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08-15-2004, 06:53 AM
I am thinking about picking up one of these,
has anyone reviewed this?

08-17-2004, 04:38 PM
Ok, I am going to rip off JT's method of reviewing, since I like it. I scored this fig last week, but have wanted to let it settle with me before I comment.

Packaging What can I say, vintage = love. It is worth the $10 for the lovin'? Well, that is open to personal tastes, but personally, I paid $15, so what does that tell you? IMO, we need to go back to the smaller bubble stye, if for no other reason than for collector space. Given this, however, I am very happy VOTC come in protective cases...they are very nice and compact, considering.

Sculpt Wow, this is one of the greatest and most frustrating Luke figures ever. Let us get to what I do not like about this figure. 1st: the scale seems off to me - way off? No. However, previous Leia figs are taller, and when next to the VOTC Han and Obi-wan, Luke has definite height issues - I will be curious as to what others feel (saw your comments under the OTC section, JT, and you may be dead-on). 2nd: the face is not Mark Hamill. Now, this is Luke without question, however, since we just got a new Luke Jedi that has a fantastic Hamill likeness, I really feel that Hasbro dropped the ball a bit in this aspect. Aside from these two issues, this figure is probably the definitive (more or less) ANH Luke we may get for a long time. The body sculpt is more than excellent, however, and that aspect helps to make this figure rock.

Articulation Luke has ball jointed head, shoulders, elbows, waist (via the SA clonetrooper style), plus wrists (lower arms), legs with articulated feet and knees - 14 if I can count, which is fantastic - for this reason, cloth was their only real option, IMO, as either the articulation or the sculpt would have had to have been sacrificed a bit. The most articulation on a Luke to date.

Pose Thanks to the uber articulation, Luke could have starred in the Matrix movies - this figure has what it takes to pose...he can even do extreme splits that would make any ballerina blush. To be slighty critical, the articulation in the chest/upper waist is a bit tight, and the movement is just slight restricted, but just slightly.

Paint The deco on this figure is a step down from the VOTC Han, to be honest. Let's take an easy example: the hair. Han has a layered look that makes the fig's hair look great, whereas Luke is just a drap yellow with no variation throughout. The paint or plastic used on the body is kinda shiny, so poor Luke looks like he just got a nice chest wax job. The legs/boots do look quite good, with just the right amount of weathering, and that does stand out (to me) - overall, the deco gets the job done, but nothing above and beyond the call of duty.

Accessories I must comment on the cloth shirt. Normally, I do not like it....at all, but in this case, the material is well-made, and fits, two qualities which are always nice. Now, the very visible seams are a but annoying, but given the fact that the artciulation almost mandated a cloth shirt, I have no issue with it, as I thought I would - in comparison to the VOTC Leia, the cloth material matches with the sculpted pants very, very well. Luke also has his belt that clips to his waist and a lightsaber. The belt will pop off very easily, so that is a bit annoying, but it looks good, and really does fit well, so the clip aspect of it is not an issue, beyond the slight nitpicking. Thankfully, the saber has the more realistic blade effect, which is nice - especially after poor VOTC Ben got the old one (why Hasbro, why???). Anyway, I always have felt that for $10, all the VOTC should have like five accessories. Luke should also have had a scaled hat, binoculars, and rifle - trust me, the old ones we have will look HUGE(!) with this new and 'corrected' scale Luke. Again, the accessories are ok, but not above and beyond the call of duty.

Overall Luke gets a very solid 'B', if for no other reason that the fantastic articlutation, but the way off likeness and height hold back my 'A' grade. On card, this little guy is pretty awsome, but out of the coffin style packaging, the slight issues are evident.

08-18-2004, 12:19 PM
I'd have to agree with you, for the most part. This is a pretty decent figure. I've looked and looked to figure out what is wrong with this figure. The facial sculpt is actually very Mark Hamill, pre-accident of course! The problem is that his hair and eyebrows are the same colour. The eyebrows tend to disappear and most people's eyebrows are actually darker than their hair, so they should have gone with a slightly darker colour. The second problem is that the head is too big for the body.

As for the height, Mark Hamill is 5'9; Carrie Fisher is 5'1; Harrison Ford is 6'1 and Anthony Daniels is 5'9... at least, that's what's listed on the 'net.

Lazer Brain
08-19-2004, 10:30 AM
i just got a votc luke and when i was checking the articulation mine does not bend on both elbows! his left arm can bend , but the right arm has a 'solid' elbow joint. at first i thought i was just a tight joint , but after nearly breaking his arm off and closer inspetion the elbow does not bend. is this common? or just a bad figure?