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10-13-2004, 12:46 PM
Swarmi, who's generally very reliable, posted this in a spoiler-laden bit - though I don't think any of the 12" constitute spoilers IMO.

Here are my thoughts:

Female Jedi 12" figures...

1) hope they are not made with Padme's body so they cannot stand up, or with Barbie doll bodies (which is even worse) and I hope their hands can grip their lightsabers. This has me very concerned that their bodies will not live up to 12" collection expectations.

2) their costumes: Bariss is much simpler than her former master Luminara's wardrobe. It's not shocking that they are not doing Luminara for that reason. Bariss almost wears Darth Maul's costume (in a sense) and Aayla barely wears much clothing at all (so I hope hers isn't sculpted on like Zam Wessel's were in parts and portions). The 12" Collection needs to remain integrity of its original intent: to provide detailed accessories and articles of clothing, along with maximum poseability in a traditional GI Joe figure size. Recall that 3 3/4" figures ONLY came about later so that Kenner could do multiple vehicles of differing size for the figures and keep them affordable. In Star Wars, the 3 3/4" line came about a year or so ahead of the 12", but GI Joe debuted in 12" and didn't do 3 3/4" until after Star Wars' success.

3) the character choices: Aayla is becoming a pop-culture icon for SW in the fan-stream anyway. Why? Amy Allen is promoting her character everywhere, Jan Duursema is Star Wars comics' best artist and Aayla's creator, Lucas liked her and put her in the movie making her the first transitional character to go from comics to screen. Again, why? She's a half-clothed sex symbol to put it bluntly. A warrior woman with her navel showing with such lack of character development (on screen) that audiences can imagine her to be anything they'd like (Aayla has a distinctive character well established in Duursema / John Ostrander's body of work for her in Dark Horse). But for many, the babe-a-licious Jedi exudes sexuality and all the fantasy that goes with that. Bariss is almost the complete opposite. She's the shy "home-school girl." Dressed conservatively like a religious monk, she can nevertheless "lean back" in Hasbro's 3 3/4" figure and provide a focus-point (or two) for male fans of women-warriors. This will not translate well into a 12" character unless she wears an extremely tight outfit (or Bariss' ROTS costume varies a lot from her appearance as a padawan). In the second example, it is gratuitous sexuality added for only its own sake to Star Wars. It remains to be seen if Bariss' costume change will do that, and then I can tell you if I'm interested. I'm a sucker for that gratuitous sex stuff. It's fluff, but added to special effects of starships exploding, that sort of thing, it makes up the rock-n-roll culture's requisite fill of sex and violence as suggestively as possible in a PG or PG-13 film adding to the overall evaluation "That it was a good movie because it had a few SECONDS of everything." :rolleyes: I roll my eyes, but OK: I have to admit that still works for me. "The Babe-Watch Planet" would work in my book. However, in her present, known costume, Bariss doesn't work for me in a 12", though Aayla could.

That being said, there's more to this character choice for Jedi-babes or whatever:

These Jedi have been made already (besides Anakin and Obi-Wan):

YODA - Jedi Council Member
MACE - Jedi Council Member
KI-ADI MUNDI - Jedi Council Member
PLO KOON - Jedi Council Member

Adi Gallia would help along the Jedi Council Collection.

Depa Billaba

Are other female Jedi Council Members. Certainly Shaak-Ti would be a very interesting 12".

Aayla works better than Bariss in that category, but Bariss still works.

And they are cheap to not bring out Luminara Undulli's more elaborate outfit.

Jocasta Nu is also still available, and she has a very interesting wardrobe.

I won't even go into how many more MALE Jedi Council Members and Knights are seriously more interesting than Bariss.

With Aayla, I'll point one more thing out: OOLA becomes possible. The face sculpt and coloring are not the same, but with some easy alterations, Oola (with a 12" Jabba???) could seriously be a cost-saver product from Hasbro in the future. Forget Shaaka, Lin Mae, or Aay Vida, or Ann / Tan Gella (though Hasbro could sell 2 for 1 product there). Oola is clearly the most natural direction to take a tooling for Aayla Secura into following her mainline production for Episode 3.

