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jedi master sal
10-01-2004, 08:24 AM
I posted this as a response in the "Dear Hasbro" forum but felt the need to post it here as well so more of you would see this. Hasbro can easily do this and with the OT line going strong and they already have the molds could get this out to us fairly quick. Read on...

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I REALLY like the idea of a droid factory. If Hasbro did that now, they'd have a plethora of droids and their parts to include in the set.

Here's an example of droid parts to include:
several R2 bodies, legs and third legs
different R2 dome (colors and for the sensor scope to rest in)
R5 dome!!! along with R3, R4 domes as well.

besides the Astromech droid series they can also include:
Power droids
Possibly protocol droids (different colors)
the CZ droid! (Kind of a "skeletal" C-3PO)
the "Umbrella" droid from the purchase of the droid scene (was kind of done with the Beru figure, but here is a chance to make it better)
Just to mention a few.

I've stayed away for the war like droids as we have plenty of those, besides that could be a completely different set.
The one mentioned above could be an Original Trilogy Droid Factory Set. Then Hasbro could make a Prequel set if the Original did fairly well or make the prequel set first then the OT set. The Prequel Droid factory would basically be the Geonosis factory.
It would include things like:
Battle droid parts
Super Battle droid parts
Droideka (Destroyer droid) parts
conveyor belts (just the same ones we've been getting in alot of other figures (saves them money since they already have the mold).
AND if they really wanted to cap this off they could have the parts to build one COMPLETE Homing Spider droid. This was the TALL 4 legged droid during the battle of Geonosis. It had the small radar dishes on it and was the bigger cousin to the dwarf spider droid that has already been realized as a wind up toy.
I could guarantee that set would sell!
Besides wanting to have a cool set with lots of army builders, Hasbro would invariably draw us in with the prospect of having a Homing Droid. This could be HUGE and yet take up very little space in the box and be VERY easy to manufacture. After all, all of the legs are the same (they did this with the dwarf spider droid toy if you'll remember). Also the "body" of the Homing droid is virtually the same from top to bottom so the top half and bottom half could be the same, with just the radar dishes a little different. At that the halves of the body could have a small hole at the tops to insert the radar dishes. Very simple and cheap yet it gives us a desired vehicle/droid.

Each set could retail for $50. To break it down it would include enough parts for 7 figures for the OT set (in the case of the prequel set parts for 5 droids-see below), a BIG factory base, and some type of plastic "mechancal" arm to move the parts around. Very much like the Vintage set.

The Prequel set would definitely be worth it, with the inclusion of the Homing spider droid. This is also why the prequel set would have a lower amount of droid parts because of the Homing droid's inclusion. The OT set would have sentimental value and I'm sure collectors would scarf it up.

The breakdown of droid parts could be like this:
OT set:
4 R2's (including the R5, R4 and R3 domes we'd also have 2 R2 domes)
1 Power droid (Gonk droid)
1 CZ droid (this is the exclusive for this set)
1 umbrella droid

Prequel set
2 battle droids (both red)
2 super battle droids
1 destroyer droid
and of course the Homing spider droid

If Hasbro came out with the Prequel set first and it sold well, then they could move on with the OT set and sell it at the same price of $50, if it didn't do so well then they could still come out with the OT set but maybe drop the price by $5-10 since it wouldn't have the big exclusive (Homing Spider droid) and just the smaller one (CZ droid).

Gawd, I should be designing in the toy industry and not for the University I work at.

So what do you think?
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10-01-2004, 08:31 AM
Sounds like it would be a great idea. Anything would be an improvement over the Vintage set, not that it was bad at all, but I think you made some good points here.

10-01-2004, 11:09 AM

I would love to see some vintage playsets re-released or rehashed or kit-bashed or ....JUST PUT THE DARN THINGS OUT HASBRO!!!! Make this one second, DO an Ewok VIllage first.

10-01-2004, 12:15 PM
I don't need a remake of the droid factory. Now if it was made as a sancrawler/cloud city junkroom/jabba's droid torture room that would intrest me. But I don't need one just because they did it originally.

10-01-2004, 05:47 PM
So long as it wasn't the same mold as the vintage one, I might be interested. It would be neat to play around with and build some new droids. I already have the vintage one plus the re-released gray version of the same (Jabba's Dungeon). I like dindae's suggestions of the new setting for the playset. If the playset could do double duty and be a movie scene display that would be cool too.

B'Omarr Monkey
10-01-2004, 10:21 PM
I've always thought this was the best playset from the vintage line to reintroduce for the modern line. Whether it was essentially the same, or with the new stuff that Sal suggests, I'd pick up one, maybe 2. My kids would love it as well. I think this could be released for closer to $30, since most of the molds exist. If CZ-9/CZ-3 is included, I'd rather have one that doesn't come apart, and have everything else be mix and match parts.

By the way, the "umbrella" droid is a different version of the WED droid that Beru came with, though I guess made by the same manufacturer in the sense that R2s and R4s are both astromech droids with essentially the same body, and different domes. The one that came with Beru comes apart if memory serves me, so it could easily be included with both the two armed body stalk and the multi-limbed body stalk of the "umbrella" droid. This set might also be a good way to give us the LN-V8K dome droid as well as some of the tiny, droids like the one that slowly moves by Luke and C-3PO when they are looking for R2 w/the macrobinoculars; droids that we'll never see individually carded.

They could call it the jawa Junkyard for all I care. Just make one.