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Mr. JabbaJohnL
08-05-2004, 05:02 PM

Since the other ROTJ VOTC spotlights have their own thread, here's one for R2-D2's, which came a little early.

So he does have a sensorscope? Why don't they just say it on the package, instead of "Extendable Arm", which technically he doesn't even have? At least the third leg is removable instead of stuck. Unfortunately he has one of those stupid light-up eyes again instead of straight black, which is better IMO. I want to see this guy in better photos.

08-05-2004, 05:34 PM
Looks great. I wish they'd show him with the Sensorscope popped up. Since I'd like to see if it's as long as it was in the movie, or if they basically just made the periscope again. Since the original Vintage R2-D2 was more the periscope than it was the Sensorscope shown on the front of the card. I like the fact they went with a removable middle leg though. Since the retractable one never looks right, and makes the body inaccurate. :)


Jar Jar Binks

08-05-2004, 05:35 PM
Well, I think he looks and sounds just great.
The tubing alone on the feet is truly remarkable.

Very, very pleased about the middle leg.

Can't wait now to Collect them All ! ! !

PS -- R2 does have an extension arm.
It says so in the Hasbro write up.

08-05-2004, 05:54 PM
Damn that looks awesome!!

It reminds me alot of that R2 ornament that came out a while back. Finally a decent Artoo, I'm really looking forward to this one now. :cool:

08-05-2004, 06:01 PM
This could be the definitive r2 if you know what I mean. This figure looks great! The card is cool also, but why have c3PO on the card also? They might should have gone with just an r2 card. Oh well...the figure looks very promising!

08-05-2004, 06:24 PM
The card is cool also, but why have c3PO on the card also? They might should have gone with just an r2 card. Oh well...the figure looks very promising!

I agree about the card. But this is the ROTJ themed wave & I guess that is why they have that card. It's the same cardback as the vintage one.

Kyle Katarn
08-05-2004, 06:48 PM
I think this is the best R2-D2 of all, I like all about it but I think that the card would be better if R2-D2 appeared alone.

08-05-2004, 06:57 PM
They couldn't really have R2-D2 on the card alone, or they would have had to make him an ANH or ESB figure. And I like the four choices they had for both ANH and ESB. Since once the Sensorscope version was released with ESB, I don't believe R2-D2's ANH card was ever re-issued. And they couldn't have used the POTF (Bunker) picture card, because it doesn't fit the figure or the ROTJ card scheme well. :)


Jar Jar Binks

08-05-2004, 08:48 PM
I'm really curious about the Sensorscope too. When I first saw the VOTC R2, I was upset because he didn;t appear to have a sensorscope, even though the card would be a strange choice without one (despite the new "Now includes..." about his arm, which in my opinion isn't accurate anyway because it's not extensible, it's a pop on/pop off. Extensible implies it pulls in and out like the r2 version that came out with the freeze frame (which I had high hopes for - but ultimately was a let down.) ALso, since we're on the topic of cards, I get they used this card since that's what was available for the original ROTJ release - but I personally wish it would have been the original R2 card. As such, R2 is the *only* figure in the VOTC line that isn't shipping with his original cardback. Everyone is. And before anyone tells me it's for accuracy - then what about 3PO? His Empire card persona should have featured the removeable limbs pic (which I'm surprised they didn't do since everyone has fond memories of the C3PO that you could "pull his parts off!". ANd since he doesn't have bendable knees (I thought they would *finally* get that feature in with this version - otherwise I really don't know what is so special about this 3PO (don't get me wrong - the sculpt is fantastic and the bets 3PO yet, though I think the early protoype looked slightly better with the legs appearing to come out of his groin area rather than the standard cut they went with for the final version. His little circular chest plate seems a bit small - but hey, this is about R2 so stay on track!). :-)

Anyway, I really *really* hope this R2 has a Sensorscope, but I have this bad feeling that it's just a misprint on Hasbro's part and he really doesn't have one at all (otherwise, wouldn't it have been shown at least at Comic Con? And surely it would have been featured on the card back pic wouldn't it? I'd love to be wrong but I totally think this is just a screw up on the blurb and they ean it recreates the clicking sound of the original that had a Sensorscope but the clicking is all you get with this new version 20 years later! Can we do a collective yawn with the emphasis on the clicking? Big deal! It's been on several new Artoo's anyway and really isn't that fantastic of a feature! DOing a little extra tolling to allow a pop up sensorscope (a longer version which I am in total agreement with the other posters) would have made this R2 the definitive version. As it *appears*, the lack of a Sensorscope and the lack of a push up 3rd leg (which could at least have had some articulation ala Coruscanct Sentry) means to me that Hasbro still needs to work harder to make the Artoo Detoo figure that I have yearned for since I was a little boy. Please Hasbro, make my wish come true! :-)