That gives me some hope. You can't do something else with Kit Fisto or SaeSee Tiin's sculpting.

However, Sora Bulq (who's gone Dark Side now and works for Dooku) could have made a great figure and been also recycled as a Weequay skiff guard!
But I said I wouldn't go into MALE Jedi at the moment.

It's great they are doing the ladies. Aayla I'd want anyway. Shaak-Ti and Adi Gallia I still yearn for. Bariss I'll buy and like anyway -so I'm not complaining (too much).

Now, onto.....

Anakin -Vader:

Remember the 14-inch talking Vader figure? I loved that one so much I bought 3 and then got it again with Maul in the TRU 2-pack.

I bet they put a burnt-charred Anakin head on that and package it. :rolleyes: (Still I'd buy it - pretty cool nevertheless - as a novelty)

What'd be better?

An Episode 3 (long hair) Anakin figure with Marmit-style add-on Vader gear (like ultimate Jango Fett) and a SWITCHABLE HEAD - so that when you make the Anakin-Vader, he's all lava burnt like in those make-up test pictures of Hayden we've seen (which are not positively proven to be Hayden - the makeup is so severe it's hard for me to tell).

Anyway, I hope we get the Ultimate Darth Vader (E3 Hayden version) with Jedi and Vader outfits. I'd pay $40 for that. (wasn't that about Jango Fett's original price?)

I suspect that Hasbro will market a regular Anakin figure in the AOTC costume with the ROTS hair for $20 though - as well as possibly a Darth Vader made that way too.

General Grevious:

This one really scares me. Grevious will be an EXPENSIVE sculpt for Hasbro to make, but such a central character that's visible in the line that he'll have to be produced for the $20 range to let kids start collecting this line as a bait piece to get them to buy Anakin and Obi-Wan.

For a $20 figure, we'll get (on a character like Grevious mind you) NO GOOD ARTICULATION! Grevious doesn't wear clothes, so rule that out. A cloth cape - sure. We'll get that. Big deal. Hope it's durable and has a nice sheen to it. Meanwhile, even if he comes with 4 lightsabers and blades, that's just recycled stuff.

Articulation is the only way to make this character really cool as a 12" (besides his size and originality as a centerpiece in your 12" collection). I just really worry that with the struggling 12" market (prior to the VOTC 12" which are over the regular price range anyway), that Grevious will not come out that good.

I hope we are pleasantly surprised by all these.


Exhaust Port
10-13-2004, 01:18 PM
The new movie will give the 12" line a nice boost. Hopefully the body issues have been evolving since the 12" line as dried up. This movie characters will be the last big opportunity for Hasbro to get a series of 12" figures right. They've had a few hits but most have been misses.

Female Jedi figures are long over due. Hopefully we'll get our Kit Fisko (sp?) too.

El Chuxter
10-13-2004, 02:06 PM
So Grievous won't be wearing clothes? I guess the rumors of a PG-13 are true!

All of these sound pretty cool, though I really want a Kit. Hasbro could make a Kit Fisto Collection of Kit resculpts packaged with other random characters (Kit and Logray?) a la the Princess Leia Collection from a few years back for all I care. And if it doesn't do well to justify more Kit swag, I'll buy up the backstock! :crazed:

I don't mind Aayla outfit at all, but it always seemed quite un-Jedi to me. Most of the Jedi have what are basically uniform robes, except Anakin, who has to stand out. So why one random Jedi running around Baywatch-style?

Like I said, I won't complain, but it always seemed kinda weird.

10-13-2004, 04:30 PM
I personally have always felt that the 12" line should be kept for the main characters and that the 3 3/4" line should be reserved for the more obscure ones like Bariss Offee and Aayla. I just can't justify spending $20 on a character that's in the movie for 3 seconds even if someone has written a backstory for them bigger then Luke's.

