader
3 figures of Chewbacca

There will be 10 scenes with large numbers of Clone Troopers possibly needed, and at 10 figures per scene, sometimes more, sometimes less, I'll need about

100 Clonetroopers

And for 3 Scenes with larger amounts of Battle Droids - estimated

40 Battle Droids

Primary ships and vehicles pose an interesting dillemma though:

1) Blockade Runner Tantive IV - this ship is very prominent in E3. Will they make it? How big? My custom serves me only for ANH.

2) Coruscant Fire Department (CFD) - this ship may hardly be worthy making and is relatively unimportant.

3) Anakin's fighter - might be seen repeatedly in the movie, or just at the beginning.

4) Obi-Wan's fighter - ditto. (seen less often than Anakin's though)

5) Obi-Wan's beast he rides (1 time only purchase. Hardly important)

6) Bail Organa's speeder (1 time only needed, basically for cover during gun battle)

7) Wookiee speederbikes (multiples of 4-5 could be used)

8) Wookiee catamarans (1-2 might make a cool scene)

9) General Grevious' hailfire droid (actually something different but close to a hailfire that he rides - worth 1 purchase)

10) Escape Pods from the Tantive IV - at least 2 are useful. Maybe C-3PO is pegwarming or on clearance somewhere and I can take care of this "now"

11) Geonosian Fighters???? (what do the Separatists use?)

12) Trade Federation Droid Fighters???? (What do the Separatists use?)

13) STAPs with BattleDroids - sure. Looks cool anyway. 4-5 or more should look good. We ought to see these re-released.

14) Hailfire Droids - possibly, or a variant that runs on water or something cool like that.

15) AAT Tanks - heard we'll see these - plays a role in Shaak-Ti's death. Bring them back. I might need 3-4 of them.

16) New Separatist fighter craft???? We don't know. It'd be very cool to have ships like the IG-2000 in the battle!

17) Clone Fighters - as seen in the Animated Series, anything is possible. In the cartoon, this ship was seriously popular. Do the Clones or only the Jedi fly starfighters in the movie?

18) AT-TE's - the most-wanted vehicle left from Episode 2! If we see them in use during any final battles of the Clone Wars, HASBRO has got to make this vehicle! I'd buy 1-2 for ROTS, and at least 1 for the Battle of Geonosis in AOTC!

So I counted 18 vehicles probable, and at least 6 are very likely re-releases (#10-15 on my list above).


Location of the Big Duel

"Create your own Darth Vader" Playset (hopefully for the figues, not PlayDoh)

After most of this, I am almost DONE collecting Star Wars figures and toys and would be tremendously close to quitting collecting.

As to the figures again:

30 figures of Obi-Wan Kenobi

I can buy 7-8 figures of each of his potential resculpts.

28 figures of Anakin Skywalker

I'll buy 7 figures of each probable version, but if there's one great figure, then of course...

15 figures of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine

He'll appear 19 times, but a proper Darth Sidious figure will be useful for his last scenes. I think Palpatine will have 2 wardrobe changes from his capture and then afterwards, not counting Darth Sidious. I think 6 of his figure from the capture will be useful, and 9 later versions (all not counting 4 Darth Sidious figures). So Palpatine = 6 + 9 + 4 Darth Sidious.

12 figures of Senator Padme Amidala

She'll probably change outfits 7 times in this movie. Down from 14 or so from the last one. What we can buy, how much we'll want, and when we're offered it will vary.

12 figures of Jedi Master Yoda

He'll be refreshed several different ways. Right now as Yoda w. Younglings are pegwarming at some stores, I'd buy these to get your Yoda figure with a Youngling you can use for the E3 scene.

11 figures of Senator Bail Organa

He might change outfits up to 4 times, but it'd be anyone's guess if the rich Alderaan Senator will sport new looks all the time, but it would add flamboyance to his character. I'd check out the comic book and production stills on Bail before investing in a whole ton of his E2 figure - though at least 1 will come in handy I believe.