Can anyone tell if his other two legs have articulation at the...ankles I guess you'd call them? (it's pretty funny trying to figure out what to refer to when discussing R2's body parts). If they don't have articulation, then I really will be absolutely disgusted with Hasbro. If they do have articulation, then this will be my favorite R2 - though like I said, still with room for the Ultimate version. Maybe they can bring him out before the line stops after Ep III and after technology and tooling has advanced enough to bring us what we want.
Which gives me an idea...how about a list of what we consider essential for the ultimate R2 figure? Maybe Hasbro will check it out and listen. And I have every intention of customizing the heck of this little guy to approximate what I want.

So here's my list for what has to be included for the Ultimate "R2 D2 FIgure" in no particular order,but with the figure that the feature has been done right on where this has occurred (which begs the question - if they can get certain features right on certain figures, why is it so dang hard to produce one figure with every feature done right? (and yes, I realize things like electronic sounds are space limited - I'm talking strictly about the sculpt!).
On to the feature check list:

1. Full articulation - shoulders, ankles joints on all 3 feet! (like Coruscant Sentry Artoo!)
2. Feet featuring true "hoses" - (like the VOTC version - good job!)
3. Head needs to NOT have the ugly seam!!! (is a one piece head like the vintage version not possible???)
4. Cameras/Eye Pipes (whatever they are called) in the correct locations. The one that is always used on the top of artoo's head is attached to the middle head panel, but instead should be on the little blue panel *behind* the one it's currently on (though I am grateful they at least started including it - many artoo's don't have it at all!)
5. A middle leg that pushes up into the body fully (like holo Leia R2/Queens Ship R2 unit)
6. Panel and scultping details that are not too deep but are part of the sculpt. THis one is difficult to explain. At this scale, Artoo's details are diffcult to sculpt so they look right. They attempted taking them out completely (take for example R2's blue head panels in the Holo Leia version and Episode 1 pop out rockets version - they are just painted on the dome. This is too slight, but some sculpts are too deep (like Tatooine Mission R2). THe body details have always been too deep. Obviously we don't want Hasbro to go back to stickers like the Vintage R2, but maybe experiment with very thin lines that are sculpted to demark panels - but not actually sculpted out or raised. JUst a line, perhaps something along the lines of (pun there, heh heh) the "speaker" details in the middle of his little barrel body. Those lines are very thin, but not very deep. I think this applied to the detail all over his head and body would look very nice, look more correct to scale, and still be easy to keep the paint inside (say for the blue head panels).
7. Get the Eyes right!!! Artoo's eye panels really make the difference between a figure that really captures R2's look versus an generic looking Astromech droind. IMO, the best Eye Sculpt is R2 Coruscant Sentry (minus the odd angle the light is positioned in - I'm talking about the sculpt itself here). THe new VOTC Artoo looks like it is almost perfect, though I have to see it in person to be sure. As for effects - The refracted light up feature is cool, but it's the wrong eye! Especially when you have gotten in right on others (the Queen's Starship Astromech has the bottom eye lighting up in red with his upper eye solid black- it's nearly perfect! Similarly, Holo Leia R2 has his little Camera/Holo Projector Eye lighting up which is excellent - though they still make the mistake of having the main Radar Eye light up instead of the correct lower eye. Check out any picture or scene in the movies - the Upper "Big" eye *never* lights up!
8. Panels and Arms! WHat would truly make artoo incredible would be at least one little door panel that could open. A fold out arm is probably asking too much (see? We're reasonable in expectations!) in this scale, so the current "pop on" method for the actual arm would be okay, so long as the door itself is open and closeable (is that a word?). Obviously it would be tricky, but not impossible. SImilar to the 12" Scale Artoo Figure with arm attachments and little doors that open all over his body - that's the idea I'm thinking about. IF the little claw/compuer interface arms could fit inside the little door for storage, I'd be just giddy with delight! :-)
9. Sensorscope and head panel for Lightsaber! - A Sensorscope is essential. I can't believe only ONE R2 in the modern line has had a pop up head instrument. It's like missing one of Artoo's most prominent features (Kind of like Yoda with no cane, or IG-88 with only one gun - oh wait, you did that! WHY??? (I know off topic, but now I'm started - out of all the figures that you pack 2 guns with that never had 2 - and the only figure that Actually really truly had 2 guns CLEARLY visible and even had it right int he vintage line and you include only ONE GUN!!! PLEASE explain this to me! These thinsg drive me crazy it's so bewildering!!!).
Whew, okay, back to the sensorscope - a very easy feature to add and make R2's play value sky rocket! Also, a second panel that could slide up to reveal a lightsaber hilt (NOT a fully ignited lightsaber - that was never in Artoo's head and would have caused a fair amount of damage, I dare say. So one of the metal lightsaber hilts that have come with the figures is all you need. This could be as simple as a blue panel that plugs into place to cover the hole,and perhaps some spring loaded action so the hilt can pop out. Obviously this would get lost by kids easily, so may be tricky, but an essential feature from the movies. Plus the Lightsabe Launching R2 of the modern line was absolutely the worst R2 figure ever made (possibly the worst figure of the entire line, next to R5-D4 and his Gi Joe Weapons). But to sum it up - a Sensorscope essential, a lightsaber hilt and compartment in addition to (NOT in lieu of!) would be part of the Ultimate R2 Figure.
10. Electronic Sounds. THe new OTC Dagobah R2's sounds are incredible!!! It's the best ever and the double duty activation button are tops as well. I know this is asking for a lot - especially if he's to include a push up 3rd leg - but if the sounds could be incorporated with the other features, again, it would truly be the Ultimate R2 D2 figure. :-) If there's simply no room, then a removeable 3rd leg like the VOTC version might be acceptable, provided the body storage door and head instruments (sensorscope, etc) are left intact. Also, there is no reason why the head has to be immobile! First off, leaving the light out would solve that problem, but even with the light left in, the head could simply be limited to a "side to side" motion (i.e. not a 360 degree rotation, but able to turn say 45 degrees to either side and back. This would still allow for R2 to be posed in many relaistic ways, but alos have the character that the electronic sounds provide. IF worse comes to worse, then how about incorporating the sound chip internally - bt R2 has to be "hooked" up to his droid recharging station to make sounds and light up (a cool accessory like the ones that the droids were docked in on the queens' Royal Starship. This coould store the batteries, and contacts on the bottom of his little feet could transfer the power. Since Artoo is kind of like that Galaxy's answer to PDA"s, then the Recharging Droid Station is like the PDA/ Droid Dock. :-)
11. Accessories. TO make him truly the Ultimate R2, he needs to include a host of accessories he was seen with across the entire saga. We've already mentioned the Droid CHarging Station and the lightsaber hilt. He also needs the Jabba sail barge drink tray (with additional drink dispensing arm, very similar to the EXCELLENT R2 D2 figure out now from Jabbas Sail Barge (the bets R2 so far - at least until I see the VOTC version firsthand), though obviosuly the drink tray need to be scultped better with glasses that aren't the same color as the tray. ALso, R2 needs a restraining bolt (which could possibly be a replacement door for the opening one, depending on where you put it).
I guess there are more to include but I just realized I have written a book (really really sorry for the loooonnnnggg post guys!). I guess it demonstrates how passionately I want the Ultimate R2 D2 figure in the standard Star Wars Figure scale! :-)

