View Full Version : e-bay assistance

10-05-2004, 01:35 PM
I'm looking for reliable UK based (I live in Ireland and want minimal posting charges) e-bay websites for action figures. I know of Popcornlive.co.uk and got the Shuttle from them and they have some figures I missed including Boshek, J'quille and Tanus Spijek but they don't have many others that I need. I'm looking for Captain antilles, Dutch vandar, Dodonna, Madine (yes those blink and you'll miss them figures-I blinked), and various POTF figures I missed over the years. Ideally I would find a UK site that has all or most of these so that I'm not ordering from more than one site and paying heavy postage costs for only 3 figures from popcornlive.

By the way some people here may recall that in a thread many months ago I declared that I was finished collecting star wars. Well I spoke too soon. I couldn't help it. as a consequence of my period of indecision I missed many cool figures, the ones i mentioned above and more besides. I'd like to catch up but stand little chance of doing that with forbidden planet dublin. Also e-bay may be the only chance I stand of getting new OTC figures as I can't visit my store as often as I used to. Any website suggestions besides the ones sponsoring SirStevesGuide would be appreciated.