8 figures of Jedi Master Mace Windu

The Screaming Mace figure could be quite useful for once ;)

7 figures of Separatist General Grevious

There will be at least 2 figures of him. He's not in the movie that much - just a little more than Darth Maul maybe. I could see 3-4 figures of Grevious being released though.

6 figures of Repubic Commander Wilhuff Tarkin

He'll get 1 figure. buy them up.

5 figures of Count Dooku / Darth Tyranus

We'll probably get 1-2 figures, maybe with and without an action feature, or 1 being a recard of his 2nd Saga figure.

5 figures of Senator Mon Mothma

1 version's my guess.

4 figures of Darth Vader

Vader will have (0) ZERO action scenes other than his temper tantrum. I don't think we'll see him fight Jedi at all. Anakin will kill Jedi before he's in the armor and takes the name DV. Vader might board the Tantive IV like he does in ANH. He might fight a Jedi there (Ki Adi Mundi or Plo Koon?) while Obi-Wan or Yoda escapes the ship in an escape pod. So there's a slim chance of a lightsaber fight aboard the Tantive IV - but Bail Organna is allowed to live and keep his ship - and convinces whatever Imperial force commander (Tarkin?) that Leia Skywalker is his daughter. If Vader confronts Obi-Wan and lets him go, making a bargain to protect Luke -here is where it will happen. We'll see a very Young Vader struggling to deal with the Jedi he's turned against. He might be afraid to fight Yoda or any Jedi with the recentness of his injuries.

4 figures of Darth Sidious - looks like he always does. An Episode 1 re-release is almost a given. Buy these figures cheap online somewhere on their E1 cards. How are any going to be improved upon? Or get the Flashback Emperor figure. That one I could see being recarded also.

3 figures of Chewbacca - they might try a new sculpt. The VOTC figure might be nice if you want to spend the extra bucks. But the regular OTC figure could suffice if you see it as well. I don't think Chewie looked different at 182 than he did at 200. They might give him snap-on battle armor though. So the E3 figure might be worth waiting for. Meanwhile, get a bargain on an extra Snoova figure. The design for the SOTE figure echoes what you'll see in E3 and as "Snoova" he'll be in character as that Wookiee also likely fought and lost his eye during the Clone Wars. Just give him a brown eye with a marker instead of Chewie's distinctive blue. Hasbro might even decide to do this (groan) and release a Wookiee Warrior with Snoova, or put him in a Wookiee army-builder pack (another groan). But I bought an extra Snoova at Comic Con, so I guess I can't groan that much.

Dr Zoltar
07-29-2004, 11:45 PM
I weep at the amount of disposable income you must have to purchase all those figures! I get flack for purchasing just one of each.

07-30-2004, 02:38 AM
I'm single (and my girlfriend tolerates my hobby).

I have no kids (never had any in other words).

I am saving extra money now for the onslaught of E3 items.

I started saving 300 a month as follows:

200 / mo for SW Celebration 3 in Indianapolis.

100 / mo for Episode 3 merchandise for Midnite Madness 2005.

In 2002, at Midnite Madness, I spent about $800 and finished things like my Geonosian Warrior Army (15), Royal Guard sets (5 pairs or something), etc.

I'm planning it all out, and I can put some of my bonus commissions towards SW toys as well, but I'm saving for it and planning the exact quantity of figures I'll be purchasing now.

I couldn't drop $1000 on Star Wars comfortably today. But by April / May 2005, I'll be prepared to if I can help it.

07-30-2004, 06:09 PM
I weep at the amount of disposable income you must have to purchase all those figures! I get flack for purchasing just one of each.

i weep because i think tycho is serious about buying all those obi-wan's.

07-30-2004, 06:49 PM
Obi-Wan will be needed to display with many of the new characters.

