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10-02-2004, 01:09 AM
(dunno where this should go, if its in the wrong area, please movie it, thanks!!)

Anyways, while i was watching ESB, Vader was just a menece to me, when he was using his force powers on luke on bespin. (i mean that in the coolest way possibe!!) I just think mcfarlne should do a series dedicated to star wars. he makes such detailed figs. movie maniacs poped in my head cuz of that scence, but im sure he can do many more figs for star wars. including....

2. Fett
3. Han/Chewy
4. JABBA (box set)
5. Wampa
6. Maul................

theres sooo many.

but what do you think about that, i think it would be awsome to see Todd make some line of star wars, or add star wars into a existing line already ie. movie maniacs. Is it even allowed for him to do? or does hasbro own all the rights?

thoughts on thisss....

B'Omarr Monkey
10-02-2004, 10:25 AM
No thanks.

Aside from Hasbro having the rights, we've got the unleashed figures. McFarlane's stuff is the best and worst at the same time. Great likenesses and detail, terrible paint and cheap easily breakable plastic. Besides, given what happened to Billy the Kid and Atilla the Hun, I expect we'd see a cyborg Wampa with all sorts of mechanical crap sticking out of him, Darth Vader would have a bunch of severed Jedi heads hanging on his belt, and skulls for his shoulder plates, Jabba would be some grotesque, pustule covered creature begging to be part of the Tortured Souls collection, Chewie would be foaming from a mouth full of too many sharp teeth, blood all over his fur, with huge claws, which would be clutching a dead clawed apart stormtrooper in one hand, and Luke would be wearing some leather outfit covered with all sorts of weapons that he never had in the movies, with one foot using a severed Gamorrean's head as a foot stool. The only character he'd probably give an accurate likeness to would be Boba Fett.

Reefer Shark
10-02-2004, 12:47 PM
We already have the figures you're looking for - Check out Hasbro's Unleashed line. If you're into McF style figures, those would be for you.

IMO, they're better than McF's stuff: Slightly bigger scale, much more durable plastic, and only a handful are released per year (making it easier to have a complete set).

10-02-2004, 11:31 PM
LOL B'O monkey! those figs are probably something McF would do, but i think that would be cool. and Reefer. Yes i know we got the unleashed, im an avid collector of those, and i think they are masterfully done. I know McF's would look something close to the unleashed line, but i still think haviing a McF star wars line would be sweeet, but i see where you guys are comming from. :)

10-17-2004, 12:51 PM
Frankly, I stopped messing with McF figures awhile back. Hated his MONSTERS fig line -- I much preferred the Monsters Playsets that were 3 3/4" scale and came with two figures plus a diorama-like environment. I lost interest in the MOVIE MANIACS lines after he started doing all of these Aliens and Predator stuff (latest being Aliens vs. Predator, of course).

If McF were to ever get the Star Wars license, I fear that they would be less action figures than slightly articulated statues. Hasbro's been doing a good enough job with the Unleashed line that I really see no need for another company to attempt them.

Now, if you were talking about 12" scale figures, I'd say let Sideshow Collectibles have that license in a heartbeat. If I'm going to pay $30 for these figures now, why not up the ante to $40 and let Sideshow crank out what would, without a doubt, end up being the best 12" line of Star Wars figures in history!