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Darth Rend
09-10-2004, 09:23 AM
I was thinking about this the other day, and thought I'd share it.

Star Wars has one of the most diverse fan-bases I've ever seen. SO I thought I's divide it up by different types (Which, for clarification and because it's interested, I'll be relating to religion... trust me it will be cool. I'm not even religious, but it fits SO perfectly. All religious parralells will be in parenthisis.)

*Note* I'm going to post this twice, once with the religious parallels, once without, for those who find it a distraction.

1) The OT Purist.

This type remebers (or just prefers) the origanal cuts from 1977, 1980 and 1983. The people most upset with the special editions, or changes of any type. They perfer the Trilogy as it was, as they first saw it. This type also despises the prequel trilogy, believing them to be inferior in quality and feeling from the OT. To them, Star wars was and always will be 3 films, A New Hope, Empire, and JEDI. No more.

(Religious parrelel: The OT is like the Old Testament of the Bible. Hey it even has the same initials! And since the OT is the OLD testament, that makes the Prequel Trilogy the NEW testament. Almost every major religion in this country follows the old testament, like there isn't a Star Wars Fan alive that disregaurds the the OT. For this reason, the OT PURIST is like Judism...The jewish religion follows the Old Testament but not the new. See where this is going....?)

2) The Movie Purist

This type takes EVERY MOVIE as canon, but not the expanded universe. All six movies are equally Star Wars. Many (though not all) also welcome the Special and 2004 Editions, as they simply provide more new Star Wars to enjoy.

(Parallel: In this example, the MOVIE PURIST is like the Christian Religion, as they follow both the Old Testament and the New. The SE and 2004 Edition, are like the Dead-Sea Scrolls. These Scrolls allegedly contian more detail and clarification of the Bible, and although not officially accepted by the Catholic Church, many Catholics still count them as fact. Like how the SE is accepted by some but not all SW fans. To break it down further, you could equate the ones who like both trilogies but not the SE, to Catholics)

3) The Full-Media Cannonist

This Type accept anything with the Star Wars name on it to be cannon. Books, Comics, Video Games...anything in the expanded universe counts, creating an intricate web of continuity to cover every aspect of the Galaxy far far away. These are the type who hope that Grand Admiral Thrawn will make an appearence in Episode 3, and will be watching the background of Jabba's palace to see if MAra Jade has been digitally added. They hold the OT and PT accountable to stay to the pre-established EU continuity.

(Parellel: The EU is like the book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon, for those un-aware, is an account of Jesus Christ spending time on the continent of North America, something never mentioned in the bible. This does, however, happen during a time not covered in the bible, so it doesn' DIRECTLY contradict the bible in any way, just as the EU generally doesn't contradict the Films. Just the same, the Mormons follow the old and New testaments, as well as the book of Mormon, while the other religions do not...Just as neither the OT Purist of the Movie Purist pay no attention to the EU)

So does anyone have any thoughts?

09-10-2004, 10:25 PM
I'm afraid the options are just too narrow to fit someone like me, I might fit with the first one or the second one but there are definitely major things about them that don't fit. Also, I think your reference to Judaism is probably a bit too simplified to work, the Old Testament is not the only major book in the religion, there's also the Talmud, and the Jewish religion came about before both books.