I'm just frustrated that people try to find the next SW icon and build them up. The worst for me is Aurra Sing.:mad:

10-13-2004, 05:23 PM
I have to agree with Slicker in some part. Look at what we still DO NOT have in 12" 'main characters:'

Anakin as Padawan (celebration)
Padme in ...pre-senate, post-senate, celebration gowns
Darth Sidious
SENATOR Palpatine
Captain Panaka
Destroyer Droid
Nute Gunray
Ruune Haako

Anakin with Jedi Robe
Obi-Wan with Jedi Robe
Padme...Pilot, Senator, Travel, Lake, waterfalls, black leather, Tatooine, wedding
Boba Fett (junior)
Dexter Jettster
JarJar Binks
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
Lama Su & Taun We
Cliegg, Owen, and Beru
Poggle the Lesser
Wat Tambor
San Hill
Shu Mai

Owen & Beru
Momaw Nadon
Dr. Evazan
Gonk Droid

Han Bespin (resculpt, single-box)
Leia Bespin
Lando Smuggler's Gear
Hoth Rebel Soldier
General Rieekan
General Veers (with removeable Hoth gear)
Captain Piett
Bespin Security Guard

Han Carbonite Deluxe
Leia Endor (single-box, not-smiling like Barbie)
Lando General
Mon Mothma & General Madine
Moff Jerjerrod
Royal Guard (sold separately)
Jabba Skiff Guards (Weequay, Klaatu, Barada, Nikto - some or all)
Ree-Yees & Tessek
Paploo & Teebo
Max Reebo BAND as rumored (it'd be cool, but I don't care THAT much)

Anyway, I tried to stick to mainstream, but I know I diverged. This is about main characters that DID something or spoke to some extent more than Bariss Offee. Aurra Sing is just cool in concept, so I don't find fault with her being made that much - but the price....

Well, that's that folks.

10-13-2004, 07:48 PM
I think I smell another Tycho poll thread.

Either way I hope Hasbro makes these with quality.

10-13-2004, 11:08 PM
Well said, Tycho.
In the past, Hasbro's excuse for not giving us more new characters was that they had to keep the "core" characters in each wave. Thus cheapening each wave with boring, poorly crafted rehashes that, amazingly, some people would by for whatever reason.
Now, they are going to put out obscure prequel background charactes a la Aurra Sing in hopes that male collectors will be sexually atracted to them??? Give me a !@$%%&*ing break! Either let the dying line rest in peace or give us Lando General, Leia Bespin, General Veers, Nien Numb, etc.

10-14-2004, 03:12 AM
as long as the ladies don't have barbie bodies, i'm happy with those choices.

i don't want an anakin/vader combo figure.

i want them released as separate figures.

one really cool anakin jedi figure with a great sculpt and super articulation and a really cool darth vader figure released separately.

i hate the body hasbro used on the 14 inch vader. no artuculation and a way too bulky torso and big mittens for gloves and a badly sculpted helmet. the rubber shoulder pads sucked too. we need them in hard plastic and they need to cover his back, not hang like some rubber baby bib.

we need a new body and a new helmet sculpt. both attempts hasbro has made have sucked. i want a real scanned, three piece removable helmet that features hayden under the mask.

i could care less about grevious. i'll pick him up on clearance at target like i did with the super battle droid and regular battle droid.

the only way grevious would be cool is if he were diecast metal with cool articulation!.

10-15-2004, 02:49 PM
Awesome list Tycho! You had all of the ones and more that I was to lazy to make into a list. The one 12" figure that I've wanted since 99' is the destroyer droid. The 3 3/4 looks great all that they would have to do is increase the dimensions and walla! you have the 12" version.

10-16-2004, 09:19 AM
I stopped buying from this line. I wish they were just better and came out more often. I wish Sideshow coul pic up the rights to do it. Maybe one day.

10-16-2004, 07:15 PM
Too many of us are still buying these figures since we have a bunch of old ones, yes the bodies could be better with more articulation and facial details but a lot of us have way too many of the old ones to start form scratch now.

10-16-2004, 08:50 PM
I wish they would drop the line. These days 1 out of a few waves is good and that's stretching it.