I'll try and figure out what the bare minimum of Obi-Wan's one would need for displays is:

1) to pilot his starfighter vehicle*
2) vs. Grevious and Dooku w. Anakin on his side
3) Palpatine's resuce resolution: returning home w. a bunch of Senators, Jedi
4) Jedi Council meeting - will there be new Jedi to do an E3 JC scene?
5) Obi-Wan vs. Grevious riding his beast-mount*
6) Obi-Wan vs. Grevious - final duel
7) Obi-Wan vs. Temura Morrison Clone
8) Obi-Wan with friendly alien character that hides him on a new planet
9) Obi-Wan vs. Anakin
10) Obi-Wan with Padme when Luke and Leia are born
11) Obi-Wan at funeral for Padme
12) Obi-Wan in escape pod with Luke
13) Obi-Wan with Owen, Beru, and Luke

So you could do it with half the amount of figures I want to buy, but you'd still use about 13.

The 2 "*'s" indicate that Obi-Wan's ship and beast might come with his pack-in figure that has softgoods or wide riding hips.

Look, some people just collect stuff. That isn't as interesting to me as creating art with it: set dressings, recreate the film with the characters, etc. I mean Ephant Mon becomes so much more useful when you set up a scene of Jabba's Palace, then just standing him there.

Meanwhile, if you set up scenes, your principle characters always have to be in the scenes - as that's who the action revolves around.

So for example, if they make an Owen and Beru figure, who are you going to display it with? General Grevious? And NOT do a duel scene between the General and Kenobi? I think you'll need a few more Kenobis.

Obi-Wan will be required only less than Clones and Droids for Episode 3. Anakin almost as much, but we also have him as Vader in several scenes.

Darkness Shroud
07-31-2004, 06:36 AM
Tycho, you are one of the reasons i signed up to the forums at SSG. Many times have i read your messages and agreed with your wisdom.:) But what i really wanted to ask:

" How big is your house!"

My own collection is busting out every where. Theres no room for EPIII figures at all....

Can i come over to play? :)

07-31-2004, 07:30 AM
He has an apartment, from what I remember...

07-31-2004, 09:14 AM
Wow, reading this thread , I have 2 things to say..

One- I agree with derek ;)

Two- I think a better definition of "need" is gonna have to be offered, Tycho.... yer gonna need an environment suit if you plan on opening even a fraction ofthat stuff in an appartment :beard:

jedi master sal
07-31-2004, 01:22 PM
heh heh, Tycho. I would have been with you a few years ago, but I've seen how older figs pegwarm. I now know I can get al those extras a few months down the line when stores clearence them. Sure I'll probably do the 1 per fig thing at midnight madness, maybe not, but I'll wait awhile to get extras (except clones!) well and maybe other army building types, but not main or minor characters. We will see these warming the shelves like we have for the previous two movie releases. I do agree that buying certain sculpts now for cheap can save you later to fill in ROTS scenes.

I spent nearly as much as you for the EPII release. With buying a house and getting married, I'm not cutting back on the amount of figures I'm buying, just the when and how I'm buying them. I estimate that I'll save $500 or more, if I'm patient enough to wait for some to go on clearance.

It's saved me with other toy lines like LEGO Bionicles for instance. Instead of paying $6.99 for each, I'm only paying $3.50. HALF as much. Imagine what you could do with half again as much money as you spend on SW toys. Maybe you could then afford to buy certain things online that cost more than they should, but were hard to get, but because you saved a lot from the begining you still end up saving. Just a theory. BTW, I'm not talking about buying from eBay scalpers, I mean those online stores that sell for more, when at retail (if you could find stuff) they would have sold for cheaper.

Oh and Tycho, I'm with you on the clones. I'll need close to 200, what with all of the variations. I've recounted how many EPII clones I have, since I've been inventorying my collection again, and I've got over 200 of them. That number is still growing.

(We must have an illness you and I, Tycho)

07-31-2004, 02:08 PM
Tycho.... yer gonna need an environment suit if you plan on opening even a fraction ofthat stuff in an appartment :beard:

Ah the smell of fresh plastic. Now you guys know: My whole apartment smells just like a MOUSE DROID :crazed: Gotta buy a lot of figures to keep the smell fresh! :crazed: Ahhh. Boba Fett Unleashed still smells good when you stick your face in the Sarlaac! He's right here on my desk! :crazed:


1) I have a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment. I live alone.

