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12-21-2001, 10:13 AM
Here is my christmas gift to all SSG Forum users... a little early. Before I post this to the world, I am letting you know I will be posting new detailed packaged pictures. Enjoy!


12-21-2001, 10:23 AM
That is 100% pure AWESOME!!!!

Thanks for the Christmas gift!! :D

Speaking of... apparently my co-workers know me too well. I got an Artoo Hallmark ornament, a Vader PalmTalker and a slat puzzle from a co-worker's kid! :p

Total fun!

12-21-2001, 10:29 AM
Ooooooh.....Thank you unca Steve!

I wonder what the 3 bombs it's supposed to drop look like...

12-21-2001, 10:51 AM
I really wish we could get a resculpted TIE Pilot with this; but aside from that it's really nice. A definite must buy!!

12-21-2001, 10:51 AM
Originally posted by Starfig873
Ooooooh.....Thank you unca Steve!

I wonder what the 3 bombs it's supposed to drop look like...

If you look at the picture on the bottom of the box...there is a picture of what the three bombs look like.

12-21-2001, 10:57 AM
I just looked at the pictures posted by SirSteve...man does the Tie Bomber look cool...I'm a little disappointed that it won't be out until March though...I thought that it was coming out in January? Guess not...so it will give me some time to save up for 2 of them along with 3 snowspeeders! As Duffman would say: "OH YEAH!"

12-21-2001, 11:30 AM
I can't wait either.It looks really good.I thought it was coming in Feb. and that was too long.I wonder how many there will be considering it's so close to EPII toys.

12-21-2001, 12:51 PM
Man oh' Man, I'm drooling! Suddenly, March seems a long time away . . .

Seriously, I can't wait for this ship and have wanted one since I was ten! Some twenty odd years ago. Damn . . . This one sure looks sweet.

I would imagine with a March release that they'll be fairly abundant. The Episode II hype will just be fueling up, and surely Walmart wants to capitalize on that.

I don't really care about the figure, because one of my customs -- An Aqualish Spy -- already has dibs on this baby.

Go Hasbro!

12-21-2001, 01:15 PM
This is the ONLY vehicle since the advent of POTF2 (with the exceptioin of the Skiff) that I've been looking forward to buying. I have the vintage version of every vehicle that has been remade, so I've had no need to seek the others out. But I've waited almost 20 years for a TIE Bomber (my favorite Imperial vehicle) and so I applaud Hasbro for making this possible. At least it is a Wal-Mart exclusive, so I stand a fighting chance at getting one or two. At least in this part of the country, Wal-Mart seems to be the best at getting their exclusives into the store and in sufficient quantities.

12-21-2001, 02:00 PM
that is truly awsome looking...I hope, that if this piece does well, Hasbr will give us an all-new Tie Fighter. This new ship will make the rereleased Tie and Interceptor look truly bad

12-21-2001, 05:29 PM
Do we get "wobbly-head" TIE pilot with this one too?

12-21-2001, 08:34 PM
Not bad,not bad at all :)

12-22-2001, 12:29 AM
Thanks SirSteve! I also cannot wait for this to come out. Classic ships are my favorite.

Sean the Hutt
12-22-2001, 03:22 AM
Oh yeah lets bring it on already! I need a squad of three...all imps must be in packs. Please wal mart order a lot so I can be gluttonous! just this once I'm with cole this is a must have.

12-22-2001, 11:54 AM
This looks super sweet! I wish all the vehicles in POTJ and POTF2 were this cool.

12-22-2001, 04:09 PM
Is the cockpit movie accurate or has there been some jiggery pokery to get a figure to fit inside? I like the fact that the cockpit hatch is big enough to allow you to get the figure in and it isn't a case of squeeze really hard and then jam the hatch down hard. the worst for that was the naboo fighter. Try and get ric olie in it! oh boy... :rolleyes:

Anyway, this is really nice and the loose pics look cool too. I mean the ones from the convention it first showed at. Shreveport was it? There's some excellent crafting gone into making this vehicle look authentic. Maybe like Vaders tie fighter the wings are a little too small but over all the scaling and the detail are awesome. I'd love a squadron of these things hanging from my ceiling but I have to leave room for episode two and three stuff so I'm limiting myself to just one that will fly in formation between my two interceptors. It's gonna look so cool I'm tellin' y'all!!

Okay that was a little too gushy.:o let's just say that I like the ship and I'd like one.:happy: :D

12-23-2001, 01:54 AM
....I for one am glad Hasbro is spacing these releases out a bit. March is just fine....after all, two short months later and we're going to be awash in AOTC stuff and the classics will be on the back burner again. (not that I'm not looking forward to AOTC stuff...)

12-23-2001, 11:55 AM
Cool. I will probably pick this one up since i did not get the last Tie exclusive.

12-24-2001, 04:15 AM
I'll take a couple of it. Simply the most anticipated piece of SW vehicle I've ever wanted :)

12-24-2001, 06:03 AM
Sweet is all I can say and I can't wait.Looks like I know what I want for my b-day.


01-16-2002, 06:55 PM
Hi, i am new here!

Just wanted to say i love the Bomber, but it would have been better if Hasbro included electronics or lowered the price to $20. I think it's a shame that they don't do the "extra work" that so many other companies do. I'd also like to see an electronic B-Wing and a Shuttle.


01-18-2002, 01:22 AM
While I must admit I literally Drool over these fabulous photos everytime I see them, I definitely do wish that this bad boy had electronics. I sure did love the "screaming" vintage TIE fighters back in the day. And the little glowing red laser light. It's sad that non of the four TIES have either of these in my opinion.

No matter --- I still gotta get me one of these the moment they hit the street.

Does anyone else have any more info on the release date? Still sometime in March? You could call me TIE-Curious.