Newton (R2 D2 Freak Extraoridnairre) :-)

08-05-2004, 09:09 PM
A few weeks ago, I suggested that I thought the dome's sculpt might have been holding a sensorscope, and that I felt it was possible that the middle leg was removable instead of retractable. Now I wish I had been playing the lottery that day too. :D

Hasbro's vague wording on the sensorscope made me so uncomfortable that when I did the news post about it, I prefaced it with "According to Hasbro...". They've made mistakes on the site in the past and I don't want to get blamed if they borfed that one.

As for the pics, the loose prototype picture looks very nice, but the pic showing the prototype inside carded blister looks really awful. The carded one has that awful bright white paintjob, the wrong dome design, just all-around putrid... then I realized, that's because the carded one isn't the loose one at all, besides all those inconsistancies it's got the old painted wires on the feet. Maybe I'm wrong, but I sure hope not because the loose one looks so promising and the carded one looks so bad.

08-05-2004, 09:24 PM
Well this should make you all happy. When I was at the SDCC I looked at R2 very closely, well as close as I could get my head to the glass and yes he has a Scope. The thing is, it looks to be the same one as the POTF2 version. Now it wasn't sticking up, but you could see the difference in the shape and color. :)

08-05-2004, 09:38 PM
Good points JJB, but I still say the card is lame. I say: R2-D2 ALL ALONE .
Turbowars, that is great news. He'd BETTER have that senorscope. :D


08-05-2004, 09:45 PM
Hey, it had it at the con. I'm surprised it wasn't reported already. I was at the Hasbro booth for about 1 hour asking the reps questions they already answered about 1000 times and had my face up against the glass for another hour or so everytime I walk by. If it wasn't for my wife I would have just stayed there all day.lol

08-05-2004, 09:52 PM
Hey guys, I feel your pain on the card. But personally, since I have a carded Artoo 12 back, I am happy they used this other card.

