View Full Version : Questions regarding Jedi and the Republic

08-20-2004, 10:53 PM
I'm not sure if this has been addressed here before or not; also wasn't sure what section to post it under....

I have a couple questions regarding the Jedi and the Republic.

Where or how did the Jedi get the authority to take (or kidnap) Force-sensitive newborn babies from its parents to begin their training?

What other political entities exist in the same galaxy as the Republic? We know that Tatooine in TPM is not in the Republic. We know (or are led to believe) that Kamino is not part of the Republic (if it were part of the Republic then Obi could have gone to the Kaminoan Senator to learn of the planets whereabouts). There are a couple of area's introduced in the Han Solo and Lando novels, like the Corporate Sector, that are not part of the Republic.

And if the Jedi really are some kind of religious society (for lack of a better word), then how and when did they become beholden to the Republic? How and why did they allow themselves to become enforcers and keepers of the peace? And if the Jedi are limited in reach to the Republic, what about the Force-sensitives born in other area's of the galaxy?