I thought the same thing about Side Show, but those $200-300 figures don't look like Luke or Han. Maybe if GG and Sideshow got together they could do something with the line.

10-16-2004, 10:02 PM
I don't "Collect" but I buy what I like.

I did not need or buy any of the VOTC 12" - but I have Fett, Luke, and I have Stormies as Han and Luke disguised (the rare KB Toys Set that used "clean" versions for their armor).

I'd get these E3 figures they listed (Grevious, Vader/Anakin, Aayla, Bariss).

But I'd want:

E3 Stormcloner (multiple versions and ranks no doubt)
E3 Obi-Wan
E3 or some version of Chancellor Palpatine
E3 Padme or a good E2 one as a pregnant 12" would be awkward
E3 Niemoidian Warrior
E3 Wookiee Warrior

I bought an extra Dooku, Yoda, and Mace already just for the occasion.

Maybe Nute Gunray will get done for E3 finally (and include 3 different hats?)

So there's only 10-12 from an E3 collection that I think I'd want.

10-16-2004, 11:17 PM
I wish they would drop the line. These days 1 out of a few waves is good and that's stretching it.

I thought the same thing about Side Show, but those $200-300 figures don't look like Luke or Han. Maybe if GG and Sideshow got together they could do something with the line.

what's wrong with this luke?


10-16-2004, 11:40 PM
2 things, it doesn't look like Mark and it's too much $.

10-17-2004, 02:33 AM
Sideshow's stuff is also not poseable, if I recall correctly. No extra accessories, etc.

If you are an Unleashed fan, than Sideshow and Kotkouchi (spelling) are the higher end for you.

If you are a 12" fan, then Marmit is sort of the higher end for you.

That's the way I see it.

None of it is as good as it could be to tell the truth though.

10-17-2004, 11:40 PM
I hardly ever buy the 12 inchers , but the last ones I did buy were the At-St driver and the Imperial Officer... The OTC ones IMO are a ripoff for $30.. thats a lot of money for a 12 inch. Besides I would rather buy three votc stormies. By the way Tycho- How many SP Stormies do you have by now? (My guess is around 15, or you might not have boughten any at all)

10-18-2004, 12:07 PM
SP= super-poseable? I'm used to SA to describe them.

If you are talking about the 3 3/4", I did NOT buy any of them.

Actually I bought no VOTC stuff, 3 3/4" or 12".

In 1995 when I made a decision I'd do some dioramas, there were 9 figures then.

I said "OK" - I'll crew the Falcon with the Obi-Wan group (all minus Leia).

I'll do a Death Star Escape thing with Leia and Obi-Wan fighting Vader. For that, I'll buy 5-6 Stormtroopers for the appropriate ratio of troops to heroes.

As it became hard to find just 5-6 troopers, I learned to hunt at 7am. Then I just bought extra stormtroopers in anticipation of one day having figures to do a Cloud City scene, etc. because Lando was coming out in 1996.

So I kept buying the '95 Stormtrooper and ended up with close to 90-100 of them.

I use about 60-70 of them in my scenes, and DO NOT do an Emperor's Arrival Scene, as it gets unoriginal after everyone else is doing it and there's a nice picture of one on my Shuttle Tyderium's box.

So for action poses, the 1995 Stormtrooper is perfect for multiple poses I'd do with super-articulation anyway. They sculpted him back in the day for near maximum poseability without the articulation.

I was so satisfied, I did not buy maybe 50 CommTech troopers I had access to for $1.99 in TRU clearances when I picked up some R2/Leia Holos (for that same price, he-he).

I am not into replacing figures in my scenes:


Luke Tatooine - doesn't look that good anyway. Don't need him.
Han - looks great - just don't need him.
Leia - looks OK - don't need her
Obi-Wan - hmmm. The robe throws me off. Should've fit him tighter.

Vader - don't need him for $10 when there will be some for E3 made, and I'll only need a Vader for 4-5 ROTS scenes I've planned, and I've saved Vader figures from the past that I've liked but didn't need (Cloud City Saga for example) that I'll finally get to use. I estimate I'll only buy 1 (ONE) ROTS Vader should he look the same or not too recongizeably different.

