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12-22-2001, 03:27 AM
I was thinking about this at least 3 or 4 different days, different times.

I am assuming that with the 25th Anniversary of ANH and Luke-Leia, Han-Chewie, Vader-Ben that they are done with ANH.

Will Empire and Jedi have these 2 packs as well? What will they be? I assume that Hasbro will want to represent all the main characters, so Lando, Yoda, R2 and C-3PO, Boba Fett and Palpatine will have to make their way into Anniversary Sets for the later two movies. Possibly Wicket, too.

The Droids are easy

ESB #1 (R2 fixing Threepio after the escape from Cloud City)
ESB# 2 (Yoda standing on Luke Dagobah's feet? with Spirit Ben?)
ESB # 3 (Lando rescuing Luke from the Falcon's roof?)

Vader's "I am your father" scene with his cape sculpted blowing (like Maul's Tatooine duel) and a battered Bespin Luke would be keen! (so would the duel, but the Dark Revelation is so cool - with the weather vane prop in the 2 pack??? Yeah!)

Lando could also be shown being choked by Chewie (which would also include 3PO on his back) but that is not showcasing Lando in the best light - a heroic moment. Maybe saving him until ROTJ is wisest?

Fett could be posed with Vader blocking his blaster when the bounty hunter scum goes to shoot poor Chewbacca. Or Fett could be posed in the scene where they first enter the carbon freezing room, cut so that you only see Han as Fett's prisoner, being marched in to the chamber...

Han firing while protecting Leia is a possibility, as is Lando covering Leia in their escape (posed under a segment of the Falcon) but these ideas seem weaker to me...

Moving on to ROTJ I think the best one for the Emperor is

ROTJ #1 Vader E.W. lifting and hurling Palpatine with his lightning flowing over Vader (the Redemption of Anakin Skywalker) - a shoe-in everybody would want!!! (I hope they do a Palpatine 'final seconds' anyway)

ROTJ # 2 Luke Jedi should probably be fighting Boba Fett - another way to get Fett in there, while allowing for the fact that a cinema scene of the Final Jedi Duel was already done. (but Luke holding his lightsaber at his father's throat would be cool - The Defeat of Darth Vader...)

ROTJ # 3 Wicket could be with Leia Endor while she's shooting, or he could be chopping the Bikerscout's leg. A random army-builder like the scout trooper doesn't seem as practical as a regular or sub-regular character though, and Wicket is one of the hardest characters to justify even putting in a two-pack. Plus he's been in one with Leia. Wicket peering into R2's eye port is a possibility, but another boring one. I really want more Ewok action figures, but not another Wicket -and he is a boring possibility here.

Oooo - I just thought of Vader's funeral pyre scene for a two-pack and I would drool all over that and applaud it even if we were getting Vader with Palpatine already.

Jabba the Hutt is deliberately left out of all this, as he is just too big for a carded Anniversary box.

Lando could be with Nien Numb in the Falcon cockpit, but then you have the fact that Nien Numb is not even an important sub-character. He's an extra less-promoted than Wicket...

But Lando destroying the Death Star II is something of a little importance to his character. Him with Leia Boussh unmasked as his prisoner is another possiblity. Leia unfreezing Han is one, too.

What are your movie two-pack suggestions for the eventual 25th Anniveraries of ESB and ROTJ?

Which suggestions of mine did you like? (if any)

12-22-2001, 06:26 AM
I want the R2 fixing 3PO scene. I always stick that one in my wish lists because I think it would make a fantastic display piece. Ģpo with removable pieces and R2 actually doing something instead of just molded in a rolling pose. Hasbro have had plenty of chances to do something decent with R2 but never have IMO. 3PO is great but he always comes ina standing pose with a stupid legs wide apart stance (apart from the flashback version which also has a rotten face sculpt) but a sitting 3PO would be so cool.

torture of Han with han in the torture machine and Vader standing close by. Maybe this is the way we could get this as a collector's piece because Hasbro certainly wouldn't make it for kids and LFL wouldn't license it for kids either. But with the 'emerging teen market' and the preference of that market fo figural representations of pain and suffering in the heroes. This would surely appeal?

