View Full Version : Deluxe Rancor Beast with Jedi Luke MIB

09-12-2004, 07:41 PM
Anyone interested in a MIB Power of the Force Deluxe Rancor with Jedi Luke? I'm not even certain what I'd want to trade for it, but let's hear what you've got or can get. I'm collecting Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Muppets, Marvel Legends, Justice League, Armies of Middle Earth, Batman, Masters of the Universe, and a bunch more. I will post a better want list once I see if this thing gets any responses. I also have an MIB AT-ST with Speeder Bike set minus the Paploo figure (sorry, he's gotta stay with me. but the rest is complete and intact in the box) if anyone needs one. I'm packing a bunch of my stuff in storage and would rather see if I could get any decent trades for trhis stuff rather than having it take up valuable storage space. I'd probably be most interested oin stuff like MOTU Evil-Lyn and Battle Fist figures.