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09-16-2004, 01:40 AM
Not sure if there are any Alien/Predator fans here, but Master Replicas seems to have added another item to their AVP product line. You can view the AVP Chestburster Hybrid here. (marzdistribution.com/insideMarz/moreinfo.cfm?ID=MR-FX-110)

09-23-2004, 11:42 PM
Alien/Predator Hybrid (http://www2.masterreplicas.com/FX/FXProduct.aspx?sItemID=FX-110)
Lex and Scar win their ultimate battle against the Alien Queen, but not without paying the price. As Scar lies dying on the snow, Lex knows he has earned both his respect and admiration. Soon the Predator ship arrives to reclaim its fallen son and more Predators, led by an Elder, carry away Scar's slain body to a place of honor within the ship. As they leave to prepare the ship for flight, something deep inside the body of Scar begins to stir!
It's time for the Alien seed, planted during Scar's earlier encounter with a Facehugger, to burst from the Predator body! In an explosion of luminous green Predator blood, the Chestburster erupts from Scar's lifeless torso. But this one is different. In taking on certain aspects of the host body, this Alien Chestburster reveals the muted colorings of the Predator, a more muscled body, and an arrangement of four crab-like mandibles - the Hybrid Chestburster!
So Frighteningly Real, You'll Want to Keep It Under Wraps

Paul Anderson wanted a Hybrid Chestburster to end his film on an ominous note - and what creature more ominous than a combination of both Alien and Predator? Sculpted by Andy Schoneberg, the Hybrid Chestburster puppet was built with a translucent silicone skin which was very effective, particularly in the thin membranes that surrounded the mandibles. On set, eight puppeteers performed with the puppet, revealing this final creature in subtle stages after its initial burst-through, which was accomplished with high pressure Predator blood tubes.
For working replicas models, the entire head and body were cast in urethane directly from the original mold, as well as teeth, mandibles, and inner mouth. For the final touch, epoxy was used to duplicate the fine membrane that shrouds the mandibles. Working with these castings, the Master Replicas team meticulously replicated this unique creature that will keep your family and friends looking over their shoulders.
Limited to 1,500 Worldwide

Cast of Polystone, a type of cold cast resin, this replica was created using actual molds from the artists' sculpture. Each sculpture is finely crafted and hand painted based on the original work by Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr. The limited edition Hybrid Chestburster is freely displayed on a cold cast resin base with an acrylic insert. Measuring 14.25" x 14.75" x 20.25", this 15 lb. full scale replica is chillingly accurate in ghastly detail. With only 1,500 created worldwide, it will be a stunning addition for any collector of motion picture memorabilia.
Priced at Only $199, This Replica Will Quickly Sell Out

If you only purchase one Alien vs. Predator collectible this year, make sure it's the Hybrid Chestburster. With Master Replica's painstaking attention to detail, this replica will be the most talked about collectible for many years to come. But hurry. Priced at only $199 (plus S&H), this replica is sure to sell out quickly. Product ships in December, 2004...