I am definitely out of room and have been since 2000 for the most part.


Both bathrooms - no Star Wars.

Living room: (supposed to be decorated like a forest)

............big displays:
.................Death Star
..........other stuff:
.................Yavin Base
.................Endor Starfighter battle
.................Death Star Trench ships
.................Coruscant SOTE Space Battle
.........in cases on the wall
.................Amidala's adventure on Naboo
........................from Queen's court to Nute's capture and arrest

Kitchen: (my scene testing area. I have one large display case in the country-kitchen (dining area) part, against the wall behind my kitchen table (it's a large kitchen), and I use this case to set up unfinished displays to see how many army-builders I'll need (what could fit in a permanent display were I setting it up?) This way I buy all my battledroids etc. at retail when they first come out (like why I wrote this E3 shopping list) and I don't patronize online e-tailers, scalpers, e-Bay, or anything, and I also work off an established budget I can approximate.

...................testing display case
...........................Battle for Naboo. I never put in the grass and painted
.................................................u p hillside. Just learned I needed 15 BattleDroids
.................................................. and 8 Gungans, plus vehicles, beasts, etc.
.................................................b ut the point is I learned exactly what would fit.
..........................On the top shelf I actually left in this fixture (usually they come out of
.....................................my finished displays) I kept in my Battle of Geonosis
.................................................1 6 BattleDroids, 7 SBDs, 14 Clones, 6 Jedi
.................................................p lus room for vehicles (hailfire, etc)

..........................My kitchen table top - I currently use for breakfast, lunch, or
..................................dinner, but it was the test-set area for the Arena Battle
....................................and I learned I'll need some custom cases, 2 the size of
....................................my kitchen table, that have their own room so you can walk
....................................around them and view the arena battles. It's taken down
.....................................but I will probably use the table to test set E3

My Bedroom: Is the "white room" and contains stuff that's white

....................Battle of Hoth
....................Echo Base
....................Cloud City (made out of a large child's kitchen playset - the "sink"
...............................is the carbon freezing pit - large enough to get all the figures I
................................ wanted in the scene around Han and Leia saying goodbye.
....................My Tantive IV Blockade Runner, takes up 5 feet along the sliding glass
..................................door that goes out to my balcony

My Guest Bedroom / Office: Is Tatooine from the Classic Trilogy

.....................Mos Eisley Spaceport with Cantina
.....................Beggar's Canyon from SOTE with Swoop chase
....................In cases on the wall:
..............................Anakin meeting Qui-Gon, through leaving and the fight wth Maul
..............................Anakin searching for his mother through the fight with Tuskens
...............................and Shmi Skywalker's funeral
...............................The Geonosian Hanger Duel from Anakin's charge to Padme's
...............................arrival after Yoda kicks Dooku's butt.

I am clearly out of room for any large prequel displays that I'd want to do.

The fun of my hobby is figuring out how I'm going to set up new worlds in my large display cases and figuring out how to build the scenery, what characters to put in it, painting and contstructing the art work, hanging vehicles that I want to be flying in my scenes, etc.

The first step I started for E3 in this thread: figuring out what scenes I'm going to do, and how many of each character I'll need to do them.

Eventually when I get a house, I will move when I can get a large 5 bedroom for myself. It won't take that long. Maybe a year or two longer. (meanwhile my stashes for large prequel battles have to be kept in boxes after I test-set them to see how many characters I need) I can't keep them set up on my kitchen table or kitchen floor or whatever I'm desperate enough to use.