08-06-2004, 06:38 AM
JediTricks and TurboWars - I am sooo glad he has the Sensorscope!!! Not sure why it's never been extended - maybe on the prototype is wasn't stable enough to pull out or extrude or whatever. And good catch on the version that's carded. I kept thinking he looked awful - but couldn't pinpoint why. I'm heading back to the pics now to examine them about the head sculpt and leg wires.

Anyway, I am VERY relieved - now if he just start shipping and I'd get one (or 4)! :-)

08-06-2004, 06:42 AM
Oh, one more question - could you guys tell if his "feet" are articulate at the "ankles"? Hopefully they aren't just static one piece legs like the early ones, but articulated like Coruscant Sentry Artoo. The pics look like they might be - but then again, it could just be where the hoses are inserted. Could anyone tell for sure?

08-06-2004, 08:01 AM
The feet should be articulated... at least the two main ones, considering the middle leg is removable. How else could he stand without it. I'm more pleased with this sculpt than I had initially imagined I would be... based on the photos alone.

08-06-2004, 12:57 PM
Yeah, this figure looks great, I'm glad Hasbro went with the removable third leg instead of the retractable third leg, now his body can actually be in the correct proportion.

About the card, I was initially a little disappointed about the reference photo, but that was the only photo used for Artoo on his ROTJ cards. Now I'm not too worried about it, since it is a nice photo in its own rights. I figure if they didn't fix Obi-Wan's yellow lightsaber on the SW card, then why fix this?

Threepio had both the ANH photo and the ESB photo on ESB cards, since the removable limbs version came out months after ESB premiered.

08-06-2004, 08:21 PM
He's proof for you guys that think I'm full of crap.;) R2 has a scope.

08-06-2004, 11:59 PM
Newton, I think a taller sensorscope would be awesome, but there probably isn't room for it and the mechanics within that make it spring out. I would have accepted a removable, taller one (for the center antenna and dome grabber arm too) but alas, no.

Turbo, it's not that I disbelieved you, I even mentioned that Hasbro blurb in my previous post, I just don't entirely trust Hasbro's website on this - they've made mistakes in the past.

08-07-2004, 12:04 AM
Nice version of R2. Going to have to find an extra for him. I might get doubles of the entire set and open them(sans C3PO, since he is just a basic 3PO)

08-07-2004, 10:02 AM
I like the card! R2D2 looks sweet!

08-09-2004, 04:44 PM
As many have been wondering, R2-D2 does indeed have a sensorscope. Galactic Hunter just posted pictures of the prototype! Click here (http://www.galactichunter.com/absolutenm/templates/full_article_template_1.asp?articleid=3206&zoneid=2)! :D :D

08-09-2004, 06:30 PM
Gee, now I know I wasn't lieing.lol

08-09-2004, 07:35 PM
Awesome!! Thanks VadersVette. And not to doubt any of the guys who saw it - just never know with Hasbro. :-)

Now after seeing these, I wonder if his head has to be turned to "extrude" the Sensorscope? That could explain why it was never shown at the Con (as Artoo's head is always facing forward in those pics, and in the one Sensorscope Pic his head is turned). Personally, I'd prefer a manual mechanism activated by fingernail - but a "lip" would have detracted, and I personally wasn't a big fan of the POTF2 version with the spring loaded scanner (wasn't bad, but relieved to see it's not just a rehash of that same one). Even if it requires turning to pop it out (which makes me wonder about just how clickable his head will be) then I'm sure a little customizing can fix it! :-)

I can not wait for this Artoo!!! Definitely the best thus far - and I can finally relax about his feature list! :-)
Thanks again for posting the heads up and comic con impressions!!!-)

08-09-2004, 08:35 PM
Gee, now I know I wasn't lieing.lol
Sorry Turbowars, I didn't see that you posted about it. :nerv:

08-09-2004, 08:39 PM
You better be.:evil: J/K. You know I like that R2 in all white. Makes for a cool variant.