Dagobah arrival Luke and R2. Luke would of course be in his padded collar flight suit which would be muddy and dirty. R2 would be dirty and muddy also. I think Luke should be posed eating rations as he was when Yoda appeared. I know Hasbro has a problem with sitting figures normally but as this would be primarily for display purposes I can't see why a decent sculpt of Luke sitting couldn't be achieved.

A brand new version of Han abd Chewie hoth. The right details and colouring on Hans coat, with his hood up and with some decent articulation in the legs and arms. Chewie with windblown fur and perhaps snowflakes in his fur but not the dandruff flakes of the flashback chewie Hoth. It wouldn't really need to be a pose directly from the movie as the figures would look cool either way but just to get decent sculpts of both would be enough. As long as the base was some kind of snowy texture and not just a flat base.

I'll think of more ands add them later. :)

12-22-2001, 10:53 AM
I'd just want the ESB Bespin Revelation 2-pack and the ROTJ Vader Unmasked 2-pack.

Not saying I don't think others should be made, but I only have a real interest in buying the two I mentioned above.

12-22-2001, 11:28 AM
I'd have to say I'd like to see at least 6 more packs:

Chief Chirpa and Teebo in the forest
Han and Luke as Stormtroopers
Vader and Moff Jerjodd (I know misspelled that)
A Bounty Hunter series of 3-packs with 2 Bounty Hunters each from the ESB scene. (Hey, we'd finally get resculpts of'em all)

12-23-2001, 07:44 PM
I want to have Tusken Raider with a raised G-Stick surprise attack on a realise-it-too-late Luke.

12-23-2001, 10:07 PM
The 25 Anniversary of ESB is 2005(which is when EP3 will be released) and the 25th Anniversary of ROTJ is 2008(which is when Hasbros Licence runs out for the making the toys)

So its along wait I must say,we might not even get ROTJ 25 Anniversayr 2 packs but we have to wait another 7 years to find out :(

12-23-2001, 11:55 PM
While SW was born with ANH, I think this should be an ANH-first anniversary. There are so many fabulous scenes to recreate, but I would definitely want these:

Tarkin threatening Leia (I was gonna say "tarkin & vader", but we've got a lot of Vaders already)
Luke & Han as "Death Star pilots" (the concept is, the box is a split-screen deal with an X-wing cockpit with Luke sitting on one side and the Falcon's cockpit with Han on the other side. Luke would have that "use the Force" look on his face while Han would have that "yahoo!" look on the his)
R2-D2, C-3PO, and R5-D4 at the droid sale (R2 could be a redesigned version of the Holo Leia one, 3PO could be all-new, and R5-D4 could have a pop-out motivator and retractable 3rd leg)
Others I can think of are Ponda and Evizan knocking Luke on his butt, though that would be a cinema-scene 3pack; Luke & Han as stormtroopers with Chewie in binders, another 3pack; come to think of it, there are a ton of new cinema scenes I'd love to see. ;)

12-24-2001, 10:25 AM
Don't forget the 30th anniversary of ANH is in 2007. Who knows what Hasbro has planned?

12-24-2001, 01:21 PM
I'm with you on the cinema scene thing JT. I was finding it hard to think of double acts instead of trios. Cinema scenes offer the most possibilities but the quality on some of the existing ones was a bit suspect IMO.
It would however offer the opportunity to release some of the lesser characters with the more well known ones.
For instance, Bom Vimdim, Hem Dazon, Feltipern Trevag and a ickle pack-in of Dice Ibegon. Which is no bigger a pack than the Mynock hunt CS.

I can see Hasbro's reticence in creating more cinema scenes as many have sat in warehouses for years gathering dust or sat in stores stock rooms gathering dust, because the price point has been ridiculously high and retailers have been lumbered with unending stock piles of the things they just can't shift. Thus they haven't re-ordered and the returns figures at Hasbro HQ have been poor meaning that technically Hasbro believe that demand is low and don't bother to make more.

If the cinema scenes were cheaper to begin with then maybe we would see a few new ones and be able to afford them instead of gazing longingly at the things in comic stores and then walking away broken hearted because at some unearthly pricepoint they are far and away out of the reach of our wallets.

Ken-Wan Obi-Obi
12-25-2001, 08:22 AM

#1: Han and Leia embracing on the Falcon - it's mushy but powerful.

#2: Vader/Luke "I am your father" revelation scene.

