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B'Omarr Monkey
07-29-2004, 09:40 PM
I found the Jedi High Council scene with Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Ki-Adi Mundi today at TRU for $19.99.

It comes in the OTC packaging which is pretty bland looking, at least on this scene pack. The back of the box is pretty nicely done and similar to previous sets except the character photo backdrop is in a darker blue and there is a picture of the completed Jedi Council circle that we've seen before.

On the side of the box, this set is labeled as being "Scene 1" which leads me to believe that the previous 2 sets will be rereleased, especially since the back of the box has text which reads "Collect all 6 sets." The TRU I found this at had the previous sets in abundance still at the $20 price, even though they've been remaindered at half that price, or less, elsewhere, so I'm not sure what the point of repackaging the previous sets would be.

At any rate, the set is a complete dissapointment. Aside from seeing three characters we've seen before, we're given a Qui-Gon sculpt that was marked down in abundance years ago, a Yoda sculpt we've seen carded twice before and a Ki-Adi Mundi that is the same as previous versions, only with knee articulation. On top of that, Yoda's head is very dark green, not even close to his movie skin color, yet surprisingly, his hands and feet are the lighter green. Yoda's hair looks like it was drawn onto the back of his head with a silver pen. He looks awful. Ki-Adi Mundi has racoon eyes. He's got more mascara on than Pris in "Bladerunner." It looks terrible. The painting seems consistent in all of the sets I looked at. On the back of the box the figures are painted well and much more accurately.

Despite the reclining pose that Ki-Adi Mundi has in the preview pictures (the same picture as seen on the back of the box) He does seem to be able to sit upright, with his knees fully bent so that his feet can be planted flat on the floor. As a disclaimer to what I just said, I should point out that my set is still unopened and that Ki-Adi Mundi does have a rubberbandpulling his lower legs back against the chair, so I could be wrong about this. The chairs and floor sections are the same as in the previous sets, Yoda's being the same that was packaged with him in previous carded versions as well.

My advice to anyone who is not a completist (though except for Ki-Adi Mundi's knee articulation there are no new figures here) or someone who plans to complete the circular floor of the Jedi Council Chamber, I suggest skipping this set altogether and hope that it too gets remaindered. I'm very disappointed and considered returning mine, but overall welcome the return of Cinema Scene sets, and would hate to see future, better, sets cancelled because this first offering clogs the shelves. The previous sets all gave us characters we'd never see individually carded, and hopefully future sets will as well. This one though is not worth the $20.

Overall grade somewhere between a C- and a D+

07-30-2004, 06:08 PM
I agree with your statements. I recently purchased this item and I am disappointed. The Ki-Adi Mundi has dark circles around his eyes that make him look feminine. The Qui Gon and Yoda are boring figures and do not come with lightsabers. The Mundi does not come with a lightsaber either!!!! All for $19.99. The REAL price point for these should be $9.99 or $14.99 at the most. This sucks, but since I am a completist I must keep my set. The knee articulation is welcomed and I like Ki's soft goods skirt. But other than that.....BLAH! It's junk. Grade C-