08-09-2004, 09:00 PM
It definitely does look very cool all in white. Kind of creepy. :eek:

Anyway, the VOTC continue to blow me away more and more.
We are truly experiencing what I am certain will be the HIGH point in collecting.
Each and every one of these twelve figures is gorgeous!
But I am especially pleased that Artoo is turning out so much better
than I first feared he would. Vintage Artoo was one of my first SW toys.
And he's still very much my favorite character.
So it's nice to see him get such a worthy figure. :D

08-09-2004, 09:19 PM
Is that the spirit of R2 figure? :crazed: :beard:

08-10-2004, 08:22 AM
Spirit of Artoo figure - LOL!!!

Actuallym I was thinking it was a special paitns ops to simulate the bizzards of Hoth (hey, the card pic is form Hoth, so could be!).

Actually, they could release him this way too and just call him R2-H8 - he hates the cold and is the companion droid to K-3PO (is that the white protocol droid figure with the blue splotch on his chest (looks like he was carrying a broken ball point pen in his breast pocket (not that he had one of course)...maybe some sort of David Lynchian commentary on the nerdiness of Star Wars fans? Insert pocket Protector joke here...
Okay, nevermind, but in my younger days if I would have somehow known I wouldn't know the exact name of every figure and character when I became an adult, then I would have been shocked, depressed and disappointed in my future self.
At any rate, just glad Artoo has a Sensorscope. Anyone else planning on customizing this little guy to make the ultimate Artoo figure? Assuming his head fits other bodies (which it may not since Hasbro said they created all new blueprints for this sculpt - which hopefully will translate into far more accurate Astromechs in the future, even if they don't have the features that this Artoo does (and actually I want a regular bodied Artoo based on this sculpt (sans the tools hollowed out area and with a retractable leg) which will make customizing far easier. :-) Incidentally, does anyone see any reason why his leg doesn't retract in this version? The area sculpted tp simulate his open doors and control arms doesn't seem nearly deep enough for it to have affected the spcae in his body needed for a retractable leg. And considering the sensorscope is still relatively short, then this doesn't go far enogh down in the body to account for it either (at least not that I can tell - if there is a spring loaded mechanism that controls it that isn't visble in the pics, then it probably does extend down into his little body like the POTF2 version did (even though the mechanism at roughly 1.5" seemed far too long for the small length that actually popped out).
As others mentioned, Artoo was also my first figure when I was little (well, he and 3PO - My mom got me both of them and needless to say I still remember that evening with absolute clarity). :-) So I tend to view Artoo as the essential character, and IMFO (in my fanatical opinion) any star wars line that doesn't have an Artoofigure is doomed to failure (the mini Phantom Menace figures, the Clone Wars animated series, Unleashed, etc)!!! :-)

Mr. JabbaJohnL
08-10-2004, 10:58 AM
What was the feature like on the old one? Did it come out once his head was turned? I'd expect that it would be the same now. I like how he can be neutral or also in several other cool positions/scenes.

08-10-2004, 02:00 PM
On the vintage R2, it was manual. The Sensorscope had a tiny little lip on the top that you could lift with your fingernail to pull it out (mine also appears to have warped over the years as there is no longer any click, but it does pop out the sensorscope - I am fairly certain this is NOT a feature though as I remember having several and they were all manual). THe POTF2 released circa 1999 maybe (dunno exact date, someone else I'm sure will correct me) had a sprin loaded mechanism (not that this was explicitly called a Sensorscope, but instead called a "spring loaded scanner", but for all intents and purposes it was the same thing, i.e. one of the little blue panels on the top of Artoo's head popped out and was connected via a thin cylinder, recreating the Sensorscope/Hoth feature or perhaps the Dagobah/Swap or Tatooine Desert/Jabba's Sail Barge scenes where R2 is under water or under sand and uses the instrument to...well, I guess "see" above what he's in (I just love the little fellow - so many gizmo's and instruments that I don't know what theck he's doing half the time!). :-) For the Hoth Sensorscope (which was much much taller and more like an antenna) he was trying to detect signs of Luke returning on his Tauntaun before the doors were shut. This is what the card back pic is, but of course that doesn't necessarily mean that reflects the feature.

Someone had mentioned they wondered why the "exploded" artoo cardback from the original Power of the Force line wasn't used. I'd agree that it's because they wanted the cards in use during the movies they are representing (well, we can debate the accuracy of this of course), and thus the POTF cardback wasn't out until well after the movies were completed. But interestingly enough it does reflect the final figure far better than the Hoth one (well, minus any smoke or action damage, which I'm glad they left off).

INteresting nonetheless, and apparently I'm the only R2 D2 freak out there since I've written these incredibly long posts. :-) SOrry guys, I'll try to keep my droid fascination to myself from now on. :-)