#3: Artoo repairing Threepio's leg near the end of the film.


#1: Vader and Luke on Endor - the "touching" father and son scene.

#2: Leia and Wicket on Endor.

#3: Han pulling Lando away from the Sarlaac's mouth.

Sliver FBI
12-27-2001, 01:49 AM
Im surprised they didnīt give us R2 and 3PO for ANH...

Rollo Tomassi
03-22-2002, 09:05 AM
Originally posted by Sliver FBI
Im surprised they didnīt give us R2 and 3PO for ANH...
Yeah. Why did they only have 3 25thA packs instead of 4? Two in one assortment and two in the other.

01-07-2004, 05:09 PM
Is it too early to start beating a drum about some 25th Anniversary sets for The Empire Strikes Back? 2005 is just a short 12 months away. With Episode III due out, it would be sad to see this anniversary event lost in the shuffle.

There were some great ideas for Anniversary Sets for ESB already mentioned here. Are there anymore? :)

01-08-2004, 03:16 AM
I betcha they'll do absolutely nothing, unfortunately.

01-08-2004, 03:32 AM
i hope they do the same as they did with a new hope's 25th anniversary and produce three sets of two figures in that lovely packaging. there is certainly plenty of scope:

luke and yoda, inside or outside yoda's hut or with luke doing a handstand whilst training.

luke and vader, battling each othet in the carbon freeze chamber

han and leia, kissing on the falcon or just as he is about to go into the carbon freeze

chewbacca strangling lando on bespin

vader and boba fett, waiting at the end of the dining table on bespin

and thats just off the top of my head without really thinking about it. it would be a miss opportunity if hasbro fail to do something like this to mark the 25th anniversary of estb (and in a few years rotj too).

jedi master sal
01-09-2004, 12:32 PM
You guys are missing a big one from ROTJ.

Luke and Leia swinging from the Sail Barge.

Sure it's like the ANH one but that's the point!

Lucas is renowned for repeating themes, why not the anniversary pack as well.

How about this one as well: Luke (in medical gown) and Leia at END of ESB on the medical frigate. Shoot they can even be posed away, looking "outside" the window on the ship as was in the movie. Besides that would give us TWO new figures. Afterall Leia's hair is different in that scene.

Definitely the R2/3PO scene from the medal ceremony should have been released, but maybe next year???

Lando rescuing Luke from Cloud City would be cool.

01-09-2004, 08:10 PM
luke and yoda

luke and vader, battling each othet in the carbon freeze chamber

han and leia, kissing on the falcon or just as he is about to go into the carbon freeze

chewbacca strangling lando on bespin

vader and boba fett, waiting at the end of the dining table on bespin

I like all of these ideas. I doubt hasbro will do anything for ESB 25th anniversary. :rolleyes:

01-12-2004, 05:50 AM
You guys are missing a big one from ROTJ.

Luke and Leia swinging from the Sail Barge.

Sure it's like the ANH one but that's the point!

er, we are talking esb 25th anniversary here, not rotj although its a good idea, although i am not sure where the rope would go because, of course, the swing they do in rotj is not actually pyhsically possible.

How about this one as well: Luke (in medical gown) and Leia at END of ESB on the medical frigate. Shoot they can even be posed away, looking "outside" the window on the ship as was in the movie. Besides that would give us TWO new figures. Afterall Leia's hair is different in that scene.

Lando rescuing Luke from Cloud City would be cool.

both of those ideas are good, especially lando rescuing luke. do the base as the hull of the falcon and there is definately enough room in the packaging to have luke up high.

Definitely the R2/3PO scene from the medal ceremony should have been released, but maybe next year???

not different enough, really. i would rather see them from the start of rotj, outisde jabba's palace, if at all.

jedi master sal
01-13-2004, 05:56 PM
Okay here are some screen scenes I'd like to see as well (btw this is reposted from the Dear Hasbro Section in case you missed it there):

What about the Rebel Command room on Yavin! Great for the General Jan Dodonna figure and Hasbro can get away with throwing in another Leia. Add a non-descript rebel officer and there you go. If they split the table then do it like this:

Yavin War Room I
Rebel Technician (this guy: http://cgi.theforce.net/theforce/mu...en.jpg&img=&tt= )
Rebel Officer (Yavin) (this guy: http://cgi.theforce.net/theforce/mu...ol.jpg&img=&tt= )
Half of the table!

