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Darth Rend
09-22-2004, 02:36 PM
Since it was announced I've been worried. I never thought as TV series for Star wars would work, not live action anyway. Just the thought of having to pause for a COMMERCIAL before a lightsaber fight makes me cringe. And thinking about how bad it could look if the budgeted special effects or production value don't come off right...*shiver*

Then I thought...I've been imagining a tuesday night Fox series...but what if that isn't the direction its going?

I think a Star Wars series on HBO, like an HBO ORIGINAL SERIES kinda deal could look good. Star Wars with SG1 or Sopranos quality camera work and flim...an hour long with a much higher effects budget than a network would be willing to pay for....This could be great in that format. As long as they began every episode with a scroll....

Now I just hope they don't hand this over to the people who do the Expanded Universe:ermm:

HEY MODS, how about a "Star Wars TV" forum now that its been announced?

09-22-2004, 03:27 PM
HEY MODS, how about a "Star Wars TV" forum now that its been announced?That's what this TV section is for.

09-23-2004, 12:49 PM
In principle, I think that a TV series might work. Of course, by nature of television, it couldn't have quite the scope of a good feature film. A standard episodic gets from 5 to 8 days to shoot each episode. Something like Star Trek Voyager has a budget of around a million per (though it was essentially cut in half for this season). So given those parameters, something along the lines of STV is what you'd end up with. Most likely a lot of stage/interior work with a smattering of exteriors. Of course we'd probably get a fair amount of CGI space battle stuff tossed in for good measure, but even that takes time and money...neither of which is in abundance in episodic.

That being the case, I think that if the producers downshifted in their ambitions for what the series should accomplish (meaning: not attempt to mimic the features), and instead created something a little more, dare I say "hokey" so that it felt more like one of Lucas's favorite serials from his childhood, then it might work. Even the animated Clone Wars more or less followed that formula and worked. It was it's own thing and therefore had little to live up to nor be compared with. So given the real world parameters of television episodic, a Star Wars series could be successful so long as they go into this with realistic expectations.

09-24-2004, 03:12 PM
I dont think i will go for it. I would much rather prefer animated series from the EU like SHadows of the EMpire, Tales of the Empire, and Crimson Emipre, etc...