View Full Version : Clone Wars Animated Figures Available @ StarWarsShop.com

08-02-2004, 04:56 PM
In case you missed them, StarWarsShop.com has Wave 1 and 2 of the Target Exclusive Clone Wars Animated figures in stock.

StarWarsShop.com (http://shop.starwars.com/Product/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductID=396)

First StarWarsShop "aftermarket exclusive"
Previously only available in Target retail stores
Includes all characters from Wave 1 and Wave 2
Includes 12 action figures in all

The four action figures from Wave 1 and another four making up Wave 2 are styled in the designs developed by the Cartoon Network's Genndy Tartakovsky and Paul Rudish. Previously available exclusively at Target stores in the beginning of 2004, StarWarsShop.com now brings you these figures exclusively as part of its ongoing "aftermarket exclusives" program.

The interesting thing is that this is the first offering in StarWarsShop.com's "aftermarket exclusive" program. For those of us who have trouble tracking down brick and mortar retail exclusives that are hard to find or exclusive to stores not in our area, we might get a second chance to get them from SWS.com at a later date.

Kyle Katarn
08-05-2004, 07:57 PM
That's sweet, because I live in Mexico and sometimes its difficult to see new figures and when I go to USA I cannot buy everything, so that program can help me.