Yavin War Room II
Rebel Officer II (this guy: http://cgi.theforce.net/theforce/mu...ie.jpg&img=&tt= )
Rebel Guard (as seen just before the medal ceremony) can't find a picture of him.
Other half of the table!

This way there are two recognizable characters and several background characters, different in appearance enough to get people excited. I've even thought of how you (Hasbro could save money on sculpts.)

Obviously use the Dodonna figure already planned for and pick a good Leia for which you have many to choose from for this set. The Officer from the Yavin War Room I could be a Captain Antilles figure just with a different head! The Technician is simply a General Madine figure with slight modifications to the sculpt (or not), paint application to match the character and a head change. The Officer from Yavin War Room II is the General Jan Dodonna figure with a head swap. Finally the Rebel Guard is yet another Rebel Fleet Trooper but with a new paint scheme and a different head!

There you go Hasbro. Easy as 1,2,3! not much work involved here! Certainly nowhere near as starting from scratch.

How much easier can we make it?

(You heard it here folks!)

01-23-2004, 06:05 PM
Well, for my own tastes I'd like them to keep the ESB 25th anniversary sets kind of along the same lines as the ANH ones, which I liked. Lots of people decried the absence of the droids the first time around, so I'll include them on my wish list of sets from ESB and then ROJ. First off, I think the sets need to use core characters only - I know that may be a bone of contention, but when celebrating an anniversary, you go with the big names. Of course, that (and my picks for the sets) only reflect my preferences for characters and locales, I'm sure you guys have your own picked out:

Empire Strikes Back 25th Anniversary Sets, complete with small bases and cardboard backdrops as per the ANH sets:

1) R2 and 3PO outside Hoth base, R2 with the sensorscope up looking for Luke and Han. 3PO's hand is out, as if speaking to R2. Base is flat, but snow covered, background the open blast door looking into the hangar.

2) Han and Leia fixing the Falcon, when they first kiss. Base plain grey, background the small space inside the bowels of the Falcon as seen in the movie.

Alternate for 2) Han and Leia on Bespin, right before Han is put into freeze. Looking at each other, background possibly shows Stormtroopers, Ugnaughts, Lobot, Boba Fett (?), Vader (?) and the black hoses on orange background of the chamber.

I put priority on the first one, because my choice for the third set would of course be....

3) Luke and Vader duelling in the Bespin Freezing Chamber. Catwalk base, Orange background showing the black hoses, etc.

Alternate for 3) Luke sitting cross legged on Dagobah talking with Yoda. We could use an updated Saga-style Dagobah Luke, though I fear one included in this set would be a one-pose wonder, as were the figures included in the ANH sets.

Return of the Jedi 25th Anniversary Sets. Tougher for me to isolate scenes in this movie showcasing two main characters together for some reason. Here goes anyway:

1) Luke Jedi swinging with Slave Leia over to the commandeered skiff. Background and base showing part of the sail barge and the blue Tatooine sky.

2) Han with hands bound and tied to Ewok splint, talking with 3PO. Background and base showing the ewok village.

3) Seated Emperor with Standing Vader. Background as base representing the throne room.

There are numerous alternates that would suit me fine as far as ROJ goes. Thawed out Han talking with Leia in Boushh disguise, helmet off, would be great, Luke and Leia in Endor ponchos would be great, etc. etc. etc.

I almost regret having opened these sets, they were more aesthetically pleasing boxed. The figures have little to no play value. I would hope that if they do create any 25th Ann sets (whether or not they have anything in common with what I've listed above) that they'll consider us openers and make the figures a little more useful. Thanks in advance, Hasbro...... :)

01-24-2004, 01:08 AM
I really like your "kissing" and "cross-legged" ideas. These are poses/actions that a standard figure just isn't designed to do. The Anniversary sets are the perfect avenue for offering the opportunity to construct "accurate" dioramas from these kind of scenes.

I kept my set of Anniversary figures boxed but later bought a second set when they went on sale so that I could have those figures loose.

01-24-2004, 11:17 PM
I would love my ESB sets! :) I've always been a fan of the Cinema/Screen scene packs. They've offered up a lot of great, obscure figures in those sets.