Well, the plan will be this:

Livingroom: green room: Naboo, Kashyyyk, Yavin, Endor

Family room / home theater room: black room: Coruscant, Death Star, Star Destroyer

Master Bedroom: white room: Blockade Runner, Hoth, Bespin

Bedroom 2: Office: tan room: Tatooine from Classic Trilogy

Bedroom 3: fitness center, gym: tan room: Tatooine / Geonosis, prequels - likely "lava room"

Bedroom 4: guest bedroom: Olive room: Naboo Swamp, Dagobah

Bedroom 5: guest bedroom: just in case I need to split up an over-crowded room (likely splittng Endor from Naboo / Kashyyyk or Mustafar from Geonosis/Tatooine Prequel Era).

Bonus Room: pool table and bar: again, just in case I'll need it to spread stuff out. Maybe separate the Death Star and Star Destroyer from Coruscant and make an "Imperial Room."

Kitchen: blue: Kamino: small wall-hanging displays of mostly Obi-Wan vs. Jango, some of the same for 12" and an EU display of the Battle for Kamino which I'll need about a mid-size aquarium's space for.

Hallways: white: Trade Federation, Theed Generator Room Duel - various small displays of mostly prequel-era "white stuff" that doesn't belong in my Hoth-Bespin Classic room.

Garage: jet ski / boat storage: Star Trek room - 5 areas designated for each of the Star Trek crews.


1) my current girlfriend is artistic and likes the creativity I put into this stuff. I don't know if she's "the one" but I'll let her design and build some of the sets I haven't made yet. She likes craft projects and it'd be cool to see what someone else comes up with. She likes the movies and has mine to look at for reference. I'd like to most of the displays myself, but by sharing, it helps make it her home.

2) before I compromise and let someone partner with me and decide how half (and only half) the rooms in my house will look (if it is to be non-Star Wars), I'll remind myself that by making that comittment she could get half of everything I own or earn the rest of my life if it doesn't work out. Most of us will have our Star Wars toys longer than our wives. While dreaming up this recipe for "what I can do with my toys if I'm alone but definitely not bored" I'm preparing myself so I really won't have time to be lonely - setting all this up will take at least a year and much longer to perfect it, even if I got the house today.

3) If I am happily married and have kids later, I will either

a) have 5 or more years to enjoy my displays before my first-born is old enough to play with the toys (it says so on our packaging)

b) have time to make enough to buy my child their own toys so they can leave mine alone (if they could figure out how to get behind the glass) - but I can give my kids the Playskool stuff I have first...

c) have a girl who might be less inclined to be interested in Star Wars (or more interested in wearing her hair like Princess Leia). Not that girls wouldn't be heavily into playing with "My dolls" (as in when Darth Vader and IG-88 get together and "Play House." IG-88 is the school teacher and has to help the Ewoks learn their A,B,C's....yeah. I remember when I was a kid and played with my Star Wars figures with the girl next door....Princess Leia is a veterinarian and takes great care of My Little TaunTaun (like My Little Pony). I digress. (and as long as my girlfriend isn't reading this, I might be inclined to live alone and not have a family - I mean if my kid falls off their bicycle I'd have to quit making a display while my paints were mixed and go to the hospital. What fun is that? ;) )

Well, in conclusion, being single, my life might be different from some of yours.

Being really obsessed with Star Wars and pooling large piles of cash into the hobby, I might be different too. But look at variation collectors and guys after the new cards from the OTC and VOTC. I am NOT buying all that, so that cuts out a lot of expense in my hobby that many of you do not cut out.

Everyone's different, but that's why I'd like to go to another collector's house and review their huge carded figure wall. I don't have anything like that!

And sure, I'd like to have all of you over (maybe 1 or 2 at a time) to visit if you want to see my collection.

Stillakid's been by already. Deoxyribonucleic will probably drop in sooner than later. JediTricks lives not too far and is welcome. El Chuxter's near enough to visit at his convenience. SirSteve's stayed with me during past Comic Cons. So hey, whenever you're in Southern California and can drop bye San Diego...

When I get my house set up, I'll really have room for company then and it'll be much more impressive to see.

My girlfriend got a new digital camera, so I'll post pictures when I can.