Lando - looks great - don't need
C-3PO - pricey for nothing. I have and will get cheaper versions.
R2-D2 - really tempting, but not necessary for $10, nor worth its value

Yoda - was tempting. After seeing the way they botched his head sculpt and paint job in person, I turned him down. I'd originally planned to buy him.

Chewie - very tempting, but not likely for $10 - the price of 2 Wookiee soldiers I'll want to accomplish what I plan for E3.

Boba Fett - don't need. The 300th Anniversary was so nice, I already bought and saved an extra. Don't need another Fett period.

Stormtrooper - again, I have still about 12-20 1995 troopers still on their cards - I think I'm opening one to add to my Cloud City display - but I don't need it and I'm not going to army-build at $10 each unless it's the only way to get a character.


12" - with almost 100 Stormtroopers in the 3 3/4" size, when I started doing 12" and was making budget decisions and also totally disliked the original Vader and decided NOT to be a completist, but to do scenes with groups of 12" I liked, I decided "No more stormtroopers."

I got in a great trade the 12" Han & Luke Trooper 2-pack (the rare KB ones that are clean). I display them marching Chewie down the Death Star Corridoors with their helmets on. It's all I need.

So I definitely wasn't going to army-build with the 12" VOTC Stormtrooper either! Talk about expensive!


Clone Troopers was another matter altogether.

Clones literally suggest the birth of the Empire.

I went for 40 Super-Articulated Clones and made myself sick for a few days in the process of getting them because no one had done an "Empire Assembling Scene": Palpatine on the balcony with the other Loyalist Senators overlooking row after row of CloneTroopers standing at attention. Only the SA Clones and some of the SA versions of the officers from 2 packs made with the Clone Captain mold (Saga card CT) could achieve this. So going for something original, I found out what it would look like to do "The birth of the Empire." I use about 29 SA Clones, plus yellow, red, and blue officer figures spaced out in command ranks over their men.

I set it up but have since taken it down because I had no room but to do this on top of a shelving unit that I needed to keep free for other things. I just needed to get a measurement of how big the permanent display would one day be, and make sure I could completely cover it with Clones.

In 12" - I bought 2 Clones I pose fighting with their Captain and Commander (KB ranked Clones). You remember the famous Vietnam statue of our troops rushing to hold up the flag? Or early A-Team promotional posters? I set them up something like that - a 4 man squad of invincible Mandalorian warriors.

I kept an extra Captain and Commander I may not need after-all for ROTS due to the uniform change. Not sure what I'll be doing with those 2 boxed officers at the moment.


ROTS marks the last time I think I'll be army building - Clones for the most part.

Then I think it will be nice to relax and experience hunting, buying, and collecting in quantities like the majority of the rest of you do.

2005 will be the last year I top off my SW spending I'd predict. If it is not the last year I'll be tempted, I still may keep it that way.

I don't have more room for huge collections based on SW tv shows. I'd only see myself making an exception over EU figures from comics and books I've loved for a long time now: like having 12-15 Yuuzhan Vong taking on Luke Skywalker and Jacen Solo - that sort of display.

Anyway, it made me tired just writing about it.

10-18-2004, 08:21 PM
SP, SA same difference.. :Ponder: Man Tycho Im gonna have to come back and read your reply later.. :Pirate:

10-19-2004, 11:51 PM
Ok I read it...

If you are talking about the 3 3/4", I did NOT buy any of them.
See.. This is all I wanted to know... Look real quick at my question:

By the way Tycho- How many SP Stormies do you have by now?
How many.. thats it. I gotta give you credit- you can write.

Anyway, it made me tired just writing about it.
IT SHOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :crazed: ;)

10-20-2004, 12:16 AM
Well MasterMatt, now that you know, will you tell me what you think of my answer? :)

10-20-2004, 09:17 AM
It was lengthy.. ;) Jk you have a good reason not to.